CHAPTER 2 of First Time After Few Year Apart


CHAPTER 2 of First Time After Few Year ApartOk, here I’m to finish the story, I’m sorry I had to quit but here it is.So yes after a long time in the shower and all that great contact we had, between kissing, nibbling, touching, holding tight, sucking, deep throating, leaving hickies on my body, so we got dry and walked to bed, ohh we were all naked and I love seeing him naked he looks so hot!!!so I was on bed on all four and he was going to play with my boypussy, so he started fingering it, my pussy was so tight, that sliding in just was finger was not too easy so he had to work my pussy very well when his finger was in me ohh it was feeling so good, he was moving it like twisting it all around the muscle of my boypussy, then he used two fingers, then three mmmm mmmm until he was using his four fingers, I’m sure with more time we could even tried fisting my ass but that was not the occasion for it, so ohh wow I was moaning, and türbanlı escort feeling so much pleasure, then he used in me a big dildo he bought for me, ( he wanted me to use it the next days and months while he is apart and think about his cock, for sure I did it ) it was the first time we were using that dildo really big I believe it was 8″ and thick, it has a great shape even some veins on the surface, it felt really, really good, when he started to sliding it inside me ohhh man I could felt the muscle of my pussy opening wide, I grabbed hard the shits on bed, I scream, moan, and for a moment I was thinking no more, but the pleasure it was bigger so he kept sliding it inside more and more until my pussy almost swallow it all the 8″, when that was about to happen, I felt deep in me like if other ring muscle was opening and then I scream little louder, he asked me if I was ok, but it was a weird türbanlı escort bayan sensation, not bad just different, ohhh yeahh we used that dildo for a good time, then he pulled it out and there I was starting to feel my pussy sore. Oh well he both went to wash up our bodies again then we were ready to make love.I lay on my back with my legs spread for my Man, ohh I forgot to mention, my pussy and most of my pubic hair was shaved, I just left a little patch of pubic hair on top of my cock, yes I like to be as smooth as possible, so he came and was kneeling in front of me, grabbing my legs and spreading them more, he played with his cock’s head then slide it in, all the way inside me, then he lay his body on my chest, we were kissing so passionate, playing with our tongues, kissing our lips, pulling them slowly, I has my hands and legs wrapped on his body, his cock in me was slowly sliding escort türbanlı in and out ohhh man, OMG!!! that is one of my favorite positions to make love, being underneath his strong, big, muscle, hot body, feeling his breath on my face, moaning together while kissing mmmmm mmmmmm yesss!!!! yesss!!!! I love so much being in his arms, the time feels different there, like going slower so I enjoy every second of it, as much as I enjoy every inch of his cock in me, mmmmm then after a really good time of making love so romantically, he lift his body and while he was fucking me harder, I jerked off and shoot my load, then he was ready to cum also and he did, inside me, deep in me, I love carrying his load in me, I believe we grabbed my load and we share it in our mouth, ohh I was so lost in our passion that I can’t remember but what I do remember is that after we were done, I got dressed and went to work, it felt so good being at my job, knowing what we just did and having part of him in me, mmmmm mmmmmm, yeahh my pussy was really sore, but feeling great. And hiding that from other people around me is fun, yeah for now all I do is our secret, oh wait now all of you readers know about it also. Damn, I can’t wait to be with him again!!!

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