Cheating With Boss


Finally, she thought to herself nervously, the workday was over, and she was about to do something naughty and even sinful after eight years of marriage and fidelity.Approaching thirty, her male co-workers and noticed she looked sexier every day, including her boss, Bob. He had bedded most of the good looking married and single women in the office.After working for him for four years, he had started making a move on her the past several Friday happy hours at the local lounge a few blocks from the Holiday Inn.Bob had put his hand between her thighs three weeks ago; she allowed his hand to stay and even let his fingers rub between her slacks-covered legs.That night Kathy attacked her husband when he got into bed at 2:00 AM; her pussy was already wet, and she gave him a fantastic blowjob while his tongue danced around her pussy. it was one of quickest orgasms she’d had since their marriage. She then straddled him and fucked him as a woman possessed. Her husband was too exhausted and tired to wonder how his wife had gotten so turned on.Since that first Friday, Kathy had taken to wearing skirts to work on Fridays when she planned to attend a happy hour. About a month after Bob and Kathy’s risqué behavior had begun, Bob pulled her aside during a lunch break and asked if she would like to take their activities to a hotel room after work this next Friday.Although Kathy knew that this would come, she told Bob she would have to think about it. Kathy had come from a rigorous background, and although she enjoyed sex, and started looking forward to Bob’s touching and pawing, she was unsure whether she could take it further.Bob had learned from his previous conquests not to push the issue; he knew Kathy would succumb to her passions. She had given in quickly already, leaving the lounge after güvenilir bahis each session with a wet pussy.On Wednesday morning, Kathy received a call from her husband, who told her he would be going out of town on assignment and wouldn’t be back until Saturday evening.Later that morning, Kathy spied Bob at the coffee pot in the break room and told him, “Maybe Friday.” They both knew it would happen, but Kathy needed to make her own decision.Thursday after work, Kathy went to the mall and got her shoulder-length ash blonde hair cut, and her nails manicured. Her next stop was at Victoria’s Secret. At first, she had been hesitant to go in, but noticing several other women customers her age browsing through the sexy outfits, she entered.She told the sales clerk that she was just browsing for now. Kathy was going to wear one of several sexy outfits she had at home but felt guilty about wearing something her husband had fucked her in, so she wanted to wear something new for her first experience as a cheating wife.After several minutes, the perfect outfit caught her eye; a black baby-doll-type nightie with wire-supported breast cutouts and a small purple bow with black panties. She also bought a lavender garter belt and a pair of matching fishnet stockings. If she could bring herself to wear these again, she knew her husband would appreciate the addition to her wardrobe.Arriving home after 8:30 to the quiet apartment, she decided to shave her pussy, something her husband had tried to get her to do earlier in the year. While shaving off her blondish pubic hairs and touching her clit, Kathy’s mind filled with erotic thoughts without trying; she came hard before completing the job of making herself bare.She washed and dried her new slut outfit, then packed them in a small suitcase güvenilir bahis siteleri with her toiletries. While watching a crime-drama on TV, she did her toenails, and then retired to bed. She had a restless sleep knowing her husband was out-of-town, and that she was about to be a cheating wife.Awaking from her light sleep at 6:30 AM, she went through her morning get-ready for work routine. She wore a short black skirt with a shimmering gold blouse which was cut lower than her usual work blouses, and black stockings. As she turned the doorknob to leave, feelings of guilt overcame her, and she thought about calling in sick but realized she had gone too far not to go through with the experience.That Friday workday seemed to take forever. Kathy’s job with an international chemical company based in Miami was dealing with e-mail requests, faxes, and telephone calls from the company’s Latin American offices. She had only seen Bob briefly in the hallway, and neither acted as if this was a special day.Her best work friend, Sheila, asked her if she would be going out with the gang for the happy hour at the lounge, and she said she would be stopping by for a while.At 4:45 PM, Kathy started closing down her work area for the weekend. Then several minutes after five, she took the elevator to the parking level and got into her car. Before pulling out of the parking garage she glanced to make sure her suitcase was in the backseat. She knew it would be, but her paranoia about the upcoming illicit sexual activity was starting to set in. She started worrying that her co-workers might catch on.After making the short drive to the lounge she entered; the small band was already playing, and she spotted some of her colleagues around the bar. Sheila got her attention and waved her iddaa siteleri to a booth just to the right of the dance floor. Sheila was sitting next to Mark, who was also married but liked to flirt with the single Sheila. Sheila loved the attention and had shared with Kathy that if Mark ever tried, she would fuck him in a minute.She spotted Bob’s gold cigarette lighter on the table. Kathy casually asked where he was, and Mark piped up that he said he had to run to the drug store next door to pick up something.Several other co-workers were at the table working on their second drinks, as it was two for one.One of the waitresses came over to Kathy and took her drink order, which was a strawberry Marguerita. As the waitress turned to leave, Bob walked from behind her and told the waitress to bring him J she also turned down the room’s queen-sized bed, then returned to the bathroom sink where she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth with mouthwash before continuing her primping and brushing her hair. She did take a minute to admire herself in the mirror and thought to herself that she looked pretty sexy and desirable.Just as she finished the room telephone rang, which startled her momentarily; she cautiously answered it. Bob was on the other end of the line and said he would be there in two or three minutes, and he would let himself in with his key.Kathy decided to get into bed and put the sheet up around her neck to keep her lover in suspense, but before doing so, she turned out the lights. The room was now dimly lighted by the candles.True to his word, Bob arrived within several minutes, still wearing his shirt and tie and carrying a shaving kit. He looked at her and said, “Hi.” He added, “I don’t know what is under there, but you look beautiful,” which brought a smile to Kathy’s face.Bob turned to the bottle of wine and poured them each a glass in wine glasses he had placed in the room earlier. He carried Kathy’s drink to her, and then said he wanted to take a quick shower and freshen up.Kathy said, “I’ll be waiting.”

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