Chelsea’s Fight [2]


Waking up, I felt my ankles and wrists still bound to the bed. My body laid on top my soaking sheets; sweat covered my skin. I was asleep so much but I was never tired.

“I hear you say my name in your sleep daddy, but when you’re awake, you don’t like me anymore.”

Driven to wake by ejaculating my fatherly sperm into my barely maturing thirteen year old daughter’s vagina was not my idea of a week off from work. Well… it’s just very complicated.

Chelsea slowly pulled my throbbing cock out of her tiny gaping vagina. She was struggling. As she used the muscles in her arms to pull her hips to my chest; her vagina quivered as she squeezed it shut. Then without warning, she sighed, and streams of my seed poured from her womb.

“Look daddy, you gave me all of this when you were asleep. Three times you put that warm liquid stuff inside my body. You said my name to me because mommy says you dream about me. In your dreams you love me and I got really happy when I heard you say my name while you were inside me.”

She had no breasts at all, the slightest outline of her ribs showed through her skin, and her vagina had no bulge; what was wrong with me?

The puddle of my cum still oozing from my barely considerable thirteen year old daughter was burning a hole in my chest. I remembered from my dream, three times I came in her. I was on top of her though, in her bedroom, on her bed. She was half asleep, completely naked as I slowly uncovered her. She was so calm, so peaceful, completely nude, looking up as I crawled on top of her.

“I love you sweetheart,” I said.

“I love you too daddy,” she mewed, “are you going to hug me and make me warm inside, I’m cold again tonight.”

“Are you going back to sleep daddy,” Chelsea interrupted. “Mommy said you would sleep until she got home from work, but you woke up early, maybe you got really excited.”

My focus was shifting; it was hard to stay awake. I couldn’t fall back asleep. Chelsea was alone, now would be my best chance to sway her to let me go. My left arm rope was loose.

“I’m going to clean you up and take a shower and then we can sleep together, like real people in love.”

I had to stay awake.

In a mirage, I fell to the side of Ankara escort Chelsea, my breathing slowed.

“I wish we could do this every night daddy, I wish I could marry you and me and mommy would share you.”

She rolled onto her side and grabbed me in her arms and squeezed as tightly as she could.

No, this was a dream. I had to wake up. Wake up.

Chelsea was gone. Splashing water echoed down the hall as random waves of it pounded into the bathtub floor.

The knot on my left arm was loosening. Had Chelsea fumbled with it? I struggled and pulled at it. I was getting tired again. Then it unraveled.

The water stopped. I raced to untie my other arm. This one was tighter. Almost there.

Chelsea opened the bathroom door and walked into the hall while rubbing a towel into her chest. Looking down the hall, she saw me through the doorway and dropped the oversized fluffy cloth to run.

I got it. Chelsea jumped around the bed and onto me.

“No daddy, no!”

Her weak little fists pounded into my chest as I grabbed her. I laid back letting her fight me; we were alone for several more hours, I was basically free. She took my relaxed state differently though.

Immediately, she scooted back and inhaled my limp penis. Her tiny tongue rolled over the closed accordion as she sucked it straight up as if telling it what to do. And it reacted on queue; it pushed its way up into her throat.

I sat up and reached out to pull her away but she pushed her little arms into my stomach and moaned, almost crying, as she sucked even harder onto my cock.

My mind was in all out war as everything learned told me to pull her off and everything natal pressed my eyes down her sloping spinal column to her tiny little butt crack. Chelsea’s head had risen as far as it was going to as my dick had reached maximum length.

In one slurp, my little girl pulled her mouth from my penis and jumped forward onto me. I fell back at her will. My mind was in a heated battle; my body was a ragdoll to the outside world.

Staring from her chest to her bright worried face, my peripheral vision watched as my daughter shifted around. What was she doing?

She almost screamed as I felt my dick break through Ankara escort bayan the tiniest of tiny holes and drive itself into my little girl’s intestines. Tears gushed from Chelsea’s eyes. She was crying, she was in tremendous pain. Immediately, I tensed my abs, pulling my body up and grabbed her. I enveloped her with my strong arms; I squeezed her trembling body into mine. She was crying, not whimpering, not grunting, she was crying like that day her grandpa had died.

I tried pulling her off. She screamed in pain.

“Daddy, don’t, it hurts too much, you have to stay with me now, unless you want to hurt me.”

I squeezed her into my chest.

I loved her, I loved my daughter so much and I never did want to leave her. But, but I had to. I raised her from birth, as her body began growing into preference, I began treating her differently, I raised her into this. Did I subliminally train her to do this, my sick way of confirming to myself that this is all ok?

“Daddy, you made me, you own me, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to me.”

I raised her to be independent, egalitarian, live under no one; I gave her all the attention I could, tried everything in my power to make her faultless; now she tells me that I own her. What have I done?

“I want this daddy, I really do; it’s just hard to smile when you want to leave me and mommy because you think I’m not you’re perfect little girl. I want you to love me like you love mommy too, I’m not as young as you think.”

The building wave of sleep was building in my mind. Chelsea’s quivering body and random gyrations onto my organ lodged inside her made sure she stayed put. Her painful crying had just faded. I couldn’t bear to rip her screaming body off mine. She might actually be hurt, might have ripped something, she might need to see a doctor.

Oh, what I would give to pull her off of my cock and examine her myself, press my face up close, touch and tease her asking when she felt pain and when she felt pleasure. Sleep was coming fast, I had to act before she would run and call my wife while I laid unconscious.

I gently dropped my hand down her back. Softly, I pressed my fingers between her parted tender butt cheeks; I ran my fingertips Escort Ankara around her pulsing stretched butthole. Her lips, pressing into my chest, shifted up. I slid my hand around my shaft, two fingers on each side; the tips levitated so very close to her taut vagina. Chelsea pulled her neck back and looked up to my face.

“I really want you to do it daddy, I really do. At first I was scared, but when I think about you doing it to me because you love me, I get really really happy and I love you even more. I’ll do everything you want me to and become the greatest daughter ever if you stay to teach me.”

Trying to push her words from my mind, I struggled to lift her off of me. She squinted her eyes in pain but did the best she could to mask it. The tip of my head broke out of her.

“I’m sorry sweetie.” I gripped her harder and with all my fighting strength, I struggled to lift her off of me completely.

“No daddy, I love you, I’ll run away and find you no matter where you go, no one will stop me and if I get hurt trying to find you, it’ll be your fault.”

Her voice was becoming more and more piercing, my mind was collapsing; I was struggling with all my willpower to stay awake.

“Mommy says you don’t like other little girls like you like me, she says you love my mind more than my body and that’s real love. She said you think you’re a bad person but you’re not, it’s just that half of me is mommy and you love that part just like you love mommy.”

Her talking was stretching my mind, trying to comprehend her words exhausted me; her fighting body drained my muscles. I was losing consciousness. My body was falling back to the bed. Chelsea’s naked body was dropping onto mine.

“Why don’t you dream about when you leave and you’re alone and sad. And me and mommy are alone and sad. Mommy says you never think ahead, she said you were cute because you were always surprised at the simplest things because you never thought ahead to what would happen when you did stuff. She said you think too big and not about little stuff. It’s about society, not just one family, not just me and you and mommy.”

I fell into darkness.

Like ghosts whispering behind my head in a black room, I heard the broken voices of my daughter and wife. Words passed through my mind that I could not fully understand. I was alone, scared, I didn’t know what to do. What am I suppose to do?

e.l. hanes

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