Changing Things Up


Lukas woke up on a Sunday morning by the light shining directly on his face and birds chirping in one of the trees outside his window. He was just about to get up and close the blinds when he remembered that they were still laying on the ground in front of the window, waiting to be put up after his recent move. He looked to his left and right if there was a spot on the bed that still had a little shade, but most of that space was taken up by his still-sleeping girlfriend, Kathrin. It was her idea to move into a bigger apartment, after he had graduated from his master’s program in business and she would continue with the last stretch of her law degree. Typical for her, Lukas thought, he was sure, she knew exactly which side of the queen size bed would allow for better protection from the sun and chose accordingly. She made most of the decision in their relationship, and Lukas was usually happy to go along with it. He felt it was one of the reasons, why they had been together ever since they got paired up in the dance class his parents had him enroll in when he was 16 to learn the basics of Standard and Latin dances.

He enjoyed the dancing as it gave him a nice workout which he had been missing after a sudden growth spurt cut his previous ambitions in gymnastics, well, short. With almost 6’3, he had grown too tall to really be competitive and his coach told him about as much. He was still free to join the training, but seeing his former team mates succeed in ever more complicated routines on the floor and various apparatus’, wasn’t as much fun. He soon took a liking to dancing and together with his partner and soon girlfriend, they became quite the pair at. They made a good wonderful couple, him being almost 1,5 heads taller, with broad shoulders and a lean built from his days as a gymnast and her slender body fitting perfectly onto his in the various figures they were required to perform in their routines. Lukas knew that dancing wasn’t seen as the most masculine of sports, but he was used to the ribbing from some of the boys on the soccer team who were convinced that only “fags” would willingly choose that discipline. But it was Lukas who had the last laugh when he watched those same guys stumble around a few years later in the preparatory classes for the graduation ball, which he and Kathrin taught so there would be no major embarrassments on the dance floor later. He knew a lot of the girls were envious of his girlfriend for having such a smooth partner and even the guys had to begrudgingly admit the chemistry happening when they were on the floor.

But graduation was now almost seven years ago and while they at first wanted to continue dancing even when they decided to move-in together when they started university together, Kathrin’s schedule didn’t really şişli bayan escort allow much time for that. She was dead set on being on top of her class in every exam, which made for a lot of hours pouring over books in the library and at home. Lukas, while being far from a slacker himself, still tried to take it more easy in his studies, leaving room for friends, parties, working-out, and, as it turned out, most of the chores at home that Kathrin was too busy for. He didn’t mind his girlfriend calling the shots in their relationship. He adored her and their sex life never suffered too much under the stress of their studies, regular date nights and holidays made for a fulfilling relationship for both of them, and he felt no pangs of envy when he saw his guy friends’ attempts at flirting in bars and clubs or online. Why would he look for unfulfilling one-night stands when he had something real at home? He gently kissed her shoulder and up her neck, but she sleepily grunted and turned away, mumbling she would prefer to sleep for a few more minutes.

So Lukas got up by himself, standing up to stretch swinging his long legs from the bed and move to the front of the bed to do some stretching. He thought he would probably look quite appealing, his body drenched in sunlight, wearing just some tight white CK boxer briefs bulging both in the front and the back. Yes, he was quite happy with his body, all the years of competitive sport and later working out at the gym had given him broad shoulders, strong biceps chest and abs leading down to thick and thighs sculpted calves ending in size 13 feet. As a (former) dancer, he knew his ass had to look good in tight pants, so he had worked hard on it and was happy with the “bubbly” result that he maintained through squats and other body weight exercises. He was no bodybuilder, although he had given it a passing thought to go competitive when he saw that dancing would not go on and he felt a little lost, but his girlfriend preferred him lean, adding that he would ridiculous in those tiny posing briefs anyway, what with the thick almost 7.5 inches he had going on in the front. He was a shower, not a grower, and always had been. The growth spurt that would end his gymnastics dreams seemed to have been signalized by his junk, that grew to its present size around age 15 already, much to his team mates’ amazement and his embarrassment at the uproar caused by him dropping his pants to go shower. He soon got over the embarrassment, though, there were worse things to be known for than to have a long, thick, dick.

