Careful what you Post! Gay


Careful what you Post! GayI had finally decided to do it… Anonymous Motel sex.I posted an ad on a few gay sources. After a month’s the day came I was ready to get fucked.I made a reservation at a motel a few town’s away and set it up to 9pm at night and update the post with the location time and room number.I had ready myself , by shaved my ass and balls and was on the bed with my ass prelubed with another large 32oz pump bottle in the air and my blindfold on when the first guy stepped in the room. My heart was pounding, my asshole is tingling, and my cock is rock hard. I heard him undo his pants. I felt a hand rub my ass is in the thumb rubbing my ass hole. I made sure to have plenty of lube on hand, then felt it his thumb slid right in and he did some finger fucking me for a few minutes. A minute after he removed his thumb I felt his cock slide ..squeeze onto my asshole. Not the first cock in my ass but to date, the most exciting. He began slowly and gently and after only a few minutes had built up enough power that the bed was shaking under me. 15 minutes of hard ass fucking is what this strange man did to me before he shot a massive load of cum deep into my ass. He spent about two minutes in my ass as I felt him slowly soften. He got dressed and immediately after pulling out of my ass. As I lay on my stomach thinking that was great I got fucked in the the ass. I heard the door open and close WTF as I was still blindfolded, maybe he can back for more?I could clearly hear someone in the room. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized it was two men. One immediately started fucking my ass while the other climbed on the bed pull up my head and shove his huge cock down my throat. Both seem to be in a hurry and didn’t really give a shit about my comfort level…not that it was a big issue to begin with. In about 10 minutes the cock in my mouth unloaded down my throat moments later the one in my ass. Both quickly got dressed and left the room.I stay there, face down on the bed for about another 20 minutes before I heard the door open again WTF back for more?I could hear someone moving around the room and what sounded like a camera being set-up. I really didn’t care… I had no identifying marks and still had my blindfold on so there was nothing to identify me in the room. And then I felt a hand on my ass and a cock shoved deep into my ass. He would pause as he was fucking my ass as I could hear more camera sounds. After about 20 minutes of fucking and pausing and fucking and pausing, I felt him pull out and shoot cum all over my back. Many more camera sounds and bursa escort then he left the room.A few minutes later the door opened again and I could tell there was more than one person. I distinctly heard a woman’s voice and at least two men. A cock was shoved into my ass. I then I felt a hand reach around and begin stroking my cock. I felt my head being listed in a cock shoved into my mouth. My hand was then lifted and put onto another cock. As I was sucking one stroking another and being fucked by a third I assumed it was the female stroking my cock. She released my cock after a few minutes and then I felt her slide underneath and begins sucking my cock. The five of us got into a rhythm and I begin throat fucking her as I was sucking and being fucked. The excitement must have been too much for me and the two cocks in me neither of us lasted more than 10 minutes. As I swallowed one load and got another up my ass I’d blasted my load down her throat. The cock I was stroking quickly moved around and shoved into my mouth. The cock in my ass was removed the woman crawl out from under me I heard talking and then I felt a cold hard dildo being shoved up my ass.I heard a male voice explain,” yeah baby fuck his ass!”As I was being railed by fat strap-on in my ass and the cock in my mouth continue to fuck my throat. I could hear the men quietly cheering as a woman begin fucking my ass harder and harder with the big fake dick. She had just the right angle on me and my dick began to harden again. I felt someone slide underneath me and take my cock in their mouth… I also felt whiskers. My ass she forced my cock deeper into his mouth… So is she was pounding my ass she was causing me to throw fuck this man. This continues for another 20 minutes before I finally came in his mouth and she finally tired. The cock was still fucking my throat… I was amazed someone to last this long. The woman told her dildo out of my ass and it was immediately replaced with one of the other men’s cocks. Another 10 minutes of sucking and fucking and both men unloaded into me. Both cocks withdrew from me and in less than a minute the third cock was shoved into my ass. I’ve been felt the bed move my head was lifted and placed unceremoniously on to a hot juicy pussy. I immediately began laughing and sucking her pussy while my ass was again being fucked. She began coming almost immediately and in the 20 minutes that my ass was being fucked she must have came at least 15 times.”This guy loves pussy as much as he loves cock!” I heard a winded female voice say.I lost track over the next few hours how many cocks bursa escort bayan and come in my ass, down my throat, and onto my back.The next few hour would