Career Day Ch. 01


“Hello! You must be Mr.Powers” the schoolgirl told me as she reached out to shake my hand. “I’m Sharlyn and this is my friend Kim. You can call me Shar.”

I have been waiting for twenty minutes in the lobby of this abandoned building for a couple of ladies who wanted to go into interior design for college. An old high school buddy called me a week ago and asked if I could show a couple of his former students what kind of work they’ll be getting into. Because of the ones he sent last year, I didn’t think too much about it.

But now, these two hot ladies in white blouses and knee-length pleated blue skirts standing in front of me were hot as hot can get. They were waiting for me to let go of Sharlyn’s hand. Sweet smiles flashed across their faces as they looked at each other and waited for me to speak. I still couldn’t believe I’d be spending the whole day with two eager students in an empty building, just the three of us. I must say both girls were equally hot even if they differed in some features — I couldn’t help but compare. Shar is a bit fuller, not fat by any means. Just more developed in the chest area while Kim has a slimmer, tighter frame and is probably a couple of inches taller than Shar.

“Ummm…yes I am Mr. Powers, but you can call me Jack. I feel so old when you call me Mr. Powers. I understand my friend Tim sent you here as part of your career day. So you want to go into interior design huh?” I asked as they both nodded their heads, still smiling, eyes gleaming with excitement.

“Thanks for taking time to see us today, Mr. Powers… Jack,” Kim said as I shook her hand. I noticed she had slim and soft fingers, with clean white and well kept nails. Then without thinking, I grabbed her ID which was hanging in from of her blouse, just over her breasts. “Kimberly! I like that name. And a pretty picture too!” She jerked backwards a bit, surprised by my quick hand which lightly touched her uniform — unintentionally ok?

“Thinks! But you can cal me Kim. Only Shar insists on calling me Kimmie,” she said, though she meant to say “thanks” but I swear I heard “thinks.”

“It’s good that you already know what you guys want to get into at your age,” I told them.

“Thank you! But I’m already eighteen…and Kimmie’s turning nineteen next spring. I think we SHOULD know by now what we want to pursue,” Sharlyn replied.

I handed them some blueprints of the old building and explained that our firm was renovating it and we had to check some of the room sizes. “All we have to do is go around this old shack and check some measurements.”

I showed them the way and I let them walk ahead of me. I couldn’t get my eyes off Kim’s tender hands and didn’t notice I was walking too close behind her that her hand, swaying by her side as she walked, accidentally touched the front of my jeans, right where it counted most. It caused a stir down there and she looked behind at me and said, “sorry.” There was a hint of a smile in her face and I wasn’t sure if she knew what her hand just touched or not.

“I hope you two don’t mind the dust…and some occasional rats along the way,” I said just to distract her attention.

“Rats?!” Kim asked anxiously, almost whispering. She quickly paused, grabbed my arm and walked so close to me that I could feel her hips rubbing against mine as we went down a rather darkened corridor. Shar quickly moved to my right side and held my hand. I could feel her grip so tightly that I had to assure them everything will be fine. “Don’t worry guys, they’re as much afraid of you as you are of them. They’re not gonna hurt you.” I was also afraid they’d back out and leave. They got so frightened and held on so closely, I swear I could feel the side of Kim’s breast rubbing against my arm, and my right hand which Shar held so tightly, brushing against the front of her thigh.

As we got to one of the well lit stairs, they relaxed and let go of me. The sudden break from their bodies let some air touch my skin and it was only then that I noticed that it was getting to be a hot day.

“Ok, we need to measure the height from the bottom of the stairs to the next floor above.” I handed Shar the tip of the measuring tape and asked her to climb up the stairs while Kim held the other end to the floor where we were. “Sharlyn, put the tip on the last step, ok?” As I looked up to check if she had it right, I couldn’t help but see up Sharlyn’s skirt. But her smooth white thighs faded into the darkness between her legs and I couldn’t actually see up to her panties. She was so concentrated in what she was doing, she didn’t notice my stare. I was squinting a bit in disbelief in what I was seeing. “Ok right here, Mr…I mean, Jack?” Shar sked.

I instantly felt my jeans get tighter. As I looked down, I realized Kim was on the floor holding the measuring tape, looking up. I could see down inside her top which was a bit loose and saw the white bra covering her milky white breasts and her face about six inches from my fly. Kim said, “It’s hard, Mr. Powers….:

“What?” thinking she must have noticed the bulge right abidinpaşa escort in front of her face.

