Chap. II – Bio love – “All petticoats

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Chap. II – Bio love – “All petticoatsChap. II – Bio love – “All petticoatsCinquanteNerf Bio— Part II —Other stories http://bisoumidomi.unblog.frAfter my first experience with Mireille who had perfect my education in the field of lovemaking, I began to assiduously courting the girls my age. I soon realized that there was now a gap between their desires, their desires of young girls and what I expected of them myself. But what I want you cracking up for an almost infinite number of faces, pairs of buttocks also.More …Men are often characterized by a disproportionate ego, and in terms of female conquests they tend to idealize. Ultimately when it comes to women men have known all that gorgeous girls to flawless plastic, the ideal waist.This is not my case, I do not idealize my conquests, I met some lovely girls, but I’ve known girls who were less fortunate or whose plastic was poor and had some packages of extra pounds. But for me it does not matter, what matters is the desire to take and give pleasure.The beauty of plastic are certainly more often, but ultimately I made often much more fun with girls say common, while I got bored with beautiful little girls. I remain deeply convinced that a pretty girl, knows she has some advantages, a girl less blessed by nature often offset by more daring, and sometimes they are so eager to please they access all of our requests here or pretty girls refuse.For me there is not beautiful or less beautiful girls, some girls who really love the game of love without taboo, others bend to it because it can not do otherwise but in go well. Strangely in the latter category we find a high proportion of pretty women. I often jokingly my type of woman is “the one who said yes.”When I look back on my years I can not understand what might attract a woman home. I am not physically, at least I do not think the masculine ideal of the ladies. Maybe it’s a matter of persuasion, it is true that I can quite easily by the discussion to explain things, has often debunk. This is the key here? I honestly do not know. Especially if we made a quick tour I had lovers whose age ranged from 18 to 60 years, women from all backgrounds, of different races and social status very different then what? How? Why? This is truly a mystery. Do except those which were to me for an hour or overnight in parts of said fine.Consider also the question of how many of my conquests. While women accounted truly my hands enough to count them. By cons to know how many women I held in my arms, then I am unable to give a figure, if I attempt an estimate I would say including the mistresses of a time well over 100. This is not a glory, I do not talk too much and ultimately then why bother? The observation is nevertheless fun.All the time I spent in my studies, all this time was punctuated by encounters with some girls that I still remember.Of course the first one I won, because Mireille had chosen me and chewed me.Fabienne, very tiny little dark skin, black hair and deep brown eyes, your pretty eyes flecked with gold. Breasts she had none. Despite my hours of practice with Mireille, I must say that the moment I was finally alone with Fabienne was exquisite. My heart was pounding. For some time we were together and we had already exhausted the record of kissing, fondling naughty sometimes more than we had reached a more recovery on the verge of ecstasy by our caresses but never before have we taken the plunge.This Saturday there in his room, absent parents, Fabienne was as hot embers, I had felt the first kiss. Usually she would not let me pet her only through her blouse, and she just slid my hand through the notch. It’s a delight to feel the warm skin and thrilling that it craves. And then I felt his heart beating in my hand.When I closed my fingers over her nipple she let her head fall back and gave a little groan, his hand did not remain inactive and it slipped into the waistband of my pants. She never had dared. Our mouths were eating, our hands were discovering the nooks formerly forbidden. My cock was erect, his hands touched me, this had the effect of electric shock and my cock hardened even more.She looked at me lovingly, we dared not speak. I began to undo the buttons of the blouse, I expected a moment’s notice to a veto. But nothing came impede my progress, the worse it was going up my shirt to take it away. The blouse was a memory, her little black bra is unhooked it and who shamelessly threw to the ground.We were both shirtless, now kneeling on her bed. I stroked her shoulders while our mouths were welding again. I was surprised by the softness of her hands on my back and my chest and especially the effect it produced in me. I let my lips down her neck, she let him, kiss and then I covered the space between her small breasts before laying kiss on the spikes tightened.We stared, a fire was burning in her eyes, obviously we had passed the point of no return, we could not stop there. She was beginning undo my belt and I had rolled up her little skirt, kneading her buttocks for a moment before sliding my fingers under the elastic of her panties. Under my fingers I could feel her fleece and down below the wound moist with her pussy, my finger down into the slot and wetness gave way to moisture.Fabienne as I was in a state of intense excitement. I wondered if I could not squirt before arriving in port. And I almost well from when she finally lowered my pants and my