Car Servicing


I wake up to the feeling of the warmth of the sun coming through the curtains and shining on my face. I must have slept in. Even before I have opened my eyes, I can feel the dull throbbing between my legs. A morning of erotic dreams has left me horny as fuck and full of desire.

I can’t wait to start my day with a mutual happy ending with you. I stretch out my arms to release the tension in the muscles in my body, only to feel every nerve ending twitch with heightened sensitivity. I can’t wait any longer, I need you now.

I slide my hand to the other side of the bed to feel your warmth and to beckon you closer to me, but the sheets are cold. My eyes shoot open to find you’re not there. My eyebrows furrow with the mixed emotions of appreciation that you have allowed me to get a decent sleep-in and the irritation that you’re not here to alleviate my sexual frustration. It’s then that I remember you mentioned last night that you wanted to get up early to service the cars. Great, I mumble sarcastically under my breath.

I pull aside the bed covers and tip-toe across the cold timber floorboards to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and watch as steam fills the room. I step in and lean my head against the glass to allow the hot water to run down my back and down my legs. I try to ignore the pulsating feeling in my sex but the pressure is increasing and I know it won’t go away without some relief.

I drag my fingernails up and down my body to make my skin tingle and goosebumps spread across my body. My fingers find their resting place on my left nipple and I squeeze hard. A shiver runs down my body. I remove the showerhead from its holder and position it between my legs. I separate my pussy lips with my fingers to expose my clitoris bud and the direct feeling of sharp water needles makes me jump. After the initial shock subsides, the increasing feeling of pleasure takes over.

I instinctively move my legs further apart and reach down to run my fingers between my lips. My breathing deepens and quickens as I slide my fingers back and forth from my clitoris all the way back to my anus. Even though the warm water continues to run down my body, the ratio of water and my own wetness is shifting.

My imagination wonders kaçak iddaa and I think of you and how your own fingers would feel against me and I tremble violently. I move the showerhead closer so that the pressure intensity increases and be is almost touching my clitoris and I slide two fingers inside with ease. I moan loudly, imagining that they are your fingers, your hardened cock inside me.

My hips start to rock back and forth to increase the pressure and speed of my fingers moving in and out of me. My body begins to tremble as I feel the pressure build throughout my body. My fingers reach further inside and I apply deep pressure on my g-spot to tip me over the edge. Satisfaction and ecstasy flows over every inch of my body as I quiver over and over again.

I take a deep breath to allow myself to relax and feel the release of my frustration. Only to realise it’s still there; the pulsating feeling of blood surging through my veins in my sex hasn’t gone away. I’m nowhere near satisfied yet. I knew this would happen. Whatever I do to myself is nowhere near as satisfying as having you perform your magical tricks. What do I do now? Shit.

I pull on a pair of loose fitting shorts and one of your shirts that you have carelessly thrown onto the bed – it smells of you. I walk into the kitchen to make myself a coffee and look out the window to see you standing there.

You are leaning over the engine of the car and even from here I can see the look of intense concentration on your face. Although it’s early, the summer sun is hot and you have already removed your shirt and are left in jeans and boots. I can see your back glisten with sweat from working tirelessly on the car. A gasp escapes my mouth and I bite my lip. Fuck you are sexy. I love watching you work hard. Years of working on the tools have left your muscles hard and defined and your skin firm but soft to touch – just the way I like it. Fuck.

Watching you is making me hornier than ever. I take a sip from my morning coffee and feel the wetness across my lips. I briefly consider walking away and finding something to do to distract me from thinking of you. But I know nothing will work. Nothing in this world can possibly take my mind off having you.

Using the kaçak bahis excuse of knowing you must be thirsty from working hard in the sun, I fill a glass of cold water and walk it outside to you. You turn around and flash your gorgeous smile. I am captivated in your eyes as I absentmindedly pass over the glass of water. You are a God.

You run your forearm over your forehead to wipe the sweat from your brow. I observe a thick smear of grease that spreads across your neck, and I impossibly find you even more attractive. Beads of sweat drip down your chest and I bite my lip again.

“Thanks for the drink, I was ready for a break. You must have known. Did you enjoy your sleep-in sleepy head?” Even before you have finished your last sentence, a deep grin spreads across your face. You know me so well and you know the hungry look in my eyes. “Ahhh, a bit frustrated are we?” You seductively question. I nod slowly, still too mesmerized to speak. “Well I’m sure there’s something I can do about that.” Like a child on Christmas Day, my eyes light up and my heart beat increases.

You hook your fingers into the hem of my shorts and pull me in closer to you. You lean down and kiss me passionately. I feel your lips separate as your tongue runs over mine and massages me from the inside. You reach your hand into my shorts and feel the outside of my sheer panties. “Fuck Babe, how horny are you? You are absolutely dripping wet!” My cheeks blush a crimson red and I look up at you cheekily, still unable to speak.

I run my finger through the grease on your neck and continue to trail it down to the hem of your jeans leaving a black line down your chest, as if it were an arrow to my prize. I can visibly see the bulge growing in your pants. “You know I love getting dirty my Dear.”

You gently push me against the hard metal of the car and kiss my neck. You move your soft lips south and kiss firmly down my collar bone. Your hand returns to the inside of my shorts and you begin to massage my clit with your middle finger rhythmically. I moan quietly as my skin tingles at your touch. This is exactly what I needed. I can feel every muscle in my body contract and relax. Your other hand cups my breast and gently pinches my nipple making me start to illegal bahis squirm uncontrollably. “Please fuck me,” I whimper quietly in your ear. You grin devilishly and lift me up effortlessly onto the hood of the car. I place my feet onto the front grill and you tug away at my shorts to pull them down my legs. You cast them aside and gently separate my legs, staring hungrily at my sex.

You place your hands on my hips and pull me in closer to the edge of the car. You rub your thumb over my throbbing clit and trail your index finger over my dripping mound all the way to my anus. I arch my back toward you, inviting the touch of my arse. You obediently respond and run your finger around my anus and apply the perfect amount of pressure at the entrance. I moan loudly as my pleasure increases.

Using your other hand, you undo the fly on your jeans and pull out your throbbing cock that immediately stands to attention. My eyes widen at the impressive size of your member. I can’t wait for you to fill every inch of me. You place your hands on each of my arse cheeks and pull me in closer to allow me to meet your cock half way. You teasingly place the tip of your cock at the opening of my pussy and hold me firmly in place. I let out a guttural grown in frustration. “Fuck me now!”

Obediently you pull me in, sliding in effortlessly and filling me completely. I let out a loud groan. I lie back against the car bonnet as you slowly grind in and out of me and continue to massage my clit with your thumb. Fuck this feels so good. You start to increase your pace as I hear you groan in ecstasy, thrusting faster and harder with more intensity inside me. I can feel your cock growing in size with every movement.

I rip open my shirt to allow my breasts to stare up to the sky. With each driving movement, you watch my breasts bounce freely, which I know you love to watch.

With each quickening thrust I feel the pressure and tingling build inside me. “Fuck I’m coming,” I yell uncontrollably. My pussy muscles tighten around your shaft pushing you too over the edge. I feel our bodies quiver together in unison as we both come violently as one. Our orgasms seemingly last forever as I feel the satisfaction wash over my body. Finally. This is exactly what I needed. You are amazing.

We both collapse happily against each other and allow our breathing to return to normal.

“I’m so glad you wanted to get dirty with me,” you whisper in my ear.

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