Cheerleader gets punished

Cheerleader gets punishedIt was a cold game night for the Earl Panthers. If they won they secured their first soccer conference title in 20 years and win they did. After the game the boys went back to their locker room and handed out the match ball to the player of the game and so on. Now usually the high schools cheerleaders didn’t cheer for soccer but since it was such a big game the whole squad was there. After the match the cheer coach stormed into the locker room with one of the finest cheerleaders on the squad, she was just a freshman too. She had wonderful feet that were just a little wide that could give excellent foot jobs. Her legs were strong and muscular. She had a nice flat stomach with pretty small boobs but they were good enough. Her face was “hot as hell” as one of the senior players put it. The cheer coach exclaimed “Rachel has had horrible grades and been in detention for 3 days güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri this week. For her punishment and as your trophy for being conference champs, I’ll let you have her for the night. Rachel was pleading with coach Stephanie but her coached pushed her in and left.”Well well well” said the teams captain who had won the man of the match. Rachel tried to run out but she decided she would have to stay. She was still in her cheer uniform and thought they wouldn’t take it off of her, she was wrong. 4 players grabbed her and while she struggled she kicked one of them in the nuts. The captain, in charge, quickly pulled out his 8 inch dick and slapped her in the face with it. He said “baby we are in control tonight. One rule is all we have: you listen to us, we pleasure you too, you don’t listen, pain will come your way. The captain had a giant foot güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fetish, especially feet that smelled horrible. They laid the blond Rachel on a bench and he ripped off her shoes and socks. Her feet smelled exactly likie a girls would who just cheered at a soccer game for 2 hours. The captain took her beautiful feet to his face and smelled them, holding them with one hand and jacking off with the other. He ran his hand down her smooth muscular leg and then he said give me a fucking foot job. He placed her feet on his raging hard cock. He could still smell their sweety aroma while she massaged his cock with her beautiful sweaty toes. He started moaning and within 5 minutes he came all over her feet. The vice captain of the team went up to Rachel next and pulled down her cheer skirt. She had on a white thing which was stuck up inside her cleanly güvenilir bahis şirketleri shaven pussy, the vice captain of the team started massaging the freshman a clit, “already a freshman and I can tell your a Virgin, THATS going to change tonight. Right before Rachel was going to orgasm he pulled his fingers out. You only get to cum when we say so.” He pulled down her thong and then smelled her feet. Oh he loved the smell. He licked all over them and she said “let me pleasure you, you played great”. Her toes were trying to find his dick and they did. She went with a very firm grip but he liked it and then after 6 minutes she had milked every drop of cum he had. The captain came up and said he had a high powered dildo to stick in her pussy. But remember, you can’t come unless we say. As he stuck the dildo up her pleasure hole the star defender on the team came up and started massaging her feet. That sent her over the edge and her pussy tightened on the dildo as an orgasm escaped her. You bad girl, what did we tell you said the captain. He sat her straight up and pulled out his dick once again. He stuck it far down her mouth repeatedly until he sent hot cum down her throat. She was gasping for air after.

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