Casting Competition Ch. 03

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Casting Competition Ch.3

Keith watched as Sharon convulsed into another orgasm, and he knew that Pam was going to win-over the Lesbian contingent, and thereby the contest itself.

“Let’s see how she does in my world,” he laughed as he planned Pam’s domination and complete humiliation.

Sylvia was surprised to get the invite from Hollywood, but then she heard that there was a charter going, with the cousins, totaling ten from the extended family.

“If Keith fucking Monrow wants to pay for us to visit, then I’m going,” Sheilla announced. “I might even get a chance to shake his world!”

“We are going to support Pam,” Sylvia chastised her younger sister. “If you get to meet Mr. Monrow at all, you had best behave!” Sylvia knew that her slut of a sister was going to cause trouble, but she had no say as to who got to go, and strangely, she couldn’t get a hold of Pam to ask what was going on.

A fancy van picked them up at LAX, and that is where the luggage became a problem. The kids brought toys to play with in the pool, and they had already blown them to full size! Of course, the kids were grown men in their early 20’s, but they still acted like children!

“They better have a pool, or I’m outta there,” Peewee demanded. “I want to show off my assets, and get me some of that Hollywood poontang.”

Sylvia was hoping for no pool, but that was unlikely. Getting rid of Peewee and his three cohorts would go miles towards civilizing the group, but everyone has a pool, and there was bound to be hot babes here in La La Land.

Felix had the large villa prepared for the family groups that were coming in. They had to share 4 bedrooms, but he didn’t care how they managed their sleeping arrangements, he had enough to worry about with the contest.

“You can put your things in here, and you will have the run of the estate, with the exception of the Penthouse Suites and the Contest Rooms,” Felix informed his newest guests.

They were down to three finalists, though most of the invites had been for Pam’s family. Felix knew that something was brewing, but he didn’t know what that was, and that bothered him a great deal.

“Pam’s Mother and Aunt are both here, but the oldest males that I could locate are her first cousins, it seems the men keep disappearing when they get older? Hmm, strange,” Felix rattled on, in his report to Paul Miser.

“Keith seemed to be happy with your efforts Felix, so let him take care of the rest,” Paul reasoned.

Pam was embarrassed with her family. She did not say as much, but she grew more and more distraught as she read the list of attendees.

“Oh my god! Not Peewee! That freaky fuck has been trying to get in my pants for too many years now, and he doesn’t mind asking me again every time he sees me!” Pam wailed to her mother and aunt.

“Well, he has matured since you left the neighborhood Pammy,” Sheilla responded with indifference, as she examined her nail polish. “Anyway, all of the men are at the pool, so you don’t have to worry about them! Now tell me about Keith Monrow! Is he as much of a hunk up close? Will we get to meet him? Have you seen him naked? Oh my god, have you seen him naked!?” Sheilla shrieked.

“No, actually, and that’s weirding me out a little mom, I mean, he could have fucked me nine time from Tuesday, but I have only seen him in meetings,” Pam said with a confused look.

“Well, I suppose there will be sex in this movie, so I would think that he would want to, try you on for size, so to speak,” Sylvia reasoned.

“Jimmy brought his laptop, and you know how good he is with a computer, and he told me that this place is wired with mic’s and cameras in every room, did you know about that!” Sylvia asked her daughter.

“Yes, I thought they warned you about that, I’m told that Keith monitors those feeds, so I suppose you might draw his attention Aunt Sheila, maybe he’s into dominant older women?” Pam teased her auntie knowing that she had a giant crush on the Actor.

“He could get any woman in this town, so I guess that we shouldn’t be too surprised that it got down to three contestants before he got into the scene,” Pam replied.

“We are having problems in the Guest House Sir,” Felix reported. “All of the cameras and microphones have been taken off line Sir, and I.T. doesn’t seem to have a clue how that happened.”

