Catheter Play Ch. 02


If you have not read chapter one I would recommend you do, as this is a continuation of the first chapter.

A week later I am in the storage room at the hospital gathering supplies I will need to catheterize Matt for the second time. One 22 fr. catheter, a drainage bag, tubing, sterile drapes, gloves and lubricant. This time I plan to insert the catheter all the way into his bladder, hence the bag and tubing. I am getting wet just being in this room and thinking about what I will do tonight. I am sure this larger diameter catheter will be more uncomfortable for him to endure, but it will turn me on more, and I hope, turn Matt on more also.

I would love to increase the size of the catheter each time, and work up to the largest size of 34 fr. That size is more than 7/16 inch diameter, plus the bulge of the balloon, it is about 1/2 inch diameter. That would stretch him a lot and I’m sure it would be pretty painful, but oh so pleasurable for me. But that is in the future, tonight I will just try and get the 22 fr. into his bladder.

Matt knows what is going to happen tonight and I think, hope, he is looking forward to it. When I walk into the house all is quiet, the kids are asleep and Matt waits for me in the bedroom. He is laying on the bed nude, on his back, just as I had asked him to do. I set my tote bag next to him on the bed, and kissed him on the lips. I had already decided to be nude for tonight, so I undressed and again kneel on the bed next to his pelvis.

As I begin to remove what I will need from the tote bag Matt’s cock begins to get erect, from seeing me nude, from the anticipation of what’s to come, or from a combination of all of it. He picked up the catheter, still in its clear plastic sterile packaging and said to me, it does look a little thicker than the first one, and I told him yes it is, but you will get used to its size, it’s only slightly thicker. Being nude has got me going and I feel the juices flowing from my pussy already.

We talk back and forth, he asking questions, me answering and explaining what to expect, and how to cope with any discomfort he may encounter. I didn’t want to hurt him, but I have done this many times to other men and most of them tolerated it well. Only a few have actually winced in pain, and that was only from a very large diameter catheter first entering their urethra, and that usually only lasted a few moments.

With most everything ready I asked Matt to again lift his knees and spread his legs for me. Such an inviting sight made my pussy juices begin to flow even more. I again washed his rock hard erection and donned my sterile gloves. I placed the fenestrated dikimevi escort drape over his penis and began cleaning the head with Betadine. I then opened the catheter kit and attached the drain tube and collection bag. After applying some sterile lube to the catheter I told Matt we were ready to begin.

I explained to Matt that once I began inserting the catheter, I would not stop until it was all the way into his bladder, as I didn’t want to take a chance on him coming like he did the last time. Again I asked him to take a few deep breaths and try to relax, which he did. Holding his still hard cock by the shaft with my left gloved hand and the catheter coiled in my gloved right hand I asked if he was ready and he replied yes as he grasped my thigh for support. I know I am ready.

I told him to relax and one more deep breath and I would start. When he exhaled I pushed the tip and the balloon part through the tip of his penis, a good two inches going in with one quick push, which drew a flinch and a loud moan from Matt. I continued advancing it a couple inches at a time, while he clutched my thigh and moaned continuously, probably from the pain, but I hoped from the pleasure. I kept asking how he was doing throughout the whole procedure and he just shook his head that he was ok. When I thought the catheter tip was near his prostate, I watched his face, and as the tip pushed through the narrow opening he looked like he was in a little more pain, but I kept going.

I could feel the resistance when the catheter encountered the sphincter muscle at the opening of his bladder, and with a twisting motion and a little harder push it went through to his bladder. Matt let out the loudest moan of the whole procedure. I could see the urine flowing through the tubing and into the collection bag and told him it was in and he could now relax. I don’t know how much pain he had been in, but his cock was still as hard as when we started, and my pussy was really wet. I then used the syringe to inflate the balloon in the catheter to hold it in place.

Matt had been very tense and now I could see him actually relax for the first time this evening. I praised him for being such a good patient and kissed his lips. He returned my kiss and began to fondle my breasts, his hand then moved to my pussy. He remarked how wet I was just as an orgasm swept over me. I had been so turned on with all that had happened, that it only took the touch of his fingers for me to cum.

