Carved by Angels Ch. 03



The skating rink was empty, devoid of the laughing people, the smells of steamed chocolate, and the music that once tightened his heart with fond memories. Snowflakes were falling from above just as it had been a long five years ago. Five years… Brown lowered in an attempt to keep tears in, save him from further degradation of his shattering soul. The melting touch of snow upon his lowered face had him choke back a laugh as he gazed at the smooth ice ahead. Sitting on his bench, the one he took that night in early December, Sajery gave a start when a nearby clock chimed ten’o’clock.

Every winter he took the drive from wherever he had moved to after finding a new love, back to where his life had changed. The first time he journeyed back to that significant place, the surface demon had broken down with sobs and could not linger for more than a few minutes. The following visits gradually became better – maybe winter had finally settled within him for good. A shaking sigh escaped him – even on the road, he was alone. No other cars were on the highway, leaving him without company, as slight as a neighboring vehicle would give. A hand left the wheel to massage his neck, easing out the aches, take away the haunting memory of arms slipping around them, shy lips trailing up for a kiss. Unconsciously, the demon caressed his mouth, half-closing his eyes at how, once upon a time, he would melt into such intimacies; only reluctance dragged him through relationships now, the need to fulfil his part of the deal with Adonis.

His hands had gained more crimson color, especially his right hand from committing the greatest of sins. Absentmindedly, he began to hum softly to the familiar tune on the radio, a classic love theme from some video, one he’d probably had watched with Lews once upon a time. Drawing his fingers from his lips, he stared at the black lipstick staining his fingertips, starting to end in a sharp point. Sighing, ripe with loneliness, Sajery continued the hour and a half drive back to his current home.


As quietly as he could, Sajery closed the front door and shook off the snow from his boots. His coat followed, returning to its place in the closet next to Isaac’s ridiculous yellow raincoat, complete with a hood and visor. It was warm, banishing Winter’s touch from his arms, cold despite being encased in long sleeves. The gloves, retrieved from the passenger seat, were now tugged on, shielding every part of him that was true, hiding and covering with a fake exterior. It’s no matter though… He thought, making his way to the living room to sleep on the couch; the past few weeks, he refused to sleep in the same bed as his current human. Out of habit, Sajery still kept himself guarded, even at night when Isaac was-

“Where were you, Sajery?”

A voice that once had a regular volume louder than any other human he had encountered, now asked so quietly and timidly, surprising the demon, as well as the fact that Isaac was still awake. The young one was currently trying to stand up; it looked difficult with a large blanket wrapped around him. Left without words momentarily, brown orbs glanced at the fireplace mantle, at the clock which noisily ticked seconds somewhere between the five and the four – it was well past midnight.

“Sajery?” Again, so much softer than that first moment he’d heard the young human’s voice. Without meaning too, Sajery laughed at the memory of Isaac’s happy reply to his question, that day nine months ago, after the human showed him, a total stranger, kindness. A flicker of some greater pain crossed over Isaac’s face; Sajery blinked, scratching the back of his neck, uncomfortably aware now that from the first glance at the human, Issy looked pained.

“I was just out for a drive, went to see some old sights, that’s all.” Stifling a yawn, the demon then stretched before standing still once more, simply admiring his human. A smile crept up on his face, Isaac looked adorable, his blonde hair tousled, slight body covered in a blue fleece blanket with white clouds and sheep, lovely amethyst eyes, shimmering with tears.

“Baby…” Rushing forwards, Sajery bit back a cry and was ready to dive across the room when the younger backed away from him to trip over an ottoman; Isaac’s shout for him not to come closer successfully halted the demon. The human fell back into an armchair and immediately drew himself into a ball, almost shaking under his blanket. Truly shocked, fearing something terrible had happened in his absence, Sajery took a step closer and didn’t dare take another, not wanting to hear the young one whimper for him to keep away again.

“Isaac,” Voice trembling with as much concern and hesitant comfort he could muster, “Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Why are you-“

“Where were you yesterday night?” The question was stronger than the last one, but an odd note in his human’s voice that hinted an oncoming burst taksim escort of tears. Still locked in his far-off stance, Sajery shuffled his feet, dancing in discontent.

