Careful What You Wish For – Day 10

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This a work of pure fiction, all sprouted from my overactive horny brain. It contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts, that some may find disturbing. So, if you are still going to read it, after having been warned, then enjoy!

I write as a hobby and a distraction in this difficult COVID-19 era. Feel free to comment, but keep it civil please, I’m not trying to win a prize or get published!

Stay safe and share some extra love with those who need it most in these challenging times!


Careful what you wish for — Day 10: Saturday

It was 7 am. when Joan woke up from the annoying buzz of her alarm clock. She quickly jumped out of bed and took a shower. She could hardly wait to discover what kind of hot scenario Ulan had come up with for her! Knowing that she was bound to have another sexual adventure ahead of her, she felt her pussy itch with anticipation! She dried off and without putting any underwear on, she slipped into a sweat shirt and sweat pants and stuffed her black leather over-the-knee boots with stiletto heels in her sports bag. She applied her make-up and went downstairs. On her way down, she checked Allie’s door, but it was still locked. She quickly ate a light breakfast, left a note for Allie that she would be back around noon and headed out the door. On her way to the address Ulan had sent her, she needed to make a stop at the mall to buy a raincoat. Ulan had ordered her to only wear her boots and a raincoat!

At the mall it took her a long time to find what she was looking for. Finally, she found a shiny black plastic raincoat that reached just over her bum. It had a long zipper and a belt. Along with the boots, it would give her the right slutty look she was aiming for! She paid and walked back to her car. She entered the address Ulan had sent her in her car’s navigation system and drove off.

When she arrived at the address, it turned out to be a very large villa just outside the city, surrounded by a high fence. The security guard at the gate asked her name and checked a list he was holding. He told her to follow the parking signs, park her car and then follow the arrows to the entrance. As she slowly drove to the large parking lot next to the building, she noticed the size of the villa. It must contain dozens of rooms! When she had parked the car, she quickly pulled down her sweat pants and put her boots on. She pulled the sweat shirt over her head and put on the raincoat. She didn’t zip it closed, but just used the belt to keep it together. She switched off her phone and left it in the car, after all, she didn’t expect to have time to use it anyway! She smiled. ‘Let the fun begin!’, she thought and walked towards the building. Yellow arrows guided her to a side door. Another security guard asked her name and checked a list he was holding. He nodded, opened the door and let her enter the villa.

Joan walked into a dimly lit hallway. She could hear soft relaxing music playing and saw two people in front of her, walking to the entrance of the hallway. She followed them and entered a hall. Her eyes wide open, she took in the scene in front of her! There were at least twenty men and women present, all naked! She saw a number of couples kissing, while some of the women slowly jerked off the man they were making out with! Others just talked and laughed, or walked around, apparently not taking notice of the men’s hard dicks!

Joan noticed a large double door to her left, leading into another room and walked over. When she entered the room, her jaw dropped and she looked shocked! The room was an enormous dome with several large circular step levels leading down. It looked like an oversized sitting pit, with each level wide enough for people to lie down on. Each level was covered with large silky soft cushions.

There were easily over a hundred people spread out over the different levels! Men, women, old, young, Caucasian, African, Asian! And they were all fucking, sucking and licking in the biggest orgy Joan had ever seen! Everywhere she looked, she saw hard cocks thrusting into wet pussies, gaping asses or cum hungry mouths! She saw several couples of just women 69-ing each other and even a couple of men fucking each other in the ass!

Although she could still faintly hear the soft relaxing music in the background, it was almost completely drowned out by the moaning, panting, whimpering and screaming of the fucking crowd! Joan smelt an overpowering scent of sex, a mixture of sweat, cum and pussy juice, that was so strong, it was intoxicating! The whole scene looked like something out of a porn movie depicting an orgy in ancient Rome!

Joan slowly walked towards the center of the room, carefully side-stepping the people who were fucking on each level! When she stepped down on the bottom level, she slowly spun around in a full circle and looked in total amazement at the carnal depravity going on around her! ‘HOLY FUCK!’, she thought. Her pussy maltepe escort was already so wet, she could feel her pussy juice leaking between her labia, slowly running down her thighs into her boots!

Suddenly she felt two hands grab her hips from behind and heard Ulan’s familiar voice whispering in her ear!

