Catching Up


I rubbed my eyes with one hand, yawning ferociously as I used my key to unlock the door to my home. It was a two bedroom apartment my mother had us move to, ever since my father passed away when I was young. She worked as a nurse and wouldn’t be home for some time leaving me happily home alone.

I’m Whitney Wright, a 19 year old male, Sophomore in college, and a bank as a teller to help pay for school. It was Friday, my classes were finished, and I had the day off from work. Needless to say I was elated. I opened a window letting in the outdoors warmth and the occasional breeze. I turned on the TV to have background noise and kicked off my flip flops and slid my very short shorts off enjoying the freedom. I tossed my clothes into my bedroom and laid out on the couch rubbing my hands through my brown thick hair. I had a permanent case of bed head and the hazel eyes to match my hair. I have a very petite and small body type as I’m only five foot six, with silky white skin dotted with freckles.

I watched the tv absentmindedly as I began to drift off into a wonderful afternoon nap. As my eyelids grew heavier I stopped fighting the feeling and let myself begin to fall asleep.


The sound of someone knocking on the door jolted me from my sleep as I jumped up. I bawled my hands into fists and rubbed my eyes as someone knocked on the door again. The clock on the wall showed I had been asleep for a total of five minutes. Whoever was on the other side of that door had explaining to do.

“I’m” I started to talk before being interrupted by a large yawn. “I’m coming.” I said as I smacked my lips and stretched forcing myself to wake up. I jumped off the bed and I walked sleepily to the door and opened it to see an equally short and equally cute boy looking back at me.

“Paige?” I asked still waking up. “What’s goin’ on?” I stepped back as he nudged me out of the way and walked in heading for the fridge. Paige had been a long time friend growing up and in lieu of school had been travelling all over the country. He was around the same height as me but was a bit stockier and more a more athletic body build. His black hair was wavy that made his stunning grey eyes stand out. I suddenly realized that this was off and followed him to the kitchen. “Paige, what are you doing here? I thought you were coming back when school started last month.” I looked at him confused as he grabbed a soda from the fridge and began drinking it.

“Yeah, well I left a bit late.” He explaining looking at me with a large grin. “Don’t look at me like that Whit, c’mon it’s school.” He said sagging his shoulders. He perked back up and rubbed my nose with his thumb.

“Where’s your mom? I was looking forward to seeing her.” He said and he frowned.

“She’s off at work, you know that thing we mature people do.” I said.

“Woah, I have been working. I’ve had a bunch of jobs these last two years or so. Lifeguard, concessions vendor in like three different states. I was even a tour guide in San Francisco.”

I stared at him as he jumped on the couch enjoying his soda and turning the TV’s channel. I watched him trying to think of what to ask first.

“How were you a tour guide in a city you were a tourist in?” I asked more interested.

“It didn’t last long.” He said admittingly as I walked up and sat next to him while he kicked off his own shoes.

“This is weird.” I said watching him.

“You don’t want me here?” He asked me cocking his head to the side.

“No, it’s just that, I didn’t, you left fatih escort suddenly and-” I struggled to find the right words. “I just missed you is all.” I said softer as my face grew red from embarrassment and I looked down. He gently punched my shoulder and turn my face back to his.

“I missed you too Whit.” He winked at me and turned his attention to something else.

Paige and I had always been close and when I realized I was gay from a young age he always supported me and helped me be more comfortable. He knew I had always had a crush on him but neither of us acted on it until much later. He never admitted to anyone if he was bi or not, he was one of the popular kids in high school and coming out would have been social suicide. It wasn’t until our final years in high school did he become more flirtatious with me and stopped looking for a girlfriend. It was only days after graduation when we shared a kiss. Nothing special or long, but just a quick peck. Not long after he left to see the country, never mentioning it again when we tried to keep in contact, even then we still ended up drifting apart.

Paige grabbed the remote and turned the tv off and looked back at me and I stiffened straightening back up nervous about what was going on.

