Cheated My Husband

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Cheated My HusbanddeleteddeleteddeletedI am here to tell all guys not to leave your wife alone for years for earning money.I got married 2 years back, he uses to love me so much, he got a chance in the USA and now he is working in the USA for 2 years. I am working in a private company and taking care of my k**. Before he uses to satisfy me on Skype but now he totally stopped doing that too.I always use to remember the way we use to have sex. My husband was very rough in the bed, he uses to love me almost 4 times a day. I was into all fantasies like watching porn, he uses to make me read stories while drilling, he uses to love me each day like milk man, delivery boy, uncle, relatives etc. I was into all this and my mind became very open.He uses to Skype me and uses to talk very open about sex.Hus:- Soumya, I know you want sex but I need to make money for the family.Me:- please, come back it’s very hard for me to control.Hus:- I will send you a gift soon.He sent me a dildo. I use it to satisfy myself. One day in chatting, he started telling me a sex story and in the sex story, he was telling some one is fucking me very roughly. All these things affected me a lot.Here we start the sex story. I was going to the office and I was late. I asked a lift for an inter college guy and I thanked him. So, every day he started coming there on the same time and we started talking and exchanged the numbers. I was not having any feelings for him, but you should know how guys will be in the Winter. He uses to call me aunty and we shared everything.Not bad but a healthy topic, one day in bursa escort talking he started telling me, “aunty, I have a very bad pain down there when it’s hard.” (It’s because of the skin that young guys have ) I said him to tell this to his dad but he said he can’t. So I asked him to come to my home so that I can take him to a doctor.He came in the evening and I was in a nighty, looking at me, he became very hard and the pain started. I said him, “what’s wrong?” he said, “the same pain”. I told him to open and looked at his dick. It’s was big and the top is covered with skin, like a Hyman layer.I understood his problem and hold the dick and pulled the foreskin back and he was in pain and bleeding started. He doesn’t know that he lost his virgin. After 3 months, I met him again and he said, “aunty, I am good now” and directly opens his pants. He was awesome, my pussy started dripping looking at it.Check out indiansexstories dot net for more exciting and erotic stories.2 years passed have passed without any sex and women can understand my pain inside. I said him to put it in and he did it. All night I was thinking of his dick and used my dildo, the dildo was very small compared to his young dick. I texted him.So:- hi, dear, had your dinner.V:- yes aunty, long back, on my bed about to sleep.So:- so soon?V:- it’s already 12:00. I need to sleep.So:- how is your **** now?V:- thank you so much and I am enjoying everything now.So:- what are you enjoying?V:- masturbationSo:- omg, you do that?V:- every guy does that aunty.So:—- no words……v:- what happened aunty? Tell me something.So:- bursa escort bayan nothing you sleep now.V:- how can I sleep? I need to do it now.So:- can you come to my home tomorrow morning.V:- I can come now if you want?So:- okI kept the door open and he directly came in and locked the door and directly opened my nighty and started looking my vagina. It was wet with all this. He said, “Randi, why your vagina is wet? do you need this cock?”I said nothing. He started eating my salty vagina. Hmm, Vishal it is so good. He put his cock inside me and was driving me slow, I said him to be rough which I like it.He started calling me, “you bitch, I know you want to be my slave” and he started slapping me and pulling my hair and spit on my face. I was like what happen to him. He is fucking me very hard and I was in pain and pleasure.Trust me, girls, young guys dicks are awesome because of the heavy flow of blood. I was like hmmm ahhhhhhh ammaaaaaaa come you mother fucker, fuck me hard. I forgot my k**. He woke up and started crying.He stopped fucking and hold my hair and dragged me near my k** and said me to make him sleep in another room. I fed my k** and he soon he fell asleep and I put him on the sofa in the hall and entered the bedroom. Vishal was smoking and drinking my husband’s whiskey. I was shocked.The time I entered the room, he slapped me and said, lanja intha sepa. He was really treating me like a slave. He was smoking and put his dick in my mouth and holding my hair and pushing his 6 in dick all the way in, I was about to vomit and I did it in my bedroom. He escort bursa slapped me. Then, he got a belt and he started hitting me with a belt.I was telling him Vishal please stop it, the moment I open my mouth he was betting me very badly and held my hair and put me on the bed and started fucking me. I said him, “show me your power in fucking but not in beating me”. “Bitch, you said me to be rough right”, I was like lost and he fucked me very badly and cum in my pussy I was scared.He put more whiskey and said me to suck his cock, I did it and now he said you are a dead bitch. Once his dick got hard, he put his dick in my ass, oh god, Vishaaalllllll, you mother fucker, what are you doing? Bitch I felt the same pain when you pulled my skin back.He was fucking me very badly, my ass was bleeding. I thought of no more sex in my life. I was thinking of my husband. In the end, he removed his dick from ass and cum in pussy again. I was in tears and said, “Vishal, please I may get pregnant.”He said it’s not my problem. I went into the bathroom and took a shower and came back to the bedroom, now he was totally drunk and opened Omegle video chat. He said, “let’s fuck on Omegle”, I said, “it’s not safe”.He slapped my face very hard and started fucking again, other guys on Omegle was shaking their dicks and I was going wild and had the whiskey glass. Now, I was high and I started slapping him back and biting him hard and thought of biting his dick.He was” ahhhhhhh Soumya what are you doing? Now you are a dead mother fucker.” I fucked very bad that day. After that, I got an abortion and I lost a lot of blood and became week.All I want to tell is give your wife what she needs. If she sleeps with other guys, they will treat her like a bitch. Understand girls and be happy.Thanx for reading my sex story.

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