“I was out, that’s all, but baby, why are you about to cry? Did something happen while I was out?”

“Yes. Yes, something has been happening e-every night for the past month!” His Isaac – Sajery swallowed the growing lump in his throat – his lover was curled up in his chair, hiding his face in his crossed forearms, shaking his head over and over. “While you’ve been out, I’d wait for you to come home, come home to our bed but you never do. A-and then you started to sleep here, in here. You don’t hug me anymore or kiss me good morning or goodbye when we leave for work. W-we don’t talk.” The far too late realization of the consequences of his behaviour nearly weighted Sajery to remain in place, but he quietly made his way across the living room. As he drew closer, the demon breathed in the scent of cinnamon and spice, and noticed he hadn’t smelt the lovely combination for some time. When was the last time I hugged Issy?… Kneeling infront of armchair, he reached his gloved hand out and tried to coax the human from hiding.

Isaac did so with a hiccup, revealing his upset pink face and cheeks dampened with tears. Shushing softly, Sajery sought for his lover’s hands,

“You come home past midnight, you don’t tell me where…” Isaac looked everywhere but at his face, which Sajery brought closer to that crying one, his shushing slowly falling into silence. A stab of pain ran through his chest – did he bring this vibrant creature to tears? Issac was the sunshine, ever burning with life and zeal. Did he truly cause this? The human suddenly gripped at his hands, shaking at the effort, and raised his face to look straight into the demon’s.

“Sajery, are you cheating?”

Shining amethyst looked into his, ready at any second, to turn away. Shocked to the point of speechlessness once more, Sajery could only stare back and try to wet his dry mouth. The longer he took, the more and more his lover’s face crumbled into a void of darkness; he could see the lovely shade of purple slowly grow darker with a silent, ungiven answer. Which was not true.

“No, no, sweetheart…I’m not cheating on you. I’d never, Isaac, never.” Tenderly, he cupped the human’s cheek, and whispered reassurances when the younger weakly shied away from his touch. “I went to the main city to walk down memory lane, dearest, that’s all. Shhhh, oh baby, did you think I was another person?” Not bothering for an answer, the demon pressed a feather light kiss on the tip of Isaac’s nose before moving to kiss his cheeks, kiss away the tears.

“I’ve been thinking very hard about something for the past few weeks, it took alot of thought and I, well…”

It was one last attempt to keep himself from further death – Isaac would never become number five. If the rules allowed him to love humans before killing them, being with a human that was doomed to die from it’s short life span should count in the rules. Kichay. Rich, warm brown regarded his new lover’s young, open face, and his lips made a gentle smile. Kichay was a dream. His heart had finally turned away from frigid cold. As much as it hurt, he banished the young skater from his mind and heart. And now he was ready for another…

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a tiny burgundy, velvet box and held it in his palm, hidden with his fingers. Isaac had started to uncurl himself from his protective ball, but he still held in sobs, the fear of being cheated on probably strong and had gathered much fuel for weeping. Leaning forward, Sajery captured his human’s lips in one last kiss before shuffling away, rising so he was on only one knee.

“I’ve been thinking about us. And I felt we have been together a long time. And I’ve felt incredible the whole time.” Amethyst ran over his face in disbelief, taking in his stance, the younger sitting up and letting his blanket shield fall. “Isaac Renardez, will you marry me?”


Shaking with disbelief, Adonis gripped at his throne, muting all other voices of those in the world to focus on the surface demon and to the human was proposing to. What, in all that is holy and hell, is that fool doing? There were some fresh sobs that turned into laughs. A sickeningly sweet exchange of words, and then those proclaimations. Now able to intervene, Adonis did so and with haste.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing? Are you intoxicated, Sajery? I thought demons could hold their human liquor.” Appearing out of thin air, freezing the moment, the soul collector kept a good distance between himself and the surface demon who stood, glaring at him menacingly.

“I’m finding another to love, I don’t want to be a part of this deal anymore! K-Kichay is no longer a part of my heart or mind, he can stay in your twisted kingdom!” Adonis could already çapa escort hear the uncertainty of the demon’s voice.