briefs letting my cock jump. She did not hesitate and took me in his hand and gently she slid my cock décalottant has inflated this time I thought I was leaving, I felt a drop up and down my rod and beading at the end of acorn. Within moments we were naked.Fabienne was lying, kneeling beside her I caressed her body, she has continued massaging my cock gently. My fingers took hold of her wet pussy, she opened her thighs leaving me to work my way. My time spent with Mireille and his advice was useful, gently with my thumbs I pushed open the outer lips and pink wet furrow of her sex, and he was wet, shiny, shiny. I spread the lips to see the little button that sat at the junctions. Fabienne shuddered and uttered little moans very exciting to As my exploration. I leaned my lips touched his cock she gave a little cry, she felt good, it was peppery, pungent smell I loved her. My tongue began to explore her sex, this time began to moan Fabienne his hands were resting on my head accompanying my movements, it was really wet, even soaked and I added my saliva to its dew. Her clitoris was swollen and protruded more and more, the tip of my tongue annoyed him pulling Fabienne cries more and more pronounced. My cock ached stretched and rubbed against the sheet. She was suddenly much more humid while rolling her hips. She pulled me on the head now and said that one word “Come”. I placed myself between her thighs, my cock hard against her soaking wet pussy. She embraced me and looked at me lovingly. My sex stumbled, Fabienne had never known a man before me, reminding me of advice I was Mireille as gently as possible. My hands hemmed her face, I pushed slowly. His eyes wide open was an invitation to move forward. She screamed and I felt my cock penetrating her, he was burning and throbbing around my stiff cock. Fabienne had closed his eyes. She crossed her legs around my back and I started to come and go him withdrawing squeaks. His fingers tightened on my back, her nails were then plowed me. His cock was narrow and I felt riding my pleasure, I slowed down the movement, but I penetrated deeper into her Now I slip into a jacket soaked and burning, I felt the contractions on my sex massage in adding their comings and goings. I could not stop myself I was going to retire when she pressed her thighs and in one breath I said “no rest” these words were the signal and I giclais in his belly that was bewildered. At this age, needless to say that reservations are important and I literally emptied it into her mouth while taking in one of the most passionate kiss. By removing myself I noticed that my sex was somewhat reddened, Fabienne was a virgin she had never hidden. And she enjoyed it for this first time what is in fact very rare, I think she owes to the lessons of my first mistress. artemisbet yeni giriş And it’s really filled it came to snuggle in my arms. These moments I will not forget, I have never forgotten and I am surprised myself by making this effort of memory to write these moments spent, the sharpness of the facts.I admit I had fun with Fabienne, but comparison with what I had experienced with my Mireille initiator has given it a big advantage. It is therefore a little disappointed in the end I ressortais this embrace.I thought being in love and that Fabienne is the woman of my life .. I realized a couple of months later that it would not be the case. I flashed on another kitten and she on another guy.I had some great adventures and misadventures see, as this rather chubby blond whose name I forget that one night out of the box had decided to make a real pipe, like a large. Ensconced in my first car by the way, the beautiful tail gobais me with some art I must say, sucking me licking my glans, showing me very deeply into his mouth, while I was kneading her breasts to a hand. I like to have fun but I do not like my partners to be unpleasantly surprised and feeling come the conclusion of this pipe very pleasant I tried to prevent it by his head away so it does not take all the rain without warning station. At that moment she looked up and has continued unabated pumping me, so I left and do what had to happen happened, I giclais not in his mouth but literally in his throat because of the beautiful up there I swallowed my heart completely. It must be said in his defense that we had drunk a lot, probably because of his behavior .. kamikaze But it was brief and violent .. I had just finished emptying her shudder as I was emptying the stomach of my pants .. The warm feeling for the less interesting .. was still marred by the smell and mess on the seat of the car .. Shame but it was probably the last time I had the pleasure of having fun with it.Sometimes it was me who hit me a nameless shame .. an evening party I had plugged a beautiful brunette, has very distinctive bronzed wish, fearless superb small firm tits in a bikini casting, not the least underwear on this side .. I quickly saw that there was not anything under her skirt. Again the whiskey sank afloat and I had full you must admit, Karine also, I remember his first name because we made a few months together. This was our first time she was not glorious but threw no shadow on the following. I always preferred the three piece suit to jeans / basketball .. And I was used to tie this outfit .. that does not displease women far from it .. ca please the casual but chic look a little is probably more reassuring and it sticks in my physical done. Karine had so cracked and big girl she felt that the rollings