Caught By My Dad and His Friend


“No babe, I’m telling you, he doesn’t wear anything under that robe.”

My neighbor, Mr. Joe, was talking to his wife. It was 8:00 on a Saturday night, and my dad and I were all hanging out by Mr. Joe’s pool. My stepmom was out of town with her parents, and Mr. Joe’s son was over at a friend’s house. The subject of Mr. Joe’s comment was none other than my dad, and the three of us roared with laughter as his wife arched her eyebrows at him. We had all had more than a few drinks that night and were feeling great.

“How would you possibly know that?” she asked him.

Mr. Joe laughed again and didn’t answer except to say that he was just joking around. His wife scoffed at him, and fifteen minutes later told us that she was going to bed. Mr. Joe said he’d meet her there soon, but had to borrow something from my dad first.

Mr. Joe and my dad were both built the same: sort of short and stocky, tan skin, and short black hair. They were both good looking guys, by all accounts. I was short too, but much thinner than either of them, and had my dad’s dark complexion. We had been neighbors for years, and the two of them had long since been best friends.

We all walked down the street, each of us swaying a bit from our buzzes. We got back to my house, and I headed to my room, intending to go straight to sleep. I stripped down to my boxers and slid into bed, but drunk as I was, I couldn’t sleep. I slid my boxers down to my ankles and began to gently stroke my cock, thinking that maybe rubbing one out could help me get to sleep. I hadn’t been with a girl in weeks. I was just starting to get hard when I heard a creaking sound coming from somewhere in the house.

Curious, I slid my boxers back up and rolled out of bed. The creaking sound appeared to be coming from my dad’s room. I crept towards it, keeping as quiet as possible. The door was open and the lights were off, but there was a bit of light coming in from the outside lights through the window. I poked my head in to see what the sound was, and was surprised by the sight I was greeted with.

My dad’s naked body was flopping up and down on top of someone I couldn’t see above the covers. He grunted with effort as he bounced up and down, changing speeds at times. The person underneath him curled their toes with pleasure. Putting aside the fact that he was cheating on my stepmom, a dozen questions popped into my head. Who was she, and how had my dad got her into the house so quickly, and without me noticing? However, as I thought about these questions, something strange happened: my dick started to get hard as I watched my dad do his thing. I couldn’t believe it, but I was getting aroused by my own father. My mind slowly began to empty as I stuck my hand down my boxers and grabbed my dick and squeezed. Within seconds, I was fully hard. That’s when the really crazy thing happened.

The two of them flipped, and I got another huge shock: my dad wasn’t cheating on my stepmom with a woman but with another man. One with the same build as him, and who’s tan skin was glistening with sweat. I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell that he and my dad were kissing, him lying on top as my dad slid smoothly in and out of his asshole.

Speaking of my dad, his cock was much larger than I expected. Not in length, but in girth. It appeared to be about as long as mine, about 5 or 6 inches or so, but I couldn’t believe how think it was. I couldn’t believe the other guy could even take it. It wasn’t until I heard the other guy’s voice that I realized who it was: our neighbor, Mr. Joe. He moaned gently and asked him to speed it up. My dad obliged, blasting Mr. Joe’s asshole at higher speed. I watched, mesmerized, not even realizing that I was still stroking my cock. In fact, my mind was basically blank, and I let my guard down for a moment and sneezed.

Ankara escort They both stopped at once, and looked over. I tried to pull my head away from the door, but I was too slow. They both saw me, I was sure of it, and within seconds Mr. Joe had grabbed me and dragged me into the room with them.

“What the fuck were you doing spying on us?” my dad asked, slurring his words badly. I was speechless, couldn’t say a word. My dad looked over at Mr. Joe for what to do, clearly unsure. Mr. Joe, drunk too, leered at me and yanked my boxers down. Getting caught had caused me to go flaccid, and standing there naked in front of the two of them didn’t help. Mr. Joe’s dick was large too, not as thick as my dad’s, but way longer, probably around nine inches.

“Let’s have him join,” Mr. Joe said. I could see the uncertainty in my dad’s eyes, but Mr. Joe covered his mouth with his own and kissed him deeply, and when he pulled away, my dad looked willing to do anything he asked. I was terrified, wishing I could just go back to bed. Too late for that.
Mr. Joe pulled me close and kissed me, forcing my mouth open and invading it with his tongue. I could taste the beer on him as he kissed me harder, then pulled away and shoved me towards my dad. I stumbled just a bit with my boxers still around my ankles.