“It’s hard to say it outloud, isn’t it, demon? Easy to think it, but to admit it? Use breath and make words, audible ones, until you hear them spoken aloud…” Crossing his arms, claret eyes narrowed in contempt, “You’ve signed your soul on our contract. Seven for seven. Actually, the number is now eight, you’ve just given another binding love proclamation to a human. I suggest you-“

“Why do you say human? Why don’t you say everything?” Sajery stalked forwards, clearly upset by his words, and grabbed around the collar of his robes. “Why aren’t demons allowed to love? Why can’t they find someone to love? To hold?”

“I can feel your despair. It’s so powerful, you’re inadvertently poisoning this human that you knelt before. Your darkness is feeding his worries, his fears. Kichay is still on your mind, isn’t he? You haven’t been thinking about your relationship with that human over there, you’ve been steeling yourself to try to get little Chay out of your life.” Speaking quietly, Adonis straightened up once Sajery released him, looking stricken.

“Demons affect everything around them for the worst. You cannot love anything without destroying it. You destroyed something beautiful, Sajery, a lovely creature who now lives in my kingdom in torment.”

“Let me have this one, please!” An awful prickling began in his eyes, and hurriedly, Sajery looked away, wiping at his face, “Please…I know the rules, but he’s a human, he’s already doomed to die… Let me try to love, Adonis. I’ll forfeit everything I own, if I can say ‘I love you’, and make love, and spend days on end not worrying that I’ll wake up with a corpse in my arms! Anything, please! Let me have Isaac.” Locking his glazing brown eyes on the red wine of Adonis, Sajery begged,” Help me away from Kichay….”

“You do not want Chay? I thought you would go to any ends for him.” As much as he wanted to go for the offer, Adonis, with a horrible twisting of his heart, knew the sooner Kichay left him, the better. The sweet creature was far too sweet, as was his voice… “I cannot accept any new offer. The first has to be fulfilled first. And to let you please a human before killing him is not the same situation as this one that you are requesting.” Looking at this Isaac, measuring his worth, Adonis continued, “To gain a proclaimation and then ravish your temporary cure is fine – the human is doomed to die once he falls asleep. But, what you’re asking breaks the rules. You know how a stone is created, and if I were to let you have this new deal…”

Falling to his knees, Sajery curled within himself, trying to hold back tears. Never did he think such pain and torment could exist… Suddenly, he punched the floor with a scream of anguish.

“Dammit!” Hiding his face in his arms, he remained kneeling, struggling to keep himself calm. It hurt so much. White locks whipped through the air at his sudden glance at the soul collector, who remained stoic and silently watching. “Isn’t there any way to prevent stones from being made? Where do they come from? Who made up all these, these fucking rules?”

“I do not know who made up the rules, but there is no way to prevent the stones from being created. They are made, as you know, by a demon mating with another creature. It does not matter , be them angel, human, or another demon, it is forbidden. Perhaps, to try to reproduce such dark creatures is a sin, or-“

“I’m not a fucking female! I can’t reproduce-“

“Your heart would’ve been given to and shared with a human, and together, you would’ve created a stone. Sajery,” With a hint of sympathy in his unblinking eyes, in his smooth, even voice, Adonis nearly whispered, “In all three kingdoms, there are always consequences far greater than you believe. You have another four souls to gain for me, it was originally three, but you’ve just professed your love to this human.”

“And, Sajery, I’ve been meaning to ask, why don’t you cease being a surface demon and return home? I, could try to allow you entrance to my kingdom, so you could see Kichay every so often, or-“

“I was banished from Underworld in the middle of war…Halfway through, I got scared and that made my skin start to stain. It’s hard to hide my reluctance, so they warned me at first. Then I downright refused to kill more so they banished me to the Earth kingdom.”

“What does the blood stains-“

“If every part of my skin is stained, I become a demon again and return to Underworld. I-It’s not good…I was told if I should ever return to Underworld, I shall be killed for my dereliction of duty.” With difficultly, Sajery stood, and faced the soul collector once more, “Please…I forfeit my soul to you if I can simply stay with my human. I won’t ‘ravish’ him, I won’t make another stone. Please, let me hold onto love…”

“…I bakırköy escort suggest you do not profess your undying affection anymore, lest you-“

“I’ll be with Isaac, him only! No more murdering! Our deal is void!”