of shovel and other appetizers is not sufficient to calm us down .. As much as me it felt like a little sport ..Hand in hand we éclipsons to the empty parking lot, my car is where we designed a more cushions R16 TS at the time it was pretty good .. In less time than it takes to say Karine is on the bench the whole skirt up her mound shaved at my disposal, my pants around their ankles history of being at ease .. a session licks puts it in all its forms .. Alcohol helping our inhibitions were largely fallen .. it is true that for my part I have never had much. I decided it was time to get into the thick of it .. and there can not drag me into it, ca resist, I push myself to make fart tail, nothing works. The beautiful under the influence of scotch Just Fun lets himself go gracefully .. pushing a few groans and grabbing me by the neck .. After several tries I finally have a presence of mind to take a look and there I see my tie firmly planted in her pussy, I was trying to return my tie as a hood .. I removed the object of crime that had delicious wet spot and a wonderful smell .. after .. And I could finally eat little Karine … and I must say that despite this mishap she was thrilled with this first assault, implying that I had rarely got it off like that .. Obviously the guys who try to put on a tie in their girlfriend .. this is rare .. Yet I had donned strange things here .. but here it is for later.Finished their studies and found all the job become easier, there is one independent in his salary, even though it is still a bit in the parents we are free to go where you want and flutter with the girls .. This avoids embarrassing situations .. I very rarely brought a girlfriend at home in all and all for only 2 .. my ex wife and current wife that does little for the number of women consumed. Embarrassing situations I have known yet like the time, she will forgive me do not remember his first name I had on me and well set in his little girl over a hole that was raging round, a who loved to hear real fury of insults, I admit that this kind of game I’ve always liked but I had some harder than others. She then rode back to me, sitting really well impaled on my cock, I held her by the hair pulling his head back and called her a whore and a slut when of a sudden she screams and freezes .. Given the size of my partner I did not see anything and I said “So stir your ass slut” and I heard a cold voice declare, “No it will stop immediately returned mom” I never disbanded as fast I think .. I’ll spare you the soap, and all the fuss .. we were therefore major nothing major but it’s downright rude.I was not 20 years but I liked a lot older women and I made the conquest of a lot of married women, usually 10 or 15 years older, sometimes much more, since one of my victories were 35 years older than me. I do not regret at all these choices, we never proposed marriage, I did not feel compelled stuck to the code of conduct with a girl .. These women had only one desire, kiss, have fun with a younger guy .. I wanted only to have fun and not get involved in things sustainable. Everyone was happy .. The advantage was that I changed partner almost every day .. Do not think it was 7/7, 365 days a year .. I happened to pass evenings alone .. or with friends. But I must admit that several years running were very satisfied.One of my conquests say mature, so had 56 years, beautiful and very beautiful woman who took care of his body almost sickly. I met her through my sports activities, bank manager her husband had been wanting to do the shooting and that was part of the club which I was secretary. She had attended a bet of rejoicing that we had the secret, skewers, barbecue and especially a ball. Frankly Monique see happen (do not laugh not) in suits, high heels to come and share our merguez (not this one yet ..) was the highest comedy. She was incredibly kind, and we were to care for her little above me .. I could not tell if it was really blonde or brown with the view of all colors and as her pussy was completely hairless I would be unable to say .. it can be had gray hair, but even I probably never saw one. It’s prom night, or set in motion (so to speak). She came with her husband, the club’s annual fiesta prom labor intensive and I participated as an organizer. But once the party started we had our moments of calm .. Monique and I must admit that I turned it around for a while now, I felt that she appreciated the bit of course I did. I invited him to dance, she accepted with good grace, smiling. A slow or I never would have tried the invitation is about as good a dancer as a grizzly. And there .. after barely a minute I knew I would close in bed with her at one time or another. She pressed herself against me, entwined without worrying about her husband who I must say so himself did not care either saw nothing, I realized after he did not care because it valued more young men .. (Something I could not understand was this time ..). One thing is sure Monique was overlaid against me, I felt her breasts against my chest, her stomach rubbed against mine and of course I do not know **** r in res that I put a bandage like a deer. She felt that obviously I was not indifferent. We were playing against cheek when she whispered “I feel that I please you,” I whispered, “Yes and I would have a hard time hiding it.” She whispered, “I’m going to the toilet outside joined me.”I made myself artemisbet giriş do not pray, and I slipped back to my conquest. I repérais not far from the