Cell Mates

Big Tits

It’s been three years, six months, and forty-seven days since I’ve been laid. A jail with no women is hell within itself. I’m in here because of attempted robbery, but the stuff was rightfully mine! The bitch of a girlfriend at the time stole my things and when I went to get the stuff back, she called the fucking cops on me; and so I ended up here. I guess the only good thing out of this is that I lost five inches from my waist, and gained fifteen pounds of pure muscle.

So, I’ve got about four months left until I’m out of this hell. I heard the guards saying how I’ll be getting a cell mate since I’ve been on good behavior. Hey, that sounds pretty good to me, someone to talk to until I’m gone. It was about two days later until my new cell mate came in. He said his name was Seth and that he was in for robbing a store of two-hundred dollars. So, we chatted for a while and I realized something; he was someone to fuck.

“This whole world is fucked up. Don’t you think so, Jed?”

“Seth, if you can’t fuck the world first, it’ll pin you down and fuck you.”

“Damn Jed, quite a philosophy you got there I see. Shit man.”

I looked over at Seth laying there on the floor next to the bed. He was kind of short for a guy, maybe about 5′ 10”, with black hair and red streaks, green eyes and lots of muscle. Myself? I’m about 6′ 3”, strawberry blonde hair, navy bursa escort bayan blue eyes, and I was ripped. I glanced down towards his pants and tried to determine how big he was, and if I’d actually screw him just to relieve myself.

“Alright ladies! Shower time, let’s go!”

Hey, I guess the showers are where I’ll find out. So, we headed of for the showers and dropped our pants outside the stall entryway. I glanced down quickly and saw that he was a pretty big guy, I guess about seven or eight inches as compared to my five inches, and stepped into the shower.

“So, Seth, have a girl back home waiting for you?”

“Hell no, she cheated on me with another woman and left me. It’s been a year since I’ve been fucked.”

“Hey, it’s been three years for me, so I know how you feel.”

We chatted a little more and then got out of the shower. Later that night, after lights were out, I got off the top bunk and kneeled down to his face as he laid in his bunk.

“So Seth, how about you and I help each other out with our sex problem?”

“How do you expect to do that? There’s no female guards here.”

“True, but there’s a willing bitch right in front of me.”

Before he could react, I yanked him off the bed by his shirt.

“Jed, what the fuck are you doing!”

“Come on Seth, you know you fucking want it.”

With görükle escort that, I knelt down and pulled down his pants. He started to protest, but he shut his mouth as soon as I got his dick out and started massaging it in my hands.

“Jed, you ever do this before?”

“Nope, but you can just lay down on your back and we can help each other out.”

So, he laid down, I pulled the rest of his pants off, and started to pull down mine. He looked at me, and a smile slowly formed across his face. I walked over to him and started to kiss his mouth and playfully tug at his hair. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me closer until I was laying on top of him. The kisses were really getting hot at this point, and his hand ventured down to my dick and started stroking it. We stopped kissing and I pushed myself up off him so that he could get a better handle around my shaft.

“Yeah Seth, just like that. Fuck that feels good.”

After a few minutes, I stood up and helped Seth up. I grabbed his waist and flipped him upside down so that I was facing his ass and he was facing my throbbing dick.

“Put your hands on the floor, like a handstand, and start sucking bitch.”

It took a moment for him to get situated, but once he did, he sucked like a pro. I started to kiss and lick his ass and could hear him moaning from below. Wrapping bursa escort bayan my one arm around his waist, I now had the other hand free to do as I pleased. I licked my finger until it was dripping wet and began to fuck his ass.

“Jed! What are y-you doing? Get the fuck off my ass!”

He pissed me off, so I helped him down and then positioned myself so that his ass was facing my dick.

“Remember what I said Seth, you’re my bitch, so shut up!”

I plunged into his ass and stroked his dick with my hand. Seth was really grunting, so I went faster until I was about to burst.

“Front or back Seth?”

He gasped out back, so I shot all over his back. While he was on all fours trying to catch his breathe, I got up underneath him and started to suck his dick. I must’ve gagged a few times at first, but then I finally took him all in. Seth started to regain his breath and moaned my name. Just as he was about to blow, he pulled out and unloaded all over the floor.

“On your hands and knees Jed, your ass needs a fucking.”

The bitch pushed me down to the ground and propped up my ass. He licked for a few moments and then eased his dick in. I guess I wasn’t ready, because I nearly lost all my breath. As he fucked, I gasped for some air and tried to breathe in slowly. That didn’t help once he started pounding and slapping my ass. It seemed to go on forever until he shot all over my back like I had done to him. Flipping me back over, he laid on top of me and we started kissing again.

So, I hope the next four months come slowly; because I’ve got the best fuck partner I’ll ever need.

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