Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 04

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Josh decided that living with a beautiful sex-crazed muscle-babe cheerleader girlfriend was about as good as life could get. After they graduated, he traded in the athletic center of his college life as a varsity football captain for a too-stressful software job. During the day, he built up some envy for Liz, since she got to stay home and work out the entire day, but every evening his resentment changed to appreciation as he savored her miraculously muscular body and fucked her until she screamed in ecstasy.

With Liz’s top finish at her first local bodybuilding contest, she had earned her professional bodybuilding card. That gave her the opportunity to compete in the next regional-level bodybuilding competition, but only three weeks to prepare. Ordering a custom-made professional bikini was impossible in that short time, but she did find a trainer who could give her last-minute posing and training advice. After a hurried series of phone calls, Liz found Veronika Markov, a former top professional bodybuilder. In retirement, Vanessa still did guest posing and ran camps for novice bodybuilders, but was willing to be Liz’s exclusive personal trainer for the upcoming competition.

When Liz returned from her first coaching session, she was talking twice as fast as usual and practically dancing around the room. Veronika, in fact, had been one of the judges for Liz’s local contest win, and claimed to be extremely impressed with Liz’s condition and potential. Veronika spent the afternoon with Liz developing a rigorous schedule for every minute of exercise and sleep and every gram of food and water. Two large boxes held the pills and supplements to push the process along.

The first particular challenge was that Liz would have only three weeks to catch up with other contestants who had two years of professional preparation. Fortunately, Liz had been working out intensely enough on her own to have the solid musculature of a seasoned competitor. She would, however, have to divide her workout time between lifting lighter weights with high repetitions to pump up her muscle volume and practicing her exhausting and athletic dance-like posing routine.

The second particular challenge for Liz would be her breasts. Due to her secret and exceedingly delightful training techniques, Liz had maintained her lusciously full natural breasts while losing body fat everywhere else. One consequence was that she could not even borrow a posing bikini from Veronika’s extensive collection for her students. The existing bodybuilder’s tops came in two designs; one to cover the nipples of breasts that had shrunk away to nothing, the other to cover the rock-solid hemispheres of implants. Neither had enough strength to support large natural globes that actually swayed when their owner moved. Of course, Liz’s breasts looked stunning in any conventional swimsuit top, so they settled on one that revealed the deep cleavage of her natural curves. The second consequence was that her large top demanded symmetry, so Veronika recommended double sets for glutes, thighs, and calves for balance. Although Liz had extremely strong pectoral muscles from bench press competitions against the football players and Josh in particular, Veronika also recommended double sets, so her pecs would still look large even in comparison with her breasts.

Liz began training with a burning fury. An ordinary man would have been tired just watching her efforts, but Josh was completely exhausted due to his special role in her training. In addition to his usual assistance in the morning and evening, now she wanted him to bring her to orgasm four times a day, so he started coming home for lunch and staying up until midnight. The first day, he was thrilled to bring her to a cock-pounding climax four times, but by the third day, his only-human penis was worn out by Liz’s superhuman cunt, so he started delivering most of her orgasms with his practiced tongue and hands.

Under her new routine of hundreds of reps, augmented by massive doses of creatine and other supplements, Josh thought he could see visible improvements to her muscles day by day. Fibers seemed to swell, developing impossibly sharp valleys from their neighbors. Her skin tightened to show stunning striations in every muscle from the coarse-grained and huge muscles of her thighs to her fine-grained abs with their razor-cut edges.

Liz came back energized from her twice-weekly coaching sessions. Veronika was amazed by the pace of Liz’s development and grilled her angrily about whether she was taking steroids. Liz kept her orgasm-assisted workouts a secret for the moment, and explained that she was just training very hard as a result of the steady encouragement and inspiration from Josh.

During the second week of her preparation, Josh was somewhat relieved that Liz didn’t seem so demanding about getting orgasms from him. He chalked it down to tiredness from her heavier training, until he came home from work earlier than usual on Thursday afternoon. He came quietly in the side door and saw Liz ankara escort bayan pumping the leg press sled with a machine-like intensity. Over the course of dozens of reps, her grunts became hoarser, and then merged into cries of pain as she forced her tortured, swollen muscles to push the weight again. After five final screaming lifts, Liz collapsed in the seat exhausted.

