CatherineI looked at her wedding ring and the guy glanced down at it then smiled up over her shoulder, his eyes leveling upon mine and he shook his head, the entire exchange being my question – “are you two married” and his response – “she is but not to me”. His hand swept to the small of her back then, and he bent to her, kissing her passionately and I turned back to the wheel of my newly acquired half cabin cruiser.I had only bought it two weeks before, along with the small taxi business on the lake, mostly running people to their secluded cabins for the weekend. And being Friday it had been a busy afternoon but I intended to knock off after this run.I settled back for the ten minute cruise across the still, black lake. There was no moon and the sky was alight with a few million stars, the warm summer breeze thick and heavy, tranquil water lapping at the sides of the boat, the hum of the outboard drowning the absolute silence, and the sweet murmur of the young woman, her hot, wet lips glistening in the dim light from the instrument console as I glanced back over my shoulder.She was maybe 25, blond and wearing a short, checkered skirt and a thin, white top with a button up front. It was of a lightly woven cotton and hugged her narrow waist, rising to smoothly hold her smallish breasts, and with the guys hand pressed firmly to her side I could see the lacy top of her bra, which I thought was pink but wasn’t sure.My appreciation lowered to her legs then, her bare legs; firm and slender, slightly parted and with the short skirt falling away beneath, and I strained to see within the shadowed area between them, a hint of white almost visible.I must have been squinting. I don’t know. But the guy smiled up at me again, then bent to the woman once more, closing his mouth over hers and his hand slipped to her knee. She didn’t know I was looking, and his eyes held mine. I felt him watching me as I looked down at his hand, and as he moved her knee aside, parting her legs, and her fingers folded around his wrist but he kissed her passionately, squeezing her knee and forcing her legs to open a little.I had a good view up her skirt then. I could clearly see her little white panties as his hand worked to her inner-thigh, and her legs closed as his fingers pressed into the shiny fabric and her hand moved up his arm and clung to the sleeve of his shirt, her fingers twisting the fabric, nervously, tentatively tugging at, but I could see the muscles in his forearm flexing with the movement of his hand. He had it wedged up between her legs and she tried to keep her knees together as her head lowered and sought his shoulder, turning away from me, and she nestled below his chin, her fingers still twisting his sleeve, her knees straying a little, and when I saw his fingers up inside of her I glanced up to find him grinning at me.“No Love, he’s busy driving the boat, and it’s too dark to see anything,” I heard the guy explain softly, his free hand closing against the side of the young woman’s head and he held her there while her legs strayed further apart and he slipped his hand down the front of her panties and continued to work her firmly, her fingers suddenly still and just clinging to his sleeve, her hips rolling and bracing while his fingers searched up inside of her.I slowed the engine and set course, an idea flashing to mind, and I picked up my torch and held it so the guy could see it: a pencil torch with a small, fine beam. His eyes widened a little and his head dipped in agreement so I turned it on, holding my hand over the end and carefully aiming it between the woman’s legs. I lifted my hand slowly and allowed the beam to touch her thighs, lighting them and lighting the bulge in her little shiny panties. The guy kissed her hair and drove his fingers up her, her hips lifting and he deftly pealed her panties aside, his bahis siteleri fingers arching back and holding the fabric, and I leant closer to examine the reddened, dripping little slit he was fingering. He had two fingers up it and beneath them I could see clear fluid seeping. Her hips were rolling and humping down against his hand, his thumb rubbing over her clitoris, his free hand firmly clamping her head to his chest while he showed me her cunt, and then she held, her body tense and shuddering, her unwitting moan escaping upon a breath as her fluid dripped onto the back seat of my boat.I could smell the sweet, funky scent. She was still and he continued to feel her softly, his fingers no longer up inside of her but gently caressing her puffy little slit, massaging juices within her sloppy pink folds but she began to stir and I quickly extinguished the torch and turned as she passionately sought the guy’s lips.Fuck I was erect! My cock was absolutely rigid! I docked and waved without standing as they climbed onto the pier and I waited until they’d disappeared into the darkness before following. I’d seen the cabin in the daylight and knew the way. I found the narrow path leading to the front door as a light went on inside and I crept around the side to a window, peering in to find a single room with a double bed against the far wall and a big couch in the center. They were standing in front of the couch kissing passionately and I searched around to be sure it was safe to watch from there. Looking up though, I saw a trapdoor that appeared to be an entry to a loft and there was a wooden ladder beneath it. I was about to climb up when the trapdoor opened and I hurried for cover in the bushes before these guys started climbed out. I counted five, the last one passing a case of beer down before descending.