Cheating Together – Part 2


Cheating Together – Part 2(This is part 2 of a 3 story about a couple who decide to take their internet fantasy affairs to a whole new level by playing their unsuspecting new friends. Here is a link to Part 1)—part-1-of-3-621167Neither of their friends had any idea what was really going on. Ken had booked adjoining rooms at the luxury hotel. Jenny had told Jim she would text her room number to him once she was settled. Ken arranged to meet Becky later at the hotel bar. Ken helped Jenny get to her room and they both looked at how elegant it was with king sized bed that looked out to Lake Michigan. Jenny looked at the bed and then a mirror on the wall next to it. She realized it was going to make a great way to see her first fuck with a black man. Her pussy grew hot just thinking of it. When Ken turned to look at her she could see his hard cock bulging in his slacks.Ken’s room next door was just like Jenny’s except the bed was against the same wall. Ken thought of his hot MILF friend Becky and her desire to try all kinds of sex. Becky said her husband’s idea of kinky sex was leaving the light on. Ken had already made up his mind that he was going to fuck her in front of window where anyone focused on the window would see her.Jenny’s phone buzzed with a text message from Jim. He was on his way up. She kissed her husband one last time before they closed the doors connecting the rooms. Ken then rushed out to the elevator area. He really wanted to see the man who was about to fuck his wife. Then the bell rang announcing the arrival of the elevator. Ken watched as the young muscular black man stepped out. He was taller than Ken. They actually looked each other in the eye and mumbled a greeting the way two strangers do. Ken saw Jim knock on his wife’s door as the elevator closed.Jenny felt her butterflies as she opened the door for Jim. He was taller than she had thought. He embraced her in his strong arms and then he kissed her lips gently. Jenny felt his cock grow stiff. The door closed behind them.”It is good to finally see you in person!” Jenny said as they stepped into the room holding hands.”Yeah it surely is! Wow this is some nice room you got here! Damn look at that view!” Jim said and then he pulled her to him again and they kissed.Jenny marveled at the passionate kiss that was with a man other than her husband. Then as she pulled away from Jim she wondered if Ken had his ear pressed to the wall. Jim slowly unzipped the dress that Jenny was wearing. She just smiled as he then let it fall to the carpet. Then she unbuttoned his shirt and marvel at the sight of her pale white hand on his muscular abdomen.”I think this is what you really been wanting!” Jim said as he pulled his twelve inch cock out of his pants.Jenny gripped it and smiled as she slipped onto her knees. Jenny looked up at him as her tongue caressed the head of his dick. Then her blues eyes closed as she began to suck him.”Oh fuck yeah!” Jim moaned loudly.On the other side of the thin wall Ken heard the moan and while he could not see he had no doubt that his pretty blonde wife was either sucking or fucking her black friend.Jenny was pumping the massive black cock for everything she was worth. She had always loved sucking and this was even more exciting as she again wondered if Ken could hear the sloppy sounds her mouth made. Then without warning she felt her body picked up off the floor and carried to the bed. Jim removed her panties and moved his black face between her white thighs. Jenny moaned wildly as his thick tongue began to fuck her horny pussy.”OH FUCK YES! EAT THAT PUSSY!” She screamed at the top of her lunges.On the other side of the wall Ken smiled as he heard Jenny. She must have been really hot!Jenny felt Jim’s thick lips fasten onto her excited clit and suck her to the point that she squirted! Jim was a little surprised but actually more delighted as his face was covered with the sexy white woman’s juices. Jenny was his first white woman and he wanted this to blow her mind with his sexual prowess.”Fuck me baby! Give me that big black dick!” Jenny said in voice that said she would not be denied as she pulled the young stud up on the bed.Jim moved between her legs. Jenny put her knees over his muscular shoulders. He rubbed the massive head of his cock up and down the white woman’s burdur escort slit. He then pushed. Jenny grunted as her pussy stretched to take the thick cock. It took a couple of minutes to adjust but soon he was pumping his cock in and out of her white pussy.Ken on the other side of the wall could hear the sound of the bed hitting the wall with each thrust of the cock that was fucking Jenny. It was then that his phone announced that Becky had arrived. He was just responding that he would be right down when he heard muffled moans and a scream from next door. Jenny had just finished her first fuck of the weekend. Ken sent her a text “congrats!”. Then he headed off to the bar. His cock needed some relief and it was time to see just how kinky Becky really was!Jenny lay beneath the large black man who had fucked her to ecstasy! His cock was still buried deep in her pussy but she could feel the cum flowing over her asshole and onto the sheets.”So was white pussy as good as you hoped?” She giggled in his ear.”It was fucking hot!” He said as pulled out and pushed back into her and they both heard the sloppy sounds coming from their still coupled bodies.”So do you want me to get off of you?” He asked as he kissed her lips.”No….I just want to get you off!” She said as she rocked her hips while her hands gripped his rock hard ass. In minutes they were fucking with slow deliberate strokes that indicated much longer fuck than that first heated coupling.Meanwhile Jim entered the bar and spotted Becky at about the same time as she saw him. She smiled broadly