Can’t Rape the Willing


He put a blind fold over my eyes, tied my hands behind my back, tied my feet together and throws me over his shoulder like he didn’t care. While he was trying to unlock the door, I was trying to twist my way from him, but more I twisted the tighter he held me, to my surprise his strength was amazing. As he opens the door he throws me hard on the bed, as I was laying there trying to figure out how to escape, I heard him closing the door and locking it. He throw is keys down on the table, and I hear him to unbuckle his belt.

I was scared, excited, and confused. I was scared because I didn’t know this men, he took me to a place I didn’t recognize, and I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to me. He also reeked of whiskey and smoke. I was wondering if this man just came from a bar and want a good time or what. I was excited for the fact I didn’t know what this man going to do to me? Is he going to raped me or what? I was confused for the fact this man seemed so familiar, his smell, and body. Did someone hired him to kidnap me, or was he just some stranger that was looking to get his kicks on, or just wanted to rape some female? My Master knew my fantasies, dreams, wants, desires: he knew that I wanted to be kidnapped and raped. But it was just a fantasy, and I didn’t think that he would go though, and if he did I would have been him or one his friends, not some stranger, or did he hire someone?

Just thinking about what he was doing to me, I was getting terrified by the moment, and at the same time I was getting hornier, hot, and wet. I felt my pulse racing, my breathing getting heavier, I wanted to scream, but there was a gag over my mouth. I had to do something.

The room was cold and there was a slight breeze. I had goose bumps forming on my body, my nipples where get harder. But at the same time I was sweating, a cold sweat. I could feel the sweat rolling down my cheeks. What the hell is going on here? I didn’t hear any thing for a while, I thought maybe that he fell a sleep or went to the bathroom, so I thought this was the best time to get free. So I tried to twist my hands free, but the more I moved my hands, the more the rope got tighter; I was trying to scream as loud and as hard as possible. Suddenly I heard him tell me to “shut the hell up and be still or else”. I was thinking: was he really going to hurt, maybe he was all bark and no bit? So I screamed and moved as much as possible. I was trying to get the gag out of my mouth.

But some how, he rigged that too, the harder I pushed on my gag, the harder it got. Then I felt a sudden sharp slapped right across my face. “I See we have a smart ass in here, we will fixed that.” He hit me, how dare him! The only person that is aloud the hit me is my Master, unless he gave permission to someone. Now I had the feeling the Master hired someone. I just wished that he gave me some kind of hint or notice that to watch my back, that his friends where planning something for me. But I was expecting too much.

He said also said “we”, who the hell was thee other person, I didn’t hear anyone with us and I didn’t hear anyone else in the room, but at the same times I didn’t see anyone, because I was blind folded. I was now getting petrified, for the reason that I knew there was another person with us. What are these people going to do to me? Are they going to raped then kill me or use me for their own personal usage?

I hear him grab his belt from the table, he walked over to be and suddenly he flipped me over on my stomach and started to beat my ass with his belt. I felt my ass was turning red and I felt the welts growing, the harder he hit the worse it felt. He started to untie my feet: as he started to untie my feet I started to kick him as a hard as I could just to get away, but the harder I kicked the harder he hit me with is belt. I had to quit and still I was starting to hurt and I started to cry in pain. I feel him reach under me and start unbuckling my pants and sliding them off of me with my underwear.

I felt warm air going across my pussy, suddenly I felt him putting his fingers in my pussy, then one up my ass. “I see someone is tight and wet. I think we should loosen that ass up, what do you think my friend?” He flipped me back over on my back, grabbed my feet and starts to tie them to the bed post. I felt him sit on my chest and straddle me down; it made it harder for me the breath. He untied my hands from behind my back and retied them to the bed. Then he started to unbutton my shirt slowly, “Fuck it” he said out loud. I heard him take out his knife and start cutting of the button of my shirt, and then he cut my bra loose exposing Ankara bayan escort my breast. He took his knife and ran the cold blade across down my face, my neck, and then down my breast and circling my nipples.

