CFNM Wanking By Alyssa’s Friend


Mark was fast asleep on the couch. A week had passed since Alyssa had spanked him. Since then she had become a dominant force in his life. On more on one occasion he had slipped up and she wasted no time quickly correcting him through strong disciplinary spankings. Mark had slowly fallen deeper and deeper into her web. Alyssa’s carrot and stick approach was extremely effective in getting him to see her way. While Mark hated these punishments, he couldn’t understand why he developed strong erections during them and would even squirt his load during some of them.

He blinked away the crust in his eyes as the warm California sun melted away the melatonin coursing through his body. The beautiful sight of Alyssa basking in the sunlight as she got ready for work, shook him out of his drowsiness.

“I’m heading out to uni, but I’ll be back at around 6pm.”

“All good. Kinda beat today might catch up on some Chernobyl.” Mark answered.

“My friend Alice is going to come around later this afternoon. I met her in uni, and she’s been very helpful. She’s been cleaning on the side and I wanted to throw some money her way. Just let her in and give her 50 once she’s done.” Alyssa informed him as she closes the door.

Mark remembered seeing a photo of Alice tagged in Alyssa’s Instagram. She was fit as fuck.

Mark realized he must have fallen asleep watching Chernobyl. After the absolute disaster of the season finale of Game of Thrones he had almost lost hope in HBO’s ability to put out quality content. Glad he kept his subscription. He decided to finish off the last bit of the episode before completely getting up.

He was getting to the climax of the episode when he heard two knocks on the door followed by the unmistakable sound of it opening. Mark was absolutely floored by the sight before him. Alice walked in with her beautiful blonde hair cascading down the sides of her shoulders. She had chosen a pair of tight black cropped lululemon yoga pants today, perfect for all the stretching she would do while cleaning. Her bright yellow hoodie tried to hide her body but was doing a very poor job.

“Good Morning Mr. Anthony. I hope Alyssa mentioned I’d be coming by. I’m her friend Alice and I’ll be cleaning the apartment today.”

“Mark is fine. And yes, she did mention you stopping by.” Mark replied still floored.

“Great. I’ll get started with the kitchen but if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to stick with Mr. Anthony.” Alyssa proceed to take off her hoodie. She had a bright white GymShark tank top on underneath. She proceeded to do her hair up in a playful ponytail. Her generous tits strained against the tight white lyra material of her tank top as she finished tying up her hair. As she set her hoodie down on the counter she looked over at Mark, paused for a bit staring intently and then turned away smirking.

Mark looked down and realized he had a massive aksaray escort erection. He immediately sat back down on the couch. He was incredibly horny and desperately needed to let out the geyser. He made a futile attempt at calming down by watching the rest of the episode. Hopefully the sights and sounds of irradiated nuclear technicians would stem the impending pressure on his dam.

The sound of the tap running distracted him from the show.

Alice was pressed against the sink scrubbing last nights dinnerware, her lithe body a sight to behold. Her tight black yoga pants accentuated her well toned ass. She must be a gymnast or like a dance Mark thought to himself. He was mesmerized as she made her way through the dinner wear furiously scrubbing them like they owed her money.

His throbbing erection came back with a vengeance. While she was turned away, he made a bee line to the master bathroom. Instead of the usual warm shower this cold July morning he opted for quick dip in the tub. Patiently waiting for the tub to fill up, Mark played with his pulsating meat stick. Finally, the tub was full and at just the right temperature. Mark let out a sigh as he slowly sunk into the warm steamy water like the worlds shittiest boat. He immediately started attacking his penis like how Windows Vista attacked the Windows brand.


The door burst open slamming against the wall. Alice walked in holding a brush in her yellow rubber encased hands. Her pretty blonde hair in a strict no-nonsense bun rather than the playful sporty ponytail. After finishing with the dishes her top had gotten a little wet. Wet enough to make out a sports bra underneath.

“Oh, don’t mind me just moving on to the bathroom.” Alice informed him.

Mark immediately released his cock just as he was about to spew his load underwater. He could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing both at being denied release and at the intoxicatingly hot sight in front of him.

“Alice, uhmm what are…what are you doing in here?” a confused Marl stuttered out.

“Well, Alyssa gave me clear instructions to make sure the bathroom was spotless. She mentioned there were always spots on the shower wall.” Alice replied as she wiped the shower screen door from the inside. Her big tits pressed against the transparent glass. Mark was awestruck and almost squirted his load right there.

“Though I should be asking YOU what you were doing?” Alice asked without missing a beat as she continued wiping down the screen door with her brush and her tits equally.

“What do you mean, I was just soaking in the…the tub? I mean I am soaking in the tub!” an equally confused and aroused Mark replied

“Are you sure Mr. Anthony?” a smirking Alice replied, with one hand on her hip and the other pointing at him with her green brush.

Mark looked down only just noticing the bright red tip of his alsancak escort glowing dick just sticking out of the water. Mark was extremely embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, it’s really early…and I’d just woken up-.” Mark attempted to explain himself before noticing Alice making her way towards the tub.