All this covered in a light mat of fur, which was the one thing his girlfriend never got him to completely get rid of, no matter her begging. Sure, he kept his balls smooth and his pubes trimmed for the rare cases that şişli escort she was in a mood to go down on him (which was not often, but also not never). He had thought about keeping his ass smooth, too, but found it to not be so easy to do it by himself with an electric razor and not wanting to use wax or ask Kathrin for help, who never responded well to any talk of butt stuff, no matter her or his butt. And his ass wasn’t thaat hairy, Lukas found when he checked himself out in the mirror of the gym once in a while when he was alone after an early morning workout. He even spread his cheeks to check if the light hair around his, to his wonder, very pink hole, had suddenly grown into a forest, but he liked what he saw, as much as a straight guy could say that of his own anus.

After his stretching, he did some squats and push-ups, just enough to get a light sheen from sweat, in case Kathrin did want to watch him, but she kept her head under a pillow, trying to drown out the sun, the birds, and his light panting from the exercise. Lukas continued his morning routine by going to the bathroom, emptying his full bladder in a steady stream into the bowl, making sure to wipe up any stray droplets with some paper and flushing it all down. He told his girlfriend he would, of course, sit down to pee at home, but he figured there was a reason for guys to be able to relieve themselves standing upright, so who was he to go against nature? He let the shower run warm and checked himself in the mirror. No trim was required, yet, so he just let his hands run over his body checking for dry skin, which he hated. But everything was as smooth and supple as he liked it, the lotion he bought since his teenage years still working even at his now 26 years.

His dick was at a lazy half-chub after the piss and Lukas was unsure if he should jack off under the shower or hope for some fun with his girlfriend later. Sure, even if he shot a load now, he would be ready to go again, if not quite as fast as a couple years ago, but it would only take a few minutes and some coaxing. But knowing his girlfriend, even those few minutes might end up outside the window of her willingness to have some fun, so he might better not risk it. While he was contemplating, his hand had absentmindedly found their way to his chest and the light-brown nipples protruding from the wide areolas. He knew, twisting them was sure make his dick jump, his girlfriend’s favorite “party trick” although she luckily never really tried to show it off at an actual party. Lukas thought it bad enough that apparently she had told some of her girl friends about it who must have told their boyfriends, because for a while at school, guys loved to greet him with a quick and intense twist of one or two of his nipples, making him wince, mecidiyeköy escort and worse, pump some blood to his nether regions.

That novelty wore off after a while, when they realized that the “jump” his junk was supposed to make would really only be noticeable when Lukas was naked and had his dick hanging out, but not when it was encased in underwear and pants. One guy did tease him like that after practice once, under the showers, but when Lukas’ dick actually did the little jump from the twist and started to rise up, the team mate blushed more then he was laughing, actually staring maybe a bit too long at the impressive manhood he had caused to grow toward him. That, in turn, had actually made Lukas laugh, as he had by then grown “into his size” and had no real problem with people eying it. Pros of being a grower is that it’s really what you see is what you get.

He decided against further teasing and just went into the shower, scrubbing the sleep and sweat off his body, parting his cheeks to let some colder air hit his rosebud, a feeling he had found to be quite nice, not that he would tell anyone. His self-explorations never went much further than that, though, he knew his girlfriend would never get near it and in case he did like the feeling, he didn’t want to have to pressure her into it. Or so he told himself. When he was all clean, he wrapped a fresh towel around his waist and walked through the living room towards the balcony that already got some sun. The balcony was one of the main selling points of the apartment, big enough to actually put a whole sun lounger on it. Lukas though he could work on his tan a bit, he had noticed his tan lines growing weaker and figured, since it was 7am on a Sunday and his neighbors seemed to mostly consist of students and other young people, he could just lay in the sun for a bit, covering only the most private parts with the towel.

Lukas put in his air pods and some relaxing music and opened the balcony door to step onto the warm tiles heated up by the first beams. Lukas took the sun lotion that he kept in one of the still empty flower pots and started to put some on. The towel he wore was quite short and reached just around his waist, leaving a slit at the right side, almost like a loin cloth, but Lukas thought himself alone, so he didn’t much care about that. After he had applied the lotion, he undid his towel at the side, careful to keep his front covered, but leaving his ass bare for a few seconds until he settled down on the lounger, the towel covering only a small stripe of his body. He had just settled in and felt the hot sun on his hydrated skin when he heard a stifled laughter over his music coming from the balcony to his right. Shocked, he jumped up, making his towel fall to the ground, exposing him even more to his neighbors and eliciting a small gasp and further laughter.

He quickly bent to pick up his towel, quickly tying it back around his waist and turning to see who it was that he gave the involuntary peep show to…

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