Car Accident Ch. 07


7th Day “MS Office Training”

I woke up early this morning, only to realize that I didn’t tie up yesterday evening. I was so tired and excited last night, that I had forgotten all about it. Not to mention the strong taste still in my mouth. My face smelled also, after all these feet playing with it. My tongue felt hard, quite logical since it almost became part of a shoe sole yesterday. But it was a good day still. Madame was pleased with my progress and she told me so. What else could I ask?

No, time to think, I thought. Too many things to be done before Madame wakes up. I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower and make myself presentable to Madame. I could see from the small window in my bathroom that today was going to be a shiny day. I rushed downstairs to tie everything up and prepare Madame’s breakfast. I then went to Madame’s bathroom to check her collection of shoes. Today was going to be a nice day, I thought.

Maybe she wants open shoes, I had better make sure they are clean. Using a soft wet cloth I started cleaning some of her shoes (no time to finish all pairs). I was so keen, even trying to remove the slightest spots of dust under the soles. Madame had great taste. Her shoes were wonderful, even without her divine feet in them. I cleaned each pair very carefully, kissing it softly at the end. It was strange but I felt that I was honoring Madame, by just kissing her shoes.

Then Madame’s bell rang. I rushed downstairs to pick her breakfast dish. I was knocking at her door in no time, hoping that I hadn’t forgotten anything. She told me to enter.

– Good morning Madame! Your wish is my command, I said as I was entering her room.

As always, I placed the dish on her bed and assumed my kneeling position by the bed.

– How does my slave feel today? She asked sipping her juice.

– Very well Madame, thank you very much for your concern, I said.

– Aren’t you tired?

– NO Madame, serving you never, tires me. I’m here to obey your wishes.

I wasn’t looking at her in the face but I could feel she was staring at me carefully.

– What do you think of my friends, slave? She suddenly asked.

I was caught by surprise. Who was I to criticize her friends? What should I say to keep her satisfied? I felt I didn’t have the right to answer this question. On the other hand, Madame asked me, I had to give her an answer. Why did she asked me? What does she really want to find out?

– Did you loose your speech, slave? I asked you a simple question.

– … Ah, no Madame. … Of course not! … I was just puzzled. A good slave is only to obey his Mistress’ wishes. Who am I to criticize your friends? My position does not permit me this privilege.

– It is my wish that you answer, slave. She said seriously.

– YES Madame, your wish is my command! I said. If Madame permits me I would say that all her friends are very nice persons.

– Even Kate, who tormented you so hard with her feet?

– I was only obeying your orders Madame. My intentions were to satisfy your wishes. If this meant I had to become Miss Kate’s foot carpet, I would never complain, since it was your own wish. If I only there was a good way to show Madame my appreciation and absolute, total submission to her!

– Don’t worry, there will be someday. She said meaningfully.

– Thank you ever so much Madame! I said.

– Did you know that Kate is my step sister?

I was astonished!

– No Madame! Forgive me, I had no idea. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong to offend you!

– We are not alike. She always thinks I had better opportunities in life than her. She usually says that I had all the money, while she had all the work. Anyway, she’s not such a bad girl after all. I love her and she loves me too, in her own way. You have to remember that!

– Yes Madame, I will. Thank you ever so much for trusting me your thoughts. I’ll do my best never to let you down.

She put the tray aside and sat up, placing her naked feet on my waiting hands. I started placing soft kisses to her lovely toes.

– Thank you very much Madame for allowing me to kiss your divine feet. Kissing your feet is the most rewarding present for your humble slave.

– Enough, she suddenly said. I’m going to town and you’re coming with me.

She went to the bathroom and I patiently waited, still knelling on the floor. I was beginning to feel excited about last news. I was going with Madame to the town! I was actually going to walk at her side between other people. What a great honor for a slave!

When she came back, I helped her get dressed. God, she looked so smart! She then ordered me to bring her a pair of red leather high heeled sandals. I found them in her shoe closet and came back to put them on. She sat on the chair and crossing her legs she offered me her naked foot. I very carefully put her shoe on, carefully fastening the laces around her shapely calves. I kissed her toes at the tips of her shoe. She changed legs and I put her abidinpaşa escort other shoe too, kissing her toes at the end.

