Casual Love

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“Hey gorgeous, I’ve missed you. Are you free tonight?” — Kyle.

As I read the message, I instinctively rolled my eyes and pushed the side button on my phone to turn off the screen. I placed it on my desk with the screen facing down and walked over to the kitchen, forcing myself to avoid hitting reply. This text explained my love life in a nutshell., I honestly think he might just have an automatic reply that sends me the same text every couple of weeks. It was just so typical of him to ignore me for days and then randomly pop back into my life as if nothing ever happened.

I shook my head again in disbelief and started to fill up my coffee machine, distracting myself from his text and giving myself time to think of a reply. I’ve told myself, time and time again, that the next time he messages me, I’d turn him down. Just because I wanted to show him that I’m not available whenever he feels like it. I’m a very independent woman, and everything else in my life was under control, but he was my biggest weakness. Despite wanting to play this game of acting hard to get, I really wanted to throw myself into his arms and feel his touch.

Kyle and I met around a year ago on Tinder. He’s not much taller than me; I’d say he’s somewhere around 6 feet tall. His body is naturally lean, but he does quite a lot of physical activity, and he goes rock climbing whenever he has the time. Hence, his rough and strong fingers. His hair is a dark shade of brown matching his thick eyebrows, and his soulful eyes made me weak to my core every time he darted them my way. On top of it all, Kyle had one of the best cocks I’d ever experienced in my life. I remember how surprised I was the first time that I ran my hands over his hardening bulge, barely fitting his thickness in my hands.

Just the thought of having him run his rough hands over my naked body gave me butterflies. He just had a way with me. Kyle would always start off by teasing me with his fingers, running them up and down my thighs. Threading closer to my slit every time. He’d wrap his fist into my hair and gently pull my head back, exposing my neck and my heavy breaths. His lips would cover the side of my neck, and his teeth would tug away at my ear, all while rubbing my clit with other hand. Then he’d lick his fingers and slide them deep inside my pussy, stretching me out for his cock. He’d start out slowly at first, but he’d work his rhythm up to fast-paced fingering, hard and deep. Curling his fingers towards my belly and hitting against my most tender spot, squeezing out all the juices in me. Then once he’s satisfied with my wetness, he’d kiss my lips and ask me to sit on him. To bury his thick, throbbing cock inside me.

I never objected. I always followed his words like I was in a trance. All I wanted after that perpetual fingering was to get stretched out even more by his cock. I wanted to feel full, I wanted my pussy to cover his dick with glistening juices, and I’d dig my fingers into his back as I’d grind my hips back and forth. Rubbing my clit against his pubic bone and illegal bahis pushing myself deeper every time.

As I paced back to my desk with my coffee pot, my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of another text message. “I’m sorry for not talking to you last week, I got caught up at work. We had so many bookings at the restaurant. Honestly, it was crazy. But I’m all yours tonight, let’s catch up.”

I held the phone in my hands and hovered my thumbs over the keyboard. See, when Kyle and I met, we both agreed that we just wanted a casual hook-up. In between his work and my studies, we barely had any time to meet, so we were both not looking for anything serious. But we both enjoyed each other’s company, and we were definitely a great match when it comes to sex, so we agreed that we’d have a friends with benefits type of relationship.

We’d meet up every week or so and go out for a hike or watch the sunset at the beach, we’d drink wine and tell each other what’s happening with our lives. We’d laugh and flirt all night, and then we’d finish off our little hang out with mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex. And it all worked out perfectly fine for several months, but I started to catch feelings for him somewhere along the line. I realised that I was looking forward to meeting him, not just because I was about to have the best sex of my life but also because I genuinely wanted to listen to his voice. I enjoyed his cuddles and kissing his lips, and I started to get these giddy feelings of excitement every time we’d hang out.

On the other hand, Kyle insisted that he didn’t have time for anything more serious than what we had going on. So I convinced myself that we’re all good, that having him as a sex buddy was better than nothing. Needless to explain, my mindset wasn’t right, and I told myself that the next time he messaged me, I’d turn him down, say that I’m too busy. Play hard to get; maybe that would spark up something more, which brings me to last night.

I wasn’t sure how to reply. I wanted to be in charge and say no, but I knew very well that I had nothing better to do. And that I was horny, I wanted to kiss his abdomen and trail my tongue down his groin. Then another text came in, “come on. I know you want to see me,” he wrote, along with a little kiss emoji. I looked at the mirror and sighed, knowing very well that I shouldn’t be meeting him. But my horny pussy and my heart convinced my brain that I’d be less available after tonight, so I wrote back, “Sure, pick me up at 7. I’ll bring the wine.” And went off to get ready.

“How do you always look so good?” he asked as I stepped into his car. “I’m born this way,” I replied with a flirty smile, casually bringing my face closer to his. He met my lips with his, and we softened into a sensuous kiss, twisting our tongues and tasting each other. Kissing him filled my chest with energy, and I forgot about all the disappointments. I looked into his eyes and down to his lips, ran my hands behind his head and kissed him again. A warm smile crept up his face as we illegal bahis siteleri parted away, and I could see his eyes running across my body, begging to see me take my clothes off. But it was too early for that, “Where are we going?” I asked, breaking the silence, “I’m not sure,” he replied. “Let’s drive around the coast, and we’ll see where we end up,” he said, turning on the engine and pulling off into the road.