“Well ankara escort bayan I don’t expect any excitement over there tonight Felix, so don’t worry about it, just get someone on it tomorrow,” the Producer responded and clicked off.

Pam was surprised when Felix called to let her know that she would be meeting Keith privately, in the Penthouse suite. Of course she had been anxiously waiting for this moment. She knew that the real winner would be chosen by Keith based on their chemistry, both in and out of the sack, but the nature of the movie made it important that they truly enjoy their sex together. Pam was sure that she would love everything about Keith Monrow. He was the guy that you fantasize about when you’re alone and sometimes when you’re with someone else!

“Oh, I’m sorry that I wasn’t specific on the attire Pam, but you do look marvelous in that dress! Did you find that in wardrobe?” Keith pondered while holding the door for his dinner guest.

“This old thing!” Pam responded dismissively, “Actually I borrowed this from a friend. She said ‘if I get a dick pic’ I can keep it!”

“Well, you’ll have to see if there’s an opportunity for that Pam,” Keith responded impassively. “For now, you’re going to have to lose that dress.”

Keith pulled to one side, to give Pam the floor, hoping for a performance perhaps.

“Try to be seductive, and aggressive, as you peel,” Keith instructed his potential protégé.

Pam had never worked as a stripper, though the offers had been many, so she had practiced some moves, in case she got that desperate.

Then, before she could start, she realized that she would be playing the part of a woman that would ‘demand’ sex in this situation, not one that would work for it. Pam began to furiously pull her clothes off, like a woman that needs to get fucked, and right now! As soon as the dress hit the floor, leaving Pam totally nude, she ground her body into Keith and she grabbed his groin in one hand and a chunk of gorgeous ass in her other.

Keith was surprised by the switch, but he was more than athletic enough to stand his ground. He met Pam’s face with his own mouth open and their tongues intertwined, in a dance that would mimic their bodies desires.

Keith overpowered his guest, flipping her around and hugging her naked body to his chest. His hands found joy, and gave joy, with just the right squeezes and pinches on Pam’s luscious breasts, while he leaned down and nuzzled her neck. His stiff cock, firmly lodged between Pam’s legs, with the head sticking out.

Pam marveled, that she could see the tip of Keith’s cock, while looking down between her breasts! This was a dream come true. Keith slowly stroked his cock through the V of Pam’s thighs and pussy, bumping against Pam’s labia. Leaning into Pam, forced her to shuffle forward to the balcony door, riding on Keith’s boner, and enjoying the fondling of her prized breasts. Keith reached out and opened the door to the glass balcony overlooking the pool, then continued the shuffle to the glass rail.

Pam looked down, through her cloud of bliss. To her shock, Peewee, Jimmy, Aunt Sheilla and her mom were all sitting where they had a perfect view of the Penthouse balcony.

Peewee’s camera phone was already in his hands, so he hardly missed a second of the fun above him.

“NO, I didn’t sign up for this!” Pam wailed, as she was pushed down onto the rail.

“Oh, but you did sign up for this Pam,” Keith yelled, as he positioned his long dong. His strength and dominant position made the struggle more noticeable from beneath.

Keith used his feet to push Pam’s legs apart, then he found her pussy and pressed his cock deep into her moist recesses. Pam had never felt so helpless, as her vagina was ready for a cock invasion, but her mind had suddenly switched into revulsion! She was jolted with the realization that Keith’s one flaw was not one that she was going to enjoy.

Pam initially began to squeeze her vagina walls, but the revulsion reflex caught up, and she reached back to push her tormentor away. Keith gathered her wrists together in one hand, and started the thrusting, deeply in and out of Pam’s treasure place.

“Yes, you have a great body Pam, and I want you to share it with everyone!” Keith growled. Pam realized, that she was not just being forced to have sex in front ankara bayan escort of her family, but she was expected to have an orgasm for them!

“No, please release me Keith, I will do anything else, but not this!” Pam moaned, but she couldn’t move, as Keith continued the onslaught.