at him as he walked up to her. He gave her lingering kiss and then sat in the booth with her.”You look awesome Becky! Was your flight good?” He asked.”Yes, it was fine. I have never been to Chicago before. I think it is really a beautiful city. But hey when you are from a little hick town in Georgia you don’t have much to go by.” She said trying to make conversation to cover her own nervousness.”Can I ask you a personal question?” Ken asked he looked at the pretty brunette MILF.”You can ask me anything.” She laughed.”Have you ever been fingered to an orgasm in a bar?” Ken asked with a grin and she just shook her head no.Ken moved his hand up under her dress and looked around the bar. Her legs opened a little. He was just pushing the crotch of her panties aside when the pretty young black waitress came up.”Hi, my name is Yvonne and I will be serving you tonight. What would you like to drink?” The pretty young black woman asked with a broad smile.”How about two glasses of Merlot?” Ken asked and Becky nodded her approval.They watched as the waitress walked away but even as she did Ken began to finger Becky’s pussy. He was pleased that she was already aroused. He thought about this thirty-something mother and wife who felt that life was passing her by. Becky had shared that the only man she ever had been with was her husband. It was only in the last few years that she began to wonder about what she was missing. Then her best friend confessed that she was having an affair. Becky began to hear about the wild sex her friend was having and she was envious. That is how she came to be on X-hamster.Ken had now put two fingers deep in her pussy and was rubbing her clit as the waitress returned with the wine. Her dark eyes sparkled as she placed the glasses on the table and waited for Ken to taste the wine. Ken removed his right hand from Becky’s pussy and then used it to raise the glass to his lips. He could smell the musky sent of pussy as he sniffed at the wine.”Wonderful aroma!” He said and then sipped the wine and swirled it in his mouth. Then he looked at Becky and said; “please give it a try.” Becky started to lift the glass but before she could get to her lips; Ken worked his fingers back into snatch and was rubbing her aroused clit. As she sipped some of the wine her mouth her pussy began to pulse with an orgasm.”Ohhhh….yes…..that is it!” She said through gritted testy. Then she opened her eyes as her body was convulsing with pleasure. She was terrified as the waitress looked her intently. Becky was wondering if the other woman understood what was really happening.”I think she likes it.” Ken said with a smirk.The black woman’s face broke into a knowing smile. “I will leave the check since you both seem to be in a hurry.” She said çanakkale escort as she walked away.“Yvonne is a sexy woman. How would you like to lick her black pussy while I was fucking you?” Ken asked as he flicked her clit.Becky leaned back and softly moaned as Ken rubbed her pussy. The orgasm grew evermore intense as Ken fingered her to the point that her that she had to push his hand away.”Oh god! I can’t take anymore! Please stop baby! Please I might pass out!” She groaned into his ear.Becky was relieved when he removed his fingers but the burning need for sex made her shake. Ken brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled the smell of her pussy. He then held his fingers under Becky’s nose for her to enjoy.”Taste it!” He said quietly and Becky opened her mouth and tasted her own juices.As her eyes opened she spotted Yvonne across the bar looking at her. The black woman again smiled and then whispered into the ear of another waitress. They both looked and Becky and giggled.”Please Ken! I need you!” Becky moaned as her body begged for sex!Ken pulled money out to pay the tab and for generous tip. He then took Becky’s hand and left the bar. On the way he stopped by the front desk and asked that a bellhop bring Becky’s bag to the room. Becky thought it rather extravagant when it was just a small bag.”Yes sir we will have it brought to the room for you.” The front desk clerk said.Ken walked with Becky to the elevator and when the doors closed he said; “suck my cock!”Becky dropped to a squatting position as he freed his swollen cock. She fastened her lips to his dick and pumped furiously. Ken smiled as he watched Becky pump his cock.”That is good but what if the doors open? How would you like to get caught sucking me off?” He teased as Becky moaned with pleasure! This was just the kind of sexual adventure she wanted. Then the bell rang announcing that the door was about to open. Becky stood up and Ken stepped behind her so his erection was shielded by her. Then the door opened and Ken tried to suppress his grin when he saw his wife and Jim waiting to get in the elevator. Jim had his hands on Jenny’s hips and they were just finishing a sexy kiss. Ken and Becky worked their way out of the elevator being careful not to reveal his exposed cock while the interracial couple squeezed by them. Ken had one last glance at his wife as the doors closed and she gave a sexy wink.”Oh my god! That was so close!” Becky said with sexy chuckle.”No worry! That is the couple in the next room. They have been fucking ever since they got here. I suspect they are here for the same reason we are. She has a big rock on her hand and that black stud does not have ring. Probably married to some guy like your husband but she is doing a nice big black cock now.” Ken said as pulled Becky closer.Ken opened the door and Becky was stunned by the beautiful view. As she stood at the window and looked out as he walked up and unzipped her dress. He kissed her neck and ear as the dress fell to the floor. His hand unlatched her bra and soon Becky could see her own reflection in the glass as Ken cupped her C cup tits.”Suck my