Cannabis and Cum: Camp Cuchiyung

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Here we have another story from the Cannabis and Cum Extended Universe (CCEU). This probably won’t be the last, but I will be submitting stories on other topics as well.

{ Note: All characters are 18+. }


A couple hours before midnight, Sarah lied on the top bunk reading a book. She’d never been much of a reader, but since campers were not allowed to have phones, she’d taken a liking to books this week.

Tara was below her, reading a magazine, rapidly losing patience. She looked at the empty bunk beside them.

“Oh my gawd. When is Kaitlyn getting back?” Tara sighed.

“Isn’t she with her boyfriend?” Sarah asked.

“Sarah, he’s not her boyfriend. He’s a camp counselor.”

“I mean, they’ve been making out for two days in a row. I thought they were together,” Sarah said, somewhat confused.

“Yeah maybe Kaitlyn thinks he’s her boyfriend, but he’s not,” Tara said sternly. “He just wants to get in her pants. It’s messed up. He’s supposed to supervise the campers, not try to hook up with them.”

“I guess that’s true,” Sarah said, thoughtfully.

“It’s not cool. And Kaitlyn is neglecting us.”

Another 20 minutes passed. Tara was sick of looking at that empty bed. This was meant to be a bonding experience, and her friend was just completely absent.

“Alright, that’s it,” Tara said, getting up.

“Wait…” Sarah said. She wanted everyone to hang out too, but if Kaitlyn really was falling for this guy, what good would it do to interfere? This seemed like a recipe for drama.

Tara was not afraid of a little drama, though. Nor was she afraid of Mike.

She stormed out of the cabin and headed down the path to the picnic area. That’s where they’d been smooching the last couple nights. And sure enough, here they were again, sitting at that picnic table, making out quite passionately. Tara could see something else in the dark, too. Was Mike holding a cigarette in his hand?

“Kaitlyn…” Tara said, as she approached. “Please come hang out with us.”

“Can I have another half hour?” Kaitlyn asked.

Mike took a drag on his cigarette, which Tara realized was actually a joint. He blew a few smoke rings, then put the joint between Kaitlyn’s lips. She closed her eyes and sucked in.

“Are you smoking weed?” Tara asked, fairly shocked.

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn said, exhaling a big cloud of marijuana smoke.

Tara gave her a look of disgust. Was Kaitlyn just gonna compromise everything for this guy?

Tara noticed the small collection of things Mike had laid out on the picnic table — lighters, joints, a bag of weed, and something she couldn’t quite identify.

“And what’s that?” Tara said, pointing.

“It’s a pipe. He was showing me how to use it.”

Tara shook her head. If she had a phone to take a picture right now, she could get Mike in so much trouble.

“Dude, you can stand there and judge us, or you can take a hit,” Mike said, holding out the joint to Tara. She just rolled her eyes.

Sarah came jogging down the hill and caught up with them. Mike and Kaitlyn were making out again, but Mike noticed her.

“Hey blondie,” he said.

Sarah giggled.

Then she noticed the smoldering joint in Mike’s hand and everything that was on the table. Sarah had never seen marijuana before, but she figured out pretty quickly what was going on.

“Are they smoking weed?” Sarah whispered.

“Yeah,” Tara whispered back.

“Sarah and Tara,” Mike said. “Tara and Sarah, Sarah and Tara…” Then he cracked up laughing.

Tara turned to Kaitlyn. “Could you not find a guy with a slightly higher IQ?”

Mike ignored her, but Sarah laughed.

“Come on, let’s go,” Tara said, taking Sarah with her.

As they walked away, they looked back over their shoulders to notice Mike’s hand going between Kaitlyn’s legs.

“Jesus,” Tara muttered.

They didn’t talk much in the cabin. Just kind of waited for Kaitlyn to get back. And eventually she did. Tara was feeling grumpy, though. She had lost most of her desire to interact with Kaitlyn tonight.

