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chatroomKim logged into the chat room. What did she feel like tonight. A soak in “The Hot Tub”? To plunge into the “Dungeon”? To role play? Then she saw a room she had never ventured into before. “The Fantasy Room”. She clicked on the icon and entered. ” Hello Kimuk. Do you have a fantasy to share?”. Kim laughed at the screen. ” Not here ” she typed. Immediately she revived 4 private messages . The one which caught her eye was from Dark stranger. ” Hello Kimuk. Tell me? Your secret is safe with me” “Hello. Your user name is ironic. My fantasy is about a stranger” ” So tell me? I’m just going to sit here quietly and enjoy your fantasy?” Kim took a deep breath and began to type. ” I meet a stranger on line. A man. A man who I want to know nothing about. I don’t want to know his name. Or his age. Or what he looks like. I don’t want to know about his life or his marital status. The only thing that I want to know is that he wants to touch me. That he wants to make me cum” “Very interesting Kim. Carry on” ” He picks a location . He tells me what to wear. Where to wait. We canlı bahis have agreed not to talk. We will both be silent. I won’t look at him. I’ll be facing away from him. He will approach me from behind. And he will touch me” “The perfect interaction. You get what you want guilt free and so does he” ” I’m standing under a tree. I’m aware that someones approaching. I can hear footsteps getting closer. Until he is right behind me. I can feel his breath on the back of my neck. He’s close . His body a few inches behind me. My nervous and excited and incredibly aroused because I know exactly what is going to happen. I feel him slowly lifting up the back of my skirt. Inch by inch he raises it. He slides his hands up the outside of my thighs. Feeling naked flesh. His touch is light and his hands are warm. Confidant. Purposeful. Moving sensuality but with intent. His hands glide over my bottom. He kneeds the warm skin and he makes me moan.My breathing changes.Excitement, fear, arousal,anticipation.” ” Keep still for him Kim. Obey the strangers hands.Relinquish control. Let bahis siteleri him touch you just how you want him to” ” He wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me back a step against his body.I can feel his erection. Pressing against my bottom. I’m turned on that he’s hard. I moan. His other hand moves over my belly. And agonisingly slowly. He moves down towards my cunt. He nudges my foot with his . A silent message to open my legs wider. And as I do. His hand cups my pussy. His big powerful hand covers my cunt. And Kimball sensation. Hearing his breathing against my ear. Feeling him holding me. Restrained by his other arm. His cock rubbing against me. And the wet fluid of arousal leaking from my cunt” “Your half way to your orgasm already arnt you Kim? And he hardly touched you” “Yes. Yes. My body is begging him to touch me where I need it. He slips his middle finger with infinite slowness down my slit. My hips buck on their own as he grazes my clit. I hear a low growl in my ear as he realised how wet I am. Slippery sticky fluid seeping from my cunt. Coating his fingers bahis şirketleri as they slide through the folds. He keeps going till he circles the entrance of my hole. And then he pushes a fat finger inside me. And tightens his grip on my waist to hold me firmly in place as he finger fucks me” “What do you do Kim? How does your body react?” “I jiggle. I thrust. I seek more. I want then deeper inside me. I want to fuck my cunt into his hand. And he let me. Just for a little while. But he stays in control. And when I almost in that frenzy of lust. He moves. He runs his fingers up my crack and to my clit. It’s aches . It throbs . It begs for attention. He teases it. And then. He allows me what I need. He ribs in rough circles. Bringing me closer and closer and just when I think I can’t take any more. He pinches my swollen clit, hard. And I tip over the edge. A shaking, wet, soaked, quivering wreck as every powerful contraction ravishes me. And once I’m begging to come back down to earth. He lets me go. And walks away” ” Such beautiful surrender. I’ve checked your profile. We live 6 miles apart. The 26th. 3pm. Blackwell park. The big oak tree beyond the steam. No panties. Bare cunted. Knowing exactly what’s going to happen and how your going to feel.” He logged off. Could she? Yes …..

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