Chills ran down my body in cold and in fear. Then he put down is knife besides me and he cupped his hands over my breast, and started thumbing my nipples. OMG that felt so good, his warm hands on my breast and my nipples. Then suddenly I felt someone else running their hands up my thighs, and slowly moving their hands up to my pussy, and I felt this person slowly kissing my thighs and my labia. I finely heard his deep voice.

“What do you think we should do next?” still kissing my thighs.

“I think we need to take the rest of her clothing off, put something up her tight ass and pussy, and go on from there. What do you think?”

“You’re right; it’s no fun if she still has her clothing on.”

“We also have to do something about her tight holes.”

“Oh don’t worry; I have something plan to loosen her up.”

“What ever you say man, I trust you.”

They sat me up and unbound my hands; then they took of my shirt and my bra. I felt someone sitting and reaching from behind me and pulling my nipples. Then other man takes off my gag and grabs my face and started to kiss me. I pulled my head away from him as fast and hard as I could. He grab me again and try kissing me, I did the same thing. As I pulled away I felt back of his hand slap my face.

“Knock it off, the next time I will hit you harder, do you understand me?”

“Fuck you, someone is going to start looking for me and find me.”
Someone slapped me.

“No they won’t, no one cares about you, who wants a whore like you?”

“I am not a whore! You… you just wait someone will look for me.” I feel a sudden sharp blow to my face, before I could finish what I was going to say. This time he split my lip, and my eye started to swell. I felt blood oozing from my lip. I know he (they) meant business this time. I also knew that we were right, no one will be looking for me for a while, and my Master is out on business. So I had to do something, try to get away or just let them do what ever to me. I didn’t know what to do, but I had to do something.

As soon as I felt the blood going down my lip, I started to feel the pain on my face. I tried to get back the tears, but I couldn’t. I felt someone touch my face. He came close to my ear and whispered. “If you do what we say you will not get slapped again, you under stand me?” He said with a firm voice. “Yes, I understand.” I whispered back, trying not to cry. By the way, before we do anything with you I think that we should clean that mess up? We’ll clean her lip and put supper glue on it, and that should feel real good.” He handed me something cold to put on my cheek.

“Keeps you’re lips separate for a few minutes so they don’t glue them selves together, we don’t want that, we want to use them later.”

“Yeah we don’t want that to happen.” I said with a sarcastic remark.

“Don’t be a smart ass, and by the way Master Mark won’t be happy with you if he knew that you where misbehaving.” Someone said with a deep voice.

I took a deep breath, as I heard that they where working for Master Mark. I felt a sudden sting on my lip, then the smell of supper glue, man that stung like a SOB, but after a minute the hurting. I felt someone blowing on my lip the kiss me gently. “Does that feel better?” Someone said

“Yes and thank you. I have a question you?”


“If Master Mark knows that you have me, why can’t I see you or know my names?” I said softly and nervously.

“Well my dear, its no fun if you know we are going to do to you, and for our names you can me Snake and that guy sitting behind you with the firm sexy voice… you can call him Rex. Now little lady I don’t want to hear another word from unless you’re told to and you call us Sirs. Understand?”


“Now open wide”

He took my face again and I felt his thick, long cock being slid in between my lips, the heat from his rod against my face and mouth…. I was breathing through my nose now, secretly enjoying the taste of his massive cock, the feeling of it sliding in and out of my mouth. While he was fucking my mouth thee other guy put one hand on my breasts and his other playing with my clit. OMG I was feeling so good at that point. I could feel Rex’s cock getting harder and starting to pulse in his pants. I was getting wetter by the second. I can’t fight the pleasure anymore and let out a moan around his length, panting through my nose and lifting my Escort bayan Ankara head up to meet his thrusts, opening my throat to take him deeper with every thrust…Soon he’s fucking my mouth with his lustful abandon, I can feel him take his other hand and move it behind my head so that he can straddle my face and fuck my mouth fully…He kneeling around me, guiding his long throbbing cock into my mouth and pumping down my throat, his smooth, heavy balls slapping against my chin with his thrusting….He pulls his meaty tool from my mouth and slaps it on my face, making my cheeks wet with pre- cum and spit as he stands up and moves down to my spread legs…I was panting with anticipation, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum on my lips, trying to keep myself from begging him to fuck me….