Sarah watched from the top bunk as Kaitlyn shuffled through her things.

“Are you high right now?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn said, casually.

“Congrats,” Tara said, dripping with sarcasm.

“So was this the first time you’ve done that?” Sarah asked.

“Yup,” Kaitlyn said, smirking.

She pulled out the gifts from Mike and laid them out on her bed. Sarah watched with curiosity. Kaitlyn picked up a pink glass pipe emblazoned with a cute cat logo, holding it up and turning it, admiring it in the light. Then she opened the bag of weed, took bits out, and starting packing the pipe. Tara was not seeing any of this. Sarah was watching intently, though, trying not to giggle. This was so crazy.

Once the pipe was fully packed, Kaitlyn held it to her mouth and sparked her lighter, igniting the weed. The moment the smoke started rising, she sucked it right in through the pipe.

Tara turned around. “Are you actually smoking in here?!”

“Just for a minute,” Kaitlyn said, maltepe escort exhaling. “I have to try this out.”

Sarah watched Kaitlyn light the weed again and take another hit, inhaling very deeply this time. Kaitlyn closed her eyes almost all the way, clearly feeling the effects.

“So you like smoking weed?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, it’s awesome,” Kaitlyn said, grinning.

“How does that even work?” Sarah asked, pointing at the pipe.

“It’s simple,” Kaitlyn said, cheerfully. “You just burn the weed and suck in the smoke.”

“Okay that’s what I figured,” Sarah said.

Kaitlyn demonstrated for Sarah a few more times.

“This is ridiculous,” Tara said. She got up and opened the window.

“Sorry, just a little more,” Kaitlyn said.

“You’ve been smoking weed for like two hours and you’re already addicted to it. That’s kinda sad,” Tara said.

Kaitlyn shrugged and took another hit of her pipe.

Sarah giggled. But then she got quiet once she realized this was hurting Tara’s feelings.

Beyond feeling abandoned by Kaitlyn, Tara was upset that Sarah seemed so curious. Sarah was such a sweet, innocent girl, the last thing she needed was to get involved with any of Kaitlyn’s new shit. Sarah probably thought Kaitlyn was really cool, though.

There wasn’t much to be done about the awkwardness tonight. So everyone went to sleep.

A couple hours later, Sarah woke up to a strange noise. She peered through the railing of her top bunk and looked down to see a guy on top of Kaitlyn. It was Mike, of course. He had attempted to pull the sheets over them, but it was very clear that he was having sex with Kaitlyn right now. She had her arms around his back and was breathing heavily. Then Mike started thrusting harder and deeper, and she let out a very audible moan. Tara awoke, and Sarah couldn’t hold in her giggles.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Tara said, groggily. “You guys can’t do that in here…”

“I’m almost done,” Mike said.

He started fucking Kaitlyn even faster. She whimpered with pleasure. The girls just watched in shock as this unfolded in front of them. Mike’s vigorous humping caused the sheet to slide right off of him, revealing his naked body and some of Kaitlyn’s as well.

Mike slammed into her and groaned. She kissed his neck and stroked his back as he orgasmed. Then he collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily.

“God damn that is some good pussy,” he whispered.

There was silence for a while. Then Mike slowly pulled out.

Sarah was watching closely enough to notice a flood of cum emerge from Kaitlyn’s pussy. Kaitlyn grabbed her t-shirt and put it between her legs before she made too much of a mess.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Mike said, admiring Kaitlyn’s naked body.

“Thanks,” she said, giggling softly.

Sarah was very much on the same page, admiring both nude bodies in front of her. They were only illuminated by the moonlight, but the moon was bright tonight. She could see Kaitlyn’s boobs jiggling and Mike’s large penis swinging around as they put on some clothes.

They grabbed their weed and went outside. A minute later, the flicking of lighters was audible.

Sarah leaned over the railing a bit. “How much of that did you see?”

