check up at the dentist


check up at the dentistIt was my six monthly check up at the dentist, it’s not that I’m afraid of the dentist like some people but it’s not my favourite place and if I could get out of going I would. Unfortunately this particular day I couldn’t find the right excuse so I had to go. I was waiting in the reception area for a good ten minutes, feeling very edgy and a little apprehensive when I heard my name called.I made my way up to the surgery and for some reason I looked at my watch, it was 12:10pm, dinner time. That would explain the dentists I could see were leaving. I knocked on the door and there stood my dentist, Mahmood, an Asian guy, about 35, 5’8”, slim build, black hair, he was waiting for me, he understood my feelings.As I walked in his assistant said to him “You can manage without me can’t you?” he replied that he could, and away she went. As I nervously stood we made small talk and he beckoned me to sit in the dreaded dentist chair. As I sat down he dropped the head part low, but not too low he knows I can’t be laid too far back.Then he did something he’d never done before, he locked istanbul escort the door. I thought ‘strange’. Then he was back, as I opened my mouth so he could examine me, he was chatting away. He had to keep moving around his surgery as his assistant wasn’t there, eventually he moved his tray closer to him. After a few minutes he said “All you need is a polish”.As he leaned over to his tray his crotch was very close to my face, as I glanced at him I’m certain I saw his cock harden. After he’d done this a few times he said “Do you like what you’re looking at”, before I could answer he took my hand and placed it on himself, as I touched him he was quite hard, as I moved my hand across his cock he gasped.I could feel myself start to grow and he was looking at my pants. He unclipped his trousers and they fell immediately to the floor leaving his cock bulging through his boxers, I ran my hand up and down his shaft through his undies, he moaned. I knew I was rock hard and my cock moved in my pants, he bent down and touched me I moaned.As avcılar escort he stood up I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, out popped a cut 7” brown rock of a cock, as I clenched my fist around him he gasped, pulling him closer I glided my tongue onto his shaft, he moaned. Licking up and down his stem as I had a good rhythm going I dipped him into my mouth.After only a few dozen strokes he said “Oh my God I’m nearly there” with that I stopped, and just licked him, he was grunting and groaning. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans as he watched, taking them and my undies off my cock stood like a flag pole, as I moved closer to him he reached out and touched me, I thought I was going to orgasm.We stood looking at each other, his hand wanking me slowly as I ran my finger over him. He came closer to me and said “Kiss me”, as I leaned in and planted a peck on his lips, he grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat as he frantically snogged my face. After a few minutes he said “I need fucking” and knelt on the chair.Holding şirinevler escort my cock in my hand he put some gel on his fingers and rubbed them on his ass, “Fuck me” he demanded, as I fed my 6” into him he squealed, soon I was slowly screwing his ass. “Faster, faster, harder, harder” he kept saying as I built up speed and rammed myself up him. I knew I’d be coming too soon at this speed and said so.“I don’t care” he answered. As I fucked his brown ass he was grunting with every thrust then it happened I knew I was coming, I pulled out just at the right time and wanked myself off shooting a steady line of warm spunk up his back. As I knelt there breathing heavy he thanked me, standing up I pulled him to his feet, turned him around and sat him on the chair.Kneeling down in front of him I licked his helmet and he was soon rock hard, clenching my fist around him once more I wanked him quickly but not too quick, as I licked his piss hole, squeezing his balls it wasn’t long before he said he was coming. A couple of minutes later I felt his hand on the back of my head and knew what to expect.He groaned real loud and his seed shot into my mouth at an alarming speed, I swallowed most of it as he was moaning. When he’d emptied his balls and gone limp he stood up, pulled me to my feet, kissed me and said “That was amazing Thankyou”. We both got dressed and he said with a wink “See you in six months” and with that I left.

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