Caring for my daughter – Part 1 – I don’t need any clothes, dad


It is the worst day of my life. I have just learned over the phone that my partner of almost 20 years, Debbie, and our 18-year-old daughter Ava were in a car accident. A truck driver didn’t see them and crashed into the driver’s side of Debbie’s car. Debbie was driving and passed away on the site of the accident. Ava apparently was found unconscious and was hospitalized. I’m absolutely devastated. I’m in shock and arriving at the hospital. Ava is in lying in a bed. An odd system of splints sits around both of her arms. Her legs are slightly elevated. Ava is conscious! I learn from the doctor that she has gotten away without any serious injuries. She just has to wear the splints on her arms for some time to help with a full recovery and we got a list of rehab exercises for her legs and hips as they got injured as well. I hug Ava and we cry together. What a terrible loss! I cannot comprehend this!

Ava has to stay in hospital for observation for a few days. I learn that the splints on her arms and shoulders are just temporary, however Ava won’t be able to touch herself nor feed herself and needs a carer until she recovers. She’s not happy about that but the doctor insists on the inconvenient splints. “You will thank me for it later, young lady!” the doctor says as he leaves Ava’s hospital room, closing her patient file in one hand with a loud snap.

I realize quickly that I can’t afford a professional carer and I don’t know anyone who could help as we’ve just moved here recently. Ava will have to stay at my place and I will have to take care of her. I’m working from home anyway, so that should make it manageable. Over the next few days the nurses at the hospital are kind enough to give me a crash-course about basic care: How to get her in and out of bed, how to feed her, how to wash her, how to use the bedpan. I’m out of my element but at least I could watch the nurses a few times. Ava is clearly upset about being in this helpless state but has no choice but to accept it. “It will be over in no time, honey. You are so lucky that’ll you’ll be able to make a full recovery”, a nurse reassures Ava with a big smile on her face, squeezing her hand.

Ava has now been discharged from hospital. She’s not supposed to walk for some time and is sitting in a wheelchair for transport. Her arms are at a slightly odd angle due to the splints. But at least she can move her hands. The doctor recommended for her to stay in bed to ensure the quickest recovery. I’m putting my arm under her shoulders, the other arm under her legs and lift her out of the chair. She’s so light! Her body is slim and petite. Her long, black hair flows onto her shoulders in a straight line. She’s got a beautiful dark tan and dark eyes. She’s definitely coming after her mother. “Ouch! Careful, dad! My arms and legs are sore! Shouldn’t you know that by now ?!”, Ava exclaims as I’m lowering her into her bed. “Sorry Ava, darling! I’m doing my best. I’m sure we’ll overcome all teething issues in no time and you’ll be out of here soon.”

My daughter throws a sulking look at me and sighs deeply: “Dad, this is so bad! I can’t do anything myself. I need to constantly call you if I want to do things, do you realize that? To eat, to brush my teeth, to change my clothes, even to go to the toilet! This is so humiliating!” I’m sighing as well: ”Yeah, darling. I totally get you. We’ll both have to get used to this situation and be patient with each other, ok?” Ava doesn’t respond. She’s just staring into the void.

Ava is still wearing the hospital’s patient gown and nothing beneath. It is one large sheet of baby-blue fabric with two loose short sleeves, wrapped around Ava, covering the front of her body. The ends of the sheet are held together at her back by two pairs of strings which are tied together in a knot just like shoe-laces. One knot at her neck and another one at the center of her back. Below that there aren’t any knots; just a long slit until the fabric ends at her knees. Hospitals use these gowns because they are much easier to put on compared to normal clothes and the open Ankara escort back design allows easy access to the patient, especially handy when washing the patient or when having to use the bed pan.

“I’ve installed a holder for your computer tablet here, you can swing it over. Voice control is activated too. You’ll be able to catch up with your university course and you can connect the tablet via Wi-Fi to the large TV on the wall opposite your bed if you want to watch a movie. Lucky that your hands are free and that you’re just restricted in the movement of your arms. Enjoy!” Ava’s face lights up: “Thanks dad!” “You’re welcome. I’m gonna leave you to it. Let me know if you need anything.” “Sure dad.” I’m leaving Ava’s room.

Some time passes. “Daaaad?” I’m hearing Ava’s voice muffled from her room. “Yes, darling?” “Can you come please?” “Ok.” I’m entering her room. Ava is slightly embarrassed: “Dad, I need to pee.” “No problem, I’m getting the stuff.” I’m trying to sound casual and confident, but my heart is beating. I’m a bit nervous. The nurses let me watch how to position the bed pan – I just haven’t done it before. I’m grabbing the stuff from the bathroom and walk back to Ava’s room. “Ok darling. I’m gonna take off your blanket. Here we go. And I’m putting the pan on the bed next to you. Now I’ll help you to get in position.” I’m carefully turning Ava on her side. “Ouch! Slower, dad!” “Sorry, honey.”