“Enough,” Tara said, quietly.

“Mike is pretty hot,” Sarah said.

“Don’t tell me you think that was okay…”

“No,” Sarah said, giggling. “That was crazy.”

Waking up to the harsh light of day, Sarah realized she’d slept in. No one else was in the cabin. They were probably all at breakfast. Dang. Sarah figured Tara tried unsuccessfully to wake her up. It was like that sometimes.

Sarah yawned and climbed down from the top bunk. She stood in the middle of the cabin, between the two bunks, and stretched her arms. Then she looked at Kaitlyn’s bed, remembering what she’d seen there last night. What a sight that was.

Looking closer, Sarah noticed a lump in the sheets. What was that? She lifted up the sheets to reveal Kaitlyn’s collection — her pink pipe, a bag of weed, and several lighters.

Sarah sat down on the bed and picked up the pipe. She just wanted to hold it in her hands for a minute. It was so pretty. She could see some burned flakes from Kaitlyn’s last use. Was that from last night, or did she get high this morning?

Sarah delicately opened the bag of marijuana and put her fingers inside, just feeling the substance of it. So this was weed. This was the stuff Kaitlyn was obsessed with. Sarah looked at the empty pipe and tried to remember how Kaitlyn filled it last night. Did she just drop it in there, or did she stuff it tight? Sarah pulled some weed out of the bag and put it in the pipe, just to see how this worked.

Before Sarah knew it, she had packed the pipe full. And then she just stared at the morsels of marijuana. So you just… burn it… and that’s it? Weird. Did these green pieces turn black when you burn them?

Sarah flicked the lighter and held the flame right on the weed. Smoke rose straight upward. But you can pull the smoke through the other part, right? Interesting.

Sarah escort maltepe put the pipe between her lips. She had to try this out — just once. She held the flame on the marijuana and sucked through the pipe. The smoke went straight into her.

“Whoa,” she said, coughing.

The high was hitting her already.

Sarah ignited the weed again, but this time inhaled the smoke more slowly. As it filled her lungs, she could feel the drug rush through her system. Then she exhaled.

“Wow that feels good,” she said, opening her eyes wide.

She lit the pipe and took another long, gentle hit. Then she blew the smoke at her hand, watching with fascination as it curled through her fingers.

Sarah sparked the lighter and took another hit. And another. And another.

Tara walked through the cabin door. She saw Sarah sitting on Kaitlyn’s bed, smoking Kaitlyn’s pipe, with a cloud of weed smoke swirling around her.

“Sarah, what are you doing?!”

“I was just testing it out…”

Sarah seemed a little embarrassed to be caught, but she still took another hit.

“Sarah stop. Please put it down.”

She flicked the lighter again. Knowing this might be the last hit she was allowed, Sarah inhaled deeply. Then she exhaled, creating a cloud of smoke between them.

“Oh my gosh that feels amazing,” Sarah said, closing her eyes.

“This is fucked up,” Tara said.

“It’s not as scary as you think,” Sarah said. “You would probably like it.”

Kaitlyn came walking into the cabin, smelled the weed, and saw Sarah sitting there looking very relaxed, holding the pipe, with smoke lingering around her.

“Holy shit. Did you try it?”

“Yeah,” Sarah said, shrugging.

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah. A lot,” Sarah said, sheepishly grinning.

“Sweet!” Kaitlyn said. They both giggled.

Tara rolled her eyes.

“Let me see you take a hit,” Kaitlyn said, sitting down with her.

Sarah lit the pipe and inhaled, showing off her technique.

“Nice,” Kaitlyn said. “You’re not coughing or anything. Does the smoke feel okay?”

“It burns a little, but yeah.”

“You’re already super high, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” Sarah said, smirking.

“She was smoking when I walked in,” Tara said.

“That’s awesome. Smoke as much as you want, girl,” Kaitlyn said, putting her arm around her. Sarah giggled.