“Should we just knock on the door?” one of them chuckled, peering in the window and another two of the guys crowded around him to have a look.“Fuck she’s sweet! Look at her…” one of them enthused. He was a short, fat guy with a thick mop of curly hair.Two of them had rounded the front of the cabin and the other three soon shuffled along behind. I listened to them laughing and discussing what would be the best excuse for being there. It seemed the guy inside had invited them but didn’t want the woman to know.I could hear from the window…“Fishing’s next weekend!” the guy inside was protesting innocently as he stepped back and allowed his buddies to file into the small cabin. The young woman, Catherine, had retreated to a small kitchenette and stood trying to smile politely while peering from behind a breakfast bar with her arms folded across her breasts. Her back was to me and I could see that her bra was undone.I decided to slip up to the loft at that point, scaling the ladder silently and I found a row of bunks. The small room was sealed from the cabin except for a trapdoor, which was open and offered a good view of the room below, and I settled there in the darkness to watch.“Are they staying?” I heard young Catherine ask the man she had agreed to spend the weekend with. She was still hiding in the kitchenette and still covering her breasts defensively.The guy kissed her forehead softly. “Sorry Love but there’s no way for them to get back tonight, It’ll be okay…” he offered warmly, glancing over at his buddies.They were getting comfortable; passing beers around and one of them was rolling a joint. Catherine was left standing alone and her man went across to a basket they had brought and pulled out a bottle of wine. He poured a glass and offered it to her, enticing her to join the party and after a moment she made her way to the couch, slipping onto the end and crossing her legs. She was facing me then and the guys crowded around, making use of the chairs from the breakfast bar, and a few of them sat on the floor. canlı bahis They started chatting and joking around, and after an hour or so I was beginning to cramp so I laid down flat on the floor.The guy sitting next to Catherine had spent the hour with his arm around her and I noticed she had stolen an opportunity to fix her bra. She seemed to be fairly relaxed though and I saw that her glass was being topped up regularly. They’d passed around two joints before she agreed to smoke a little though and when she’d had a few drags her demeanor changed. Her smile had become permanent and finally, after having to reach down to pass the joint to one of the guys sitting opposite, she uncrossed her legs.Her knees were still together at that point but from above I could see a little flash of white beneath her skirt and as she stretched, arching her back and grinning up at the ceiling, a couple of the guys sat up a little and had a quick look, her skirt lifting and her little panties available for viewing.The guy sitting next to her suddenly clawed at her ribs and she doubled over laughing and writhing as he continued his assault. “Stop it!” she squealed as he reached behind her back and probed into her. Her legs were lashing about, spreading nicely and the guys sat quietly watching.Finally the guy stopped and let her sit up but he threatened to do it again. “Don’t,” Catherine protested, grinning and trying to hold onto his wrist. Her skirt had gathered up to her waist and her legs were apart. The five men in front of her were staring at her crotch. I was fully erect.She suddenly looked down at them all, her eyes flashing from one to another, alight and happy, her smile friendly and unknowing. “What?” she said finally, and after a moment she looked down at herself. “Hey… stop that!” she giggled then, closing her legs and shuffling her skirt back into place.“Come on Baby, let’s have a bit of a look…” one of the guys tried, reaching for her knee but she slapped his hand playfully.“No!” she declared, and stood shakily but the guy beside her caught her hand and pulled her back down and he started kissing her.“Come on, at least give us a dance,” one of the guys said, standing and claiming Catherine’s hand. And he pulled her up to his chest and started swaying awkwardly.