Subject: Catching daddy in the act This story involves a father and his underaged son having a sexual encounter. This story is pure fantasy so if this story offends you, please don’t read further. It was late one night and as usual I was having a hard time sleeping. I was an active kid who never wanted to miss out on any of the fun and going to bed early used to always upset me. I felt like I was missing out on all the fun adults were having when I was in bed. I hated it so I always waited until my parents thought I was asleep and then would try to sneak out of bed. Generally nothing was ever going on, but I still felt better because I was in on the fun. That night was no different and when I thought I heard my parents go to their room I snuck out of bed and went exploring to see if anything was going on. I never expected that I was actually in for a real surprise. I stumbled as quitely as I could downstairs and started roaming making sure to keep my footsteps as silent as I could. I started listening to the night to hear if there was anything going on. What I heard, to my surprise, was a faint noise coming from my dad’s office. I was never allowed in his office because he always thought I was going to mess up his mountains of papers so I hardly went down that hallway. However, I was hearing noise coming from that direction so I had to go find out what I was missing out on. I crepted down the hallway hearing the noise get a little bit louder. I could tell that the noise was coming izmit escort from the small tv/vcr combo that was in his office but I couldn’t tell much more than that. It was late so I thought that maybe he just the tv on. Almost to the door of his office I don’t know how but I sensed that my dad was still in there so I very quietly got to the door and peaked around to see what he was doing. What I saw didn’t make any sense to me. He was watching the tv but was sitting on his chair with his robe open and his penis in his hand. I was confused by what I was seeing. Why would he watch tv that way? Why is he touching his penis like that? What is going on?? I stood there watching more confused than ever with a feeling that I shouldn’t be seeing what I was seeing. I somehow knew that I caught him doing something I wasn’t suppose to be seeing, but I also felt that I wanted to see more and to see what happened. Wanting to see more but knowing I shouldn’t I hid. I hid as best as could around the door and hoped he wouldn’t see me. I was wrong. “Kevin…I know you’re there…” came his voice that shocked and scared me a little. I knew I had been caught and was terrified as to what was going to happen. “It’s ok buddy. Come over here..” he said in a tone that I knew wasn’t a question but a command. I snuck out of my “hiding” place and walked over to him. “Sorry daddy….I didn’t mean to…I..I..I just didn’t wanna sleep and snuck down here…and…and…” I felt terrible and thought I was going yahya kaptan escort to cry. “Hey..hey..It’s ok buddy…don’t cry…I’m not mad…see…I just didn’t want you over there watching me not knowing what was going on.” When he said that I felt a little better knowing that I wasnt in trouble. He continued, “plus…I need your help…” As he said this he reached out and grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard penis. I was confused and not sure it was ok but he covered my hand with his and slowly started stroking his penis again. I just looked at him as he looked at me and I could tell he was enjoying himself a lot. I was just happy to be part of what was going on and smiled knowing that we were doing something fun together. “Do you like doing that, Kev? Because I really like this now that you are helping.” “It’s ok daddy..” I told him knowing that I was liking it and loved it more knowing that he was enjoying himself. “Good cause this feels so good with your hand on my cock, son.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by cock but assumed he was talking about his penis. We didn’t speak anymore for a long time as he sat there with me standing next to him as we stroked his cock. With his hand over mine he was instructing me what to do and we were jerking him off. He would stroke his cock from balls to tip and focus in the head of his cock making my hand rub the head over and over til his starting leaking precum all over my hand. We stroked and stroked gebze escort til his breathing got short and heavy and his cock stiffened even more tha. It was. I just watched following along doing as he instructed. After rubbing the head for quite a bit I watched as he tensed up and stopped moving. At that point I watched as he unloaded all over his chest with shot after shot of his cum splashing on his chest and stomach with some dribbling down his cock onto our hands. It was an amazing site to see and though I wasnt quite sure what had just happened I knew that I was having fun with dad. He finally came down off his high and just looked and smiled at me. “Stay right here buddy. I’ll be right back and we’ll talk.” He got up and left for thr bathroom where I heard the water running. He came back a few minutes later with a towel and cleaned up my hand which was still wet with precum and his load. He wiped it up and told me to sit down. He left and returned a few minutes later with his robe tied again and sat down next to me. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions for me, Kevin, so let’s chat….” That was my first experience with my loving and wonderful father. We talked for almost an hour in his office as he taught me all about the birds and the bees and what just happened. He gave me straight forward answers and talked to me like a man. He made sure he answered all of my questions before he told me it was now really past my bedtime and time for me to go back to my room. He kissed me goodnight and promised he would see me in the morning. This was my first attempt writing a story for so please be gentle. I welcome all constructive comments and any praise from the loyal readers of . Please feel free to email me ail THANKS!

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