Caroline and Steve Episode 2

Big Tits

It was a hot and sultry afternoon in August. Me and Caroline were on our settee, sweltering in the heat.That day, a friend of Caroline had come over to see us. She and Caroline had been sunbathing out in the garden for a couple of hours, but the sun was too strong that day so they had decided to come indoors hoping to cool off.Karen, Caroline’s friend, was an attractive and shapely woman of 25 years old. Only a year or so younger than me and Caroline. Karen and Caroline had a very close friendship between them and although had only known each other for three years or so.I liked Karen, but- to be honest- I was a little jealous of her friendship with my wife. Karen was a very open-minded woman, certainly not in the least bit shy. If something was on her mind, she wouldn’t beat around the bush!I hadn’t spent that much time with Karen, so maybe I hadn’t really given her a chance. Maybe she wasn’t so bad. She just seemed somewhat over the top to me. I’d heard many stories about her from Caroline. Some quite shocking ones at that!Caroline was very different to Karen. She was much quieter and measured in her responses and actions. Although, in Karen’s company she did seem more bold than usual.Of course, there were times when Caroline had surprised me, as you will know if you have read my first story!I was home from work early that day because the toilet flush had stopped working and Caroline had asked me to come home to fix it. Plumbing really isn’t my thing though. So we had to wait a day or so for güvenilir bahis a plumber. Still, at least I could enjoy the hot day.Karen came in from our kitchen, awkwardly clutching three glasses of iced water. She placed two glasses on to our small coffee table and sat down on the settee next to Caroline.The girls were wearing shorts and tee-shirts. I still had my trousers and shirt on from work. “I’m just off to change into something cooler.”, I announced. I stood up and made my way upstairs to the bedroom.As I was changing into my shorts and a scruffy tee-shirt, I could hear the girls talking downstairs in the living room. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Didn’t pay too much attention to it, to be honest.Soon, they were laughing together. Sharing a joke between them. Caroline was happy in Karen’s company.I made my way back downstairs to the living room and joined the girls once again on the settee, sitting next to Caroline. “It’s so hot!!” sighed Karen.“Boiling!” replied Caroline. “It was sweltering at work, the air conditioning has stopped working again.” I added, uninterestingly. One of the girls had put a CD on the player and the music gently drifted through the room.“Sade.” I observed. “The oldies were the best!” laughed Karen. About 10 minutes went by and we were once again re-charging our iced water, in an attempt to cool down. “Phew, it’s just too damn hot!” Caroline said. Karen and me agreed non-verbally, slowly nodding our heads.Caroline said, “Steve, how would you feel güvenilir bahis siteleri having two naked ladies in the room?”I reddened at the thought, “Er… well. I don’t mind.”Karen cut in, “It might be a bit embarrassing for Steve though.”I nervously said, “Well, I’ve seen naked ladies before, you know,” chuckling awkwardly.Caroline offered the solution, “Well, why don’t you take your clothes off too, Steve? It’s so bloody hot today, there’s no point in us all suffering.”In a very short few seconds, Karen started removing her tee-shirt and jeans. She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her beautiful, sexy body. Her neatly trimmed bush was a sight to be admired. Her breasts were full and rounded. Karen sat down again.Caroline followed suit and was now also naked. They both looked so hot together. I hastily removed my only recently donned clothing. Karen’s eyes lingered a little while on my naked body and then away again to the middle distance.I sat down again. I could smell Karen and Caroline’s nakedness and worked very, very hard mentally telling my cock to stay flaccid and calm. Hard work in the circumstances, I can tell you!Soon, Caroline threw her head back, looking a the ceiling and sighed, “Ooh, it’s so nice to cool down.” She moved herself further down into the settee, pushing her legs and hips a little further forward allowing her to drape one leg over mine, her other over Karen’s. Karen let her own legs relax and widened them. iddaa siteleri Meanwhile, my penis started to grow somewhat!I could hear my heart beating in my ears, my face reddening. My eyes met Caroline’s and I could see that her face and her neck had reddened too. She had a very naughty look in those eyes. Caroline grabbed my hand and purposely dropped it to land in between her thighs! She smiled at me wickedly. “This heat makes me feel so fucking horny,” she said.I felt the warm wetness of her pussy lips with my fingers. Karen was now looking at the two of us. “Your wife is very horny, Steve. I hope that you won’t leave her high and dry!”I smiled at Karen and I could hear Caroline’s breath quicken. I began to rub inside Caroline’s wet, hot pussy lips. Caroline threw her head back once again and closed her eyes. Karen’s gaze now focussed between Caroline’s legs, watching my fingers at work on Caroline’s eager pussy.My cock grew harder and harder as the sheer excitement of the experience coursed through my veins. “Mmmm, you’re making her really wet, Steve,” said Karen. Caroline’s breath quickened all the more.Karen moved her bum off the settee and was now kneeling between Caroline’s legs, getting an even closer look at her pussy. Then, to my sheer delight, Karen moved her head in between Caroline’s thighs and began to lick slowly at Caroline’s Pussy. “Hold her lips open for me Steve!” came Karen’s muffled voice, to which I dutifully complied. Karen’s licking increased in speed and pressure over Caroline’s swollen, red clit. Caroline was beginning to pant and her hips trembled erratically. After a few minutes, Karen lifted her head from Caroline’s pleasure cave and said, “Oh shit- I’m really sorry Caroline but I really need to pee!” 

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