Subject: China Is Next Door 2 Disclaimer: The following is a story of a homosexual nature and is sexually explicit. Please do not read if you are a minor or if it is illegal where you live to do so. Remember to think smart to play smart. Use protection. Today’s story is a continuation of shared journey of Jaime Munoz and Justin Zhang, his neighbor. If this sounds like something you wish to read, be my guest and read. If it is not, go back and look for another story to read. Help the Nifty Archive continue to provide a home for erotic fiction. Consider donating by going fty/donate.html. Thank you. ===== China Is Next Door 2 More. I wanted more. Justin’s kisses became more frantic. There was a hunger behind his lips. His tongue was a battering ram, my lips were the castle gates. I surrender and they part. His tongue explores my mouth and dances with my own. I tug at his crisp polo shirt, and I help him lift it off his chest. His hands reach for my shirt, and he pulls it off me in a flash as if swiping a tablecloth off without disturbing the fine dishes. Justin’s body lays against my own once again and his waist drives forward and back like a clock’s pendulum while I hold on to his khaki clad ass, those round and proud globes. Was this going to turn out like one of those naughty stories I heard about from my male classmates? Was he going to pull his cock out and whomp away until he sprayed my face? Would he instead shove it in my mouth to fuck away until he erupts? Is this what I wanted? Here and now? With his parents upstairs? He relishes the attention I give his rear, “Play with my ass. It’s all yours to enjoy.” Justin grunts as his hips move in and out. Play with his globes. Play with his globes. As he continues to plow into my crotch, I fondle them. I have not though much about sex. I stuck a finger up my butt once and I liked it. A voice inside asks, “Do you imagine yourself as a bottom or as a top?” Being like this with Justin, my choice was clear. I wanted to bottom for him. When it is our time, I wanted him to mount me and claim me for his own. I felt my balls churn. Any more friction, and I was liable to burst. How was your evening, Jaime? I had a blast, Mom. What’s that spot, son? Umm, Dad. Something happened. How was I supposed to explain creaming my pants to my folks? Before I sailed over the edge, he broke off the kiss and leaned against the back against arm rest of the couch on the opposite end of me. His bare chest heaved as he chuckled, “That was incredible. You?” I returned his mirth, “Muy bueno.” He looked at my throbbing crotch and gave it a nudge with his foot, “Clearly.” He doesn’t nudge it again. Thank goodness. I was already leaking pre. Another jovial sigh before we look at each other. There was a question gnawing at me and it seemed that he was trying to find words himself. I moved first, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but why didn’t you say or do anything until now if you saw me checking you out like that?” He tried to explain himself, “I didn’t know how to come out and say it. I was afraid of scaring you away or making it seem that I wanted a relationship based on getting our rocks off.” Justin scoots back up and we sit next to each other, still shirtless. He places his arm around me, “So now you know I’m gay. You’re the only one besides Ning who knows that I’m into guys.” I had again noticed the usage of his older brother’s middle name. During dinner with Justin’s parents, it was always Ning instead of Marc and Wei instead of Justin. I felt that there would be another time to ask about name usage and asked him, “How did your brother react? You’re the first person I’ve come out to.” Justin replied, “He figured it out after he caught me being too fixated on his buddies. They didn’t have a clue, but my gaze didn’t escape my brother’s notice. He doesn’t mind me being attracted to other men.” We heard a door on the second floor open and close. Father? Mother? It did not matter, it spelled doom. We scrambled for our shirts which had slid off the couch. We put them on and found that we mistakenly put on the wrong shirts. We had been aware for awhile that our body measurements were the same and could wear each other’s clothes. More scrambling and I could hear his slightly annoyed mother even though I didn’t understand her words. Justin answered back in Mandarin, and she retreats in satisfaction. He mutters to himself once she is out of range, “I’m not getting to be more like Ning. Do you think I’m becoming more like my brother? I don’t stay up like that. It’s only 11pm. It is not like it’s two in the morning. Oh boy. That was a nightmare.” He opens and closes his hands as of operating sock puppets as he speaks Mandarin to simulate an argument between parents and his older brother. Justin got up to off the TV and said, “Time for bed. Double grocery run tomorrow morning.” I was aware he and his family went to the neighborhood store. They would return with their purchase and store them away, then head back out to go to Yangtze Mart to get those specialty items that they couldn’t get. Another kiss, but a brief one. He pats me on my butt, “I’ll see this and you on Monday.” I smile right back and I also pat him, “Same here.” I scurry across the lawn and open the door. Little feet scamper and a yapping puff of brown fur jumps up and down, “Calm down Ginger