Catching my girlfriend


Catching my girlfriendI still find it a bit strange that I get turned on by watch my girlfriend having sex with someone else, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met with a sexy figure and I love her whole heartedly and never felt like this before. We have been swinging for about 3 years now and like anyone else have had some great times, coupled with one or two we would rather forget?I now find myself having two fantasies’ about catching her with someone else, the first go like this;It a Friday night and we have left work and are driving home, she says she is tired as it been a long week, we get back to the apartment and look what we could cook for tea, she want a particular meal that we don’t have all the ingredients for, so she sends me back out with a list for the supermarket. At the supermarket I find it is taking some time to find what she wants and it takes ages, I make my way home after about an hour thinking I will be in trouble for the time I took.I creep in throw the door hoping she is still in the bath so she does not realise I’m back, as I creep in I can hear monas coming from the living room and creep up to the door to see her on her knees sucking someone we have met before cock, I stand and watch her for a bit wondering what to do and suddenly find osmaniye escort my cock getting hard as her head bobs on his cock and she making noises of pleasure, then I see him stand her up and kiss her passionately then start to move to the hall way where I am, I quickly hid in the bathroom and hear them move to the bedroom and close the door tight . I give it a few minutes them move to the bedroom door to hear the sounds of her moaning with pleasure it sounds like she is getting oral, but I don’t really know, then all of a sudden I hear a valiant groan, it sounds like they have started fucking?! I listen for a few more minutes before my cock is pumping so hard I can’t take it anymore and going in and see her on her back getting fucked really hard, she looks over and smiles then I move over and join in by putting my cock in her mouth.My second fantasy is different as in this scenario I’m not present and it turns me on in a different way and makes me tremble from deep within my stomach and really turns me on, here we go!I have been checking fab out a lot lately and have responded to an e-mail without consulting Mrs Perfects, she reads some of the e- mail and is not happy as I have started arrange a threesome, she decides to change niğde escort the password to stop me doing this without her presentA couple of weeks go by and I no longer think about this then one day Mrs Perfect has to go to the head office for a meeting (its either this or she stays at a health spar for the night, the scenario slightly different, but mainly the same), I stay at home and spend most of the night thinking about her. The next morning I get a text, I open it to find a text saying “good morning, love you xx and what appears to be a password? I scratch my head to figure it out, but come to the conclusion that it must be for Fab, I enter the password and I’m logged in!I go straight to the mails as I notice a new one and begin to read, I can’t believe my eyes when I start, I’m so shocked by what I’m reading, it turns out Mrs Perfect had put an ad to meet up and arranged to meet at the hotel! I start reading down the thread and to my horror right at the top he’s saying what a wonderful evening he had and how much he enjoyed himself and goes on to say that she gives an amazing blowjob she give him (quite a few of our meets have said this)! As I continue to read down I can see how the whole meeting took place, from the early mail edirne escort introducing himself, to the “I’m at the hotel bar, when are you?” as I read the horror I first felt starts to turn to arousal, I can’t believe it, I’m starting to get hard knowing she has been fucking someone? I then read the guys profile and find he is a 26yo from the area of the hotel, I then flick throw his photos so I can see what he looks like a pic of a woman on her knees, holding his cock between her boobs, I can’t see her face, but when I look closer I recognise those 32FF tits anywhere, its Mrs perfect! I look a bit further down her body to recognise one of her corsets (she loves to dress for the occasions, she get as much out of dressing up as the sex), by now I’m rock hard and I can’t resist feeling my cock, I reach down and I can feel the blood pumping as my cock throbs hard with every heart beat! I then read our profile to discover he has verified her, saying “he had her to himself” and “what a lucky guy I must be”?We don’t text or call for the rest of the day, but when she comes home later she walks throw the door and we look at each other a little awkward to start, then we start to smile, the before I know what’s happening we are making love in the hall way! We spend most of the evening making love as she tells me the details of what she got up to and that she only band me off fab, so she could arrange the meeting without letting on to me.We do truly love each other very much, but sometimes I can’t understand the phycology behind what turns me on behind these fantasies?

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