Chat with a 19yo Asian hotty


Chat with a 19yo Asian hottyWhat you are about to read is one of the chats my sexy horny Indonesian girl friend. We chatted for 10 months and this is one of the chats. This one is a short chat . If you enjoy reading it and would want to read more then leave a comment and the next one will be much naughtier and longer, while we are chatting we both are masturbating. we cum together. hope you enjoy or just curious to read more.23:42 Frederica Lastnight was awesome hon23:43 Frederica I can’t stop imagining having 3 guys at once23:45 DaddyMmm my naughty girl loves cock23:46 FredericaAnd yours always be my favorite 23:47 DaddyOh babe come here sit on my lap23:47 FredericaOh I’m cominggggg23:47 DaddyDo u wear pjs when you sleep?23:48 Frederica No just tanktop and underwear but no bra, I never sleep with braOh I will be always naked when we sleep together23:49DaddyI lift up ur top exposing those 2 beautiful breast23:50Frederica Yeahhh do you like it hon tell 23:50DaddyKissing samsun escort around ur nipple then the other,Do u like them being played with?23:51Frederica Oh of course hon yess it will be perfect when you are play with them23:52DaddyKissing them press my face between them, then biting ur left nipple23:53Frederica Ah yess love the way you bite it mmh23:53DaddyMy hands push them together as u remove ur top23:54Frederica Ohh hon yesss keep going don’t stop23:54DaddyLay u back down as one hand makes its way between your warm thighsas I trade to your right nipple sucking on it and pulling it with my teeth23:55Frederica Mmmhh yess go on babe23:56DaddyMy hand between ur thighs rubbing your pussy over your shorts Ican feel the heat coming from your sweet hot pussy23:56Frederica Ah yess I can feel it hon you gonna find me so wet23:56DaddyThen pushes ur shorts to oneside and slips a finger into ur wet tight pussy,23:59Frederica antalya escort Yesss lower Kissing lower down Ah yess I can feel ur warm toungearound my belly button mmh24:00DaddyI feel ur hands on my head pushing me lower as I tongue ur belly buttonI move my body around so u can reach my big hard thick cock24:03Frederica Ohh It’s hard yesss touch it softly,yessss stroke it up n down slowly And slowly put your cock in my mouth yesss24:04DaddyVery hard thinking of watching u suck that big black cock last night24:04Frederica Ohh yess hon you love it seeing me like that Ughhh I’m gonna suck ur head cock so hard24:05DaddyU are a great cocksucker oooo24:05Frederica Lick every inch of your cock ahh,feels like I’m licking my fav sweet lollipop I push ur cock deeper yesss 24:08FredericaYesss I love sucking big thick hard cock hon24:09DaddyU had enough practice with lil ones now it’s time to see if you can handle the big one, take ankara escort it all you cum slut24:10Frederica Yessss I’m gonna take it all in my mouth24:10DaddyPumping my hard cock into ur mouth24:10Frederica Oh it feels so big hon Mmmmhh yess pumping it hon feel my warm mouth 24:10DaddyThat’s my naughty girl, My cocksucker you love daddy’s cock24:12Frederica Yessss oh feels like I can’t take off my mouth from Daddy’s cock24:12DaddyMy lips suck ur clit 24:12Frederica Ohhh you will make me crazy horny hon24:13DaddyLove the way ur red lips slide down my big long thick hard cock24:13Frederica Oh yess hon slide down faster mmhhhh and suck hard ur head cock 24:14 Daddy Pulling on your clit with my lips24:14Frederica Aawh yess hon yessss keep going it24:15DaddyPulling your clit then sucking it as I push 2 finger twisting in andout your soaking wet tight virgin pussy24:15Frederica Oh 2fingers feel good yes twisting it hon24:15DaddyLick my balls 24:16Frederica Yes hon every inch I’m gonna lick and suck your balls slowly This was just a sample of 10 months of naughty chats my lil cum slutand I had. If you would like to read more then let me know and trust me she opens up telling me her wild fantasy in detail. This lil asian slut needed a big cock and more.

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