I’m parting the back of her gown to expose her bare lower back and butt. The nurses did the whole procedure so quickly, I never got such a direct and close-up view of her naked lower body as now. It is hour-glass shaped, with a small waist and a heart-shaped butt. Although she’s petite, her curves are womanly and – hard to admit for a father – very beautiful. It has always bothered me how attractive she is. It put me in a strange position as a father. I dreaded seeing her grow up starting to wear crop tops, hot pants and tiny bikinis. Of course, we didn’t stop her. Her friends wore the same outfits and we didn’t want her to be the one standing out. But it always made me somewhat uncomfortable, no matter how hard I tried not to feel that way.

Without wanting to, I can’t help but notice her butthole and the outer lips of her pussy, lined up between her thighs. It is very strange to get such an intimate view of my daughter. This situation is so unusual, I don’t like it. I’m looking away quickly. I’m placing the bed pan against her butt and gently roll her on her back. “How does that feel?” I’m asking her without checking the position of the pan in detail. I just want to get this over with. “Should be fine, dad.” “Ok, I’ll cover you with the blanket and will give you some privacy.”

I’m leaving the room. Some time passes. “Eeew!” I’m hearing. “Yikes! Dad, help! Everything’s wet! Take it off! Take it off! It’s disgusting!” I’m entering Ava’s room. She has managed to wet the blanket and the gown covering her. “How did you-“ I’m being cut off: “Dad! Fast, take it off! It’s so disgusting!” Ava’s voice sounds hysterical. I’m quickly walking over to the bed and remove the wet blanket. The gown beneath seems to have slipped between Ava’s thighs and it soaking wet, all the way up to her belly. “Take it off, dad!” Instinctively I’m lifting the wet part of the gown up, exposing her whole lower body. The view of her flat stomach and pussy startle me for a second. Some liquid is dripping down from the gown onto her belly button. “Eew! What are you doing, dad? Take it off!”

“I’m sorry, darling, I’m trying to.” I’m putting the wet part of the gown next to Ava and I’m releasing the shoe-tie-knot of her gown on her back. I’m turning her gently on her side, putting one hand under her back and I’m releasing the second knot at the middle of her back. I’m carefully sliding off the gown’s sleeve on one arm, then the other and I’m pulling away the gown. Ava is lying in front of me now, fully naked. I’m trying not to stare, but I can’t help but notice her breasts. They are beautifully sized, of a lovely shape with small areolas and nipples. “Take Ankara escort bayan away the pan!” “Alright, no need to yell!” I’m lifting both of Ava’s legs, lifting her hips to remove the pan. Again I’m getting an unwanted close-up view of her pussy and asshole. I’m feeling adrenaline shooting through my body. I don’t like this visual sexual stimulation. It’s my daughter! But somehow my body reacts to it nevertheless, instinctively.

I’m sliding the pan out and put her legs down, trying not to look too closely at my daughter. I’m checking out the pan. Some liquid is in it, but most of it seems to have missed the target. I’m taking the pan away to the bathroom and I’m returning with a wet towel. Ava is still lying on her back, fully nude. One of her legs is resting straight on the bed, but the other is at an angle, therefore providing an open view on her pussy. Her inner lips are slightly parted. Oh my god, did I put the leg down like that? I’m trying to ignore the fact that my daughter looks absolutely stunning and is fully nude in front of me. I’m trying to act casual. “No idea how this happened, honey. I’ll clean you up, alright?” “Yes, please dad! This is so disgusting!”

I’m starting with her belly. Some liquid has accumulated in her belly button. I’m soaking it up with a hand towel. How flat her belly is! And the gorgeous even tan! She could pass as a model. I’m wiping up more liquid, going lower on her belly towards the mound of her pussy. Her hip bones rise on both sides. It is insane that she’s lying here like this, fully nude, legs half spread. I’m trying so hard not to get sexually turned on but it’s difficult. It is such an arousing pose. I’m following a trail of liquid and am reaching her pussy. Some residual fluid is glistening around her clit, inner labia and her opening. I’m wringing the hand towel and start wiping her private parts with a stroke from the top to the bottom, as the nurses instructed. Ava is flinching slightly.

“Is everything ok? Is the water too hot?” “No, it’s fine. It’s just tickly,” Ava responds sounding embarrassed. “Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to.” “It’s alright.” I’m beginning another stroke, from top to bottom, with a fresh part of the wipe as instructed by the nurses. I’m carefully starting on the hood of her clit and I’m gently stroking downwards over her inner lips hoping it will tickle less. I’m stopping just above her butthole. Ava is flinching again. Her butthole is contracting. Oh my god! I don’t want to see all these details on my daughter! I want to get this over with quickly. I’m making a few more strokes, top to bottom, this time with more pressure, hoping that will tickle less. I’m trying to ignore that Ava is breathing more quickly and that her clit seems to have swollen. It is pink and peeking out beneath the hood. I can’t believe this happened after just a few strokes.