toilet, huge pantry in this hobby we all had to find a quiet place. An empty room with a small office in the middle we held out his arms in the darkness. She took my hands I took her by the size it was very thin, and without a word she let him kiss her, a deep kiss her mouth tasted sweet and fruity. After a moment she looked at me and said “you know how old I am? Here bother you? “I pressed against her, my cock was still hard. “You feel like it bothers me” She laughs a good heart, I began to slide my hand under her skirt “Not here, I prefer my comfort to my age, you are such a hurry? “And laying his hand on my bump she added,” I can not leave you like that it’s on .. “She opened my pants and released my cock gliding along me took me in her mouth. She was pumping like crazy, not to get rid of the chore, but it was his way of doing, she always looking up at me savoring each of my facial expressions watching for the moment or I would leave. What was not long and far from saving me finish or hand she looked at me open-mouthed my cock on her tongue and made me enjoy it while I watched. Keeping everything in his mouth, licking his lips .. She swallowed my juice with pleasure. Then she got up and came to lay a kiss on my mouth that first introduced me to the taste of cum. She left me and gave me such a return in the weeks that followed.Revenues in the room, the party continued in full swing, I was dancing again with her and delight in the promise of seeing her accomplice and a hug more than stealth. I remember clearly that between the ball and our first appointment the wait was long. I really fell for this woman. His age was not embarrassing for me, I clung’s my feeling, I wanted her, she was attractive, a bit mysterious, plastic its much younger girls were the envy. I could tell a woman can and can boast of such a body at that age. Monique was tall, thin waist, breasts were firm with studs has to be damned, I still have a weakness for dark nipples, long and thick. Monique I regaled his huge spikes was always very sensitive hard, grainy and dark skin. She was not satisfied with caresses cutesy, she loved manly manipulation, be driven by worshiping nipples feel pinched or crushed or see some buffs. Monique was one of this kind of operation successfully implemented, leading to orgasm. I would pass on our first date that he was hot was not less than classic. We spent the afternoon and evening making love in the apartment, on the bed, the table on the floor I left exhausted. She said “you should get together sometime soon how you eat me pussy is truly divine, but you’re a little shy” I was looking for what I was shy … a little young cunt and the big head I thought I fucked like a god when I had a lot to learn even if I was doing pretty well.It was during my second appointment with Monique I known things that later I’d discover a lot of partners, more curious than others.Monique’s husband was away and we all had fun during the weekend for us, I learned this news with enthusiasm, I really had a soft spot for this beautiful woman. Do not think that our relationship was limited to only parts of legs in the air even though our meetings invariably ended well anyway, we had more leisure. Monique and loved to show with me in town, meet friends, she had no shame, and provocative. I do not count the number of times she introduced me to her friends as downright her lover, she was often praised me, advising to take a young lover. I never took the opportunity to be unfaithful to him, yet countless times her friends are trying to spend time with me. Some have been to my taste but I respected her too much for him to do that. I have long questioned my feelings for her, it was not neutral, but we had lucidity enough to know that the age difference anyway we imposed a short relationship. She was honest and had left me free to have other women in my life, girls your age had she said. But at least in the early months of our relationship I would rather devote myself totally to it. I still think I was a little in love with her and I did not need other than his caresses.So we had a whole weekend to us .. We had dinner at a restaurant. Monique was tasty and loved the good things of the table and sex, I learned a lot in these two areas with it. But she told me to come in early in the afternoon of Saturday …She came to open the door of his apartment and undressed. Black and diaphanous he hid nothing from his body he showed off. Without fear of being seen she remained in the doorway, swaying her hips. “Do you like it? “And then looking down to my cock which was already holding my pants, she shook her head came up to me and took her hand in drawing me into the apartment.Just came I took her in my arms, I plaquais against the wall and we exchange a long kiss while my hands caressed her.Monique was one of those women who loved words raw, she liked to be spoken during lovemaking. At first I had a little trouble with that but I realized quickly that it excited me too.I felt his hands febrile remove my belt, my pants and rejoined the floor. With a little effort, because AC does not come naturally, I always told him “Suck me bitch” I saw the spark of fun in his blue eyes. Open mouth, trembling, she glided along to snap me my hard cock. It was a delight she sucked in a unique way, by coming up fairly violent quickly, taking me deep down her throat.I am not an ass, I have a sex medium 13 or 14 cm thick enough any more. No partner is no complaint of too little .. sometimes some of them