I felt both of the men get off the bed. I fell down on the bed when Rex moved from behind me. I wish my hands where free, so I could play with my self. So I laid there with anticipation that one or both of the guys would fuck me or just let me go. Suddenly I felt someone spreading my legs apart, and then putting an ice cold toy up my pussy. I suddenly tried to close my legs as quick as possible, and trying to push that toy out. But something was holding my legs open.

“Relax” Snake whispered in my ear. “The more you relax, the less it’s going to hurt.” Tears started to weld up in my eyes. I was scared that they are going to hurt me even worse.

“Stop crying, there is no reason for you to cry, we haven’t done anything to you yet.” Snake said out loud.

“Why should I stop? I don’t know where the hell I am, and I don’t know what you are going to do to me. And by the way, and am FUCKING COLD.” I said whimpering

“I warned you to relax, its going to hurt.” Rex said

I experience a sudden sharp slap across my face. I felt the hot welt growing on my face. It felt worse then before. It felt like he hit me in the same place where punch me. “What the hell was that for?” There was no answer. I waited for a minute “Answer me God Dam It, what the hell was that slap for?” I was starting to get pissed, and suddenly I felt something hard and cold going up my ass. I was trying to reject it. But the more I was trying to close my legs or try to push it, the harder he push, and more pain I was in. So I had no choice but to relax and take the pain. He made sure that I felt every inch of the cold rod go in me. Now the bad thing was: I was cold inside but out side my body. I thought I was never going to get warm.

“I told you to relax, didn’t I? Now you are going to pay for it” Rex said in a sharp deep voice.

I Rex’s warm hard craps my breast and thumbing my nipples. Then he leaned over me and started sucking on them. His hot body felt good over my blistering cold body. As soon I started to enjoy his lips and tongue over my nipples, I felt him grab something and place them on my nipples and my clit. The clamps hurt for a moment, then I was started to get excited, I felt him turn them on. It wasn’t bad on my nipples, but he put a clamp on my clit and turned it on… that drove me up the wall. I couldn’t resist it any more; I had to let it out. “Oh My God.” Then he had to turn up the vibration. I twisted the ropes around my hands. I was ready to explode, and they knew it.

They wanted me to just explode. I felt someone making the clamps on my nipples go tighter. Then I felt someone rubbing and kissing my body. “Do you want our cocks; do you want to be our slaves?” Snake whisper in my ear.

“Yes” I whisper back.

“Yes what, I want to hear it out of your mouth.” I was ready to explode any minute. I couldn’t take it any more, I just wanted to cum. I wanted them stick their cocks in my pussy. “I want your cocks, I want you to fuck me, and I want to be your slave.” I said out loud.

I grab the ropes harder, throw my head back, and arched my back, “Fuck me.” I screamed. “Please fuck me.” Suddenly I felt the one thing… It wasn’t their cocks I was another toy. An ice cold toy, once he stuck that toy in me, I exploded. I screamed. “OMG” It was the best orgasm I ever had.

They turned off the clamps and took the off. One at a time. First the left nipple then the right. He ran his hand slowly down my body, then he tapped that clamp on my clit, I jumped. “Just take it off please.” I whimpered. I was laying there having after shocks. I felt someone else placing their hand of my thigh, and laugh. They knew that they are driving me up the wall. The more I jumped, the more they enjoyed it. The more it drove me up the wall.

“Are you sure you want to be our slave?” Rex Said

“Yes, I want Bayan escort Ankara to be your slave.” Breathing heavenly, I was willing to do anything to get their cocks in me and that dam clamp off of my clit.

