Car Trouble.

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Car Trouble.A Strange knock on the Door.It’s another Friday night and I’m stuck at Home; Kelly is upstairs sleep and I’m playing video games and drawing tattoos. I roll up a Blunt and Blaze, after midway through the blunt the weird knock on the door. A new knock? A Freak out a little due to the 420 and look out the peephole to see this mature Brown sand hair lady standing at my door. I crack the door open and stick my head out.Yes, Can I help you?I give her the head to toe scan, pretty toes, high heels, stocking, long slitten gym skirt, and one hella black V-neck tank top that made her Breasts look like Big Cherry suckers, which brought my eyes to her collarbones and her soft neck that was hugged by the hair. Then I made eye contact; her Eyes were lighted with a lust twinkle that made me want to listen to her story and help instead of me slamming the door in her face.Her Voice came into play. So, Can I come inside until my cousin comes home next door and tow my Car with his Tow truck? I hope he can get it fixed.She just looks at me and smiles; then I remember it’s my next door neighbours little cousin from London, England. I’ve only met her going to get in the car to canlı bahis go to the studio. I Stand up and open the door full and because of her London’s voice I bow wave her in like a Bulter. I notice the smell of her scent, i Stand up only to see a cute young apple bottom booty swing and jingling. Blue; our cat jumps to greet her.Awwww, I love kitties. Well, are you just lovable?Standing in Pleasure heels I follow her curves and her moments of nothing but pure seduction, as she sees me Bond Smile at her smart seduction of my soul. I snap out of it and she sits down and starts to text. I pick up a blunt and start smoking. I turn back to the video game as she starts talking on the phone. She sits back and cris crosses her long legs in the corner of my eye I strain to see more I lose control of my video game Fighter and get knocked out…She laughs and lends over and ask me what was this address. You live here? You and your wife. She looks to see the high heels on displays around our house.That kool, At least I know that you guys are fucking like a****ls and you not beating her ass.”What…Never TH THAT!!” I stammer.She Turns around and knee bends over the couch arm to bahis siteleri plug in her Phone to charge. Her Gym outfit pants show every smooth line and juiciness of her body that she wiggles and she finally get the Plugin socket. Looking puffy mad flops down and looks at her phone.It’s Not Working, Damn it.I jump up and reach across her and plug it in. My Hard cock thumps her Breast. She doesn’t say a word but pushes her warm breast against my black cock.You Got it.OMG, Thank you. I was all most outta charge.I sit Down, my Dick gets tangled up in my gym pants. I try to lay down.Can I Help you with That? It looks like it needs two hands.I look at her and she grabs my controller and sits on my Lap making my cock bellybutton lay straight.What is your name? I asked while bitting my lips.AMY.She starts to grind and pop dat ass on my cock. until I see a wet spot in her gym outfit. I lean you and hug her and breathe on her neck and taking pop angel kiss on her neck She breathes deep …I suck kiss her neck all the way up behind her ear. I tell her she doing better than me. I suck her ear and grasp her breast as i grind back and pull her closer. She Drops the Control as bahis şirketleri I bite into her neck. I choke grab her and kiss her gently and passionate as I rip open her Gym Outfit to make her breast to pop out and Flop into my warm hands. She pushes me back.You ripped My Outfit, you horny fucker!! Amy giggles as she rips my gym pants open and start lick, kissing, long sucking my cock and she rips a hole in the outfit the finger herself as she starts to choke suck on my 9 inches. I grab her head and nutt down her throat, she makes gagging noises and keeps sucking and smiles at me.MORE, you big Dick fucker.I bend her over the Couch and she opens her pussy and look back and say”please”I Rub and slide my hard cock helmet in and out until my cock is glossy with her pussy juices. I look back to see Kelly watching us on the couch and playing with herself in high heels and a catsuit outfit on the stairs. She smiles and signals me to keep going.My BLACK COCK gets even HARDER as I slow long stroke her faster and faster. I pick her up to Ride my cock and she sees Kelly on the stairs and rises it hard.DAMN GIRL, YOU GOT SOME AWESOME HUBBY DICk.Kelly gets up and walk over to me and kisses me and slap her ass as she walks past and sits on the couch and continues to rub her one off. I sit down and Let AMY ride my Cock and Kelly sits on my face as she sucks Amy’s tits.Yeah, things I fantasy about…lol.

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