Keith pulled Pam up, until he was holding her elbows and grinding his long shaft into her prize, from the rear. With one hand he reached down to Pam’s clit and gave it a slap, then back to her ass cheek.

As Pam was lifted, her G-spot was hammered with Keith’s mighty tool.

Pam had no choice. Her cousins drank deeply from the vision of Pam’s young body, convulsing in the throes of a deep orgasm. Then, the explosion of Keith’s orgasm brought a mixture of gooey slick cum, running down Pam’s spread thighs.

“I bet you’re going to last a lot longer, the second time,” Aunt Sheilla cried in triumph. God! I am so very wet! If I’d known that I was going to get to fuck Keith Monrow, I’d of bought new undies!” Sheilla reasoned.

“How the fuck did you get up here?” Keith demanded. “The Penthouse is out of bounds for visitors!”

“I just had Peewee hoist me up! Those muscles had to be good for something!” Sheilla responded, while brandishing a knife at the side of Keith’s face.

“Now, let my niece go, you masochistic son of a bitch, or I will sever the Sciatic Nerve in your cheek. Your fancy plastic surgeons might fix the scar, but your face will sag on one side, cause they can’t fix the nerve! Now let go of my niece,” Sheilla demanded.

The deed was done, so Keith let his cock slip from Pam’s love nest, causing a new flow to run down her thigh. Keith released her arms, and Pam moved away from the rail, and back into the Penthouse, escaping from the hungry eyes of her younger cousins.

Sheilla called down to the pool, “Jimmy, bring that laptop up here, so I can show Mr. Long Cock just how fucked he is,” she hollered.

“You are going to regret brandishing a knife at me,” Keith wailed as he backed into the bedroom.

“Oh, I think that the video’s that Jimmy found on your network will keep you from pressing charges,” Sheilla responded just as Jimmy got to the door with his laptop.

“Mr. Monrow has been sexually assaulting women for a long time, and he likes to record his antics, either for future viewings, or extortion,” Jimmy said as he set up his device. “I don’t think he will be able to cry victim either, since he has at least a dozen videos in his encrypted files, but he hasn’t kept up with the latest password busters, so, we get to see them all!” Jimmy announced with pride.

“Okay, I’ve got this,” Sheilla demanded everyone’s attention. “Everyone out, except Keith Monrow, I will need privacy please, … get OUT!”

Jimmy took his computer with him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Pam’s exposed and cum dripping body. The two left the suites, with Jimmy staring over his shoulder, and Pam pushing him to hurry, hoping she could get some clothes on before she ran into Peewee.

“What do you want Bitch, my lawyers will have your “evidence” all boxed up in no time, and you won’t be able to touch me!” Keith groaned as he searched for his pants. Plus your niece will never work in this town, or in any town!”

“We won’t be needing any lawyers Mr. Long Cock,” Sheilla returned to her favorite new nickname for her favorite Actor.

“We will settle this between us, and it won’t hurt a bit,” she claimed with an odd smile on her face. The way Sheilla was staring at his horse cock, it was obvious that she expected to use it.

“Umm, I suppose we could work something out, and spare the legal and promotional problems,” Keith mused.

“…and maybe a little sex scandal at this time would ‘wet’ the public appetite,” Sheilla suggested as she pulled the strings on her skimpy bikini.

“Do we have any soft cuffs in here?” Sheilla wondered out loud, while pulling out some built in drawers.

Keith went over to the fireplace, and pushed a button. A panel opened on the wall next to it, revealing a well stocked supply of bedroom toys, including shackles with fur lining, ball gags, spider gags, cock rings, handcuffs, and vibrators of many shapes and sizes.

Sheilla grabbed the shackles and headed for the bed.

“Come on big boy, … we have some details to work out,” Sheilla sincan escort bayanlar claimed as she sashayed her cute tight body to the bed.

Keith couldn’t think of an easier way out of his predicament, so he followed the seductress into her lair.