Adonis, already knowing what was to be, conjured up the quill pen and contract once more. Void for now…


Every morning Sajery woke with Isaac curled in his arms, leaning into his side embrace, and with tears in his eyes. A voice called out to him while he slept, the words indistinct, yet familiar. No matter where the demon went, the dulcet tones continued, often keeping him from hearing Isaac recite his day, or just talk. The human loved to listen, an accident when he was younger had left him completely deaf; a tiny electronic device in his left ear was the only thing that allowed Isaac to hear. Hours would fly by in idle chatter – Sajery merely nodded and gave the odd smile while trying to decipher whatever the voice was trying to say.

It was Kichay.

There was no other whose voice was so sweet, quiet, and timid. Having listened to it for so long and now unable to make out a single word, greatly upset Sajery. Even more so was the fact that his heart had begun to freeze once more. Whatever part of him still loved Kichay had extended its reach, soon making it so Isaac’s touch meant nothing. Striked no warmth or held no comfort. Any shred of happiness he had found while being in the human’s company and slowly disappeared.

For many nights, Sajery drew Isaac into his lap, held him close and ran his fingers carefully through the young human’s hair much the way he had done so for Kichay. Tears were shed each time he did so, a mind shattering once more as guilt and unfaithfulness crept upon him; he had lied to Isaac. To touch and do “everything but” with a person while thoughts were upon someone else, while a heart called out for another, was surely cheating.

Not even a week after the new year began, when resolutions and promises were made, with gritting teeth and shaking hands, he showed what he truly was to his lover.


“P-Please,” He struggled to keep tears back as suddenly narrowed eyes ran over his crimson-mottled face, his clawed fingers and stained hands. Pleading again, the demon reached out in an attempt to show he was harmless and withdraw with a choked sob at how quickly his fiance drew away. Hugging his chest, trembling, Sajery looked away, still unable to hide from the other’s gaze. Issy…Please…

“Isaac, I-I’m sorry I-“

“You lied to me.”



The sudden scream among the voices of his throne room nearly had the said creature jump out of his seat. Halting sound, the soul collector leapt up and in a swirl of robes, appeared before the demon who so desperately needed him. His sharp tongue readying for a severe scolding at Sajery’s foolishness, soon abandoned in such preparations as he took in the near-crimson creature. He was slumped on the blue carpet of his bedroom, free of gloves, shirt, and the clinging makeup that had adorned his face at every other meeting he had with the demon. And lying before him-

The second he realized the other’s presence, Sajery rose up onto his knees, threw his arm back and let the bleeding heart fly. It vanished into air and became a shimmering ball of like not unlike a firefly and faded into nothingness. Just the very sight of the occurrence forced a snarl out of him,

“Another soul for you, are you happy? Have I pleased you, oh great one?” Clenching and unclenching his hands, Sajery rose to his feet and stalked up to the soul collector so they were face to face. Livid crimson eyes bore straight into a pair of lazily confident claret eyes, upturned with the slightest hint of a smirk.

“You were right! Does that up your pride, Adonis? You reduce me to nothing but another of your puppets, what is your bidding now, master?” Despite the anger in each biting word, the demon’s face slowly crumpled further and further into tears that fell unheeded. Stepping away, Adonis smoothed his robes, seeking anything to avoid his readied reply. To do so would put an end to his dream of love and although he, even a collector of souls, had lost dreams, never was there one that died before his eyes.

“You professed love four times to that human. You gave me his soul, that takes one away from the original three you needed before. So, you owe me another six…” His severity weakend by a mere human, Adonis couldn’t meet the demons gaze that had turned to disbelief. “To please me, you have to obtain those six souls for me and take Kichay from my kingdom.” Unconsciously, he slowly made a fist, such a gesture charged by emotion was unheard of in a creature of such status… “He is dead because of you. Your foolishness and negligence to universal rules brought his life short. Give him life once more, for redemption in the very least, as you do not love him anymore.”

“No, no! I love him! Please, I didn’t, if there was some way to take it back…I tried so hard with this one, I was ready to-to bind myself to him. But it didn’t feel right, Gods, Chay, I still love you so much…”


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