When she stood up I bowed my head to the ground, put my arms around her legs and kissed her feet, to show her my submission.

– Your wish is my command, Madame! I said.

– I’ll be waiting in the car, don’t be late. She said and left the room picking her bag.

I quickly took the breakfast dish to the kitchen and rushed to my room to get dressed. My only clothes were the ones I first came here almost a week ago. They had to make do. I got dressed and harried downstairs, very happy and excited. Madame is taking me out, I thought. I was thrilled.

I sat in her car and she drove off.

It was my second time going out after my enslavement. I tried to relax, looking the country side around me. Indeed it was a beautiful day. Morning mist was going away, leaving a green velvet like carpet behind it. Why shouldn’t I be happy? I thought. I had everything I ever wished, though I didn’t know a week ago. I manage to catch a glance at Madame while she was driving. She was so beautiful! So relaxed! And I was sitting next to her. Her humble slave was sitting next to her.

We reached the town and Madame parked the car near the shopping center. She came out ordering me to follow. Soon we were among a lot of people, me walking obediently one step behind. No she didn’t tell me so, I just thought it to be appropriate. I think I did the right thing. I was feeling a bit lost with all these people around me. I was used to looking at female feet these last days. Now I was looking at faces again. It was funny really, but I just realized that I was looking at faces in all my life, and never got any real idea about the feelings of their owners. For the last days though. I was forced to look at feet only. How many things they could tell me! Feet never lie, I thought and smiled.

We went to a clothing shop, were Madame was generous enough to buy me some casual wear. “You won’t be needing formal clothes any more”, she told me laughingly. I agreed and thanked her sincerely. We then shopped around for a hour or so. I had to carry everything for her, but I didn’t mind.

Then we went to the bank. Madame told me she was thinking of transferring a serious amount of money from one account to another. We entered and she walked past the booths towards the back offices. I followed her. She knocked at a door and entered. There, to my surprise, was Miss Kate sitting behind a huge elegant wooden desk with a leather covered front panel. The door closed behind us. So that what her step sister does for a living, I thought. She’s a bank executive. Madame sat by the desk, while I was patiently standing by

– Hello Kate, Madame said.

– Hi, Samantha, good to see you. I see you brought your pet with you. Strange to see him standing in front of you! Would you like some coffee?

– No thanks, I just had breakfast.

– I bet your slave prepared it for you, Miss Kate said jealously.

– Good morning Miss Kate, I said politely, keeping my eyes to the ground.

Miss Kate pressed the intercom, saying that she was not to be disturbed.

I hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to do, but then I made up my mind to act according to my position. I lied down on the floor next to Madame’s feet, like an obedient dog. As soon as I did this, Madame placed her beautiful feet on my body. Her right shoe rested on my head, while her left on my back. I felt so nice for doing the right thing at the right moment.

They began talking about financial aspects, not paying any attention to me at all. I tried to keep absolutely still, so as not to disturb Madame. I even tried to control my breath, to keep my movements as little as possible. It takes a lot of effort to be a proper human foot stool. I was so anxious to satisfy Madame, that I wasn’t listening their conversation. From a few words I managed to catch, Miss Kate was trying to convince Madame to transfer her money to this bank. Madame was concerned about it. Finance was never my subject, so I stopped paying any attention to the conversation, concentrating at my task as Madame’s foot carpet. I think finally they reached to an agreement.

– So Kate I’ll do the transfer first thing Monday morning.

– Fine Sam, thanks a lot. I’ll have all the paper work ready by Monday, Miss Kate added.

– I have to go now, Madame said. I have an important appointment soon. And I have to put him somewhere safe for an hour or two, Madame said pointing down at me.

– Why don’t you leave him here, dear? He’ll be in good hands, Miss Kate said meaningfully.

– Are you sure? I mean you have work to do. I don’t want him to disturb your job.

– Nonsense Sam, I’ll do fine. My office is large enough and no one enters or leaves without my permission.

Miss Kate stressed her last words carefully.

– OK Kate, if you say so. I’ll come to pick him up in a couple of hours. adana escort If you have any problems, call me. I have my mobile phone with me. She turned to me

Obey Kate as if it was me, she said seriously.