“Squatting here on the floor, it’s difficult, and with us wearing skirts. We should’ve worn jeans.” Kim continued.

“Oh, I see…yeah, I guess I should’ve told you.” I said with a sigh of relief.

Then she looked at the tape and said “It’s 10 feet Jack… Mr. Powers.”

I sat next to her to check if she got the right measurement and our knees lightly touched as I smiled to her and said, “well done! Yup, that’s 10 feet alright.” We were sitting so close I could smell her cologne — she smelled like lemons – and I could feel her breath on my forearm, that I was worried she’d notice my hard-on when I stood up.

I got up and noticed her back showing some skin between her skirt and top, her white panties peaking a bit. I didn’t get to see much, but I thought she was wearing thongs! She reached out for my hand asking me to help her up. She was light as air as she playfully jumped up to stand and reached to pull down her blouse as she might have felt the air blowing against the small of her back.

After more than an hour of going around the old offices, with lots of glimpses up their skirts and down their blouses, I noticed the girls getting a bit tired. “Do you guys want anything to drink? Maybe one of you can go down the convenience store across the street and grab some bottled water or something. Any volunteer?”

“Shar wants to go, Jack!” Kim wittily replied.

“WHAT?! I do not! Why don’t YOU go?” was Sharlyn’s quick protest.

“I volunteered you first, Shar.”

Sharlyn had her eyes playfully squinting, “Kimmie! You can’t do that!”

“Well, I just did, didn’t I Jack?” Kim quipped, trying to make an ally out of me, her eyebrows going up and down for me with a wide grin across her face.

I smiled at Kim and said, “Shar’s right, you can’t just volunteer someone, Kim. So just for that, I think you ought to buy us all some drinks.”

Kim’s smile instantly turned into a frown and a sharp look at me, “Not fair! But Mr. Powers, it’s too hot out there…and…we’re up four floors already…and…”

“Don’t worry, Kim. We’ll let Shar do something later, ok? But for now…” I told Kim as I handed her a couple of bills and squeezed her arm a bit.

“One diet soda for me, please!” Shar teased as Kim grabbed the money and walked away.

“She’s not mad, is she?” I asked Sharlyn as we walked up another flight of stairs.

“Nah, she’ll get over it. So what do we do next?”

“Shar, you can get down on your knees and open your sweet teen lips so I can fuck your mouth ’til I fill your throat with cum.” Of course I didn’t say that out loud, or at least I hope I didn’t. Those were just thoughts that have been coming across my mind ever since I met Shar and Kim this morning.

“Mr. Powers?” Shar tugged at my arm waiting for a response. I really didn’t know how much time I spent fantasizing, but it sure must have taken a while.

“Are you ok, Jack?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just thinking of something…umm about a…ummm…job,” was all I could mutter.

We continued going around a few more rooms until I noticed Sharlyn wasn’t following me and everything seemed still. “Shar? Where are you?”

No reply.

“Hello? Are you ok?” I said as I retraced my steps to where I last saw her. I was now getting a bit worried. “Sharlyn?”

As I came close to the door of one of the rooms, “Oh, I’m…I’m just here, I’ll be right with you…”Shar replied, with a rather apprehensive tone.

So I entered the room and called out again, “everything ok, Shar?”

No reply.

As I walked in, I noticed that one of the walls was fitted with a full length mirror. There was a huge office table in the middle and some dusty chairs and sheets of paper scattered all around. I slowly walked in, not knowing what happened to her. Then I noticed her figure on the mirror, squatting just behind the table. Was she playing hide and seek? As I walked closer, her image became clearer. She had her skirt hiked up her hips, and her white panties pulled up to her knees. She didn’t know I was in the room as her back was slightly turned against the mirror. Shar was peeing! Everything happened in an instant. As I heard the first few droplets hit the office floor, my foot knocked over an empty soda bottle. Shar got caught by surprise and she quickly stood up, her panties holding her knees together, as she frantically pulled the hem of her skirt down.

“Freeek!” She screamed as she almost lost her balance.

“Are you ok?” I said as I approached her.

Sharlyn’s eyes grew wider. “Don’t do that!”

I noticed her panties holding her legs together, with a patch of wetness in front of her skirt, which was still getting bigger, with a few more droplets falling and marking the dusty floor between her shoes.

She blushed in embarrassment and she almost dropped to the floor until I caught her by the shoulders and lifted her up. By this time, Shar was teary-eyed adana escort and about to cry because of the awkward situation. I hardly noticed, but I was now holding her body so close to mine that I could feel my left thigh getting wet from brushing against her skirt, her chest pressed tightly against mine.