“Hi Joan….like what you’re seeing?”

“Holy fuck, I’m almost coming from just looking around”, Joan moaned.

Ulan laughed and pressed his hard cock against her ass.

“Want some help?”, he asked seductively.

Joan just moaned and lifted her arms up around his neck. She turned her head sideways and kissed Ulan, slipping her tongue in his mouth. She kissed him deep and slow, enjoying their tongues swirling through their mouths. Then she stopped and looked him in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck me right here in the center of this room, for everybody to see!”, she whispered.

She undid the belt of her raincoat and lay on her back on the cushions on the floor. She spread her legs and Ulan sat on his knees between her legs, stroking his huge cock! Joan looked at it longingly! She loved that monster cock and wanted nothing more than to feel it slide into her cunt! Without saying anything, Ulan just pushed his huge cock into Joan’s cunt. She felt like her pussy was being ripped apart!

“OWWWW FUCKKKKK!!!”, she screamed, as Ulan pushed his hard cock deeper and deeper into her wet pussy! She had almost forgotten how huge his beautiful cock was! She felt completely filled and closed her eyes to fully enjoy his huge cock sliding in and out of her cunt! Ulan slowly picked up the pace and soon she was losing control fast as she felt her first orgasm building up!

“Owww yesssss…..fuck me with that magnificent fuck pole…..fill my pussy…..ohhh fuck, that feels so good……ohhh yesss baby, fuck me deep and hard!”, she moaned.

Suddenly she felt a cockhead being pushed between her lips! She opened her eyes and saw another black man sitting on his knees next to her head. She recognized him from the hotel gangbang! He was stroking his large hard cock while pushing his cockhead against her lips. Joan smiled at him and opened her mouth, taking as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. She sucked on it and used her hand to jerk him off at the same time. The moaning and other noises of people having sex all around her, turned her on like never before!

While she sucked on the boy’s cock, she looked past him at an Asian couple fucking behind his back. The man lay on his back, while the woman rode him fast and aggressively. The man looked in Joan’s direction and their eyes met. He smiled at her and she smiled back, both enjoying their fuck! ‘This is insane!’, Joan thought.

Ulan pulled his cock out of Joan’s pussy and lay next to her. He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. She grabbed his cock and placed his cockhead against her pussy. Then she slowly lowered her cunt over his cock! She bent forward and Ulan started thrusting his cock deep into her pussy! She looked at the Asian couple again, just as they both looked at her. The man said something to the woman and both stood up and walked over to Joan.

The woman stood legs spread over Ulan’s head, smiled at him and lowered her cunt right on his face! Joan saw Ulan’s tongue licking the woman’s pussy! The Asian woman bent her head back and moaned! Holy fuck! ‘This is so fucking hot!’, Joan thought. She looked behind her and saw the Asian man stroking his cock, applying lube from a bottle on the floor. Joan had seen these bottles everywhere when she walked into the room. Then he sat on his knees behind Joan and placed his cockhead against her anus! She smiled at him and he slowly pushed his cock inside her ass! Joan loved the feeling of being DP-ed again, especially with Ulan’s huge cock in her pussy. But what triggered her first orgasm, was the idea that she was also being fucked by a total stranger, whom she had only seen for the first time just seconds ago!

The Asian woman was now riding Ulan’s face, rocking her hips aggressively, rubbing her pussy over his mouth! Within minutes she screamed and shivered all over her boy as she came on Ulan’s mouth! Joan watched it all happen and felt hornier than she had ever been in her life! She felt her second orgasm rip through her body, just before the Asian man blew his cumload in her bowls, immediately followed by Ulan exploding deep in her cunt! Joan screamed out from sheer lust, while her brain turned to mush and she entered a state of total cum frenzy!

The Asian man pulled out of her and Ulan rolled her over on her back. Immediately another man knelt between her legs, pushed his cock inside her and started fucking her hard and fast! Suddenly a large black cockhead appeared over her mouth and before she could react, large spurts of cum came pouring down on her face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch as much cum in her mouth as she could! Another cock appeared on the escort maltepe other side of her face and more cum splashed on her face!

