Cataclysm sneak thief Germany team returned 5 copi


Cataclysm sneak thief Germany team returned 5 copilegendary stealth team is back, I was forced forced forced to. . . . German thief brothers, efficiency, waving to us a long article on the stealth team is not interested can skip or look directly Scarlet conclusion, after all, this is only a small minority to see the article written (sneak Well, on Druid and a thief, and had thought to be camouflaged hunters have joined, the test does not work) these days have been a long-time copies of worry. Office workers, after de house, commuting time will this game. After returning home to eat a meal, almost 6:30 on seven lines. Over 10 do almost on a daily 7:30 and then hurried over random row, the result of a random a dozen more than two hours is almost, if hit pit father that night on a copy of the c***d of Liao kick. As the saying goes, it can not be suffocated in urine. Given their professional reasons, my druid, I remember returning to the stealth team. After much deliberation yesterday afternoon that feasible, when it secretly at work on the line, the team began to shout hoping to organize sneak team, did not expect the reaction very enthusiastic, immediately fixed channel on to a lot of people. But because the work can not play, I had to wait for work. After work on the first timeline, shout in the channel, the first to do tests to see if it works. Then some people are encouraged to register. Well, let’s start the process said. 1. Start a team because osmaniye escort I think hunters will disguise, but he has not got 85 hunter, so the skills do not quite understand, I decided to take a hunter to do the test. bear. Tree birds. Thief hunter. It concluded that hunters still can not join sneak team. 2. Hunters leave, they added a thief came in, rearrange the copy, Swirl think it should be relatively simple, on the first row of the whirlpool, sneak all the way without any obstacles, successfully bypassing all the mobs, destroy a BOSS. two. Third, the three finished BOSS plus walk took 18 minutes total. Experience: close to the sidebar platforms go, almost no thieves disrupt and nausea can be the perfect walk, a safe distance is sufficient. 5 bypass the annoying mobs group, bypassing the lightning ball, destroy Huanglong. 3. Next row, lined up Blackstone, suddenly feel this trouble, sure enough, on the 1st and certainly not playing, we decided to bypass the results on the 1st, where there are two dragon behind goalkeeper, anti-stealth, we decided to drive out the two a keeper continue to explore, because, after all, first Test team, all the way to the 2nd, the road has a hidden anti-keeper, the car off to the 2nd, where a group of 110 patrol back and forth, the car away, the 2nd next door and a dragon God goalkeeper, this we have decided to give up on Blackstone stealth plan. Experience: Blackstone sneak rize escort need more than just anti-hidden face of the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper itself is very strong, the 1st on the 2nd can not directly hit, the difficulty of the 3rd too. So Blackstone can not sneak. 4. kicked them one by one, back to the city reorganization, this time has been random CD, we decided to single-row, I came in Lost City. After the door from the right to sneak away to the 1st, around the 1st blame each group. We decided to safety during the car out one group, more space to play on the 1st, smooth over, there is no knock generals go back and forth, a safe distance enough to play on the 1st. Continue to sneak, crocodile smoothly, the 3rd need to clear the next 2 110 plus Zhan Zhuang businessman, very easy, smooth car off the 3rd and the 4th back Asan experience: a total clean-up next to a group of strange on the 1st and the 3rd next The two 110 plus businessmen. The total copy takes 26 minutes or so. 5. You can then random row, and the result is lost, the successful experience of the car by last fall. Another row, lined up in Halls of Origination, teammates have said this number, BOSS numerous and difficult. Open dives. The results arrived before the 1st discovered must first clear a wave 3 mobs. Simple, thieves broke two bored direct, smooth car off the 1st. Then go to the ICC that the old one to his brother, the way channels have beetles inside sakarya escort can not sneak, beetle blood less simple, more blood strange has four, after successfully destroyed the old car out 2, but also the way it made a . Back to the hall, all the way to dive into the 4 elements, this must kill, kill the element of time to clean wave to and fro on the steps of the weapon, a total of four waves, this is very simple. Those in the middle do not have control, killing four elements, the process is even the car behind five king, the overall feeling of origin on the front of the mobs, mobs hardly behind that wheel battle, BOSS experience: time is not too much you could save, But the province of 6-7 wave mobs time overall. This time has been 22:45, we have said that efficiency is very good, continue to row, but damn server locomotive to Japan by calories. Then decided to rest tomorrow, four copies of battles down, the overall feeling is feasible sneak, I went to several other copies in a circle, in addition to Blackstone anti-hidden, almost did not see the other copies of the anti-stealth strange, so If you can sc**** together a team, then sneak, efficiency is good. Some people may say not to fight mobs no reputation, and I want to say yes, a BOSS 250 prestige, and to cut more time to clean up the mobs BOSS play two totally earned back. Send this article no other purpose, I also know the limitations of adaptation stealth team, after all, only two professional correspondence, but after all, limited time workers, it could save the province. Put a lot a lot of time wasted on cleaning up the mobs, I think worth. Even a day to set a sneak team finished first H random day, save time to do other stuff, useful things.

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