“Cock up please,” Sheilla motioned toward the soft mattress as she moved to snake the shackles around the headboard.

Keith accepted his lot, but he was surprised when Sheilla returned to the hide-hole and came back with ropes.

“I don’t mind a little squirming, but I don’t like to get bronco-ed off, when I’m all worked up!” she explained to her wide eyed victim, as she pulled the last rope tight.

She returned to the secret cabinet and returned with the cock ring, nipple clamps and the little play cattle prod. “I don’t think that these leave long term marks, but I’ll test them on my nips first, baby, so don’t fret,” Sheilla explained when she saw the look of terror on Keith’s face.

She took her time positioning the cock ring, studying the long and thick member, like she was committing it to memory.

After the ring was in place, she ran her tongue the length of the shaft and watched as it swelled to full size.

“This will keep you from cumming until I’ve had some fun!” Sheilla joyously explained to her squirming friend.

“I don’t usually need lube, but yours is one of the biggest schlongs that I’ve ever had the privilege to use, or maybe I should say… ab-use!” Sheilla explained while laughing half to herself.

The thrashing of her victim did not bother her at all, as she fingered some expensive cream into her already moist pussy.

“I’m sure that you will love it, and probably beg for more, but I thought that maybe Sylvia wouldn’t mind a little cock time herself, so… well, enough about your evening, lets get this fuck-fest started!

The stiffy slowly disappeared into Sheilla’s snatch while she moaned, pinching her own nibs.

“OH, my GOD! This is going to be a dream fuck for me Baby, I hope it’s good for you too, although you might get a bit frustrated by your inability to blast a load into me! Feel free to try though!” Sheilla laughed at her inside joke. She took her time, with slow fucking motion! Down to the bottom of her world, she pressed until there was nowhere else to go, but up! Ten strokes later, Sheila was cumming, without her clitoris so much as touching down.

“Oh yes Baby! Yes! Oh, we are going to have fun tonight Keith, and I will let you cum, eventually, I mean… I will get hungry, eventually…” Sheilla mused, then resumed her pleasure, while Keith struggled.

“Oh, you might want to think about baseball or something less sexy for a while babe, cause blocking that ejaculation is going to hurt a bit sweety, at least that’s what they tell me,” Sheilla conceded, as she pushed herself back up, Keith continuing to struggle, but he was stretched out too well to avoid his fate.

An hour passed before Sylvia thought to check in on her slut of a sister. She found her at the bar of the penthouse suite, sipping on her fourth gin and seven.

“Oh, hi sis, I just let him blast off, wow, you should have seen it! I thought it might hit the ceiling, but they’ve gotta be 10 feet here, so no, he fell a bit short, this time…” Sheilla informed her nosy sister. “Maybe you can do better? I did promise him that I wouldn’t use the cock ring anymore tonight, but you’re not me, so…” Sheilla left the conclusion unsaid.

“I’m not going to flash my tits around you! Give us some privacy please,” Sylvia insisted on having her own conversation with the pretty boy.

Sheilla left Keith, with a kiss on the cheek, and a loving caress of his limp prick.

“First of all,” Sylvia started, as she undressed. “I don’t like the way you abused my daughter this evening.”

“So I hope that you see this as punishment for your disrespect of all women,” the senior woman pushed the limp cock into her wet vagina, with plenty of room to spare. Then she started to squeeze and pulse her strong vagina walls, to coax the poor guy into one more fuck.

As he stiffened, she started to explore how far she could lift before he started to slip out of her cavern.

When she saw that he was nearing full arousal, she pulled up fast and turned to push a cock ring back onto his cock. His struggles were futile as the ring was locked over the end of his fully solid member, virtually assuring Sylvia of an hour or so of hot sex!

“Oh my! You are going to rock my boat tonight Mr. Monrow, Yes, I feel it a-rocking already,” she moaned as she gently rubbed her nipples.

But an hour wasn’t enough.

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