– Don’t worry Sam. I’m sure we’ll do fine, Miss Kate said. See you later…

Madame pushed me away with her feet and walked away. I was left there, lying on the floor, not knowing what to do. But then Madame’s last words came to my mind. I was to obey Miss Kate. Simple I thought. Just obey …

Miss Kate stood up and came near me. I could now see her black high heel pumps next to my face. Her legs, covered in slick black stockings, looked absolutely gorgeous.

– What have we got here? She said, lifting my face slightly with the tip of her shoe. I was so anxious to see you again you miserable worm!

– Please forgive me Miss Kate, if I offended you! Please tell me what to do.

– Don’t you worry you stupid thing. You’ll do al lot. And for starters you can kiss my feet to show me your appreciation.

I put my arms around her feet and started kissing the tips of her shoes. She stayed there for sometime, enjoying my submission.

– It’s nice to have a man at my feet, she said. Samantha is a lucky girl. You seem so insignificant you miserable slave! I feel I could crush you under my feet…

– Yes, Miss Kate, I said between kisses. I’m just a humble slave. It’s a great honor to be allowed to kiss your divine feet. Thank you ever so much for your generosity.

– It’s a pity, really. I think every woman in the world should have at least a male slave. This should be the purpose of males in the world. By God, I could turn you into a useful slave if you were mine!

– Please Miss Kate, tell me what I should do to keep you satisfied. My only wish is to obey!

– I see that my sister did some work with your training. I like that. You know your place at our feet and you realize our superiority. If only you were mine, she wondered.

– Madame’s wish is to obey you until she comes back, Miss Kate.

– Yes, slave! You’re right.

She went to her desk and spoke on the intercom again, asking not to be disturbed. She then came back to me. She kicked me on the face.

– On your belly, slave, spread your arms and legs. Time to see what you worth.

I did as I was told. Suddenly she stepped on my back. I was taken by surprise, but I managed to keep still. She actually started walking on my back. Her heels almost pierced my back as she was trying to keep her balance. The pain was awful. I thought that I could never stand it. But I had to, to satisfy Madame’s wishes.

Holding her balance on a chair next to me, she stepped on my face. I was now in great agony. I could hardly breathe. She went on walking on my back, stepping on my face, making my torture unbearable.

– Please Miss Kate, I managed to stumble. I cannot stand it any more. Please forgive me. I’m such a useless slave.

– Yes you are, but you’re learning fast I think. So this is the lesson for now: A slave must be ready to accept everything from his Mistress. Either good, or bad. And be ready to withstand anything, including pain, if she wishes. I was just testing you. Yesterday, when you were properly cleaning my feet , I thought you were very good. Now I see you need a lot of training to become a useful slave. Samantha is very soft and kind on you. That won’t turn you into a good slave. Maybe I’ll have to take up some of your training. I don’t think you’re up to my standards yet.

She stepped down and sat on an armchair, crossing her beautiful legs. I crawled to her feet, trying to forget the pain and started kissing the foot that touched the floor. She rest the other foot on my head.

– Please forgive my awkwardness, Miss Kate. I’m so stupid and useless. Please teach me the right way.

She tapped my head with the sole of her dangling shoe.

– The right way, you fool is the simple way. Obey, obey, obey. And be ready to become everything that your mistress wants. You seem obedient and docile, but you lack the ability to fulfill some simple tasks to keep you Mistress satisfied. Take me for example. What I really wanted a minute ago and you totally failed to succeed, was a human carpet. It was so simple, but you managed to fail.

– I’m so sorry Miss Kate I said still kissing her shoe. Please forgive me. It won’t happen again. It was the first time for me and I realize I disappointed you.

– OK, maybe I was a bit hasty. After all you’re just a slave. What could I expect. But I’ll be generous with you, although you don’t deserve it. Instead of punishing you, I’ll go on with what I call basic training. We’ll start with basics. Do you know what a foot stool is, slave?

– Yes, I think so Miss Kate. A thing to rest your feet.

– Well done. Let’s see if you can be one.

She ordered me to take away the foot stool underneath her desk and take its place. I did as I was told. Her desk was huge, so it wasn’t so difficult adıyaman escort to crawl underneath. Soon I was lying on the floor under the desk, waiting orders.

