CD Maid Fantasy


CD Maid FantasyNervously, I knelt on the ground, and wait for Mistress to return. The whole day, I had spent cleaning her house, wearing my maid outfit, always making sure that everything on it was in order. It was difficult to keep the white stockings and gloves clean, but I had managed to do so, all while in 5″ black heels, a lace-like maid outfit, and of course, a plug, collar, and cage to keep me from playing early. So I had finished my tasks, re applied my make-up, combed my short black, hair and had been on my knees for almost an hour: all as instructed. As it drew closer and closer to seven o’clock, I grew more and more anxious, until finally, the door opened.”Welcome home, mistress,” I bowed, as she walked in.”I can’t believe he didn’t want to come here,” Mistress raged to herself, as I continued bowing. “It’s almost like he doesn’t like me.”Without a word or glance, I remove Mistress’ work heels as she continues ranting on about another guy from the office who turned her down for a date. When finished, she walked over to the living room, still sincan escort not acknowledging me, as I followed after her. In the living room, Mistress plopped down in her chair, and continued ranting, as I fixed her a drink.”What kind of guy wouldn’t want to be with me?” Mistress continued, as she took off her office coat, and flung it across the room. “Heck, what girl wouldn’t want someone like me? I’m perfect at fucking anyone!”Quietly, I handed Mistress her drink, picked up the coat, and returned it to the closet in her room. When I came back, Mistress had calmed down some, and was simply holding her drink in a precarious fashion. Experience taught me what to do, as I walked in and began to massage her shoulders. While Mistress did not respond to me immediately, she did show clear signs as to her enjoyment.”That’s it,” Mistress smiled, “I needed this after a long day at work.””Thank you, Mistress,” I replied.Several minutes later, when Mistress was fully satisfied with her massage, she looked at her glass, and asked:”Did my girl go mamak escort all her chores today?””Yes, Mistress,” I replied.”Do you get your uniform dirty?””No Mistress.””Did you wait for me on your knees?””Yes, Mistress.””Do I have to check the videos?””No Mistress.”After several seconds, Mistress shrugged, and grabbed my hands.”I’m feeling frustrated, fetch me the black one,” Mistress ordered.”Yes Mistress!” I bowed eagerly, as I went off to her room.When I came back, I was holding a black box in my hands, and Mistress was still in the same place she was before. Working quickly, I removed her panties, skirt, blouse, and bra, before opening the box. Reverently, I took out and attached her blue and black latex corset and gloves, while sliding on her boots. After I applied her makeup, I let loose her Auburn hair, went into the box again, and pulled out her 10″ strapon, and quickly slid it into place. After finishing, I began cleaning off her strapon, before she stopped me.”Not today,” Mistress sighed. “I just need to fuck something.””Yes kızılay escort Mistress,” I agreed, as I bent over.Immediately, Mistress lifted my skirt, and removed my panties, before slowly fiddling around with my butt plug. Several seconds later, Mistress removed it, and, after some fiddling around, it found it’s way back into my mouth in a gag.”I don’t want to hear your screams today,” Mistress said, before unceremoniously shoving the full 12″ up my boi-pussy.Not even giving me time to acclimate, Mistress was already pounding full away, as my moans were blocked by the gag. In no time at all, a thin stream of pre-cum was leaking from my boi-clit, while Mistress carelessly hammered away at me. The only marks over Mistress’ enjoyment were very subtle, and something only someone who had seen her make them before would know. As I was nearing an orgasm, Mistress suddenly stopped thrusting, and leaned her full weight onto me, inconspicuously in an orgasm of her own. Satisfied, Mistress pulled out, and walked away from me.”I’m having company over at nine,” Mistress called out. “He’s a client I’m ‘entertaining’, so be sure to stay like that for when they come over. The door’s unlocked, and I’ll be waiting for them in my room. Understand, maid?””Yes Mistress,” I accept, before I patiently wait until nine.

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