Snap. It’s not like I was gone all day.” Four hours is not all day and yet she thought I was returning home after school. Finished with her spirited greeting, she raced back to the living room where my parents where. As opposed to Justin’s parents, mine are still wide awake. Saturday night comedies keep them rooted until midnight. Mom asks, “Did you have fun.” I replied without acting too keen, “Yea. We ate great. Had cheesecake. Justin and I watched an old B horror movie before we realized it was time to sleep.” Dad didn’t say much beyond, “Glad to hear it. Heading to bed then?” I paused, “Yes. Feeling tired.” I shucked my clothes and pretended to get ready for bed. Just me in my pajama shorts. Same brushing of teeth with the same toothbrush. Stand in front of the same toilet bowl and drain the same bladder. I close my eyes and hear the same stream coming out of the same uncut dick. I enjoyed myself tonight and I wondered what more was in store of Justin and me. I returned to my bed and jumped on it. I wasn’t ready to sleep just yet as I replayed tonight’s events. I am Jaime Munoz, and I am a Senior in high school. About seven weeks ago, the long vacant house next door welcomed a family at last: the Zhangs. Mr. and Mrs. Zhang and their son Justin who became my new classmate. They had another son, Marc, who was away at college. Ever since I had met Justin all those weeks ago, I had a longing for him that I had never felt before. I knew I liked guys, but this was a guy I wanted to be with both physically and emotionally. Until today, I had no idea that he was gay also or had feelings for me beyond friendship. I wanted to be with him, but what would my parents say. They did not have a torches and pitchforks attitude when it came to gays. They took a mostly neutral approach with them, but Dad would freely admit that he found them difficult to understand and be around. I banished the uneasy thoughts from my mind and focused on the face that gave me my first kiss. I focus on the wonderful feelings Justin gave my body. Safe in the darkness just barely illuminated by the glow of a Himalayan salt lamp, I slip my hands and pull down my shorts while I pull my tank over my head. My left hand fondles my chest while my right is wrapped around my scholong. I am glad I was uncut. Unlike almost all the guys I knew, I was intact. I once asked Dad in private, and he replied that he couldn’t do that to another male. Unless there was a medical or religious purpose, a guy’s manhood should be left alone. I imagined it was Justin’s hands at work. I relished the sight of my foreskin sliding over my glans. My neighbor was the only guy I knew of who was also intact. “Mmm. That’s it Justin. That’s it Justin. Your hands are so wonderful.” I imagined him here in bed with me. He is naked except for hip briefs consisting of a white/sky-blue swirl. He lays next to me on my right and had reached over to give a well deserved handjob. He snuggles against me and fondles me causing me to sigh contently, “I’ve got a paleta here, semen flavored, just for you. Only for you.” I then envisioned a phallus-shaped ice pop, two of them actually, wrapped in a package that depicted a boner ejaculating cartoony sperm with happy faces. During a summer afternoon, us two young men are sitting on a bench enjoying these unique treats. Caught in a storm of lust, I jacked and jacked. Justin’s touch had brought me close enough that it didn’t take long. I placed my hand close to the site and got ready. I groaned and groaned while I collected the results of my orgasm. I brought my cupped hand to my mouth and swallowed my cream. It was the first time I had ever tasted cum. I taste pretty good. I pull up my shorts and the blanket over my body. I snuggled against the pillows wishing it was Justin’s body and fall deeply asleep. As opposed to Saturday, Sunday was a boring drag. Nothing but chores. After breakfast, grocery store. Then it’s off to fuel up our vehicles. Back home, laundry and cleaning house. Ugh, I could do without. At least we went out to eat. The start of another week, but one of new possibilities. Justin made no mention of our Saturday festivities beyond that I had dinner with his family. He then leaned forward before the start of first period, “You were going on errands yesterday.” I tilted my head, “The day seemed to go on and on. Why?” He asked, “This may sound weird, but could I possibly come over and help the next time you and your dad do lawn work?” I would have asked him about the odd request, but class started. At lunch, he was able to explain why he wanted to do yardwork. “I’ve told you how my and my family lived in a townhome in Sausalito. We hardly had a lawn. The bedroom that Ning and I have now is bigger than our old lawn. Even then, we didn’t have much to do with it because Uncle Jianyu took care of it. I want to know what’s it like pushing a lawnmower and other yard stuff you do. Stuff like that.” His words surprised me. I viewed it as a mundane and necessary chore, nothing more. Justin was acting as if it was izmit escort bayan special. Maybe it was for him since he had never done yardwork before and his parents weren’t the gardening type. They had a lawn service attend to their needs and the only flowers they had rested in pots which were easily maintained. What he was wanting was the hour long, or more, gamut of working