Child No More Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story is completely fictional. At times it may seem slow, but I like to put detail and a real plot in.


Chapter 1 — Bump and Shop

Anthony Thomas, known otherwise as Tony, walked along Bonifacio High Street, taking in the sights and sounds. Weather was nice and warm, a little humid, the place was all vibrant and colorful. It was a beautiful Saturday.

It was 20 years ago that he was last in Manila. That time, he was only posted temporarily for a project. Now, he had a higher position for the same multi-national company that he worked for. He had gotten the choice to decide which regional market he wanted to run, and he chose the Philippines. Back then, he fell in love with the country’s vibrancy and people, and much has changed. More buildings have reached the skyline, but the people are the same—warm, helpful, caring and more.

The Old Navy window shop caught his attention. He saw a light blue shirt and some khaki shorts that looked nice. He had to buy some new clothes for the tropical weather he was in. Manila was very different from New York City.

Suddenly, he bumped into someone, not really watching himself as his walk just slowed at the store front, not stopping completely.

“Aaahh…” a young Filipina woman gave a slight help, just about to fall back.

“Whoops!” Anthony said. He moved quickly, wrapping an arm around the woman. He pulled her against him, standing still and strong. “I wasn’t looking, Miss. I apologize.” As soon as he knew she had gained her balance, he took a step back, letting her go.

“No, I wasn’t looking either. I was texting,” she admitted. She quickly put her phone in her back jean pocket.

She looked at Tony oddly. “Excuse me, do I know you?” She did look somewhat familiar, and dare he say attractive.

“Mr. Thomas?” she blinked.

Tony gulped. casino şirketleri Why was his heart racing?

“It’s me, Maria Flores,” she smiled. “Deli’s daughter—”

“Jason Frank’s secretary,” he recalled.

Jason was the regional head years ago. He remembered Deli well, seeing her almost everyday when he had to talk to Jason. Once in a while, she would even bring Maria to the office. He even remembered going to their province in Batangas, when Deli invited them during her hometown’s fiesta, along with some other co-workers.

“Yes!” Maria smiled. She remembered Mr. Thomas. He was one of the foreigners her mom worked with before. She only remembered him, because he was the nicest. He always had something sweet to give her like Snickers.

She blinked a few times. He did look older, but age suited him well. Still young looking with silvery hair.

Tony leaned forward and greeted her with a friendly hug. “It’s been too long. And look at you, all grown.” She most definitely was not 7 years old anymore. He then guided her to step towards the side so as not to cause anymore accidents.

“Are you working here in Manila?” Maria asked curiously.

Tony nodded. “Yes, I am Regional Director now for Anta Cola.”

“Aaah, like Mr. Frank before.”

“Yes. It only happened recently. I only got back 2 weeks ago. I live just there behind you at Serendra,” he said, pointing at the condominium complex behind her. “What about you?”

“I work at a call center near here. It’s about 15 minutes walking distance that direction,” she said pointing east. “CX Tel.”

“So you going to work or you just finished work?” Tony was hoping it would be the latter.

Maria shook her head. “I am off weekends. I like walking around here. Even have Monday off this weekend. Extended leave.”

“Please join me for lunch?” he asked, borderline casino firmalari pleading. “I would enjoy your company, enjoy catching up.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, a little hesitant. “Surely you are busy with business associates.”

Tony smiled and offered her his arm. “I still haven’t gotten things settled. I need more comfortable clothes.” Soon he led her in the Old Navy Store.

Tony had chosen a few new clothes from shirts, shorts, and even boxers. The sales lady was not far from him, arms full of what he chose. He was done shopping standing still in the men’s section as he continued to watch Maria from afar, who was looking at somethings in the women’s section.

There was no doubt that he was attracted to her. She wasn’t a petite Filipina so to speak. She had curves, and was quite voluptuous. She had a curvy ass and a nice set of breasts, he judged even with her clothing. Her hair was short in a simple ponytail. Her skin was light and fairly toned.

Tony was glad that she worked nearby his work and condo. But where did she live? Where was Deli? Was Maria available? Who was she texting? He thought of so many questions that he needed answers to.

Maria looked at the baby pink colored hoodie. She felt it’s material. It was indeed very soft, thick, but not too hot on the inside. It would be nice to wear at work since the air-conditioning was always cold. Her unbranded jacket couldn’t even compare. When she looked at the price tag, it was P2500 pesos. She sighed… Only in dreams.

She took a hesitant look over her shoulder, surprised her eyes met Mr. Thomas’. She waived, and was quite surprised when he waived back. His smile made her have butterflies in her stomach and her heart beat faster. She wasn’t sure if it was her nerves. It couldn’t be. She didn’t feel like running away, and felt happy in his company.

He güvenilir casino had a broad chest. Flat stomach. But his deep blue eyes were what attracted her. Attracted?! Where did that come from?

A vibrate from her pocket made her break eye contact. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. There was a text message that had come from Randy, her co-worker, who also managed to be her roommate. She rolled her eyes at his text and replied to it.

Turning around, she touched the hoodie again. It would be great with the bright pink shirt she also saw, with some dark jeans or even shorts. Maybe one day she could afford it. Maybe one day she would wear it. Only in dreams…

“You must really like this hoodie?” Tony asked, pulling her back to reality. He had noticed her stand in front of it more than any other item that she touched and took interest in. He touched it too, slightly brushing his hand on hers. It felt electrical.

Maria felt a tiny shock as he touched her hand and put hand down. She shook her head. “It is too expensive, Mr. Thomas.”

“Please, call me Tony, Maria. And I will buy it for you.”

Surprised by what she had just heard, she shook her head. “It is too expensive, Tony.”

“I insist, Maria.” He put his hand on his chest. “In fact pick a few other things too. Shirts, jeans, whatever else.”

Overwhelmed by such kindness, Maria could only shake her head more.

“Please, really, Maria. Think of it like the Snickers chocolate bars I used to give you in the past.”

“They are far more cheaper than these clothes. I am happy with your company already, and your lunch offer. I would simply be happy with a Snickers.”

“I will hurt if you will not accept.” Tony gave her a pout, with his best puppy dog eyes look.

A smile broke on Maria’s face. He looked cute. Plus, she didn’t want to hurt him. “Well, okay.”

“Good!” Tony smiled and gestured the sales lady to help her out.

At the end, Maria got the hoodie, bright pink shirt, jeans and white shorts. She was very grateful and left the shop with her hand in his.

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