As the sound of Liz’s panting and the tortured metal creaking had quieted down, Josh thought he heard an unusual buzzing sound. Not wishing to startle her too much, he knocked on a cabinet door and called out, “Hi, Honey! I’m home.”

Despite her exhaustion, Liz rapidly swung her naked body around to face away from Josh and dropped a towel into her lap. “Hi, Honey. I didn’t expect you home so early.”

As Josh walked toward her, he admired the extreme curves of her back from her bigger-than-ever shoulders to her tinier-than-ever waist and the cleft of her super-firm ass. The perspiration on her skin gave bright highlights to the contours of her amazing muscles. He started to explain why he was early, but heard a mechanical drone that became louder as he walked toward the leg press. Liz’s hands groped frantically underneath the towel on her lap. The sound stopped, but in the process, the towel fell off, revealing a huge, black, industrial-strength vibrator protruding from between her legs.

With a slow exhalation, she slid the glistening, three-inch diameter shaft out of her body and let it fall to the floor. She covered her face with her hands and pleaded, “I’m so sorry Josh, I didn’t plan to resort to mechanical means, but I’ve never lifted this hard before and I just couldn’t do it without the orgasms. If you want me to, I’ll stop.”

“Well, I am a little concerned that my dick can’t compete with the feelings you get from that monster,” he declared. His tone softened, however, as he added, “I think you might need to use it in my place, though, this coming week. Craig was in a car accident and is in the hospital. He’s in stable condition and should recover completely, but my boss ordered me to take over his business trip, so I’ll be gone all next week.”

The next few days were excruciating for Josh. Whenever he called Liz, he ended up talking to the message machine. She didn’t call him back in person, but just left voice or text messages relating that her training was going well, that she hoped his business trip was successful, and that because of her contest preparations, she had no time to talk.

Josh was able to wrap up his trip early by working a fourteen hour day at the Singapore factory and then hopping on a plane populated by a few other bleary-eyed zombies. Since he only slept three fitful hours on the plane, Josh was still exhausted when he arrived back at the apartment. The lights in the gym were on, so he entered through the first-floor door. Pulse-pounding rock music was blasting, and it took him a few moments to locate the only slightly less-raucous clank of weights being rocketed up and down on the bench press. Josh had never seen anyone lift weights this fast – Liz was driving the heavy weight with the kind of speed she used to apply to her cheerleader’s pom-poms.

As he walked around the other equipment in the room, he lost sight of Liz’s head and arms. As he saw the other end of the bench, however, his befuddled brain was trying to figure out how Liz had moved so fast, since during that brief time, her astonishingly shapely, sexy, naked rear was now kneeling at the bottom end of the bench. As he continued walking and the entire bench came into view, he realized that there were TWO naked and astonishingly buff women at the bench: Liz pumping out rapid lifts, and some other woman with her face buried between Liz’s muscular thighs.

“Get the fuck away from Liz!” Josh screamed. Liz dropped the bar into the supports with a loud clang. The other woman slowly stood up, wiping Liz’s juices off her chin.

Still flat on her back recovering from her exertions, Liz exclaimed, “Josh, I’m sorry! This is just my trainer, Veronika.”

“I don’t care who she is! Who the hell said she could give you a tongue-fuck?” Josh demanded.

“So you are the Josh,” Veronika interjected. “Liz need orgasm to train. You gone. I give orgasm.”

“You bitch!” Josh advanced menacingly.

“Calm down,” Veronika continued, “And please not to threaten me – would not be good. You sound like man who is proud of having cock, but you will see that I teach her things she could never learn from you.”

“Why, you arrogant cuntsucker…” Josh began.

Veronika held up her hand and interrupted again, “Liz, stand up to show your poses.”

Liz complied, standing up from the bench. If Josh hadn’t been so furious, he would have had an immediate erection due to the sight of these two stunningly muscular women, casually standing before him, completely unconcerned that they were naked.

Addressing Josh, Veronika explained, “You know the power of orgasm during lifting weight, yes. Well, I, the great Veronika mersin escort bayan Markov, teach Liz how to orgasm during posing.” Turning to Liz, she instructed, “Turn to pose your back,” and Liz wheeled around and stopped, poised for action.