be the most interesting of the whole day.While being fucked in the ass, I heard the door open and close a couple times. After he came he was immediately replaced with another cock. Wow that cock was fucking me I heard the door open and close a couple more times. I don’t know how many hours it was but there must have been at least 20 cocks cum in my ass or on my back.I had seen porn ad’s reading stories about trains being pulled…and I just had a massive train pulled on me.Then I remember my ad that I posted when I updated the time and place it updated on all the gay sites so anyone horny gay guy in the area my ass was open for cock.My ass was the most sore it has ever been in my life. I could feel the cum covering my back, running down both of my thighs, down my balls and cock, and a non stop flow of it coming out of my ass.There were still men in the room when I asked if we could give my ass a break. I was coached down off the bed causing a big glob of come to gush from my ass on to the motel carpet. I was put on to my knees and cocks were shoved into my face. 25 more Cocks in my mouth fucking my mouth and/or throat for the next what seemed like an hour. Men would come in come down my throat or on my face and then leave in that hour there must have been another 10 to 15 cocks.There was a pause in the traffic of men, so I decided to get a little cleaned up. Removing the blindfold and stepping into the shower I washed my body then I could feel glob after glob of cum drop out of my ass or run down my thighs.Two men will waiting in the room bare ass naked when I came out from my shower. I didn’t even get a chance to put the blindfold back on before 1 grab my head pulled my face onto his cock and the others shove his cock of my credibly sore and tender ass. All I could do was whimper as these two men rotisserie fucked me standing in the middle of the motel room. Almost simultaneously after 10 minutes the two men came inside me.Another man entered as the two man that just came in me left. I took a moment and got a few big swallows of water before I turned around while on my knees and saw this massive black cock in my face. I had seen pictures and read stories of cocks this big but never thought they actually existed.I could barely managed to get the head of his cock in my mouth as I stroke the shaft with one hand and fondled his huge balls with the other I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth even more. As I struggled escort bursa do what I could to please this giant cock I heard the door open again. I saw out the corner of my eye in man and woman into the room and shut the door behind them. The big black man pulled his cock head from my mouth pick me up and laid me back onto the bed. He’s in grab the bottle of lube and Lubed his cock and my ass and impaled this massive meat member deep into my ass causing me to grown wildly. The man and woman stood there watching me get fucked by this massive cock. The woman began to strip. Totally naked she crawled on top of me and position her pussy over my cock. The feeling of this hot wet pussy sliding down onto my hard cock. The feelings of her hot juicy pussy sliding onto my cock was a stark contrast to the sharp pain the massive black cock was causing my assholes. Then saw the man that came in with a woman naked climb onto the bed and shove his cock into my mouth. As my ass was being destroyed this amazing pussy was riding my cock feverishly. At the same time this strange man was throat fucking my face like I was nothing more than a fucked on. More than once I had to stop him from fucking my throat so I could breathe enough to continue. The massive cock in my ass must have shot at least three massive loads of cum deep into my ass before I finally shot my load up this woman’s pussy.The massive cock was still in my ass and my spent cock deep in her pussy as they sat there watching this man fuck my throat violently. Does orgasm was so huge I nearly passed out from asphyxiation before he finally removed his cock from my throat.I lay there completely exhausted destroyed and spent as the three of them got dressed and left.I’m managed to get up and get to the door, hang me out of order sign on the door knob, and make it back to the bed before I passed out.I woke up on the floor hours later lying in the puddle of cum that had flowed from my ass previously. What woke me was the maid knocking on the door and entering the room to clean it.I managed to get up off the floor and sat on the bed as she entered the room and shut the door behind her.”I didn’t know if you were going to last the night.” the maid said. “I guess my strap-on wasn’t the hardest thing you endured through your day.”I looked up at her and grinned. Then I couldn’t help but chuckle.”I knew this room was going to be a disaster, that’s why I saved it for last.” She said with a smile.By the time I was done showering and have gotten dressed the maid was finishing cleaning the carpet where at least a quart of cum had gushed from my ass.I thanked to the maid for participating in my day.”It was fun.” She told me. “I hope Im working the next time You do this!”I gave a laugh, “I might do it again after I find out if I still have an asshole left.”

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