Chance Encounter


The holidays were here and he’d be going down to the family holiday home in a couple of days time when he’d finished work. Kids and wife already down there and the in laws would be on their way to meet them around the same time he was going down.

The office had closed early that day – unexpected, but pleasant, so Rick had gone home and was blobbing out around the house. It was a warm day, the house was fairly private, so he’d doffed his clothes and was wandering around naked…nice to be able to do that from time to time.

The stereo was on in the living room, he was getting himself a beer out of the fridge and when he turned around she was there. He’d never been so embarrassed in his life – his mother in law was in the house! He ducked behind the kitchen counter, noting that she looked more surprised then he was.

“Pamela,” he said in a strained sort of voice, “what are you doing here?”

She froze for a moment…understandable, he thought wryly. She obviously didn’t know what to say.

“Ummm…Andrea asked me to call in before we went down to the house,” she stammered, “sh..she left a bag behind that she wanted me to pick up. I thought you’d be at work.” As she spoke, she was moving into the kitchen…and noticing that he got more than a little turned on. “We finished early, unexpectedly,” he replied.

Pamela wasn’t a supermodel, but she was an great looking woman for her 60 years. Her face belied her age – she looked like she was in her early 50s – and she had an incredible bust, but she was obviously an older woman. Not to say she wasn’t attractive, just that she was carrying a bit more weight than she had in her past. She rounded the counter, and there he was, standing totally naked with his cock half erect. She took another step towards him, closing the gap, then moved her hand until her fingers stroked his cock. When she touched it, they both jumped, as though realising what was going on for the first time.

She blushed bright red, “I’m so sorry,” she said, then started to sob and moved away. He followed her to the living room, where she sat down on the sofa and began to cry. He sat next to her and put his arm around her, comforting her, then realised that casino oyna this probably wasn’t helping the situation. Hell, he’d just been walked in on naked by his mother in law, and he got turned on by it – so did she – so he wasn’t thinking all that clearly. She looked up at him, then the moment took them both and they kissed each other.

Her hands reached out to stroke his now hard cock, and he reached up to cup her ample breast – it was electric, just like a shock going through his body. He stood, took her hand and started to lead her down the hall. “What are you doing?” she asked, looking confused. “What we both want,” he said. “If we leave this here, it’ll bug us and freak us out for the next 20 years. Lets put it to bed now.”

Confusion took over and she meekly followed him to the bedroom. He was almost on autopilot – part of his mind was screaming out to him to stop, another part was screaming out that if he did, he’d never know…he had given in the the power of curiousity.

They reached the room and he turned to face her. He guided her hand to his cock once again as he began to unbutton her blouse. Finishing, he pushed the garment to the floor, then pulled her closer to him. Her breasts felt amazing against his skin…even enclosed in their lacy support. He reached around her and unclasped her bra, slipping his fingers down her back to unzip the skirt she wore as well. Panties followed then he pulled her close and began to kiss her – she responded like a woman starved…

They began a movement of passion. Their lips and tongues entwining, bodies pressed against one another, hands searching each other to explore each others’ nooks and crannies. She moved to lie down on the bed, and he lay next to her, the kissing continuing as a beautiful prelude to what was to come.

He moved to start kissing his way down her body…then he stopped to look at her. She blushed…then pulled his head to hers again, kissing him passionately for a moment. “Make love to me,” she said. He began…

Rick leaned forward and began to suck her nipple, running his tongue over it, slipping his lips back and forth as his hand gently massaged and caressed her other breast. Pamela ran her fingers canlı casino through his hair as he sucked. He began to kiss his way down her body, slipping off the bed as he did. She wriggled down the bed to follow him and lay with her legs spread open, her pussy in view. She wasn’t shaven, and her lips were full. Rick was on his knees, and he kissed her inside thigh, then began to kiss his way down towards her lips. He licked around the border line between pussy and thigh as she moaned gently in pleasure. Tongue traced the line between her lips, then began to play with her clitoris. She moaned with more urgency, then began to whisper gently, “Mmmmmm…that’s so good…” she said softly, “…ohhhh…”

One of Rick’s biggest “turn ons” was knowing his lady was enjoying herself, so this type of response brought out the best in him. He parted her legs more pressing his hands against her knees, then ran his fingers along her inside thigh, all the while flicking his tongue back and forth across her clitoris. She tightened her grip in his hair and held him in place… “…..ohhhh…yessssss…do it that way…”

Her hips were moving now, pushing into his face as she rocked them back and forth…older she may be, but she obviously still enjoyed sex…she was breathing heavily in between the words, and she was saying that she was having fun…

“Ohhhhhhh…yessssss…I’m going to cummm…” she murmured for him, and in saying that she let out a cry of pleasure, then very vocally continued to rock her hips against his face as her orgasm ran its course. As she started to subside, she pulled him back up onto the bed and kissed him passionately, tongues linking, licking her taste off his face. Unexpectedly, she took command at that point, and pushed him into the bed, straddling his body. Her breasts hung down, and she moved them over his face… “Suck them for me, sexy,” she said. He did as asked, taking her breasts in his hands as well, taking first one nipple, then the other into his mouth. She moved and began to kiss his nipples, sucking them until they were hard, and the began to move down his chest. Over his waist line and taking her tongue, she flattened it out and ran it up the shaft of his kaçak casino cock, enclosing his head with her lips, then licking her way down the other side. Licking the shaft, sucking then head, then she changed and sucked his shaft all the way into her mouth, running her lips up and down the shaft, teasing his balls with her fingertips as she sucked. Even though it didn’t seem possible, he felt like he was getting harder as she sucked.

The final stroke, she slowly pulled her lips off his shaft, sucking hard as she did so, then slipping off his head. “Time to fuck,” she said, with lust in her eyes. Straddling his waistline, she took his shaft in her hand and moved to place him. Teasing, she ran his head back and forth between her lips, then slowly, but surely, slipped him inside her. Rick’s turn to gasp as Pamela began to ride him.

She leaned forward, taking his wrists and pinning him to the bed. Kissing as she moved, she began to raise her hips slowly, sliding his cock out of her pussy, then she reversed the motion and slid back onto him, driving his shaft home. He was laying back, enjoying the sensations – pinned down with his cock joined to her as she rode him to his orgasm. Up and down she moved her hips…the pressure built quickly as risk and sensation turned him on more and more…he felt his cock getting ready to explode…the pressure and pleasure reached their peak then his hot cum started spurting into her. He grunted as his cock started to pump, breathing hard in time with the spasms. She continued to ride him up and down, milking him dry.

She slipped off him then began moving up the bed, straddling his chest. “Make me cum again,” she demanded, kneeling up and pulling his head to her pussy. Rick began to lick her lips and suck them into his mouth, tasting his own cum as he did so. Tongue began to flick across her clitoris and she started to move her hips back and forth. It wasn’t long before the orgasm started, and as Pamela spasmed she cried out plaintively… “Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…” holding his face in place. Rick kept busy with his tongue, making sure she came long and hard.

She moved to lie on the bed next to him, where they embraced and kissed with the slow gentle passion of the satisified. Hands continued to explore, also slow and soft in their movement, caressing each other and winding down as they did so.

Pamela turned to him, with a questioning look. “What now?” she asked.

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