Chance Meeting


Chance MeetingMy wife and I were out for dinner at a very nice hotel, in our town, where they also had a small musical group providing dancing and dinner music. We were seated at a small table for two, along a center half wall, with about a dozen other two-top tables. Most were occupied by couples having the same dining experience as we were having.At the table next to us was a single, nicely dressed, black business man having dinner alone. He was seated next to me and facing my wife. Kitty, my wife, was wearing a low cut, evening dress, high heels and had her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She looked great and I told her so several time during dinner. Kitty is a slender woman, about 5 ft 5 inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds. She has naturally red hair (collar and cuffs) and has very nice C cup breast that were showing very prominently. I noticed that she kept glancing at the man next to us and smiling, but thought nothing of it until he spoke. Yes, he said, you truly are a beautiful woman. He said this in response to me telling her how good she looked.Well that started a conversation between he and us that told us his name was Derek, he was from out of town on business, was staying at the hotel and would be in town for another three days. We explained to him that we were from close by and that we liked coming here to eat and dance. Derek told us one of the reasons he stayed here when he was in town was that he liked the food but also enjoyed the music and watching the couples dance. He said he too loved to dance and wished his wife was here to share it with him. To this Kitty said that if he wanted to, she would be happy to dance a few dances with him, if I didn?t mind. I said I didn?t and he thanked her for the offer.Because I was sitting next to him I had to turn my head in his direction to look at him. It seemed like every time I did look his way he was staring at Kitty?s breast and smiling. I could tell she noticed this because she too was smiling and even blushed a little.Once we had finished dinner, Kitty and I danced a few dances together then returned to the table. Without sitting down she asked Derek if he was ready to dance. He said he would love to and away they went. To my surprise, they must have been on the dance floor for over half and hour. They danced to rock music, ballads and slow, sexy songs and seemed to behaving a great time talking and dancing. I did notice they held each other quite closely during the slow dances. When they did return to the table, Derek said he needed to call home and left.As soon as he was gone, Kitty asked me if I had seen what he did. I said no I had not noticed anything unusual, other than they were dancing kind of close. She said that while they were dancing lotusbet güvenilirmi she noticed he was really excited and his erection was showing through his pants and pressing against her. At one point he caught her looking down at his excitement and asked her if she had this affect on all of her dance partners. She said she played dumb and didn?t know what he was talking about. He then took her hand and placed it on his very hard penis. I asked her what she did and she said she was so shocked she just held on to it, squeezed it a little and said, oh my god is that big, then caught herself and said they should go sit down.Now Kitty has had intercourse with only two men in her life, me and her first husband. She admitted to fooling around with a few other guys, but never went all the way, until she was married. She said she had masturbated several boy friends and loved to give them blow jobs, but never had intercourse. She even admitted to blowing the husband of a woman she worked for, as a nanny, while in college. But she was totally shocked at how big and hard Derek had gotten while they danced. k**dingly, I asked her if she wanted to fuck him and her answer was, to my surprise, she thought she did. She said he really had her turned on and excited about having his big cock in her hands, mouth and in her pussy. But she was sure I?d never go along with it and he probably would not go along, even if I said ok. I told her, it was ok with me and if she was ever going to do it, now was probably the time, since it came out of the blue and she had no time to think of all the reasons she should not enjoy herself and fuck him.When Derek came back to the table, Kitty excused herself and went to the ladies room. As she was leaving she gave me that look that said I should talk to him about it, So, I did. I told him that Kitty had told me about what had happened on the dance floor and how shocked and surprised she had been. He apologized and said he kind of lost it and was ashamed. He asked me not to make a scene here in the dinning room and that he would leave and he stood up to go. Once I told him she liked it and wanted to go back to his room with him, he sat back down and said I must be k**ding. It was at this point that Kitty returned.I told Kitty what we had talked about and that Derek had not committed to the plan one way or the other. He immediately said he would love to do it if we were serious. Kitty said she had never even entertained the idea of doing something like this before but was ready to try it. So we paid our checks, gathered our belongings and went to Derek?s room.Once in the elevator Kitty caught my attention and motioned to the huge bulge in Derek?s pants. He was trying to hide lotusbet yeni giriş it but it was very obvious. In the room he asked how we should do this. And Kitty, again to my