“Alyssa gave me clear instructions on how to deal with you.” Alice cut him off with a devious smile.

Marks eyes expanded as Alice stripped off her drenched white tank top leaving her in a black lululemon energy bra. The sports bra desperately trying to contain her tits. Mark rigid cock twitched at the insinuation.

Alice kneeled right at the edge of the tub and faced Mark. She reached into the warm silent water and grasped his tool, forming a rubber casing around his engorged cock. With her other hand, she carefully palmed his heavy ball sack. His vision went slightly blurry as pleasure pulsed from his sperm sacks to the tip of his cockhead.

“My My Mr. Anthony, someone’s been quite naughty.” Alice teased as she pulsed the tightness of her grip on his erect dick.

Mark squirmed in her tight grasp as she exhibited her complete domination of him. He tried to move her rubbery hands away, but she stopped him with a stern scowl.

“Hands up and to your sides!” Alice ordered.

Mark knew better than to argue and moved his hands to the side of the tub. Alice slowly guided him until he was raising himself up and out of the water with his pulsating member rising out like a Saturn V rocket. Mark was relatively fit but even he knew he couldn’t hold this position for too long. Alice, now standing, gave his cock a light smack causing him to groan in pain but then in obvious pleasure as it twitched and squirted a drop of precum.

“Awww, was that for me? Anyway, hold this position while I finish my cleaning. I’ll deal with you after I’m done.” Alice teased. “Now twitch your penis to say you understand.”

Mark closed his eyed and twitched his cock up and down.

“Good boy.” Alice replied with a cheerful smile.

Alice proceeded to pick up her tools and continue wiping down the various areas of the bathroom. When she was a bent over wiping the bottom of the shower, she made extra sure to wiggle her ass as it stretched the tight lycra material. She smiled to herself when she heard Mark groan. Taking a quick behind her she could see his dick was in quite a sorry state. A bright furious red and leaking with precum that caused it to glisten under the fluorescent lighting.

Eventually Alice finished what was probably the sexiest cleaning of a bathroom in all recorded history. She turned around to address to Mark and the bubbling volcano on his crotch.

“Right. All done with area, now to deal with this.” she said as she poked his erect cock eliciting even more twitches.

“Jerking off in the bathroom away from amasya escort the supervision of Miss Alyssa is worthy of punishment wouldn’t you say Mr. Anthony?” Alice asked Mark.

“I- I just couldn’t help myself. Watching you clean just got me so horny.” a flustered Mark tried to explain.

“Well you should have told me, and we could have sorted it out. But you didn’t! You tried to hide away like a naughty boy and jerk off without permission. Miss Alyssa has told you what happens to bad boys who jerk off without supervision hasn’t she?” Alice asked emphasising her point by slapping his erect penis with her yellow latex gloves.

“I know. I know. I thought I could get away with it.” Mark grunted out as his mind approached a breaking point.

“So, you admit to being naughty Mr. Anthony!” Alice exclaimed as she ceased slapping and tightly grabbed his erect member.

“Yes! I was naughty! I tried to pull a fast one on you.” Mark replied with gasp as he started thrusting into her rubbery fingers.

Alice smirked at Marks attempts to squirt his load, but she also knew he needed to be punished as Alyssa had instructed her. With her free hand she began lightly flicking his cockhead in time with his thrusts. The pleasure coursing through his entire male body was frying his neurons. He was desperate to ejaculate but also couldn’t move his arms. His futile thrusts served no purpose as they both knew she was in charge of his virile male penis.

“Mr. Anthony, you’ve been really bad. What happens to bad little wankers?” Alice inquired with a devious smile as she continued tormenting his cockhead with light flicks.

“They…*grunt*….get….*grunt*….punished….*groan*.” a barely lucid Mark replied as he groaned in deep pain but also extreme pleasure. Each flick molding his mind and solidifying both Alice’s and by hierarchy Alyssa’s domination of him.

“Say you’re a little wanker!” a stern Alice instructed as she suddenly sped up her strokes.

“I’M A NAUGHTY WANKER!” Mark replied professing his submission. He furiously worked his hips, thrusting into her rubbery palms and fingers only to receive painful flicks as his dickhead entered her embrace.

“Now cum Mr. Anthony! Shoot your load!” a giggling Alice ordered.

“Argghh….” Mark let out a final groan as his Alice tightly squeezed his cock and milked out his juice. He shot wildly into the air as his eyes rolled back. All his neurons drenched in pleasure as he erupted with each hip thrust. Finally, he collapsed into the warm water, gently being cushioned by Alice as she laid his head against the back of the tub. His cock less erect but still occasionally squirting out another small load.

A final sight of a giggling Alice greeted him. Her toned stomach and lululemon sports bra slightly soaked from his collapse in the tub. A vision of beauty that he could still appreciate in his post orgasm bliss. Her golden hair still bound in a tight stern bun exemplifying her dominating aura. Her toned legs tightly encased in her tight leggings.

“Who’s my bitch? “Mark heard her say.

His defeated and drained cock gave one final spurt in answer before he fell asleep.

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