Car Sex


Car SexToday i went to the mall to get fucked. I wore a short skirt with no panties and a tight shirt with no bra. I figured some one would be interested. I pinched my nipples to make them hard and noticable. Sure enough a guy started to follow me. As he got close to my car he yelled at me and I turned and said “want to get naked and fuck?” He grabbed me and felt my tits then lifted my skirt. I told him to follow me to my car and I would give him a good ride.At my SUV we got in the back seat and he stated to kiss me with lots of tongue action. He pulled my top up and cupped my tits. He had big hands but my tits still were bigger. He played and twisted my nipples and then moved his mouth and started to suck them as he pulled up my skirt and found my pussy. “Spread your legs” he told me. I spread my legs and told him to talk dirty to me. I love dirty talk. He then quit sucking my tits and said “I am going to fuck you like a slut. Today you are my dirty bitch.” He almanbahis yeni giriş then began to finger my pussy. He had big hands and fingers and he felt good rubbing me. Then he grabbed my clit and twisted it and made it so hard before he rammed a finger into my fuck hole. He added another finger as he told me “I am going to finger your tight cunt till I ram my cock in that wet hole. Now cum for me Bitch.” He got two of his huge fingers in me before he pulled his pants down and shoved my head to his hard cock. He told me “I bet a slut like you is a good cocksucker.” he then pushed his cock all the way in my mouth and grabbed me by the hair and rammed my head up and down over his cock. He pushed his cock all the way in and held my head so i could not get away and told me “Suck cock you dirty skanky whore.” The name calling turned me on and I sucked that cock till he blew a wad down my throat.”Now suck that cock till it is hard so I can almanbahis giriş fuck your dirty cunt. Then you can suck me again since you like cocksucking so much.” I sucked him till his cock was hard and then he bent me over and rammed that cock deep in my cunt. he pounded me till he felt me cum against his cock. “You have a nice cunt for such a slut. I like fucking you he whispered to me. He was able to fuck a long time since he had already cum when I sucked his cock and I loved the pounding he gave my cunt. When he did cum he pulled his cock out and pushed my head to his cock and said “suck that cock clean and get it hard so I can fuck your rotten ass. Today you will feel like a cum slut when I get thru with you.”I sucked the cock till it was hard and then he told me “on your hands and knees with that hot ass in the air so I can fuck it.” When i got on my hands and knees he spread my ass and poked a finger in me. “Nice tight ass. Do you like almanbahis güvenilirmi it fucked rough with a big cock?” He then spit on my ass and rubbed it and pushed his cock in me. He didn’t stop till he had every inch buried in my ass. Then I had never been ass fucked so hard before as how he rammed me. He was able to fuck my ass forever as it took him a while to cum again. I loved his big cock fucking me. Then he finally filled my ass with cum.He then told me “wrap those big tits around my cock and tit fuck me as you lick my cock on every stroke. You love to taste cock.” With my tits fucking his cock he loved it as I licked his cock on every stroke. He oozed cum and I cleaned the tip with every thrust. He had the best sex drive and could fuck and cum faster and faster. He then shot cum over my face and rubbed it around with his hand. “Now you look like a cum slut.””Now drive us home naked as I am going to fuck you so many times you will beg me to stop. I am going to play with that pussy as you drive so spread those legs.” And as I drove he finger fucked my pussy all the way home. I then turned to him and said, “Happy birthday dear. I hope you liked your slut fantasy for you present.” Then he took me to bed and fucked me all night.

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