in the yard. “I’ll pass the message along. I think he’ll get a kick out of it.” My grandpa Esteban founded a business, Munoz Lawn and Landscaping, many years ago. Over the years, Dad and Uncle Emiliano have assumed more and more of a responsibility for the operations of the business. In addition to the usual mowing and edging lawns for both residential and commercial properties, we also do landscape designing . That evening over meatloaf, and the usual discussion of how our days went, I brought forward Justin’s odd request. Dad gave me a look and then smirked in disbelief, “Justin wants to help us work in the yard.” I explained that he had lived in a townhome, and because they hardly had a lawn, never got to experience such activity. He paused and looked at the ceiling and then back at me at me with uncertain eyes. Maybe he thought I was pulling his leg. He announced his decision, “I see no problem just if he has his permission from his parents.” Next day at lunch, I conveyed Dad’s answer and he seemed pleased, “My parents already said it was okay.” I replied, “Be there at 8am. 7:30am if you want breakfast. Wear a tee, shorts, and sneakers you don’t mind dirtying. Also bring spare clothing because I heard them talking last night about your request and I think they want to treat you to lunch afterwards.” The rest of that day passed by normally and I went to the gym with Justin like we normally did. As we set out, he pulled out his wallet and showed his snazzy new Texas Driver’s License. Similarly, his car has recently been registered and the California plates had been replaced. “Dad handled Ning’s jeep registration and will be taking my brother to the DMV when he gets in so he can get an updated license. Unless I take him that is.” I made a quick glance before driving from street, “You look awesome. Justin. I have a question. I’m not trying to sound stupid or rude, but why are you and your brother are referred by your middle names at your home?” He looked at me, “I don’t think you are being stupid or rude. We use our Chinese names when we are only with family and use our American names elsewhere. My parents have American nickname. There is an exception though: football.” My parents didn’t go to college, so they supported local college teams. Not so once he found out about Marc. Since then, it was UCLA this and UCLA that. Dad said, “There’s a splendid specimen of manhood. He must get all the girls.” He had observed that Justin’s brother was always identified as Zhang Ning, never Marc Zhang. Justin explained, “Asians aren’t too commonly seen playing football. We’re proud of our culture and he was always adamant, even in high school, that he be referred to by his Chinese name out on the field with his name being listed in the traditional format. Family name first. He has often said that if he does decide to go pro, and he’s back on the fence about that, he wants his poster to list his name in both English letters and in Chinese characters.” The rest of the week passed by without much problem unless you count the meteorologists getting concerned about possible activity in the Gulf. Soon Saturday was here. The big day was here even though I didn’t know how big it would turn out. Mom had made pancakes and there was a platter full of them waiting for us. Next to it was a bowl of fruit salad. She asked me to set these on the table. I caught a glimpse of the clock and saw that it was a couple minutes before 7:30am. I wondered if Justin was going to have breakfast as home and show later or would he show up now. Ding, dong! Survey says: show up now. I opened the door and there he was. Ginger Snap ran from the laundry room to the front door and yipped in joy, wagging her tail. She had taken a liking to him right away, far quicker than any other visitor I had over. She followed him in a friendly way. Justin had on obviously worn sneakers, a slightly soiled sleeveless tee of UCLA’s colors that I had seen him wear a few times to the gym, and medium grey shorts that he also had worn to the gym. Slung across his shoulder, he had a dufflebag which he said contained a set of clean clothes and nicer shoes. I exclaimed, “Come on to my room so you can drop off your stuff.” We headed upstairs and he dropped off his bag and we came back downstairs. My parents were sitting already and were waiting for me and Justin to sit down. I sat across from Mom and he sat across from Dad. As soon as I got in the chair, my parents and I crossed ourselves. While Dad said a prayer, Justin stayed silent and folded his arms in his lap in respect. After the prayer, Dad asked Justin how he and his family were doing. It had been some weeks since they moved into the neighborhood and Dad wanted to offer the same type of support that Vincent Hammond, who lived at the end of the street, showed my parents when they moved in. Justin said that they were doing okay. They hadn’t gone to the monthly civic club meeting yet, but resolved to go for this month’s meeting which would have been the second had they attended last month’s. He paused, “If the weather’s good. We’ve never been in a hurricane before.” Dad nodded and reflected, “If our positions were reversed, I am sure that you and your family would guide us on earthquakes.” He looked at the time. Wash up and let’s get going muchachos.” Some minutes later, the three of us stood in the laundry