She came and sat on her chair using my body as a foot stool. Her heels pressed me hard, causing a lot of paint but I wouldn’t dare to complain.

– Stay still and keep quiet, slave! She ordered. Or you’ll be punished.

She spoke on the intercom, saying that she’s available again.

Customers came in and out, discussing business, while I was still under her shoes, serving as a human foot stool. She seemed to have forgotten all about me. I was just a piece of furniture to her, something to rest her feet on.

No one noticed my presence, since I was hidden under the desk, behind the leather panel trying to be as quiet as possible. Her sole rubbed hardly on my chins, causing me bruises and pain. But I didn’t mind. I was here under Madame’s orders. So I had to try and obey. My only objective was to keep Madame satisfied. And obeying Miss Kate, was Madame’s wish.

After a while she slipped her shoes off. She pressed her right foot on my chest, while she forced her left foot big toe into my mouth. I started sucking her stockined toe, while another customer came in. I think it was about a bank loan, but I’m not sure. I was so much occupied trying to do my best that I couldn’t follow the conversation. When the customer left, she kicked me hard on the face with her stockined foot.

– You idiot! You wet my stockings. How can you be so useless!

I didn’t say a word. What could I say? She was right. Sucking her toe through the stockings made it wet. She was right.

– Now I have to take them out.

She offered me her feet and very carefully I pulled down her stockings. When her feet were naked, I gently took them in my hands and gave each one of her toes a soft kiss.

She pushed me back and put her feet on me. She thrust her big toe into my mouth again.

– Suck my toes, slave! She said. At least you know how to do this.

I started sucking her big toe, kissing it at the same time. Using my well trained tongue, I removed any dirt in between, before going on to the next toe. I had to support her foot with my hands too, to make her feel comfortable, which required a lot of effort from my position. I was also very careful not to make any noise, in case a customer heard. All this time she didn’t pay any attention to me, apart from switching feet. After some time, her toes and soles were soaked and smooth, while my mouth was tasting like the inside of a shoe. But I could realize from the movement of her feet and toes that she was relaxing now. That meant that I was doing fine. That made me happy and gave me the strength to go on with even more enthusiasm.

A lot of people came in and out during my “foot stool training”. None of them realized that the beautiful woman talking to them had a man under her naked feet using him as a stool, licking her feet clean, at the same time.

This must make Miss Kate feel powerful and confident, I thought, continually licking and kissing her divine feet. I begun feeling happy as well. I was improving, I thought. I managed to take the place of the foot stool. I’m not that useless after all. Miss Kate is a good trainer. Madame will be happy.

The last customer came out.

Miss Kate turned her chair sideways, ordering me to sit cross legged in front of her.

– I’m so tired, she said, stretching her legs on me. Tell me something to make my mood, slave.

– What do you wish me to say, Miss Kate? I asked.

– Anything. Tell me about my feet, she added, resting her right foot on my shoulder, while rubbing her left sole on my face.

– You have absolutely beautiful feet, Miss Kate. And your toes are delicious, if you permit me to say so. It is a great pleasure for me attending to your feet. Your soles are like velvet, and your heels are so soft and shapely. Your nails are so smooth that I could see my face on them while licking them. I’m so thrilled to be allowed to touch kiss and lick your divine feet, Miss Kate. Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Miss Kate remained absolutely calm, continuing to rub her sole on my face. She turned her head to the door. The door opened and someone came in.

– Excuse me Kate, an astonished female voice said. Sorry to have interrupted…

– it’s OK, Clara, Miss Kate said laughingly. I new it was you. I was just playing with my new pet. Let me introduce you. Clara this is my slave. Slave, this is my secretary Clara.

Her slave? I asked myself. Isn’t she a bit of a liar? I thought that I belonged to Madame only. Or maybe Madame came to an agreement with her step sister. Anxiety struck me. Or maybe Miss Kate was just showing off. I felt reassured with the last thought. I’m still Madame’s slave, I told to myself. And I’m here under her orders, nobody else’s.

The secretary came closer and looked at me while I was now licking Miss Kate’s left sole.

– Slave? She asked in an astonished voice. Come on Kate, slavery is abolished long time ago. Everyone is a free man nowadays.

– Well, in his case, Miss Kate said pointing down at me, he’s a slave on his own free will. Isn’t it slave?

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