“I’m sorry Sharlyn. I didn’t mean to walk in on you. I didn’t know you were..” I said, now hugging her.

Shar was rubbing her tender face on my shoulder, not wanting our eyes to meet, trying to dry her tears. “This is totally embarrassing,” Shar murmured, without lifting her head off my chest. I could smell her hair. Then she started a small giggle.

“See? It’s really ok. Someday, you’ll just tell your friends about this and laugh,” I said as I rubbed her back with the palm of my hand. She chuckled more, her back shaking against my hand. “I don’t think so…Jack.”

“I think I got your pants wet too. Sorry.” Shar said as she slightly pulled away from me, her face down, looking at my pants. “See?”

I’m not quite sure if it was the right thing to do, but as soon as she caught her balance, I kneeled down in front of her and pulled down Sharlyn’s panties to her heels. She laid her left hand on my shoulder as she slowly lifted a foot off her drenched panties. Then the other foot. As I stood up, the scent of fresh pee from her skirt a few inches from my face turned into a whiff of berries. I wasn’t hallucinating or anything. It was the scent she was wearing. She just smelled so sweet, I forgot I had her wet panties in my hand.

“Can I have those back? Those aren’t exactly clean now…” Shar whispered, still a bit self-conscious.

“Oh. We can wash our hands later, there’s no water in this building,” As I handed it to her. Shar held it with her index finger and thumb, letting it dangle by her side.


Shar’s eyes wandered around the room, waiting for me to say something.

“You know you could’ve just told me you had to go,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Not really,” Sharlyn replied.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, Shar. Really.”

Shar paused. “It’s not that… well… It’s just that I can’t talk to anybody when I pee, Ok? There. I dunno. I just can’t have you there outside waiting, knowing I was…doing my thingee,” she said, her eyes rolling. To me, she was getting hotter by the minute. And the conversation was just getting the attention of my dick.

“No kidding?! Guess what? I’m like that too. In the men’s room, I can’t pee with another guy just twelve inches beside me. Kinda weird, I guess.”

“Wow! Something in common between us, Jack.” She laughed. It was a cute girly laugh. I wanted to know where this was taking us so I decided to try how much further she’s willing to take it.

“It’s actually a turn-on for guys…well at least for me…you know…to see a girl pee.”

Shar raised her eyebrows? Puzzled. Then silence again.

I thought I freaked her out and was about to turn out the door when she raised her hand forward with her soaked panties hanging between her fingers. “Want these?”

The white thing was just dangling in front of her sweet face, Shar biting her lower lip, her perfect teeth, her shy grin just tempting me like crazy. I was hypnotized. By her smile, her scent, that thing on her hand.

I couldn’t move as if my feet were glued to the floor. Shar stepped closer to me and lowered her hand. She closed her eyes, and our lips met. I still couldn’t believe I’m making out with this hot schoolgirl I just met a few hours ago. As I felt her tongue search for mine, I felt something down my pants — and I’m not talking about my dick which was now struggling for freedom. Shar was stuffing her wet lace panties inside my pocket! The feeling of the wetness of her panties and her warm hand in my pocket was something new to me. I moved both my hands from her back down to cup her firm butt through the soft material of her skirt, pushing her hips closer and tighter to my body. I was now rubbing my crotch against the wet patch on her uniform, my fingers splitting her butt, knowing she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

As if knowing the steps to a dance, we broke our kiss and she sat on the large oak table, not caring if the dust messed up her clothes. She raised both her legs until her knees touched her chest. Her blue skirt was about to reveal something I’ve never seen since high school. Lifting the hem of her skirt from her knees, I gently unwrapped my gift and let it fall to her hips. I’ve never seen a naked schoolgirl’s pussy wrapped around a pleated blue skirt after senior high. HOT!

For the second time, I kneeled down in front of her, this time, the mixed scent of berries and pee going straight to my head like a drug. “umm…I haven’t wiped down there just yet…” Shar whispered.

I didn’t care.I was on a high. I moved closer and carefully, without letting my face touch her, I let the tip of my tongue tickle her moist pussy lips. A bit salty, I thought. With the large office window behind us filling the room with adıyaman escort light, I can clearly see her small inner lips loving the attention. Moist. Pink. I licked slowly, carefully, just my tongue sliding up and down the length of her vagina. My hands were on her hips, enjoying the soft fabric of her skirt. Then I stood up to give her a kiss, letting her taste her own sweet wetnees that she’s letting me enjoy. I thought a chuckle escaped from our lips, not sure if it was hers or mine.