surprise, immediately walked over to him and unzipped him, took off his belt, pulled down his pants and dropped to her knees right in front of him. She then pulled down his underwear and became face to face with the biggest, blackest, hardest cock I had ever seen. All she could say was, oh my god, look at the size of that cock. And she started licking and sucking him like I had never seen her do before. She could not get enough of his cock. She sucked and licked and stroked him and kept saying how huge it was and how hard it kept getting. She even said she doubted that she could take it all, without being torn apart. All the while she was trying to get out of her own clothing. Derek and I both helped her get naked and then she led him over to the king sized bed and pushed him onto his back. She immediately climbed on top of him and started rubbing his cock on her breasts and then on her very wet pussy. He started playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples and she was going wild. Her moans and groans were louder and more intense than I can ever remember and she kept telling him he had to fuck her now. They both fumbled around a bit trying to get his massive cock into her very tight pussy, but eventually she became so wet that the head of his cock started to slide into her. He was also very thick and she yelled out in pain at first but when he started to withdraw she stopped him, shook her head no and said to try and go deeper. He was on his back and she was riding his cock like a porn star. She would push herself down onto his cock and then raise up a bit and cry out in pain but would not let him withdraw. Each time she pushed down on his cock it went in a little deeper, until all that was showing were his balls. At this point she stopped moving and laid down on his chest. She began slowly gyrating her hips up and down on his cock until she finally sat up and started raising herself up and down, moving faster and faster each time. He even stopped worrying about hurting her and started thrusting himself up into her pussy with each movement of hers. They finally got into a rhythm and she went even wilder. With each thrust of his, she would slam herself down onto his cock and yell out in a combination of pain and ecstasy. All the while he was pulling on and pinching her very hard and erect nipples, which made her even more excited. She then reached back and grabbed his balls and started squeezing them. To this he yelled out how fantastic this all felt and that she was by far the best fuck he ever had. She responded lotusbet giriş by telling him how good his big cock felt inside her and not to stop?.. Not to ever stop. She even told him not to even think of cuming for quite a while. She must have had three or four very intense orgasms and many smaller ones, because her screams intensified and then subsided several times.He must have had quite a bit of self control because the furious fucking continued for about half and hour, non-stop. The moans and groans coming from each of them must have been heard by most of the patrons of the hotel. Then he started moaning and said he was about to come. She told him to hold off and jumped off his cock, grabbed it with both hands and started pumping it up and down. It was not more that 30 seconds and he yelled that he could not hold off any longer and was coming. He instantly let go with a spurt of cum that hit her square in the face. She immediately jammed his cock into her mouth and started sucking, as he pumped more cum into her mouth. When her mouth was full and she could not swallow it fast enough, she took him out of her mouth and directed his cum onto her face and breasts. Then, when he was completely empty and his spasms had stopped she rubbed his cum all over her face, chest and stomach. She even scooped some up and rubbed it on her pussy while she fingered her clit. We both watched as she masturbated herself, cuming to a massive orgasm within a few minutes. She then collapsed onto the bed, face down, and looked up at me. All she said was WOW, WOW, WOW. THAT WAS FANTASTIC. Can we do that again?Derek looked at me in disbelief and started laughing. His laugh was contagious and we all started laughing with him. We must have laughed for a while because we all had tears in our eyes before we were through. She then picked up all her clothing and went into the bathroom. When she came out she was completely cleaned up, fully dressed and said it was time to go. She walked over to Derek, who was still totally naked, on his back, on the bed and said good bye. She kissed him lightly on the lips, kissed his now very limp, but still very big cock and headed for the door. I said good bye to Derek also, shook my head in disbelief and followed her out. I did not kiss him or his cock.All the way home, all she could say was how she could not believe what she had just done. She said she had a great time, did not regret it, but that she could not believe she had actually done it. When we got home we went into our bedroom and just looked at each other, WHAT?? She said. You know WHAT, I said and then she walked over to me and unzipped me, took off my belt, pulled down my pants and dropped to her knees right in front of me. She then pulled down my underwear and became face to face with my very hard, very white, 6-1/2? cock. She then replayed the exact scene with me that she had done with Derek. I do not know where she found the energy, but the night?s events had temporarily turned her into a raging nymphomaniac. And I loved it.

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