Tara lied down on her bed, watching them with some amount of sadness. What was happening to her friends?

Sarah once again lit the pipe and deeply inhaled the weed smoke. “Mmmm,” she said, exhaling through her nose.

“Doesn’t that feel awesome?” Kaitlyn said.

“Yeah, I love it,” Sarah said, smiling hazily.

Tara stood up and walked out of the cabin, mumbling about going for a walk. Sarah started feeling guilty.

“Don’t worry about her. She’ll be fine,” Kaitlyn said, holding Sarah’s hand. “You can get high with me, okay? We can be smoking buddies.”

“That would be cool,” Sarah said, smiling sweetly.

Tara went for a walk and tried, unsuccessfully, to process everything. She just had no idea what to do right now. When she got back, the girls were gone.

Kaitlyn led Sarah around the hill to a private spot in the woods. They sat down on the grass in a small clearing.

“Mike didn’t even pressure me, by the way,” Kaitlyn said, taking out her supplies. “I found some joints in his backpack and got curious about them. So he asked if I wanted to get high.”

“That’s cool,” Sarah said. “He seems pretty nice.”

“Yeah, he’s a sweet guy. And he’s generous, that’s for sure,” Kaitlyn said, taking out the big bag of marijuana.

Sarah giggled.

“Have you been wanting to try weed?” Kaitlyn wondered.

“No. I was actually scared of it. Then I saw you smoking your pipe and it seemed really cool.”

“So are you glad you tried it?”

“Umm yeah, definitely,” Sarah said, grinning.

Kaitlyn started packing the pipe, showing Sarah how to do it just right. Sarah finished packing it and took the first hit. She focused and sucked in the smoke.

“Wow, you really like to take it deep, girl,” Kaitlyn said.

Sarah laughed and started coughing.

“Shit, sorry,” Kaitlyn said.

Sarah took another long, luxurious hit, half-closing her eyes. “I love how this makes me feel,” she said.

“Heck yeah. That’s the THC,” Kaitlyn said. “It’s so good.”

Sarah took another hit. And another. When Sarah sucked in the marijuana smoke, she was nearly going cross-eyed. Looked like she might pass out from the pleasure.

“Dude, you love that weed,” Kaitlyn said, in awe of Sarah’s enthusiasm.

“Sorry,” Sarah said, laughing with embarrassment. “I think I’m still just really excited about it.”

“Don’t feel guilty, girl. You deserve to get high. Smoke as much weed as you want.”

Sarah smiled and took another deep inhalation. She could really feel the the THC coursing through her body.

“Alright, my turn. You’re having too much fun.”

Sarah giggled and lied down in the grass.

Kaitlyn took the pipe and lit up.

“So maltepe escort bayan is it pretty serious with Mike?” Sarah wondered, gazing up into the clouds.

“I don’t know if he loves me or anything,” Kaitlyn admitted, sucking on her pipe. “But we’re definitely having a good time.”

“He’s really hot.”

“Yeah he is. Would you want to hook up with him?”

“No,” Sarah said, getting suddenly shy.

“You can if you want. Just sayin.”

Sarah laughed.

Kaitlyn knew they should get back to camp, but Sarah was so blazed out of her mind that it probably wasn’t a good idea right now.

They both fell asleep in the grass.

With her friends missing, Tara got on with her day, attending camp activities and trying to keep herself busy. While she did arts and crafts, she noticed one of the camp counselors checking her out a lot. This guy Jack. Probably Mike’s friend. God, were all these dudes just looking for young pussy? Control yourselves, guys.

At lunchtime, Tara had a chance to call her parents. They asked her what was on the agenda, and if she was having fun with her friends. Tara had no idea how to answer this. What was she supposed to say? “Oh yeah, Kaitlyn has been getting fucked by a camp counselor and smoking weed with him. Now they’ve got Sarah smoking weed as well. Maybe I’ll go join them!”