Veronika ordered, “Flex lats.” Liz’s upper back expanded into an incredible hourglass shape, with rippling bands of muscles from shoulders to waist. After Liz had held the pose for three seconds, Veronika continued, “Now flex clit.” Liz’s hips quivered with a slight spasm, followed immediately by the enhancement of the stunning striations in her back muscles.

“You see again,” Veronika stated. “Face front. Double biceps, flex.” Josh was amazed that since the last time she had posed for him, Liz had become a vision of a true muscle goddess. Her calves and thighs swelled in sexy and powerful contours leading up to her shaved sex, which was framed from above by the carved plates of her rock-hard abs. Liz’s breasts were as full as ever, but pushed upward into firm perkiness by the muscles of her chest. Even the generous size of her feminine assets could not obscure the bulging slabs of her pectoral muscles. These fit seamlessly into her mounded deltoids, which flared into biceps and triceps that seemed simultaneously larger than a man’s and perfectly proportioned for a woman.

This vision lasted only a few seconds until Veronika commanded, “Now, cunt. Flex. Flex! FLEX!” With each pulse, Liz’s muscles became tighter and bigger, swelling up as though they were scarcely constrained by the bones to which they were attached. Between multiple heads of each muscle, the grooves became deep furrows as her split biceps and triceps peaks took on the appearance of entirely separate muscles. Just before Liz’s swollen muscles were ready to explode through her skin, Veronika called for her to relax.

Josh stood and stared, dumbfounded, as Veronika pulled shorts and a tee-shirt over her naked body. As the trainer walked out the door, her final admonition to Josh was, “As my advice to you for the future, NEVER question my training methods again.”

The next day, as Liz was backstage, pumping up with the other bodybuilding competitors, her dominance was clear. The gasps and applause as she emerged on stage was confirmation of her impact, and the dual trophies for winning her weight class and overall were simply the official acknowledgement. Before she had even left the theatre, however, her cell phone rang inside her gym bag. “Liz Brewster, please.”

“Yes,” Liz replied.

“This is the Ms. Olympia organization calling with an invitation,” said the voice on the other end.

“Yeah, right,” Liz retorted sarcastically. “The girls from the cheerleading squad must have put you up to this.”

“Please listen. The judges from your contest today uploaded to us some very impressive photos and video, unanimously advising us to offer you a spot. Also, you probably didn’t know it, but two former Olympia winners were in the audience. They both phoned us to let us know that if we held the Ms. Olympia without you, we’d be accused of not inviting the best. So, although you only get two weeks’ notice, we’d like to know if you’d be willing to compete in this year’s Olympia.”

“I can’t very well say no, can I?”

“We’ll see you in Las Vegas in twelve days.”

The first challenge was to fly in a top posing suit designer to sew the first-ever bodybuilder’s suit that could support such large natural breasts.

The days before the Olympia were a blur. When not eating, sleeping, or practicing her choreographed posing routine, Liz lifted weights with thousands of repetitions of every conceivable variation of exercise for each body part, powered by continuous orgasms from Josh, Veronika, or her massive vibrator. Every erogenous zone on Liz’s body was in a constant state of arousal. Her clitoris stayed expanded to a permanently solid cylinder beneath the flesh of her pussy lips. Her areolas remained engorged, producing visible mounds at the peak of her breasts, leading to jokes that her areolas needed their own personal A-cup bra. Most visibly, her nipples were constantly erect and enlarged, to the chagrin of her posing suit designer – no matter what fabric she tried, Liz appeared to have fingertips poking out the front of her suit.

On the day of the Ms. Olympia, despite the posturing from the other contestants, the competition was basically over as soon as Liz walked out on stage with the same level of hard muscle, together with the mesmerizing jiggle of her top that screamed, “These girls are REAL!” Of course, it took four hours of drama to confirm Liz as the winner, followed by two solid days of interviews about the “come-from-nowhere” contestant who had pushed out the experienced pros.

A week later, Josh was in the apartment, alone. Liz was away all the time on photoshoots and interviews. At least he had time to work out now, but their gym just didn’t have the excitement of the past few months. After completing his warm-up sets on the bench press, he pulled off his izle tee-shirt and looked in the mirror, sighing slightly. It was hard to believe that although he looked so much more muscular than most guys, he looked soft compared to Liz. It only consoled him slightly that he had played an important role in enabling her to reach those heights.