cock!” He groaned and the sexy MILF sank to her knees and began to blow him.He was getting close when there was a knock on the door.”Damn!” Becky said but Ken held her head and she started sucking again.”Come on in!” Ken said loudly as Becky squirmed.”I have your bag. Oh excuse me! I thought you said to come in.” A startled looking bellhop said. He looked to be about college aged.”No I asked you in. Becky here loves to show off! Don’t you think she has a nice body?” Ken asked as he continued to guide Becky’s mouth up and down his cock.”Yeah, she looks great!” The young guy said as he stepped closer.Ken looked down and saw Becky’s eyes glancing toward the young man. “Baby, would like to suck his cock too?” Ken asked as he pulled his dick from her mouth.Becky sat on her knees nude except for her soaked panties. Her chin was covered with her own saliva from the messy blow job she had been giving. Then to everyone’s delight she signaled the guy to come closer. She looked up at Ken and reached up and started opening the bellhop’s pants.”Is this what you want?” She asked Ken as she pulled his hard eight inch cock out.Ken sat back in a chair and slowly stroked his cock as Becky began to blow çankırı escort the young man. She did not use her hands at all but instead stroked rapidly with only her lips. Then she would only use her tongue as she ran it along the bottom of the shaft. The guy was withering in erotic pleasure as Becky tongued the area just below the head of his cock. His breath rapidly increased as his eyes rolled then he began to spray massive streams of seamen all over Becky as she cooed with pleasure. Becky sat back and looked up at the boy as he reveled in the ecstasy of his orgasm while seeing her cum covered face. Ken stood up and walked over and handed the guy a twenty.”Thank you! That will be all for now!” Ken said as he led the astonished bellhop to the door.When he returned Ken noticed that Becky was going to wipe the cum from her face. He stopped her and instead made her hold onto the window railing. Ken then pushed his thick ten inch cock deep into her excited pussy.”Oh fuck!” Screamed the married mom as Ken fucked her hard and deep.”Is this what you have been wanting? You know your husband won’t fuck you like this! I own your pussy now and you will do what you are told!” Ken said as he fucked her sloppy pussy.”Yes! Yes! Fuck me like a slut!” Becky begged.”Look in the window at your reflection! One man’s cum all over your face and now another filling your cunt!” Ken grunted as his balls released his sperm into her cheating pussy.Becky grunted as her body took his load as she was jerking with an orgasm like she had never known! Ken was exhausted and he collapsed into the chair as Becky held on the rail while kneeling a few feet away.”I’ve never….been fucked…like that!” She stuttered as she turned to look at him. Then she crawled over and put her head in his lap. “Thank you! Thank you!” She said over and over as she kissed is cock that started to rise again.It was about this time he noticed that he had a text from Jenny. He smiled as she sent a text saying that Jim was impressed with couple next door. Then a second text came in and it was a picture of Jenny’s freshly fucked pussy. Ken’s cock was hard again and he took the still tingling Becky to the bed. He got between her legs and sank into her sloppy pussy.”Yes! Fuck me!” She groaned as their tempo increased.Ken could hear the headboard hitting the wall and he realized that Jenny must be getting fucked again as there was a banging coming from the other side of the wall that seemed to echo his own strokes.”I think our neighbors are fucking again!” Becky said with a giggle as Ken pounded her pussy.”Yeah! Let’s show them what fucking is!” Ken said as he pumped in and out of her but in his mind he envisioned Jenny being fucked by Jim.Next door Jenny was riding Jim’s foot long black dick for everything she was worth. Her pussy was full of seamen from several hot fuck sessions. Jim reached up to rub her clit making her gasp in pleasure! Jenny loved sex but she had to admit that there was something different about having a new lover that put her on edge. The she heard another scream of pleasure from the next room and knew that was the other thing that was making her so hot! Ken was really pounding Becky and she must have be loving it.”Oh fuck! Cumming!” Jim groaned as another load from his black balls emptied into her pussy!Next door Ken rolled off of Becky who was still moaning. He put his hand on her pussy and felt the sloppy mess his cock had left behind. He smiled himself as he thought of Jenny happily basking in her lover’s arms just feet away. Just then Becky’s phone began to ring. She picked it up and looked to see it was her husband.“Shit! I forgot to call him! I better take this.” Becky said as she put the phone to her ear. “Hi honey. I am sorry. Yeah it has been really hectic here.” She continued as she headed to the bathroom to continue the call with her husband.Ken picked up the phone and noticed that Jenny had sent him several “selfie” photos of her and Jim nude including one of her sucking his black cock with obvious cum seeping from her mouth. Ken smiled as he knew he would be sending some of him and Becky just as soon as he could. Then Becky came back to the bed and she seemed a little sad.“Tony is suspicious that I am having an affair. He just asked me if the reason for my trip was to meet a man. I told him no but I could tell he knows that I am lying.” Becky said as she began to stroke Ken’s dick and when it was stiff she lowered her mouth and sucked him until he again spewed cum into her mouth. She then picked up her phone and hit dial. “Hi Tony, I just wanted to tell you goodnight and I love you but I need this trip.”To be continued…

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