“But I’m too drunk,” she complained, though still smiling and she started to move with him.Another of them, Mark, a tall, dark haired man of about thirty, slipped into the kitchenette and I watched him pour a fresh glass of wine, checking over his shoulder as he emptied something into it from a foil wrapper. Then he brought it back and placed it on the table beside the couch.Catherine was being passed around by then. Her head was resting upon the third guy’s shoulder, Anthony, a well built young guy of about twenty or so with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. He had on a t-shirt that was stretched firmly over his clearly defined muscles. His arm held Catherine up easily as he gently swayed to the imaginary music, her skirt tucked up at the back and her panties on display and as they danced in front of a guy sitting on the floor, he reached up and felt her slit, Anthony holding her there while he leant beneath and had a look up between her legs, his fingers pressing into her little panties.”Stop it…” she complained but another of them stepped up and moved behind her, his hand slipping around her waist and he drew her from Anthony, turning her and slipping his hands around and down to her butt as she leant upon his chest. Calvin was his name, about thirty-five, probably a Lawyer I thought. There was something sharp about his eyes. They were dark and piercing, his hair slick and stylish.His hands moved to cup young Catherine’s buttocks, his fingers clenching and I saw her eyes were wide, a hint of confusion about them as she peered down over the guy’s güvenilir bahis shoulder at the other men watching.He lowered her back to the couch and the chat continued. Catherine sat quietly sipping her wine, her eyes half closed and her legs straying a little. “Don’t…” she uttered as the guy beside her suddenly reached around between her legs felt her cunt.“Come on Love,” he said though and his hand pressed up firmly between her legs.“But I don’t want to…” she complained, her eyes opening wide as she was lowered onto her back and her hands went to the guy’s shoulders as he went down and started nosing at her panties, his hand pressing against the inner of her knee and spreading her wide.Her eyes closed then and he started eating at her and the other’s began to crowd around, two of them leaning over the back of the couch and another moved behind Catherine’s head and pulled her arms up above, holding them there while another guy started on her tits. He lifted her top and bra and started suckling on a nipple.My view was obstructed for a moment but I saw her panties being tossed aside and then her legs were lifted, one placed over the back of the couch and the other bent up and pulled aside. There were two men going at her then. One was beneath and working her ass with his tongue and the other had his face buried in her cunt. The guy holding her arms had started kissing her and one of the guys from behind the couch bent over to start on a free tit. The other, the only one not sucking on young Catherine was standing there grinning until the guy kissing her looked up, shrugged, and pointed to her neck. He went to it then, kneeling beside the couch and he started biting her neck passionately.And I laid there watching the young woman moan and writhe while being sucked, licked and eaten alive by six men, and they kept at her for ages, the guy kissing her mouth working around to her ears and the one rimming her ass hole was holding her cheeks apart and sticking his tongue up inside of it. The guys on her tits were massaging and sucking away, her nipples hard and their lips closing over both at the same time, suckling like babies. The guy on her neck had hold of her hair, pulling it down behind and forcing her head to arch back so he could get at her. The guy with his face buried in her cunt had juice dripping from his chin. And he had his cock out and was working it firmly. It was the fat guy with the curly hair. And he suddenly stopped, tapping the guy next to him aside, and he climbed up on the couch and shoved it up her cunt.She lifted. Her body tensed and braced and he started fucking her solidly, his round, tubby frame humping up between her legs, his short, thick cock thrusting up inside of her. And the others rested back to watch, her hand clinging to the side couch as she was pounded by the fat guy and I found myself staring for a moment at her wedding ring, and wondering about her husband.I looked over her body then. She was drenched. There was slobber all over her. Her tits were hanging out beneath her little top, wet and reddened, flopping and bouncing. Her neck was blotched and shiny, and it arched, her head stretching back over the arm of the couch as the fat guy came inside of her, spreading her legs and driving up between them with his load of sperm flooding up her cunt. And with her head arched back over the arm of the couch one of them decided to take to her mouth. It was Mark. He held her by the hair, pulling it down, stretching her head back and he started fucking her throat while another guy, Anthony it was, climbed between her legs and started rooting her.They just used her. All six of them having turns on her. I laid there in the loft for half the night watching or just listening to them slopping up inside of her. She would have been taken at least ten times before they finally let her sleep. And it had been quiet for an hour when I was sneaking past the window on the way back to my boat, and I noticed the guy she had arrived with was lifting her leg again, and there was another shadow lurking beside him…

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