made a face when I borrowed the service entrance. Two women I have been a problem, a beautiful Eurasian whose pussy was tight as hell and I preferred to take her from behind and my little Camille shrank so much that we were problems at first, but I would talk to her more later if I have the courage.Monique was pumping me kneeling in the hallway, I had removed my clothes that were now loose on the chair conveniently present. I now want something else, and I did not want cum in her mouth what would have happened if it had continued at that pace for another minute. I was reporting, I removed the thumb and any saliva glistening on her lips, before pulling it toward the chamber. She fell back on the bed, after removing her negligee. Taking her ankles I pushed her thighs wide, her pussy without any hair, with its small dark lips that greatly exceeded the already great all shiny. “You kind of slut is wet” She looked at me intensely with both hands she spread the labia open pussy big. Her button was prepared and clearly visible, shiny and swollen already. “Eat me baby, make me scream” Monique became excited once coarse, profane when it was the same courtesy in everyday life. It is true that the pipe she had told me it had the effect, it was this breed of woman who takes really enjoy certain acts, oral sex and put it in all its forms. Often when she had me pumped thoroughly and swallowed all my sperm was sufficient for a few caresses it reaches orgasm in turn. She loved my mother, she said that no man ever gave him much pleasure in this way (here I think because I’m often told after). She often called me my “velvet tongue”.I knelt between her thighs, and I began to lick the button, he was tense, swollen engorged with blood, totally scalped like a little acorn. She began to undulating hips, throwing the pelvis forward burying my face in her pussy gaping. Monique uttered long moans interspersed with cries. I slipped two fingers into her pussy instantly tensed on this entry. She sat up on his elbows looking at me and said “Drives me your hand!” I had never practiced this stuff and I must say that in this time it was rare to see in a magazine or a movie. . the fist did not have the notoriety that in these days. I had to look silly, because it got mad a little bit .. “But if! gonna try it .. “I was afraid of hurting her but obviously my two fingers were off .. I examined her vagina throbbing, she wetting the more, the juice becomes thicker less transparent. I took a real pleasure to dig the well, I added a third finger artemisbet güvenilirmi that found its way smoothly. The more I pistonnais more it opened. I continued to cram more and harder, she straightened straightened up to see what I did. “Beat her cherished me, burst me,” she cried. A fourth finger had joined the trio .. With my thumb I massaged her clit while I pistonnais 4 fingers of my beam. I was more excited. My cock was so tense that I was completely scalped, my glans rubbing against the sheets I had great difficulty not to splash out. “Your hand sinks there’ll be all thy hand” she cried. I folded my thumb in my palm and I continued af *** er her cunt slime. She wet a lot fortunately if this penetration caused him much suffering. I dared not really f *** er I took advantage of spasms to earn a few millimeters. She moaned and writhed in pleasure not pain, but this time it was hard to do things in perspective .. She obviously impatient, putting himself at one point she sat almost grabbed my wrist and made a sharp blow to penetrate my hand full with a cry of b**st. The sensation was incredible. My hand was enclosed in the muscles of her sex quivering. I was now almost closed fist. Monique was in a trance, his eyes returned she enjoyed. My hand was really compressed, relaxed pace of pleasure that came in waves of increasingly strong. Her anus was also the game, he opened spas modestly over the contractions. It flooded the bed. We just wet it but thought I was doing penetration pee (I later learned that it’s not quite true). I wanted more .. I had stayed intercourse, while in the action but now I was too excited … “Enjoy bitch, there’ll cry, I’ll splash out on it” I was kneeling beside her my hand down deep into her. But I brought it anyway .. She sat up clutching my cock tense and draws me to it .. “Come and enjoy in my mouth filled my mouth” And a few will return it makes me cum on her tongue, mouth wide open, I see the spray flowing down her throat, spattered her lips, her cheeks even her hair .. I feel her pussy that opens more and I withdraw my hand she screams while a urine stream crashes into the ground .. His cock is wide open, the cervix is ??clearly visible, and a thick milky nectar flows slowly towards her anus, my hand is covered in my wrist wears a bracelet sparkling white .. Monique is swimming, it draws me to her and kisses me, his mouth still full of sperm. She was already doing on our first taste amorous exchange but there is something else, and far from being disgusted I am excited and I let myself be licking his cheeks, his lips to collect my own seed. I am surprised, but I liked This might explain things .. predisposition may be .. but I’ve never been reluctant to taste my cum on a mouth, sex, fingers or anus.In one night, I had two things that I had not yet arrived, the fist and it made me discover that I always enjoy, share taste semen also was a new experience. Regarding the fist Monique also introduced me to anal fisting, she loved much. It was one of our preferred practices