Carrie’s New Life Ch. 5

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A sudden loud noise awoke Carrie from her dreamless sleep. Her eyes felt as if they were matted. She couldn’t open her eyes. No, it was a blindfold. Her thoughts immediately went back to the night before. Her husband Steve had become violent. She was at Tom’s apartment.

Carrie felt as if she had drunk all night. Her head was throbbing with pain.

“Good morning Carrie.” came the voice of someone she had never heard before.

“What’s going on here?” she said as she attempted to rise up from the bed. Her wrists and ankles had been shackled. She knew that her lesson was about to begin. But who was the strange voice?

“Don’t worry Carrie. You will learn what is going on as you experience it.” the stranger replied.

Tom?” cried Carrie, hoping for some reassurance from him. “Tom, where are you?”

“Don’t worry about Tom my dear. He has his hands quite full at the moment.” the stranger said as he placed his finger on her lips.

She heard the man move away from the bed and waited to see what would happen next. The door opened and she heard the man say “She’s ready.”

“Oh man! You weren’t kiddin’ about this one were you?” came another casino siteleri strange voice.

And yet another stranger’s voice. “Shit, man! We need to keep this one for a while. It’ll take me a month before I get over this one.”

Carrie could hear more people entering the room. It sounded like all men and Carrie suddenly felt a strange rush run over her body. This was scary to her but still very erotic. Were all these men going to have her together? She decided to wait and see what happened next. But still she worried that Tom might not be what she hoped he would be.

Suddenly there was a cockhead pressed against her lips. Carrie opened her mouth to receive it but quickly realized that this cock was so thick she could not open wide enough to take it in her mouth. Being used to working her mouth on an extra thick dick, she quickly switched her technique to sliding her lips up and down his shaft. His moan let her know he was used to this type of attention and she picked up her pace. In the background, she heard some of the men laughing. The first stranger said “Do it.”

There was a loud click and a buzzing noise.

Before canlı casino she could even recognize the sound, she felt the vibrator pushing against her already sore asshole.

Carrie knew that she had to loosen up for it or suffer the pain for a week.

“Someone at least lube me up!” she pleaded.

No sooner than she finished speaking, she felt another cock head slapping her asshole. Someone was shooting their hot cum on her ass!

Carrie began to feel very much at home now. She loved getting fucked in the ass as long as she had time to heal between sessions.

“Ok. Let’s remove her blindfold.” said the first stranger.

Someone lifted the mask off of her eyes and Carrie couldn’t believe what she had been missing. Circling her face were five men in the same type of leather masks as she had seen in Tom’s video the night before. All of them were stroking their pricks and aiming them at her face. Suddenly she saw one of the men rise up and straddle her chest. He laid his cock between her tits as one of the other men shot his hot load all over her them as well as the cock being pumped between her breasts..

Again she felt the kaçak casino vibrator pressing against her asshole and she lifted her hips to help it enter her even deeper. Another man straddled her in a scissors fashion and began rubbing his cockhead over her clit. She felt like she could jump out of her skin when the shaft slid up and down her wet slit.

“Fuck me!” She moaned. ” Stick it in me please!”

“Oh no baby. You have much work to do before you can receive your rewards.” Said the man who was fucking her tits. Leaning forward he pushed his cock into her open mouth while the man behind her pushed her head forward to force a the cock into her throat. Meanwhile, the one at her pussy began jacking off while slapping his tool on her mound. His cum shot out and covered her stomach. With every stroke the man let fly with another hot stream of cum across her breasts. At the same time, the cock in her mouth began to swell. Her head was being rammed forward as the last man to cum fucked her mouth. His knob swelled even more as he slid his cock deep into her throat. Then came the rush of his load, hot and thick, filling her mouth till she could not hold it all.

All the other men were jacking themselves or each other off, nursing their cocks back to life.

“Now it’s time for step two of your induction, Carrie.” Said the first stranger. He must be the leader, thought Carrie, but where was Tom?

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