“Kiss him now.”

I looked at my dad, questioning, but he clearly had no uncertainty left. He pulled me forward and kissed me. He tasted of rum as he pulled me closer, rubbing his dick on my stomach. As he did so, Mr. Joe came up behind me and began rubbing the tip of his very, very gently against my ass, and kissed the back of my neck. I was sandwiched between the two of them as my dad continued to kiss me, each of them grinding against me. It was the strangest, most uncomfortable situation I had ever been in, yet I couldn’t say it was completely unpleasant. As a matter of fact, my dick was even starting to perk up again. I even began kissing my dad back.

Unexpectedly, I felt myself being pulled backwards away from him. Mr. Joe had wrapped his arms around my waist, and picked me up and tossed me lightly onto my dad’s bed. My boxers slid off of my ankles and I landed on my back and looked up at the pair of them, nervous. I’d never been with a guy before. They stood shoulder to shoulder and slick with sweat as they approached, their dicks standing at attention. My dad still looked halfway out of it from his drunkenness, but Mr. Joe looked lustful.

Mr. Joe grabbed me by my feet and dragged me so that my legs were hanging off the bed. Next thing I knew, he had stuck his tongue into my asshole and was lightly licking it. My legs tensed up with pleasure, and he grabbed them and slung one over each of his shoulders. I had lost sight of my dad, but felt the other side of the bed sink down as he climbed onto it. He crawled over to me and hocked a huge wad of spit at my dick, which at this point was pointing straight up in the air. It landed on the tip, the hot liquid running down the shaft all the way to the base, and my dad grabbed it and rubbed it in, the saliva lubricating it beautifully so that his hand glided up and down with ease. I was in a state of ecstasy between being jerked off and rimmed.

Abruptly, Mr. Joe stopped and stood up. My dad followed his lead and stopped as well. Mr. Joe climbed onto the bed with us and began sucking on my right nipple, and my dad began working on my left one. I moaned just a bit, and this seemed to spur them on. They stayed like this for just a few seconds, before moving in unison to my neck. My dad grabbed my dick again and began stroking it, while Mr. Joe stuck his index finger in my ass and began rubbing it against my asshole. He pushed against it as he rubbed, and I moaned again, louder this time. I could feel their body heat on me, and began to sweat as Ankara escort bayan well.

Abruptly, Mr. Joe pulled his finger away from my ass and rubbed it against my lips. They parted and he gently stuck his finger into my mouth. I began to suck on it, tasting myself on his huge finger. I sucked on it for a few seconds before he took it out and backed away from me slightly. My dad let go of my dick and rolled over on his back. He pulled me and rolled me onto him, so that I was lying face down on his stomach, face to face with him. I could feel the very tip of his dick rubbing against me as he pulled me into another kiss. Our tongues chased each other around. I was getting lost in the kiss when suddenly I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart, and next thing I knew, Mr. Joe was licking my asshole viciously. I shuddered with pleasure as he continued licking, wetting my asshole thoroughly. When he was through, he took his same finger from earlier and began gently working it into my hole. Wet as I was, I could also feel how tight I was. He slowly and gently pushed his way further and further in until I felt his knuckle. Once he was all the way in, he began to slide in and out and I let out my loudest moan yet.

We stayed that way for quite a while, until he withdrew his finger and my dad slid me off of him. I was once again lying flat on my back. Mr. Joe grabbed something I couldn’t see off of my dad’s nightstand. My dad, meanwhile, rolled over and immediately took my entire cock into his mouth. I was so surprised at how quickly it happened, I very nearly exploded right then and there. He bobbed up and down on me, sloppily deepthroating me. Meanwhile, Mr. Joe was back, and he was rubbing his cock down with lube. That must have been what he had been grabbing earlier. The sight made me nervous as hell. Him fingering me was one thing, but his cock in my ass? He rubbed it all over my asshole as well, prepping me. I could feel the warm, slick gel lubricating me.

Mr. Joe pressed the tip of his dick onto my asshole and it slid in easily. I practically yelled in ecstasy as I tightened around him. He went further in, a little at a time, filling me up with a wonderful pain. Deeper and deeper he went, more painful and more pleasurable with each tiny push he gave, but I was sure he’d never get the whole thing in. After a few minutes’ careful work though, he surprised me, and I felt his balls.

He began thrusting, very, very softly at first, moving just about an inch back in forth until I loosened up a bit, then began going faster and faster, causing me to arch my back and push my dick hard into my dad’s face. I gritted my teeth in pain and pleasure as he attacked my ass.