I asked him if he was more comfortable now that it was in place and he answered yes, it didn’t hurt any more, but it was still somewhat dikmen escort sore. He said it looked awfully big and intrusive sticking out the tip of his cock, and I had to agree. I did mention to him that it couldn’t have been too bad because he had stayed hard throughout the whole procedure, and was still hard now.

Now it was my turn to tease and excite Matt, and maybe get him to cum with the catheter still in place. If he could it would be a very powerful and intense orgasm. Because the catheter was still protruding from his cock by a few inches, I began to slide it in and out. I told him I was going to stimulate his cock, sort of jack him off from the inside. He began to groan and told me he was very sore but it still felt good, so I continued to slide the catheter slowly in and out and after just a dozen or so strokes his eyes closed and he moaned loudly and orgasmed. He clutched my thigh so hard it hurt, as he continued to cum, but no semen escaped the tip of his cock. Matt’s orgasm triggered my own, without any other stimulation, and we came together.

After our mutual orgasms subsided and we caught our breath I told him it was time to remove the catheter. I cautioned him that it could be painful coming out but I couldn’t just leave it in. I used the same syringe to deflate the balloon, then began to slowly pull it out. Matt again clutched my thigh as the catheter was withdrawn. When the balloon and tip were finally out, he let out a sigh of relief. Some of the built up semen, but not much, dribbled from the tip of his cock.

I took Matt’s cock in my fingers and admired the size of the opening in the tip. It was stretched open to three times the normal size, and very red and inflamed from the catheter. As I began to stroke him he moaned that the shaft of his cock was sore, so I tightened my grip, which drew an even louder moan from him, and with my tongue I gently began to lick and probe the red opening. His cock immediately began to grow in my hand as I sucked and played with it.

As Matt reached a full erection my grip on him tightened and my tongue now forcefully probed the opening. He complained that his shaft and the opening were both very sore, but I continued and increased the pressure with my hand and tongue. With a very loud moan he filled my mouth with another load of his hot cum and I sucked him dry, and swallowed it all.

While Matt laid there catching his breath, I toyed with his slowly subsiding erection. I asked him if his first orgasm tonight was as good as the first time he came with the catheter last week and he said no, it was better. He said he didn’t think elmadağ escort it could have been better than that first time, but it was. I then asked if it was worth the pain and soreness, and he replied yes.

I then told Matt I would like to use a thicker catheter, a 24 fr. the next time, and it would stretch him a little more, and be a bit more uncomfortable, but I thought he would be able to tolerate it. I assured him I would insert it slowly, and would stop if it was too much for him. He answered ok, if I promised not to hurt him too badly. I knew he would be able to accommodate the 24 fr. as I had catheterized many men with that size, and even much bigger, although I’m sure it would be quite uncomfortable for him. So in my head I am already planning our next catheter play session. It’s too bad I don’t go to work for a few days. I can’t wait.

A few days later, my first day back at work, I am again in the storage room at the hospital, gathering supplies for our next play session when Karen walks in and catches me loading my tote bag. You do remember Karen from the beginning of chapter one, she was catheterizing the male patient when he orgasmed. She asks what I am going to do with the catheter, drapes and other things I have in my tote. Because I have no excuse I can think of, I told her to meet me in the parking lot after work and I would explain everything.

After work Karen met me at my car, and slid in the passenger’s seat. The first thing out of her mouth was “Are you going to put that catheter in Matt?” She has met Matt on more than one occasion, but doesn’t know him well. I had to confess that yes, that is why it was in my bag. She looked in the bag and took out the catheter and mentioned that it was a 24 fr. a pretty large one, and asked if he had ever had a catheter inserted. I confessed that we had already played twice, and that it was a huge turn on for both of us.

I told her it all started with her patient that had cum with the catheter in his penis. I told her everything I had done to Matt and her eyes grew very big. She said that it was really hot and it was making her horny just hearing about our play time. Then she dropped a bombshell and said she would love to join Matt and I and maybe help or at least watch. She reminded me that at work we always catheterized men in teams, with two girls working together, and it would be more realistic with two nurses. I didn’t know what to say, so I told her I would talk to Matt about it and let her know how he felt about having her there.

Driving home I now had a lot to think about. Did I really want her there? Would Matt want her there? Would it be just too awkward? How could I tell her no if Matt didn’t approve, or after thinking about it, I didn’t want her there.

Tune in for chapter three, and read all about our next adventure.

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