Chapter 01: Back to the Start


Brett was the typical college freshman. He moved from a smaller town in the state that was about 2 hours away, so a college city was definitely a change of pace but it suited him. He had an athletic physique and loved doing anything outdoors just to keep himself busy. Overall he was the complete package, good looking, friendly, and had the brains to back it all up.

Naturally he always caught the eye of any girl that passed by but he wasn’t afraid to admit he wasn’t interested. Honestly, he was looking forward to hopefully finding someone who was as comfortable with their sexuality and as much he was while in school. His roommate seemed a little apprehensive at first when he told him he was gay, but most people thought nothing of it because he never made a big deal about it. If anything, guys were completely cool and even nicknamed him the “bromo” of the group.

One thing though he managed to keep secret was his longstanding problem with bedwetting. Since middle school, he occasionally wet the bed. Although he tried to keep it hidden from his parents, there were only so many times he could try to wash his sheets without his mother realizing something was up. He went to a doctor as soon as she found out and he said nothing appeared out of the ordinary but simply that “sometimes these thing just happen from stress or other causes”. şişli bayan escort

They tried a few drugs but nothing really seemed to work without causing some other problems. Eventually his mother realized she would have to figure out a different solution. After reading some online forums she discovered that the best option may unfortunately be something like an adult diaper. For the most part people said they worked great for kids and even though it might be a challenge at first, usually the kids realize it’s better than a wet bed or plastic sheets.

One afternoon during her lunch break she decided to go to the pharmacy and after looking through the options she grabbed a pack of Depends and guessed he would probably be a medium. She left the package in his closet hoping he wouldn’t be offended by her suggestion. That night while getting ready for bed Brett noticed the pack in the closet and at first could not believe it! His knew it had to be his mom’s doing and he had never felt so embarrassed… especially that she thought THAT would be okay!

That night he went to bad infuriated and of course woke up the next morning with a complete soaked bed. Getting angry the night before seemed to make things worse than normal and he actually began to regret not using one of the diapers his mom had bought. The second the thought crossed şişli escort his mind he realized how incredibly stupid it would be for him to wear a diaper to bed! For the rest of the week he left the package in his closet and his mom never said anything about it…. thankfully.

That month his bedwetting seemed to be a little more frequent and it was starting to get to him. Finally, one night he woke up around 2 am and quickly realized he was midstream and luckily stopped before it got the bed too wet. After cleaning himself up and getting a new pair of underwear, he spotted the Depends package in the closet. It would be absolutely ridiculous but he knew that if he went to bed he’d probably do it again and he didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

He grabbed the package, fumbled with it, and eventually ripped it open. He grabbed the diaper and just thought to himself how he couldn’t believe he was actually going to put it on. He unfolded it and laid it on the ground and read the instructions. He thought to himself it shouldn’t be that hard since he felt like he’s seen a diaper change a few times in his life. He pulled off his boxers and laid down on the diaper. He was caught off guard by how soft the lining felt on his butt… He pulled the front of the diaper across his crotch, adjusted a little, and figured it felt okay so it must mecidiyeköy escort be on the right way. He put the tapes in place and stood up to look in the mirror at his work.

It looked a little lopsided but he was proud that he was pretty successful for his first time. He thought to himself, it was odd how comfortable it felt to be wearing the diaper and for some reason the crinkle as he got into his bed was arousing. He immediately fell asleep for the first time in days and in the morning, although his diaper was wet, he thought about how nice it was to not have to change his clothes and his sheets. While getting ready for school he took off the wet diaper, wrapped it up, and put it in a grocery bag that he threw in the garbage as he left.

His mom noticed later that afternoon while putting away Brett’s clothes that the Depends package had been opened. She hoped it was finally something that would work for him and took that as a sign he wasn’t angry with her decision. Later that month while shopping, she was the items off her list as she saw “stuff” scribbled at the bottom in someone else’s handwriting. She assumed it had to be Brett’s subtle way of saying he needed more Depends…. She got the same package as before and placed it in his closet, and not seeing the previous case she realized her suspicions were right.

Things continued this way throughout high school and she never thought anything of it. They never directly spoke of the agreement but whenever he needed more he simply said he needed some “stuff” from the store and she knew exactly what he meant.

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