“You have to call us Master’s now. Understand?” Rex said


“Yes, what?” Snake said with a firm voice

“Yes… Master”

“Good girl, each time you don’t call one of us Master or don’t listen to us, you will get discipline. Understand?” Rex said

“Yes Master”

“Since you understand that, we will take off you blind fold”

I was still weak and jumpy from my earth shattering orgasm. All I wanted to do it pass out and relax, but I knew I can’t do anything without their permission. I felt someone running their hand over my face, sliding their hand under my blind fold and take it off. I had the blind fold on forever it seemed. So when he took it off, it was dark. I thought my eyes where playing tricks on me, or some how they slip me some drugs. But I was looking around a little harder and I notice that the only light in the room was candles.

I felt the bed shake, I look over and I saw one of the men kneeling besides me stroking his cock. I heard a deep voice say “Open your mouth.” With a deep voice, this must have been Rex. He grabs a hold of nap of my neck, and made my head go back. He smacked me with his cock a few times.

“Open your mouth” Rex said with a firm voice

Then I felt him strangle me down and stuck his robust cock in my mouth. He pulled my head up, and he started to fuck my mouth slowly, like he was teasing me. Then he stuck a pillow under my neck, and grab me with both of his hands and started fucking my mouth harder and hard. My noise started to bleed and he didn’t care. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder in my mouth, it was almost too big for my mouth, my jaw started to hurt. Suddenly he took his cock out of my mouth and smacked me hard across the face.

“What the hell was that for?” I yelled, and then I felt another sharp smack across my face. “What the hell, what am I doing wrong?” I started to cry. My nose was bleeding harder; I could taste the blood on my lips, and down my throat

“For one, you started to bit me, for two you didn’t call me Master.” Rex said

“I am sorry if my mouth is too small for you large cock, Master”

“Don’t be a smart ass. I don’t like smart asses” Rex said

“I wasn’t being a smart ass Master” tears filled my eyes; my face was still hurting from the first when he smacked me. He was looking straight in my eyes with a mean look. I guess I really got my self in trouble.

“God you’re a mess, well since you’re tied up, I will clean you up some, what the hell I will just leave you how you are, and I’m not done with you anyways.”

He tilted my head back again; I could taste and feel the blood draining down my throat, I was also having hard time breathing with him sitting on my chest and my nose stuffed up. He stuck his large, half hard cock back in my mouth. Then he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head up to make it easier to fuck my mouth. He started fucking my mouth slowly then faster and faster. I started to gag some, the spit was running down my chain and down is sweaty balls. Suddenly I felt I heard him moan, his cock started to pulse. Now I know he is ready to cum… cum hard, and I was in trouble. I felt him shove his cock further down my throat. I tried to push him back, but it didn’t work. “Look up at me whore” as soon as I looked up at him, I felt shoot a large load in my mouth. “Swallow it all, and make sure he is clean” he withdraws his cock some so I could swallow. But I didn’t want to, but I had no choice. “Swallow” he said with unforgiving to his voice.

He was looking me straight in thee eyes, I know he meant business. I was trying to take his cock out of my mouth so it would be easier for me to swallow, but for some reason he didn’t want that to happen, each time I pulled my head back he would push my head back. Finely I had to swallow. It wasn’t bad, but there was a lot of cum there, and it was thick. He finely took his cock out of my mouth. Thank God! My jaw was starting to hurt. Finely I felt something hot shoot across my face, and in my mouth. Snake finely shot his load all over my face. Gross I hate cum on my face. But I didn’t care at this point I was tired, sore, and dirty. All I wanted was a shower or really a hot bath.

“I guess we can untie her for a while boss and give her a bath?” Snake said with sarcasm

“Not a bad idea Snake, Guess what I already have a bath ready for her, and I have a few other surprises ready for her too, she is going to be all clean, when we are done with her.”

Well I guess I am getting a bath, but I think I am going to get more then what I want….

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