Mid-afternoon, the girls finally returned from their forest nap. Sarah was still a bit loopy, so Kaitlyn was keeping her close by.

Mike noticed them and came jogging over. “Hey Kaitlyn. Hey blondie.”

Sarah giggled.

Mike immediately noticed Sarah was acting a bit weird. He looked at her eyes and smelled the weed on her clothes. “Whoa. Have you been smoking?”

“Yeah,” Sarah said, trying to be casual about it.

“Dude, she’s been smoking weed all day,” Kaitlyn said, boasting. “She tried my pipe this morning and loved it.”

“That’s awesome,” Mike said, patting Sarah on the back.

She gave him a cute smile.

Kaitlyn put her hand on Mike’s arm. “Hey wanna go hook up?”

“Yeah. Absolutely,” Mike said. “I have like two hours free right now.”

“Want to tag along?” Kaitlyn asked Sarah.

“Sure,” she said, cheerfully, excited to be included.

“You really wanna watch us make out for an hour? It’s not as exciting as you think,” Mike joked.

“Yeah, why not,” Sarah said, giggling.

“Actually, let me get something for you,” Mike said. And he took off jogging toward his cabin.

“See, isn’t he nice?” Kaitlyn said.

Mike came back a minute later.

“Alright. It’s in my backpack.”

They headed off down the trail. Once they turned a few corners, Mike pulled out the gift for Sarah — her very own glass pipe. It was yellow with little flower designs.

“Oh my God, thank you so much!” Sarah said. “It’s so pretty!”

“It’s yours. Enjoy,” Mike said.

“Oh, she’ll enjoy,” Kaitlyn said. “This girl loves her weed.”

Sarah laughed and blushed.

“Dude, she takes the deepest hits,” Kaitlyn added.

“I was just excited cause it’s new for me,” Sarah said, bashfully defending herself.

“That’s fine. Nothing to be ashamed of,” Mike said.

They walked for ten minutes, then took an offshoot trail that looked like it was only used by deer.

“Is this where you guys have been going?” Sarah wondered.

“Yeah. Best spot in the whole camp,” Mike said.

They came to a small clearing in the deep woods. It was very secluded. Kaitlyn laid out a big picnic blanket.

Mike handed Sarah a fresh bag of weed. She got a big smile on her face, opened the bag, and started packing her pipe.

“Here we go,” Mike said. “Sarah takes her brand new piece on its virgin flight.”

Sarah giggled and sparked her lighter. She sucked in the marijuana smoke gently, but she couldn’t hide how much she was savoring it.

“Damn. You look super cute when you smoke weed,” Mike said.

“She honestly does,” Kaitlyn agreed.

Sarah laughed and covered her face. Once she was done giggling, she took another hit.

They passed the pipe around until they finished it off.

As Sarah packed her pipe with more cannabis, Mike and Kaitlyn began making out. It started gentle, just normal kissing. Then some tongue. And then Mike was feeling her up. By the time Sarah lit up her freshly-packed pipe, the couple was making out quite intensely.

They started whispering. Sarah tried to hear what they were saying. Kaitlyn whispered something about “she literally saw us…”

Mike cleared his throat and looked at Sarah. “Hey, so, uhh… we’re gonna have sex if that’s cool with you.”

“Sure,” Sarah said, shrugging, like it was no big deal.

“You can watch if you want to,” Kaitlyn said. “Or not. Either way is fine.”

Sarah felt like she was going to freak out, so she took a strong hit of weed to stay calm. Was this really about to happen in front of her?

Sarah puffed away on her pipe and pretended not to watch while Kaitlyn and Mike got completely naked. It was a whole new thing seeing their nude bodies in the bright sunshine. They were both so freaking hot!

Kaitlyn lied down on her back. Before she could even finish adjusting the picnic blanket, Mike’s head was between her legs, and he started licking away. Kaitlyn gasped, then sighed and ran her fingers through his hair.

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