“Look I’ve been travelling around a lot, finding myself even though that sounds cliche as all hell. Anyways I’ve been thinking a lot about you and how we left stuff.” My eyes widened as I looked for something else to focus on other than the cute boy that was leaning towards me. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable and ruin the relationship all over again. “Well, I’ve been thinking about you and me.” I turned to him seeing how red his face was, he was feeling awkward enough not to look at me. “I’m a lot more comfortable with who I am and how I feel about my sexuality.” He said uncomfortably searching for each word. I was trying to hold back the excitement I felt imagining him confessing feelings for me. “I know you like me a lot, and I, uh, return the feeling.” He said. My head practically exploded as I tried not to shake. Thinking about us together.

“I came back to talk to you about it.” He said looking at me. My stomach dropped as I realized he wasn’t excited to tell me this, but he was dreading it. “I just don’t want anything serious, I enjoy my freedom, and if I was with you it would have to be a serious relationship. I wouldn’t play with your feeling, I just couldn’t.” He nodded his head as if hoping I’d nod along happily accepting it. We sat in silence as I tried to hold back my welling feelings. I turned away quickly wiping a stray tear that was in my eye.

“Yeah, no I understand.” I said and I forced a smile as he watched me realizing how hurt i felt.

“Whitney…” He started as I went to stand up.

“I’m sure you’re starving, we got food in the kitchen, mom wouldn’t mind.” I said walking to the kitchen. He grabbed my shoulder and turned me back around to face him.

“Wait, look I got a proposition.” He blurted out quickly. “Have you ever been with another guy before?”

“I went out on a date with a guy in my English class.” Our faces were close enough to feel his breath on mine.

It wasn’t a very fun date though.” I said thinking back.

“No stupid I meant like, you know, sex.” He grew red again.

“Oh!” I said. I thought of all the gay porn I had watched through the years and I wished I had just lied earlier. “I mean, I thought about it but, no I never actually went through with it.” I said shrugging my shoulders as I grabbed etiler escort a hot dog from the fridge and put it in the microwave.

“Me either.” He said. “That’s why I was thinking, maybe we could you know…” His voice trailed off. I grabbed the mustard bottle and looked at him. Was he implying what I thought? “We could have sex if you wanted.” I straightened my back and involuntary squeezed the mustard bottle as a bit of it shot out across the kitchen. I set it down with shaking hands and shook my head clearing the immediate dirty thoughts I had. “Hear me out, I’ve never done anything like that either. So we could do our first time with someone we care about, right? Then you’d have experience so you could do it more often, and it could help both of us part ways on happy good turns.” I tried to think of what to say. My thoughts raced, what if it ruined the friendship, what if he’s only doing this out of pity, what if… He watched me nervous as he looked down at the tight pair of boxers I wore.

“You can’t be all that against it.” He told me as I looked down at my erect penis stretching out my boxers as pre cum dripped through the material. I looked back up into his eyes and the microwave’s alarm went off with a loud beep. As if we had the same thought at the same time we both leaned forward and began to kiss. I felt his soft lips pressed on mine as his warm tongue darted around my wet mouth running alongside my own wet tongue. His hands ran down the nape of my back and began rubbing my butt as my fingers worked through his hair.

We pulled out of our kiss as he pushed me backwards out of the kitchen, then grabbing the back of my thighs he lifted me up and sat me on the wood table. I took off my tank top happily tossing it to the side as he pulled off his own shirt and slid his pants down standing in his own boxers. He grabbed my tight underwear and slid it down my legs and tossed it to the side. My erect penis hung in the open, it was only four inches or so, but growing up we had seen each others penis and I didn’t feel embarrassed. Paige kissed me again softly while he pulled off his own boxers. We kissed more as I felt his warm penis pressed against mine as our pre cum dripped out mixing together. He pulled my lips from his and I looked down at his seven inch penis. I had seen it, but knowing it was going to go inside me made it look way bigger.

“Woah, I don’t know if that’s gonna fit.” I said biting my lower lip.

“Thanks, but I’m not that big.” He said chuckling.