Joan just couldn’t believe what was happening! She was getting fucked by multiple men, in her cunt, in her ass and in her mouth, and when one of them dumped his cumload in her, he was immediately replaced by another! She soon lost track of how many men had deposited their cumload in or on her body! The cum was pouring out of her cunt and ass and formed a big pool on the floor in which she lay on her back, fucking one guy after another!

When she looked up, she saw Ana’s smiling face above her head!

“Having fun, are we?”, Ana asked with a big smile.

Joan could only moan. Her brain had completely switched off any rational decision making and she was now in total fuck mode! She grabbed Ana’s hips and pulled the girl’s pussy on her face, desperately trying to stick her tongue in that delicious black pussy! She held on to Ana and pulled her down hard on her face, while licking her cunt and sucking her clit! Ana moaned hard and started riding Joan’s face!

Joan felt another cumload being deposited in her pussy and intensified licking Ana’s clit. Soon Ana’s orgasm ripped through her body! She lost control of her bladder and a stream of hot piss splashed in Joan’s face! She was so horny now, that she didn’t care anymore how people used her body! She swallowed Ana’s piss that had entered her mouth and licked her pussy clean! Ana stood up and disappeared. Immediately another cock appeared and Joan took it in her mouth and started sucking it, desperate to swallow another cumload!

After what seemed an eternity, Joan’s pussy and ass started to hurt badly. She pushed the man who was fucking her, away and got up. She could hardly walk and her legs spasmed as she tried to walk back up the levels. Her body was completely covered with cum and it ran from her ass and cunt, down her legs into her boots. When she wiggled her toes in her boots, she could feel they were filled with a pool of cum! All around her, people were still fucking and Joan felt she moved through a moaning blanket of people!

When she reached the top level, she noticed an exit with a sign above it that said washrooms and showers. She stumbled to the exit and went in. She found an empty shower stall and got in. She took of her raincoat and boots. She lifted a boot over her head and turned it upside down. A full glass of cum poured out, running over her hair and face! Joan laughed hysterically! She took the other boot, lifted it above her head and turned her face upward and opened her mouth. When she turned the boot upside down, another full glass of cum came pouring out, straight into her mouth! She swallowed every drop! ‘I’m such a total cum slut!’, she thought with a smile.

She quickly showered, put her boots and raincoat back on and left the shower room. While she roamed the building, she passed through a bar and had a couple of drinks. She moved on and passed a couple of rooms, each filled with people fucking. The next room she passed was larger however, with an old-fashioned bathtub on legs standing in the middle. She immediately saw Ana who stood bent over in the bathtub. Behind her stood Ulan, who slowly fucked her with his huge cock. At the same time Ana was giving a blow job to another man, standing on the other side of the bathtub! At least twenty men were jerking off in the room! Just before they came, they walked up to the bathtub and deposited their cumload over Ana’s body. Once they finished spurting, they left the room, to be replaced by new men.

Joan walked into the room and looked at the scene with her mouth open. She had never seen such a horny cum scene! She took off her raincoat and boots and joined Ana in the bathtub. There was a thick layer of cum on the bottom of the bathtub, that slushed around and over her feet as she moved around in the bathtub! She grabbed Ana’s head and kissed her on her cum covered lips. Ana pulled Joan down in the bathtub and they sat at opposite sides, jerking off the men standing around the tub! Some of the men offered their dick for a blowjob and Ana and Joan sucked each of them until they came in their mouths. They let the cum flow from their mouths onto their bodies and into the bathtub.

Every couple of seconds, one of the men around the bath tub came and spurted his cum over Ana’s or Joan’s face and body! Men who had come, left the room and new men constantly entered it, to take their places.

Suddenly Joan stood up and bent over, offering her cunt to a man standing on one side of the bathtub, while she started sucking on the cock of a man standing in front of her, on the other side of the bathtub. Soon they both came and cum poured from Joan’s cunt and mouth into the tub. The guy who had just fucked her disappeared and his place was immediately taken by another man. He pushed his cock into Joan’s asshole and started fucking her until he too came. Now maltepe escort bayan Joan has cum leaking from all her orifices! Ana also stood up and copied Joan’s actions, but just stood the other way round!

