Childish Obsessions : PART 2: Cyra Learns The Rules


As my vacation house (and our new home together) is pretty far away from where Cyra once lived, it took us a while to get home. Cyra had fallen asleep and gradually slid to the side til she was laying with her head on my lap. Even asleep my little beauty had me ready to go again. Man oh man did I make a good choice in choosing this girl. I had saved the best for once we were home… I was going to have her pussy completely now… and couldn’t wait.

We arrived home and I slid out of the car, startling Cyra and waking her. I knew she might try to run and I also wanted her to remember that what I said goes… so i grabbed her arm before she was completely aware and dragged her out of the car. “Welcome home baby.”

She rubbed her eyes with her free hand and looked around. “Where are we?” Thats all she asked as she looked around and saw nothing but the house in front of us. This place was out in the woods. Not much around except the trees and the nearest neighbor was about 20 miles down the road.

“Its our new place Cyra. But don’t worry you wont be alone for long. I’m gonna bring you some friends to keep you company. But first baby girl… I will show you inside and teach you the rules.”

We walked the the porch and reached the door. I unlocked it and pushed the door open and Cyra started to walk in. I pulled he back to me, “No sweetie. Its time to start learning the rules… and rule number 1 is you wear no clothes that I have not approved of. You were only skirts and tank tops, clothes with easy access so I can have you whenever I want you. And you will earn these clothes by being a good girl. Now go on an take those off.”

She must have learned something at her house because she didn’t wait a second after I finished before stripping down to her panties. Then she looked up at me with those pleading little eyes.

“Come now Cyra, don’t make me be mean to you. Off with those panties now.”

She took them off and we walked inside. I took her straight to the basement. I had recently had it finished so it could be my girls’ room. All of them together and only one way out… through the master bedroom. In time once each girl learned the ropes they could move upstairs and have a room of their own.

But for now I led Ankara escort Cyra to a bed in the corner and grabbed the chain hanging next to the bed. Attached to the chain was a collar that each girl would wear whenever they were not being used somewhere else. I turned Cyra around and put the collar in place and shut the lock on the back.

“Alright girl, lay down on the bed. I need to get you ready.”

The look in her eyes said she was scared but she laid down anyway. I ran my fingers down her side and down her legs, feeling her shiver under my touch. I lifted my hand and brought it to her chest. Feeling her small titties and paying special attention to the nipples. Circling them with my finger and pinching them just a bit. I don’t know if she realized it but her back was beginning to arch at my touch… she was enjoying this… good.

“That feels good doesn’t it baby? See I told you if you just behave it can be good for you too.”

She didn’t say anything but I could tell she was embarrassed because she turned her head away from me to stare at the wall.

I brought my hand down to her lower leg and pushed them apart enough so i could get to my prize. Her pussy was still a little red and swollen from the assault earlier… so this may hurt some… but in time she would get used to pain and even enjoy it.

So I traced my finger up her leg and to her upper thigh… stopping there and tracing little circles. I could feel her body shuttering under my touch. Whether this was from pleasure or repulsion i did not know but I enjoyed it either way.

I brought my fingers higher and slide them along where her panty line would be if I had allowed her to wear panties. She began trying to slid away from me so I used my free hand to reach and grab a nipple. I pulled towards me so that she had two choices… feel the pain of her delicate little nipple being pinched and pulled … or come closer and dare not to pull away from me again. She chose the second and i could see that he spirit was breaking by the second. She knew she had no where to go… no one to call to… and no way to stop what was about to happen.

I brought my fingers to her pussy lips and rubbed the outside, tracing its curves with my finger. I brought my finger to the top Ankara escort bayan of her slit and put down just enough pressure that was my finger began to slid down, in parted her pussy lips and went inside them. I heard her gasp and I reached her opening. I teased her there for a bit… sliding just the very tip of my finger in and out, in and out, over and over again. She began getting wet for me. I loved this but I didn’t want her having to much fun just. I wanted her to have a taste of the good side of things, hat was she would beg me to take her, beg me to make her feel good. I wanted her to know that if I wanted to I could make it hurt if she protested my touch. So i withdrew my finger completely, brought my hand to my face and licked 3 of my fingers. I quickly brought them back to he opening and plunged them in deeply. She jerk up in shock and a little pain…. her pussy so tight ti clenched my fingers. I began to work them in and out of her.

“Shhh Cyra baby its okay, i know it hurts now but this will help for later when you have something more inside of you.” I brought her hand down to feel my stiffening cock through my pants. I saw her eyes light up a bit with fear. She realized how much bigger it was then my fingers that were now assaulting and stretching that tiny pussy of hers. “Relax baby. As long as you do what I tell you and you try to make me happy, I will be easy with you.” Somehow this comforted her and she laid back, biting her lip as I as I pumped my finger in and out a few more times.

Finally i withdrew my fingers and Cyra relaxed back as I began to speak to her. “Cyra its time for me to have you all the way sweetie. But I want you to ask me to take you baby girl. I won’t do it until you ask.”

“Then you won’t ever have me because I will NEVER ask you! NEVER!!!”

“Baby I said i wouldn’t take you there, just me there is worse things I can do. Things that will make you beg me to stop and make you feel good again.”

She said nothing.

“Have it your way then”

I flipped Cyra on her stomach and pulled her so that her chest and head were or the bed and her legs were hanging down. She was fighting some, but no match for my strength as I held he down with just one arm on her back. I reached up to a Escort Ankara shelf and grabbed the lube and squirted it into my hand. I rubbed down my cock with the lube and then placed the head at he rosebud asshole. Wasting no time I pushed in deep, all the way to the base of my throbbing cock. Her screams filled the room as I began pumping in and out of he tight asshole.

In and out, in and out, her ass clenching tighter with each thrust. God I was going to cum soon. “Ask me baby and this can end right now”


I continued to pump in and out. After a few seconds more heard her say something. “What was that baby?”

“Please stop” her weak broken voice came out again “I want you to have me… please… you can have me… please just stop….”

Oh god this had me going… i was in her tight little ass and this girl was begging me now to take her pussy… now how could I turn that down. But it did take so long to ask me so she had to be punished for that. Tonight would not be easy on her. But soon she would feel good too.

I pulled out of her ass and flipped her over to her back. I spread her thighs as far as they would go and proceeded to bury myself inside her pussy… a small scream rose from her lungs as I drove in. “Cyra this is because you would not ask me when I told you to. If you just be a good girl you could enjoy this too”

I pumped in and out, over and over, my thrill building with each thrust. She was so tiny that she bounced with each thrust. I pounded in and out until I could take it no more… i pulled out and let my cum spray across her chest and stomach, some getting on the bed as well. I wiped some off of her with my fingers and stuck them into her open mouth. “Lick them clean girl! NOW!” Scared, she did so immediately, almost gagging as she swallowed it. “Now lick it up off your bed, I will not have you in a dirty bed.”

“Cyra you are mine now. I have had all of you and no one would want a little whore like you anymore. No one. But I love you sweetie and will always want you. But you have to learn the rules. When i come to your bed, you must ask me how and where I want you and what you need to do. You will do as you are told and you will not ever pull away from me or try to stop me. Do you understand?”

“okay…” her reply was meek and broken. I had her all to me. Maybe it was time that she had a friend so she wouldn’t feel so alone. Time for some research….

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