in early years than our relationship lasted. We meet fairly regularly and she did not hesitate to me as soon as it had for a while and I was running. I really loved this woman, I knew it was short-lived but thinking I was probably a little love. I did not make a big effort has to remember his face, his eyes and mouth that made me fail so many times .. Monique was able to suck me non stop for hours .. and she is amused more than once to make me enjoy 3 or 4 times in his mouth before I could break.Monique introduced me but also in an area that a lot of men often refuse. It is this beautiful mature woman who made me aware that a man could have so much fun if we took care of her anus .. Yep .. has the time to touch my asshole to talk bluntly .. but you are now getting … It was not an option for me .. Gradually Monique had accustomed me to let me take a lick, and rise along my balls when she was sucking me, then she returned to the tip of his tongue in my ass .. I struggled at first to accept it especially took pleasure has come and kiss me right after .. She had noticed that I had a slight backward movement which amused him, but I liked his kisses too for refuse.One evening she s’ activated on my tail as often and spent little licks on my ass, I have a hard on like crazy. I felt the tip of his finger caressed my ass. I tried to push his hand, gently .. She brought me a tape and said “Idiot, lets you do trust me, relaxes you .. “It sucked me more beautiful and I felt his finger that revolved around my pad, after a moment I felt pressure and I instinctively shrank. “Let you do you will love my darling I promise” Not really sure I decided to let it come .. ca and if I did not tell him stop. It’s not easy to relax when there is a something unpleasant.The pipe was sublime as always, my cock glistened with saliva, I was very hard on her left hand she held my basic point that my veins stood, my cock was deep red. I felt his finger that revolved around my anus, then slowly she began to rub on, I was making effort not getting me, his finger began to walk round the edge of my little hole. Combined with the sucking my cock, it felt great, then I let myself go, his finger began to penetrate me being born unknown sensations unpleasant not far from there .. She pumped her finger and I was searching, I had the toes curled.After a while I found the anal caress more enjoyable, ultimately feel that finger was search me up the heat .. I had not seen anything yet felt the least in this corner because I find it hard to see. I saw Monique watch me from the corner of the eye with a wealth of greedy pussy. “Is it good? “I replied in a whisper because I was beginning to lose a little walk. “Do not move it’s gonna be even better.” I had no time to react, I felt a second finger join the first, no pain only pleasure was the second intrusion. His fingers began to sink further into me, Monique sucked me more but kept my cock tight and décalottée, fueling my desire by all small and slow movements. While his fingers penetrated me .. Suddenly it was an intense thrill that I traveled, I did not know where she put her fingers she touched but the feeling was violent, but idyllic. My tail was stretched and I felt something go down my rod like I’m going to enjoy but it was slower, calmer. Then I saw a big transparent tasted was forming on my penis, a drop that began running down my cock. Another movement of his fingers even feel, an almost continuous flow being born now. It accentuais his massage, I felt the flow away from the base of my cock, get into the urethra and spill around my glans. I really lost this faith walk, it was almost as if we were in the state of orgasm, but in slow motion. I had shortness of breath that I wanted it lasts and I wanted to cum and to lay all the pressure. Instead she climbed increasingly now flow caused long viscous filaments dripped on my belly ran down along my shaft, spattered fingers of bright eyes that Monique did not lose a crumb of my pleasure. It was hellish ment good. This game lasted a long time, a good half hour. After a time the flow became milky my cock tressautais I was simply restless convulsion. I writhed on the bed literally begging me to finish. What she did instead of me she began sucking a slow downward pull décalottant my penis as ever, bending at the risk of breaking the brake, while supporting her massage .. And it was the explosion, I literally screamed like never orgasm when finally arrived, it’s a gusher of cum that was propelled into the air I was getting anywhere on the face chest, the bed was dotted with spots The wall and the wallpaper had also benefited from my largesse .. I never ejaculated as violently or in as large quantity .. I was unable to move to say a word .. Monique came to lay his lips on my mouth and asked me a slut fingers that had just search me on my lips, I took them in my mouth to suck them without question .. She had just given me my first prostate massage and break down a taboo, my anus could be used .. to have fun.We repeated this game quite often, and Monique introduced me to the male sodomy, making me taste of small vibro massage on the prostate which is a miraculous effect! Try it feels so good.Monique was once a teacher who made me discover a lot of things, and analyzing our relationships, our games I realized quite clearly that she dominated me and I really liked here .. I was not aware but this has probably been important in the future.

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