I’m moving on to her butthole and wipe it from the front to the back as I’ve learned from the nurses. Again Ava is flinching, this time contracting her pussy and butthole simultaneously. In any other circumstance I would have loved to witness this, but not on my daughter! I’m wiping off some more liquid around her inner thighs and gently roll her to the side to clean up her butt. At every wipe she’s flinching slightly. At the last wipe she’s exhaling sharply. “Are you alright honey?” “Yeah dad. I’m just sensitive, that’s all.” “I’ll do my best to be careful.” “Sure dad.” I’m taking a dry towel patting her butt cheeks and her butt crack and turn her back on her back. Now both legs end up in a position that her pussy is spread open even further than before.

My heart is beating faster at this sight. My goodness! I’m noticing that my dick is swelling a little. Oh no! This can’t be happening. I’m so embarrassed. I’m trying to distract myself. I’m remembering the nurses told me to communicate to the patient what I’m going to do: “I’ll just pat you dry honey, ok?” “Sure dad.” I’m taking a dry towel and start patting her inner thighs, moving closer to her pussy. I’m patting the outer lips, the inner lips, the clit. Escort Ankara Now she’s all dry. I’m moving on to wipe her upper legs, her lower legs, her feet, between her tows, followed by drying her with tapping motions. I’m repeating this on her other leg, then I’m moving up.

“Since we’re at it already I’ll just give you the full-body bed-bath now, honey, ok?” Ava is nodding slightly. Her face seems more relaxed, less tense than just a few minutes before. I’m taking a fresh wet towel and start wiping her eyes, from the nose to the outside. It is such an unusual act to perform on an adult. It feels very intimate. I’m wiping her cheeks, her forehead, her neck and shoulders as good as I can, despite the splints which are in the way. I’m moving on to wiping her armpits. I’m spending a bit of time on them, for hygienic reasons. I’m noticing now that her body hair has grown out a bit. Some time has passed since the accident and it makes sense. No one has shaved her since. I’m realizing that the hair around her pussy and butthole has about the same length as the hair in her armpits. Does this mean she was fully shaved before?

I’m feeling odd having such thoughts but I can’t help myself. For the whole time I’ve been trying not to look at her breasts but now that I have to wipe them, I don’t have a choice. Their shape is so perfect. So round! I really don’t want to touch them, but oh well. I’m wiping the area on top of her breasts, then between her breasts, then underneath her breasts. Slowly moving on to the edge of her breasts, circling around one breast, then the other. They are so soft. Ava’s skin has a silky sheen to it. Ava’s eyes are closed now. She looks so relaxed. I’m wiping in circles, smaller and smaller, closing in on her nipple, running over her nipple from the left to the right, from the top to the bottom. I’m repeating the same on her other breast. I’m trying to ignore that her nipples are hard now.

“I’m gonna pat you dry now, honey. Ok?” “M-hm,” Ava replies as she opens her eyes a tiny bit and closes them again. I’m patting the area around her breasts, beneath them, moving on to her soft, bouncy breasts and nipples which are still so hard. I’m using a fresh dry towel wiping her whole body making sure I’m not missing any wet spot. As I’m briefly glancing on her pussy I’m noticing the bottom part of her pussy, around her opening, is dripping wet. Her inner lips are glistening from wetness and her clit is pink and enlarged. Oh my goodness! This is so wrong! This is the last thing I wanted to happen. I’m casually patting her pussy as well with the dry towel. “Done!” “Thanks, dad! This is so much better!”

I’m looking around the room. I wasn’t prepared for this change of clothes right on the first day of Ava being at my house. “Honey, what do we do about your clothes? I don’t have any clean patient-gowns, they’ll arrive in the next days. Do you want me to go through your clothes, maybe I can find something for you?“ Ava seems to be thinking: “Hm… I’ve got night-dresses but their backs aren’t open. It would be too hard to get them on and off.” “True.” “Pyjamas are no good either.” “Yeah.” I’m embarrassed. The hospital supply shop is closed now too. I’m going through the linen cabinet: “I’ve got some spare linen which you can use as a blanket.” “That will do for now, thanks dad. It’s really warm anyway. I don’t need any clothes, if you are comfortable with that? I mean, you’ve seen me naked now anyway and I’ve been sleeping naked anyway for the last two years.”

I’m thinking. I’m not comfortable at all with this situation, but I can’t come up with any other solution: “Alright, if you’re happy with that.” “It works well for me. Truth be told, I prefer not wearing anything to wearing those hospital gowns. Somehow they give me the creeps.” “Do they?” “Yeah, there’s just something about them, something sad. It reminds me of hospitals, sick people, old people. Ew!” Ava is slightly shaking her head, her face in a grimace of disgust. “Alrighty then. ”I’m placing the white sheet over her body, tucking her in. “Night, darling!” “Night, dad!”

Copyright Normann Blaze 2022

Please let me know if you like the story and if you’d like me to write more chapters. It will motivate me 🙂 thank you

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