He drove around for a good 20 minutes until we ended up at our usual hideaway at the beach. Back when we first started seeing each other, we had gone hiking, and we found a secret spot on a cliff where we could watch the sunset and, more importantly, hide away from people. We sat down there, and I opened up a bottle of rose, filling up two plastic cups that he always seemed to carry in his car. We talked and laughed for a while, telling each other what we’ve been up to in the past weeks. And occasionally stopping our conversation to tease each other with a passionate, desirous kiss. Each one more lustful than the last one, pulling him from his shirt, teasing his neck with my fingers and taking in each other’s breath.

“Do you want to head home?” he asked, which was usually code for, ‘do you want to go have sex?’ I looked around, the sun was gone now, and the place was dark. No one seemed to be around, and all we could hear were the waves crashing into the rocks beneath us. “It’s kind of nice here, don’t you think?” I said, looking around.

Kyle sat closer to me, his fingers pushing the strap of my dress down my shoulders. He moved my hair to one side and kissed my collar bone, “It’s really nice here, but it’s nothing compared to your naked body.” He whispered. I took a long deep breath, as I felt his words send goosebumps all over my skin. He reached his hand and cupped my breasts, kissing the top creases and tugging down at my cleavage. The cold wind contrasted against his warm breath on my chest, and his hands ran under my dress up my cold thighs, bringing warmth and an exciting sensation. He continued to kiss my breasts, and moved his fingers further up to find my thong, and gently started to pull it down to my knees.

“You drive me crazy,” he whispered, “you’re so gorgeous. I can’t keep my hands off of you.” I lifted his chin up, bringing his lips to mine and locking our eyes, “you don’t have to keep your hands off me. Let’s go into the car,” I said.

Kyle followed me without asking anything; we’d had plenty of sex in the car before, one could say we’re becoming experts at manoeuvring around small spaces. He moved the front seats all the way forward and hopped into the back. He had a brand new white Volkswagen golf, so it wasn’t that crammed up. He sat down, and I climbed on top of him, kissing each other, grinding our hips, feeling the heat rise between us. I opened his shirt, one button at a time, running my hands over his chest, getting even more turned on as I looked at him. His bulge now growing bigger and harder, pushing against his pants. I glided my hands over his trousers, teasing canlı bahis siteleri him, grabbing it and pressing over the tip.

Then I leaned slightly back, creating space between our thighs, and he quickly slid his fingers over my clit. “I think someone is already wet,” he said smiling, knowing that he was the cause behind all of it. He pushed my thong to one side and circled his fingers around my opening, covering them with my juices. Then he pressed his lips onto mine and penetrated his fingers into me at once, satisfying my desire. I moved my hands over his pants, opened his buckle and released his engorged and swollen cock. I spat onto the palm of my hand and started to rub his shaft, paying close attention as I reached his tip.

Kyle began to hammer his fingers into me, pushing three fingers in as deep as he could, making me squirt all over his thighs and moan uncontrollably. We melted into another kiss, almost like we were giving each other a signal that we were ready. I reached out for a condom from my bag, pulled it over his cock and rose up to position him into my pussy.

I placed my hands on either side of his face, pulling him in as I sat down and buried his massive cock into me. Taking a moment to feel every inch of him inside me. Kyle grabbed my hips and helped me bob up and down his cock as hard and fast as possible. We were both so horny and carnal. It was a race to the finish line, enjoying every pump and bringing each other closer to the ultimate release.

“Get on top,” I said out of breath as I got off and laid down onto the seat. Kyle spread my legs open, throwing my left leg onto the top of the seat and the other down to the floor, and slowly pushed himself into me as I spread my vulva open. He kept moving slowly, rubbing my clit with his fingers, making sure that I was enjoying it as much as he was.

My legs started to shake as I edged closer to my second orgasm, “Keep touching yourself.” He ordered, and with that, he grabbed my thighs and picked up the pace. Going deeper and faster, his dick as hard as a stone, waiting to explode. I could tell that he wanted to cum badly, but he tried his best to hold it back. Seeing him in pure joy, sweat beading down the side of his face, and his hands gripping stronger onto my thighs heightened my excitement. I squeezed my boobs and played with nipples until I collapsed my legs and felt my pussy clench into another orgasm.

I let out a moan, arching my back and grabbing the back of the seat to keep myself from falling down as Kyle continued to fuck me. My pussy now hungrier than ever, not wanting him to stop. He kept up the pace, fucking me hard, filling me up over and over again until he fell onto my chest and releasing his warm cum into the rubber.

After a couple of breaths, he managed to pull himself up and opened up the windows. I sat up, taking in the cold air that came whistling through the windows and looked out at the black sky. My chest still rising heavily, and my thong soaking wet, the aftermath of absolutely amazing sex. Kyle tied off his condom and then placed his head onto my thighs, closing his eyes and focusing on his breath. He reached out for my hand and kissed my knuckles. “I swear I’m crazy about you,” he said.

I hope you enjoyed reading that!

Love, Nina Lessi xoxo

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