“That’s going in me, it is that big.” I looked back up at him and he ran his fingers on my chin, and worked his way into my mouth. I sucked on his fingers licking them as he wiggled them in my mouth. He popped them back out of my mouth and brought them down pushing me back with his other hand. He smacked my rounded butt and looked at my small puckered butt hole. He slid his wet finger in the hole and slid in a second one running them in and out coating it with my saliva. I clenched my fists as I clenched around his fingers.

“If I can fit in two fingers, my penis will not be that bad.” He said laughing as I closed my eyes leaning my head completely back.

“I’ve had stuff up my ass before, I do masturbate, just nothing that-” I let out a yelp as he rubbed my prostate. “That big.” I finished my sentence as he pulled his fingers out from my now wet butt hole. Paige leaned forward holding out his hand next to mine.

“Spit.” He told me and I spit into his hand. He used the saliva to coat his penis making it wet enough to fit. beşiktaş escort He put the the head of his penis against the tight hole and pushed it in gently, letting the hole absorb it as I moaned. I held him as he worked his penis slowly into me.

“You’re squeezin’ me a lil tight.” Paige stuttered out and I gently let off squeezing him. I took a sharp breath as he penis began working deeper inside of me. I held onto his torso as he pushed in and out of me making sure not to put all of it inside of me. My muscles tightened as Paige grabbed my penis and began stroking slowly. I shuddered as I felt his soft hand run up and down the skin as I felt the penis inside of me. I squeezed his shoulders as he we made eye contact. He was biting his lip as he let out soft moans.

I let out a groan as my hole tightened and I clenched my muscles. Paige’s hand worked on rubbing my erect penis with speed as all the feeling rushed over me and I arched my back shaking when I orgasimed with enough force for the cum to coat my bare chest. I let go of Paige’s back, breathing heavy and laid on the table with half his penis still in me. Paige laid on me and rubbed my face with the back of his hand. He leaned forward and kissed me softly.

“Don’t hate me for this.” he said with a smile, and before I had time to ask he pushed the full length of his penis into me. I let out a loud yelp and gripped the table. Paige began pushing his entire penis deep inside of me as his balls hit the base of my butt. I grabbed his shirt as he began thrusting with as much speed as he could, having me bounce on the table. I yelled out my moans as he kept going until he hit his waist against mine and held it deep in me as I felt the warm cum deep inside. He pulled his penis out from in me, as the cum dripped out after. He laid on me our penis’s rubbing against each other, the cum on my stomach pressed against each other. He kissed me once more and pulled himself off me and looked at the cum on him now.

Paige stepped back as I slowly pulled myself together and sat up on the table. I jumped off the table quickly as the pain from my ass overwhelmed me. He smiled at me apologetically and shrugged his shoulders.

“If you’re gonna have sex with guys often, you gotta get use to it.” He said trying to explain himself. I waved him away fake pouting. I grabbed his hand and led him to the shower and turned it on as we climbed in.

It was only few days later when Paige left back to his adventure and I was happy to see him off. He was my first and I wouldn’t forget him anytime soon, but I was happy to move on and show the experience I had to other men. I had plans to go to a club that night and do my best to meet a hottie. I grabbed a condom from my sock drawer and stuffed it in my back pocket and left my room.

“Someone’s in a hurry.” A female’s voice called out to me as I approached the door. I stopped and turn to see my mom. I wasn’t expecting her home so early and I was a bit embarrassed to see her, seeing as I was wearing tight body fitting clothes.

“Just going out with some friends.” I said as I turned to leave as quick as I could.

“Whitney, wait.” She called out as I stopped turning the doorknob and faced her. “Paige leave?” I nodded.

“Yeah he left this morning.” I said quickly.

“Did you guys have fun catching up?” She asked me raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah I mean we’re friends.” She smiled at me and pointed to the table.

“Next time you have a boy over, don’t leave scratches in the furniture.” she said poking fun at me. My face grew a bright red as I looked down at my feet as she laughed at me. “Be safe you dummy.” she said and went back to the kitchen to fix herself something. I smiled and exited the apartment and did my best to refrain from skipping down the hall.

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