I slipped into my mother’s room quietly as I do 2 or 3 times a week to find a pair of her panties. Like usual, mom does her laundry on the weekends so weekedays were perfect to dig into her hamper to find a pair of panties. The only problem was I always wanted a fresher pair. I would love to get here right after she takes her panties off. But beggars can’t be too particular, now can I.

My cock was already hard, straining against my boxers; it was around 11 am on a Tuesday. I just graduated high school a couple weeks back and as the summer started, I found myself with the house completely empty until about noon each weekday as everyone in the house works or goes to college except me.

Pop works long hours and is rarely here at all between work and traveling for work, Rachel(my sister) lives here but is attending summer classes at college Tuesday through Friday, and mom works her charity volunteer work from 9 am to noon five days a week.

I found the most recent pair of mom’s panties in the hamper and immediately brought them to my nose; a wonderful black satin pair. My cock stirred and I thought today should be special. I turned and ran down the hall to Rachel’s room and pushed open her door, running to her hamper as well. In it, right on top was a pair of red lace panties. I was in heaven, today I could jerk off with mom’s and Rachel’s panties, one wrapped around my cock and the other in my mouth and up to my nose.

Backing out of Rachel’s room, I hurried as fast as I could back to my bed and laid myself down. In seconds casino siteleri flat, I lifted my hips and pushed my boxers to my feet and flicked them across the room. My freed rod pointing up and out over my stomach, felt amazing bouncing in the open air of my room. I took both pairs of panties and brought them both to my face, rubbing them on my cheek to decide which was softer for my cock to spew my sperm into. Quickly I decided to use moms on my cock and Rachel’s for my face. Carefully I laid the red lace spread out over my face and inhaled my sister’s scent. Oh, if only I could get this right from the source.

Breathing deeply, I took the other pair down to my cock and slowly rubbed it onto my hard dick, wanting a good build up. I only moved it around my cock to tease it. I wanted to make this last. But the time has come to suck my sister’s panties into my mouth and enjoyed the taste as well as the scent. Mouthing them carefully, my lips pulled them into my mouth and I let the flavor settled onto my tongue.

“Oh Rachel! Your pussy tastes so sweet…”I moaned aloud. I wrapped the black pair completely around my cock and slowly started pumping up and down my long hard shaft. “Mom, awww your pussy is so soft.” Getting really into the fantasy that my sister was sitting on my face while my mother was rocking her hips with my cock buried deep in her cunt.

The softness around my shaft and the flavor in my mouth had me divinely aroused and I stroked faster. Even through the panties, I could feel the ridge of veins on my big canlı casino dick.

“Oh yeah mom, fuck your dirty little boy!” I almost screamed. “Yeah Rachel, fuck my face you slut!”

Slamming my hand at amazing speed, the desire, fantasy and feeling was coming to a boil. It would be a hard cum, an amazing nut busting cum. So close.

In a flash of a second, I was going to cum. I gripped the base of my cock and pulled up knowing I was only delaying the orgasm for a few seconds. “Mom!” I screeched as the first shot of cum rocketed out of me.

“Nick? Are you alright?”

Mom rolled around the door jam of my room.”Nick? Is every….” She stopped as my second and third shots pushed their way across to my chest. “Oh shit!” She chirped, watching me cum.

Not that I could do anything about it, but I turned my head and curled up as more cum exploded from me. “Mom!” I yelled. Not sure if it was because she was with me when I was cumming or because of the surprise of her catching me.

My orgasm subsided with a last shot as I rolled off the bed and onto the floor on the opposite side of my bed. I landed hard trying to get out of my mom’s line of sight.

“Nick are you okay?” In a motherly voice she spoke out.

“Mom, I am so sorry, I….” I was at a loss for words.

“Are you okay?” she asked again.


“Get up and get over here right now!” Suddenly in an angered tone.

In our house, mom was the enforcer since dad was never around, so when you got that tone of voice from her, you kaçak casino jumped. Immediately, I got to my feet and stood sheepishly there on the other side of the bed.

“I said get over here!” she repeated.

Slowly I moved around the bed and over to in front of her, I didn’t have the smarts to drop mom’s panties, it was still in my hand, Rachel’s panties were on the floor next to my bed where I landed hidden from view. I stopped about a foot in front of her. I was covering my crotch with my hands and her panties.

“What exactly do you think you were doing?” she spouted,”No don’t answer that.” She huffed. “Are those mine?” Looking down at my waist she saw the panties covering me.

I nodded as I didn’t think I could speak. “Where is the other pair I saw on your face? Get them!” now she demanded.

I went back around the bed and picked them up and returned to my spot in front of my mother. “Rachel’s too?” I nodded again.

Now I was holding both pairs in front of my shrunken cock.

“Give them both to me.” She commanded.

I handed her both pairs with one hand keeping my other hand down to cover myself. As she took the panties she looked down at my hand and said “Don’t cover up, at least stand there like a man.”

“But mom…?”

“You heard me, move your hands. I want to see what made this mess all over you.”

As I did move my hands slowly away, her eyes went wide and she gasped slightly. She took in the view of my flaccid cock and saw its length and girth.

“You need to be punished for this, you realize that? Don’t you?” I nodded again.

She walked around me and sat on the edge of my bed. “Come over here and lay across my legs, I know I haven’t spanked you for years, but you deserve exactly that!”

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