“Careful what you wish for”


“Careful what you wish for”My wife and I have always had a very healthy sex life, but due to recent stress in our life, sex had come to a stand still..For years, I have always fantaiszed about a MMF with my wife. We had done a MMF twice before, but still, it was my favorite fantasy, my favorite activity, that hadn’t been fulfilled in quite some time. Due to a family function, we had to travel out of state and spend a couple nights in a hotel(which hotels are a guaranteed turn on for myself), so I knew the sex with the wife was going to be outstanding..On Monday, back at work, I recieved a text on my phone. I opened it to find my wife flashing her DD breasts. I was beyond turned on, almost breaking a sweat. I in turn returned the favor, by sending one of my semi flaccid cock..This activity went on for several weeks, resulting in what was a great kick start to intense sex we once had. bahis siteleri Our late night conversations turned from work to fantasies, with me once again, begging to see her with another man (I swear I was a cuckold in my past life..LOL), a thought that once again, I felt would not materialize. The next day, I went to work like usual doing what I do, when I recieved a text from the wife. When the photo opened, it revealed my wife laying bac on our bed, bra and panties on, with another guys’ hand inside her panties..I checked the timestamp in a frantic pace to find that it was taken 2 minutes prior..”Holy Christ, she’s fucking him right now in our house” I thought.. I was weating, wanted to throw up, but also wanted to go home from work sick to just be there..However, I also noticed that I was super rigid, and super turned on..I took an early lunch, drove to the nearest park canlı bahis and proceeded to park, look around and pull my cock out..I pulled up the picture again and started stroking to my wife and the stranger, when I recieved another text..I opened it in a rush to see my wife taking the strangers’ cock in her mouth..Her bright red lipstick swallowing what looked to be a fit young man with an above average size member. Her eyes closed, spit in the corners of her mouth..I stopped my frantic stroking to A), text and let her know I loved what I was seeing and to let her know she was making my lunch very enjoyable and B), to try not and cum so quick..I was shaking, my cock was engorged, I knew I was going to cum big and alot, but I was enjoying the edging as well. The next text appeared showing his condom covered cock inside my wife..I couldn’t take it..Not even 40 seconds after seeing the güvenilir bahis photo, I came. Christ!!! All over my hand, my pants,..While cleaning up with not much success,(too much cum, not enough wipes), the final pic came in with my wife’s pussy covered in cum..There was no way I was going back to work..I called in, said I was sick and proceeded to drive home, horny, messy and sex-crazed. Upon arriving at the house, I entered to find my wife in the shower, the man gone and the bathrrom door unlocked..I entered to find my wife getting out of the shower and greeting me with a smile. “Did you like” she asked. “Fuck!! You have no idea” I replied..She came over, dropped to her knees, pulled my already rigid, cum stained cock out and began sucking me..I pulled my cock out and made her say the guy’s name repeatedly, while I jerked off on her face. “John, John, John” she kept saying..Telling me how he stretched her pussy and made her cum more than once. I came all over her face.. A large shot of cum across her right eye.. I bent down and kissed her..Thanking her for granting my fantasy of fantasies..

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