My dad, meanwhile, released my cock so abruptly that it went bouncing around on me and then stood straight up in the air. He climbed on top of me and began to make out with me again for a few seconds, then crawled forward until his dick was hanging in front of my face. My eyes widened as I looked at this monster cock, and he lowered it so that it rubbed on my lips. Reluctantly, scared, I parted them and he slid the very tip in so that it touched my tongue. I got just a taste, but it had me practically begging for more.

I got just a little overexcited I guess, because I lunged forward to get more of his cock in my mouth, and I gagged. Tears rolled out of the corners of my eyes, and I backed off, but I powered on and went back at it, more slowly this time. It was so huge that I was having trouble getting my mouth around it. Finally, I got just about all the way down and began to suck hard, the sweet, sweaty taste filling my mouth. My jaw ached from trying to fit everything in, and my eyes were still watering, but I kept at it. I could feel the drool leaking out of the corners of my mouth as I bobbed up and down on him.

He pushed my head Escort Ankara down so that I quit bobbing, but kept his dick in my mouth, then began thrusting, fucking my mouth. At the same time, Mr. Joe was still fucking me hard in the ass, so that I was being attacked at both ends. After a minute or so of this, my dad pulled out and I took a huge, deep breath. His cock was covered in slobber, and I wiped my mouth to get off the stray drool. Mr. Joe saw this, quit thrusting, and pulled out, leaving my ass to tighten up.

Several deep breaths later, my dad and Mr. Joe were switching places. My dad began rubbing the tip of his dick against my ass, then thrusted the tip in. I cried out in pain, because his was so much thicker than Mr. Joes. He put his finger over my mouth and said “shh.” He went in deeper, and I began tearing up again. It was so painful, he was so thick, but at the same time, I wanted more. He kept going, ever so slowly going deeper and deeper, until he was all the way in. Then, he slowly slid in and out.

As this was going on, I had barely even noticed that Mr. Joe had been rubbing my dick down with lube. He moved my dad’s hand out of the way and climbed on top of me, so that we were face to face. He grabbed my dick and maneuvered it so that it pressed on his ass, then slid it in for me. It went in easily, and within seconds I was balls-deep. I began to thrust in and out of his ass and he began kissing me again, while my dad pounded my ass.

We stayed like that for what felt like forever, before Mr. Joe climbed off of me. He walked around and tapped my dad on the shoulder. He quit too, pulled out, and Mr. Joe pulled me up a little and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did so, and he walked back around.

My dad grabbed my hips and positioned himself, then slid back inside of me. I cried out again, which was answered by Mr. Joe shoving his dick into my open mouth. I grabbed the base and began bobbing up and down on it, going as far as I could go.

There I was on all fours, being fucked from both ends. Out of nowhere, my dad came in my ass. Two strong streams shot deep inside me, followed by a few little spurts. He pulled out slowly, now slick with cum in addition to lube and saliva and sweat, leaving my ass to leak out his cum.

Mr. Joe pulled out of my mouth and laid down next to me, head to foot, and began jacking me off. I took my cue from him and began to jack him off as well. My hand sped up and down his cock. He took my cock into his mouth and began to deepthroat it, and again, I followed his lead. We laid there, sucking each other off in a 69, until he exploded into my mouth, filling it with hot, salty cum. He pulled away and sat me up, and rubbed his dick all over my face, spreading his cum around. Then he gently opened my mouth with a finger and licked some of his own cum off my tongue and swallowed it, then instructed me to do the same. I did so willingly, gulping it down eagerly.

He laid flat on his back, his legs hanging off the bed, and told me to fuck him. I positioned myself and rubbed the tip on his asshole before shoving it in, hard. He gritted his teeth, and I began pounding, hard. My balls slapped against his ass and I thrusted in and out, feeling myself getting ready to cum. I told him I was about to cum, and he told me he wanted me to cum inside him. I kept going, harder and faster, until I exploded. One, two, three streams shot into him, then I pulled out and spilled the rest onto his stomach.

He told me he wanted me to lick it out of him, and again, I was willing. I licked his ass, and he pushed it out for me. When I had gotten most of it out, I licked the excess off of his stomach, then climbed over him, laid on top of his and gave him a cummy kiss. He rolled me over and held me close to him, our hot, sweaty bodies coiling together. My dad laid down on my other side and pushed up close as well, all of us out of breath. Finally, with a dick rubbing on each side of me, I was able to fall asleep.

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