Catching up with cuz chapter 6 part 2

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Catching up with cuz chapter 6 part 2So Becky went down on JJ licking that beautiful chocolate pussy for all that it was worth. Licking th lips ever so gently and the sucking on her clit and a little nibble. JJ was definately enjoying herself squirming around underneath Beckys expert tongue. I have a suspicion this was not the first time she had eaten that pussy. JJ started to moan and was just about to cum when the time ran out. “Fuck no! I was almost there!”JJ screamed. It was Lizzies turn next and and she was all but ready to go she didnt even wait for us ask ” I’ll take dare, and I want to get her off! That was so freaking hot!” Everyone looked at one another and decided sure why not. Lizzie jumped down infront of JJ and pushed her back down. That girl was an a****l, while becky was all gentle to start not Liz, she was eating that black little cunt like there was no tomorrow.the sucking sounds were audible across the room and everyone else was really getting off on this. Mark and I had raging hard ons and Joyce and Gwen had starting playing with themselves. Lizzie continued her attack on JJ’s pussy licking and sucking her pussy and clit for all she was worth. JJ’s eyes had rolles back in her head and she was starting to shake. “OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING!!!” JJ tuzla escort slumped to the ground Lizzie got up with JJs juices dripping from her chin. She walked over to Gwen gave her a big wet kiss sharing the juices and went back to sit down. I wont lie i almost came right there.Gwen was next up and she also took a dare. She was to suck Mark’s cock for 30 seconds. Now nowing what she had done to my cock which was bigger than his i new he was in for something special. She went over to him and started to lick up and down the length of his cock. Making sure to get his balls in there as well. Knowing she didnt have a lot of time she went for thr full length right off the bat. In one shot she had the whole thing in her mouth sucking on it for all it was worth. Ann was watching intently and Joyce just sat there with a huge smile. hmmmmmm…wonder what thats all about? Gwen was bound and determined to get him off. She was still deep throating him as time was expiring. He was beginning to shake and right as she was about to stop and pulled off. Right then she got a huge load right between the eyes. Joyce started to get up and her sister Ann pushed her back down and said “Thats MY cum Bitch!” And with that she went over to Gwen and licked all the cum off of Gwens face making sure to share some tuzla escort bayan with Gwen in a passionate kiss and a wry little smile.Joyce was next and she had been watching all these other girls getting to lick pussy and suck cock and she was ready. You could see the wetness from her pussy. Joyce’s task was to do the same thing as Gwen but only to me and not Mark. She crawled over to me and examined my throbbing cock, at this point im surprised i didnt cum tlright in her face . she stated to work of the cock getting more abd more of my cock in her mouth everytime. She hit a spot about 3/4 down and i thought that was going to be it. Someone said” Joyce it’s ok if tou cant get the whole thing hes pretty big.” That was all that she needed. She downed the rest of my cock in one shot gagging on it but keeping on it. That was all i needed and i coated her throat with my cum for several seconds, she did not spill a drop! She got every last drop of that cum and swallowed it. She then proceeded to show all the girls that the cum was all swallowed and she got it all.Ann was the last one to get involved with anything. I got together with Mark, JJ, and Becky and we decided that since she had chosen dare we wanted to see her eat her sisters pussy. ” Ummmmm…..really but there’s all these escort tuzla other” Joyce went up to her and was like ” whats the matter bitch afraid your not good enough!” “Fuck you!” Ann told her and pushed Joyce down on the floor. She forced open her legs and slapped her pussy right on her fat little clit. Joyce just let out a long moan and Ann bent down and bit her now engorged clit. “Shit!” Joyce yelled and Ann proceeded to lick and suck on her little sisters pussy. Joyce came i think twice in those 30 seconds but Ann had no intentions of stopping. She reached up and starting rubbing her clit with one hand and the started licking her asshole with the other. She went to town on that.thing like no tomorrow. Then proceeded to fuck her ass with one hand and her clit with the other withstill somehow licking her pussy. Joyce was moaning and groaning unable to form words. She then started to shake and started to cum. Ann moved her head out of the way and Joyce started to squirt cum everywhere. She came for what seemed like a good 15 seconds.Ann finally had mercy on her sister and stopped. Joyce was a hot mess with juices flowingout of her and her body wracked with sweat but she had a her face. Ann got up walked over to Mark and shoved her fingers in his mouth and said” i know youve always wanted to tast the little whores pussy so here you go!” Holy Shit this was hot! My cock was again hard and ready to go and i had a sneaking suspicion the games were now over…………..

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