caught by my sister and her friend 5


caught by my sister and her friend 5After the crazy weekend at the Johnsons it was back to school, Tommy had a dentist appointment so wasn’t at school so it was arranged that Susan, Kate and I would walk home after cheerleading practice. School finished and I headed to the football field to wait and watch their practice, it was a bit boring but there is worse things to watch than a bunch of girls in skimpy costumes jumping around. Practice finished and the girls headed for the locker room so I headed into the hallway to wait, as I entered the hallway Kate and two of her friends ambushed me and bundled me into the boys locker room.The boys locker room was not being used that night so was empty, Kate looked around and spotted a massage table towards the back, she walked to it, took her pants off and bet over the table spreading her legs. Her friends seeing this followed her lead and did the same, before I knew it I was looking at three sets of buttcheeks which were offered no coverage by the short cheerleading costumes and three sets of beautiful pussy lips all in a row. Wow I was awestruck and just stood there, Kate looked over her shoulder and said, “come on silly, get with the program!”, that dragged me out of my stupor and I dropped my pants. Of course my cock sprang out and her friends giggled, I walked over yeşilhisar escort to Kate and slowly eased my cock into her pussy, I reached out with each hand and ran them over the other girls cheeks, I felt them jump as I did, then I moved my hands down and placed a finger at the entrance to each of their vaginas. As I did they both pushed back onto my fingers so I pushed them inside, one of them gasped quietly, so while fingering two pussies I started slowly gliding my cock in and out of Kate. This was like heaven to me and I was floating in a euphoric state when one of the other girls said, “hey what about us? We want cock too!, that snapped me out of it and I moved to the right hand girl and slipped my cock in, by now she was well juiced up and it went in easy. After a couple of minutes I moved to the girl on the left and did the same then Kate again and so on fucking each one for a bit then moving to the next.Then the door opened and in came my sister Susan and one of her friends, I was balls deep in the girl to Kate’s right so I was in no position to react. Susan grabbed another table and pushed it over so that it butted up to the one the girls were on, she and her friend then took their pants off and assumed the same position as the other girls. Fuck! now I have five pussies to take care of, I guess I should be flattered but I have to try not to cum before I give them all pleasure. So I focussed on it being a task and blocked out the pleasure so I could work my way from one end to the other fucking each pussy for a bit before moving on to the next. This was not the first time I had fucked my sister but it still felt strange, after all this was not personal it was just five pussies and I was going to do my best to give them what they wanted. Eventually it became too much and while fucking Kate I leaned forward and whisper into her ear, “I need to cum now”, she pushed me back and turned around, getting on her knees she started wanking my cock. The other girls all gathered round to watch and within seconds semen started spurting from my cock, the first jet landed at my feet but the second went about two metres, one of the girls had to jump out of the way crying out “e-uwww” as she did. Most of the girls were wide eyed as Kate kept stroking my cock until there was a line of cum splatted on the locker room floor, once I finished Kate wiped the last drop from my cock with the tip of her finger and put it into her mouth. The girls retrieved their pant and ran out giggling, I put my pants back on and headed into the hall, Kate and Susan joined me shortly after and we walked home.The evening was quiet and uneventful at the Johnsons, Tommy and I headed to bed and put the light out. Soon after in the darkness Tommy said, “Alan”, “yeah” I said, “would you suck my cock?”, “um I dunno” I said. My mind was racing, if I suck another guys cock that makes me gay, but I’m not gay I love fucking girls, but it felt great when Tommy sucked my cock, I suppose it’s only fair that I repay him, “ok” I said. I crossed the room and knelt beside his bed, he had thrown the covers off and I felt around in the dark for his cock, I found it and it was hard as steel, it felt surprisingly good to have it in my hand. I leaned forward and put my lips on the tip of his cock, slowly I moved my mouth down over the length of his cock taking as much as I could into my mouth, I started moving my mouth up and down along the length of it, I was enjoying this and Tommy let out a soft moan. I remembered what he had done to me and I started concentrating my lips and tongue on his knob while stroking his shaft with my hand, he started moaning more, then I felt his cock get even harder, his knob swelled in my mouth and he started to cum. It took me a bit by surprise but I stayed with it and let him finish swallowing his semen, It tasted a bit strange but not bad. I then went back to my bed, “that was awesome!” Tommy said “thanks”, “you’re welcome” I said, after a couple of hours lying awake thinking about what had happened I drifted off to sleep.

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