“I don’t even have to ask you if that feels good, do I? Because I can feel your legs twitching,” I told Shar.

“Yeah…” she replied with a giggle.

After a few moments, I went down on her again. I heard her gasp for breath through her teeth as my tongue came to the tip where her inner pussy lips met. I stayed there for a while, knowing she was liking it.

“uhhh..hooooohhhh…” was all that came out of her.

With that, I let my lips grind gently over her now very wet clit. She put her hand gently on my head, her fingers going through my hair. I wondered what Kim would say if she got back and saw us.

By this time I had unzipped my fly and was rubbing my dick with pre-cum. I inserted a finger into Sharlyn’s tight little hole and was surprised how wet she was inside. Another finger went in and she pulled gently on my hair in pleasure. In and out…gently…slowly.

I looked up at Sharlyn, her eyes closed. “You’ve got an almost total stranger touching you like this, that’s got to be a real turn on doesn’t it? ” I asked.

“That’s why I’m all wet,” she whispered.

“I actually read somewhere that this was like the number one fantasy for school girls under 22, and I thought to myself, that’s crazy, but I guess its true ’cause here I am right?

“Yeah…”Shar replied, a bit embarrassed.

As I pulled my fingers out to spread some of her sweet juices over my shaft, she opened her eyes and saw my pole begging for attention.

With my tongue still going circles around her clit, I raised my eyes to meet hers. Shar’s eyes were open, looking at my face buried between her legs. Suddenly, her thighs clinched tighter over my shoulders, so tight I couldn’t hear a thing. Her hands pushing my head into her pussy, my tongue still going around wildly in circles, her eyes closed. Then…she relaxed her thighs, her grip. Her hands now tenderly brushing my hair. Her pussy was flooded with a cocktail of my saliva, sweat, and her own juices. I looked up again and saw her smiling, Sharlyn’s eyes inviting me for another kiss.

As I stood and kissed her, I felt her hand, stroke my shaft and she led it to rest just below where her belly button should be. I felt the bottom of my cock enjoy the spongy feeling of her damp pubic hair. Without breaking our kiss, I moved my hips up and down, my shaft loving the wetness her pussy hairs offered. With one intentionally low movement and a quick thrust upward, I felt the head of my dick as it got caught between her pussy lips. Still with our tongues entwined, both our eyes opened…waiting for what will happen next.

I thought it would scare her and she would push me away. Surprisingly, she put her arms around my neck, her legs around my butt, and pushed my body closer to hers, my swollen dick tunneling deep into her. I thought she’d cry in pain, so I just stayed motionless waiting for her reaction. Our warm bodies were so close together. My dick was deep inside Shar’s pussy to the hilt, her legs wrapped around my butt, her arms around my back and mine around hers, her cheek against mine. With her soft lips just an inch away from my ear, she whispered…”Just do it, please?”

“Do what?” I coyly whispered back to her hear. I wanted to hear her say “fuck me, Jack…Mr. Powers”

“Do it, ok? My bajingo’s on fire!” was her reply as she broke from our embrace and looked me in the eye, flashing a satisfied smile.

Bajingo?! Not wanting to make her ask again, I pulled back, just to let her feel the head of my cock at her pussy’s opening then pushed all the way in again. I did this slowly for several times and I liked the way she’d close her eyes every time I pushed deep in to her, then she’d open them when I pulled back, as if to beg “keep it inside me, please?” Close…then open…close…open. Push all the way in…pull back.

I tried to push her shoulders down and let her lie on the table so I could fuck her faster. But we were still both fully clothed, except for her wet panties in my pocket, and she didn’t want to mess up her white blouse. Without a word, she pushed me away and out of her. She then walked towards a chair by the full length mirror and leaned on its backrest, pushing her ass up for me. As if under her spell, I lifted her skirt and let it rest on her waist. Her tender white buns waiting to be split by my cock was a sight to remember. Sharlyn was looking back at me, waiting.

I slid my shaft, slippery with her cum, between the crack of her ass until the head was again swallowed by her hot pussy. This time, I fucked her with faster, shorter strokes. My hands held on to her bare hips, my eyes looking up and down Shar’s body, still in full uniform. I could see myself fucking Sharlyn on the mirror in front of us, her eyes tightly shut, a trace of sweat running down her cheek, her full tits jerking inside her blouse with every stoke I make.

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