Soon Joan had lost track of how many men had used her cunt, ass and mouth to blow their load in! She was now totally cum crazy and wanted this to go on forever! She came multiple times herself and finally her spasming legs couldn’t hold her anymore and she sat down in the thick cum layer on the bottom of the bath. She scooped hands full of cum and poured it over Ana’s body. Next, she scooped two hands full of cum and poured it over her own head!

She noticed a small stand in the corner of the room with two wineglasses on it. She signaled one of the men to get one for her. When she got the glass, she scooped it full of cum at the bottom of the bathtub, bent her head back, opened her mouth and poured the whole glass of cum into her mouth, swallowing every drop of it! She laughed hysterically!

After more than an hour, Joan got out of the bathtub and pulled Ana with her. They were both covered in a thick layer of cum! They grabbed their clothes and she pulled Ana along, until she found a small hallway with an empty room with a bed. She pulled Ana onto the bed and immediately assumed the 69 position and started licking Ana’s pussy. Ana responded by sucking hard on Joan’s clit! Joan tasted a mix of Ana’s pussy juice and cum and buried her face in the black girl’s cunt! Within minutes both had another orgasm! Joan had lost track of the number of orgasms she had today, but she knew she had never come as many times as she had today!

Ana and Joan held each other, while kissing and rubbing each other’s pussies. They both came again once more! They hugged each other’s sticky bodies and soon drifted off into a deep sleep, sexually totally exhausted!


Allie opened her eyes and smiled at Chris, who lay beside her with his head on her pillow, looking at her, as he had done for the past half an hour!

“You are so beautiful, I can look at you every day, all day, and you still take my breath away”, he whispered.

Allie’s heart almost burst with love!

“Happy birthday love of my life!”, Chris added.

He lifted his head of the pillow and looked Allie in the eyes.

“I love you so much, it scares me. I’ve never felt this way before in my life”, he admitted to her.

Allie pulled his head down and kissed him lovingly. She slowly moved her tongue around his, taking all the time in the world to make him feel how much she loved him too. Chris kissed her back, deep and slow, enjoying each second! They playfully sucked each other’s lips and softly bit them. Soon Allie felt her heartbeat rising and she started panting. She moved her body towards Chris and pulled him tightly against her. Chris kissed her neck and softly sucked her earlobe. He slipped his tongue into her ear and Allie moaned when she felt his warm, soft, wet tongue in her ear. Chris licked her lips and let his tongue slide down her chin and neck towards her breasts. Allie had her eyes closed and was enjoying his foreplay, yearning for what she knew was going to happen soon!

Chris licked her right nipple and softly sucked on it, bit it and then did the same with her other nipple. Allie arched her back to push her nipple into his mouth and moaned. She could barely control herself! She wanted him so badly, her whole body shivered! Chris kissed his way down her belly until he reached her mound. He softly blew his warm breath on her pussy and then softly licked her clit! Allie moaned loudly and pushed his head into her pussy, encouraging him to lick her! Chris licked her pussy lips and sucked on her clit. Allie started rocking her hips, each time Chris stuck his stiff tongue deep in her pussy!

“Owww fuck Chris, you’re going to make me come, doing that….don’t stop baby…..please, don’t stop….make me come…..I want to come…..make me come….make me come…..oww fuck, yessss…..ahhhh….suck it, suck my clit……owww fuck….I’m almost there…..keep sucking…..ohhh yesss…owww baby, you’re making me come……OOOWWW FUCKKKK, I’M CUMMINGGGGG!”

Allie pressed a fist in her mouth as she screamed when her orgasm ripped through her body. Her back lifted from the bed and her body trembled and her stomach and leg muscles spasmed. Her pussy convulsed and she squirted three times, before she fell back on the bed. She felt light headed and grabbed Chris’ head and pulled him up so she could kiss him. She tasted her own pussy juice on his lips and lovingly licked his face, hugging him tightly, while her body slowly stopped trembling.

“OMG, you’re going to kill me one of these days! I’ve never had orgasms like the ones you’re giving me!”, she whispered in his ear.

Chris kissed her and then sat on his knees between her spread legs. He took his rock-hard cock and placed his cockhead at the entrance of Allie’s pussy. He looked into her eyes.

“Are you ready for your special present?”, he asked with a smile.

“You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment and how badly I have wanted you to make love to me Chris”, Allie said softly.

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