With a final sigh, he turned away from the mirror, added another pair of plates to the bar, and lay back on the bench to do a set at 315 pounds. As he finished his tenth rep and replaced the bar, he noticed Liz had returned and was watching him with a smile.

“Hi, Babe,” she said happily. “It’s really nice to get to watch you lift. I’ve been in love with your muscles since the first time I saw you.”

Josh sat up on the bench and replied, “Even though you’ve got the most-celebrated muscles on the planet?”

Liz slid in to sit behind him on the bench. She wrapped her arms around him in a gentle hug and let her head rest on his shoulder. Speaking softly into his ear, she said, “I really appreciate it SO much that you were willing to devote everything to my success… your job, your money, and even the endless orgasms you gave me.” Her hands caressed upwards until they cradled his pectoral muscles. “Wow, I haven’t even had time to notice that you are still so big and solid. I haven’t seen you working out since I started monopolizing the gym.”

“Before I needed to come home for every lunch hour, I used to lift weights in the gym at work a few times a week.”

“Well, I’m really happy about that,” she responded, “since there’s no reason we can’t have TWO muscle champions in this house.” Liz moved her hand to cup the front of Josh’s gym shorts, which had begun expanding at that thought. “I thought you might like that idea,” she cooed. “Let’s get started by losing these,” she instructed, as she slid the waistband of his gym shorts and underwear down to the bench. She stood up and suggested, “You could take off those unnecessary clothes, while I set your next weight. How much were you lifting at the gym at work?”

“345 for five reps.”

“Nice! Would you like to try one or two at 365? I’ll add a pair of twenty-fives.”

“Sure,” he replied, anxious and eager to get back to weight levels he hadn’t tried since college. With the distraction of pulling down his gym shorts over his solid erection, he didn’t notice that Liz was instead adding a pair of thirty-five pound plates to load a weight he would never have attempted.

“Okay, lay back, Babe, and now I can provide the encouragement,” she said, stroking her fingertips along his rigid member. As Josh reached up to grasp the bar and make sure he was positioned correctly, Liz interrupted, “Before your start, honey, there’s a warm-up Veronika taught me that you might like to try. Grab the support posts half way up to the weight bar.”

Liz moved her hands up to Josh’s pecs, and continued, “First, squeeze your hands toward each other as though you are going to bend those supports together.” As Josh tightened his chest, Liz gasped, “Oh fuck you’re big! Squeeze harder! Fill up my hands with your pecs!” Two seconds later, she let out a contented sigh and wrapped her hands around his upper arms. “Next, try to push the support posts straight up as though you’re lifting them plus the weight bar.” As Josh pushed, his triceps flared out, pushing open her hands. “Damn, you’re huge! Push those posts right out of the ground!” After a couple of seconds, she told him to relax and released the grip on his triceps to stroke her fingers down his arms and chest toward his groin.

“Now that I’ve seen how huge your pecs and arms are, it’s time to make sure my favorite muscle is just as big,” she said in a husky voice. The strokes of her tongue along the length of his shaft brought his expanded penis to aching hardness. “You’ve got what I want, Babe,” she breathed, twirling her tongue around the swollen head of his cock and then wrapping her lips around it. Josh groaned and Liz continued her conversation between intervals of gentle suction to say, “You’re ready. … Remember the feeling… of bending the posts together… and pushing them out of the ground. … That was more than… enough force… to lift this weight,… so it will be easy. … GO!”

Josh picked the weight off the supports. It didn’t feel “easy,” but he was so pumped that anything seemed possible. He lowered the bar to his chest, and partly to his surprise, pushed it off his chest fairly quickly. He forced it to the top of its travel just as Liz’s lips reached the top of his cock. “Again!” she gasped. Josh lowered the bar and muscled it cleanly back up to the top. “Mmm. Again!” Liz moaned. Aroused to animal intensity, Josh lowered the bar and with every fiber of his being, squeezed it slowly up to the top and dropped it back onto the supports.

“Oh, fuck, that was great!” Liz exclaimed. She slowly slid her body upward along Josh’s, causing his cock to be framed between her deliciously hanging breasts before being rubbed past her rippled abs. Upward still she slid until the head of his member met the slippery wetness of her slit. Rocking her pelvis, she positioned his tip at her opening and then slid slowly backward, exhaling every time she pushed her pussy over a new bit of territory down his shaft.

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