room where Dad pulled out a bin and handed us the sunscreen lotion and gave us hats to wear. Dad commented, “We protect our skin and ears. Same with our employees who work outside. It’s all about protection.” We shared the tube and coated our arms and the back of our necks with the dream. He then passed around ear mufflers so that the noises so that the cacophony of our tools would be suppressed. Dad unlocked the back door and we headed to the tool shed. After unlocking it we helped him take out the lawnmower, the edger, and the hedge clippers. I attached a bag onto the dolly so we could put all the clippings inside. Justin was handed a pair of lawn gloves and Dad patiently guided Justin on how to start the lawnmower and use it. Satisfied, I was given the task of edging while Dad began trimming the shrubs and overhanding limbs. Occasionally, he looked at Justin to make sure that he was cutting the lawn satisfactorily. He nodded in approval, and I saw his mouth move, “Muy bien, Justino. Muy bien.” My hidden boyfriend either couldn’t hear or desire to correct Dad. A couple times, Justin unloaded the grass catcher as instructed and shook the refuse into the bag which began to swell. After we finished the back, Dad motioned for us to lower our mufflers. He studied Justin’s mowing prowess and commented, “You did a great job.” We then moved on to the front. More edging, more mowing, and trimming. How long had we been out here? It didn’t matter. Dad was intent on finishing. He showed no strain and neither did Justin. I certainly didn’t feel any tension. Time passed and we finished the front. My skin glistened with sweat and suntan lotion while grass bits clung to my body. It was the same for Justin and Dad. He would say that there was nothing more pure than a sweaty man after working out at the gym or in the yard or after any other appropriate activity. We stored our equipment away and Justin tossed the full round bags of grass clippings into the garbage bin. He seemed to be having the time of his life because he smiled as he examined his firm and muscular body shining with preparation. Another nod of approval from Dad, “A fine young man.” We headed back inside to wash up. Dad headed to the master bathroom while Justin and I headed to my room, “You go first. You’re our guest after all”. He took briefs and jean shorts with him into the bathroom. I waited patiently for my turn and soon he appeared. Except for what he had on, he was bereft of clothing. There was a glint in his eyes, the mischievous look. He looked behind him and then took my hands and put them on his chest. My fingers caressed his pecs and he seemed to purr. I declared, “These are so wonderful.” He touched my own equally lavish pecs and whispered, “Yours are wonderful too, but if you like these guys, you should check out my bro’s. He’s the true muscle god in the Zhang house.” True muscle god Marc Ning Zhang. There was no doubt about that. Justin had shown me pictures of his older brother a few times and it was hard not to gawk or start to get a hardon. I was instantly reminded of J.J. Watt and his brothers the first time I saw a pic. Marc was roughly the same shape, size, and height when accounting for age. Dad was heartbroken in his own way when J.J. left the Texans and almost seemed intent on tossing out my blue 99 jersey, the one I loved to sleep in, and the framed poster I had of him which hung above my bed because he so upset. I had to plead for him not to do this, but I digress. My Justin reached for my cologne after he asked if it was okay and sprayed his bod and then he raised his arms and applied the deodorant. He opened his duffle and got out a olive green Henley shirt which he put on, then tossed his spent lawn clothes in the bag. I got a change of clothing and dashed into the bathroom around the corner. I stripped and got in the shower. I hadn’t admitted it to Justin, but he had provided enough imagery of his brother to fuel my imagination. Even after finding out how we were both attracted to guys, I didn’t know how he’d react if I revealed that I was just as horny for his brother. I lathered my body and paid meticulous attention to my crotch. I whispered their names, “Mmm, Justin. Mmm, Marc.” I knew that Justin said that his brother identified as straight but I couldn’t help but imaging what it’d be like sandwiched in here between these two hunky Asian males while water showers down on us, Marc behind and Justin in front of me. It easily eclipsed the one I had about being similarly sandwiched between Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa. One fantasy was infinitely impossible while the other fantasy was reasonably realistic. izmit escort Naked Asian and Latino male bodies danced in my head. Dick hardens and raises upward. I relish the tingly sensations for a bit and then rinse. I dried myself off and returned to my room wearing just briefs and Justin waggled his eyebrows while I headed to my walk-in closet to put on clean clothes. I discarded my dirty clothes into the basket in front of my bed. We headed downstairs together, and Dad and Mom appeared to have just put the sudden breaks on a conversation. She looked up and asked, “Are you boys ready?” We both enunciated in unison, “Yes ma’am.” Some minutes later, we were in the SUV on the way to Jose’s Mexican Restaurant. It was several miles away, but well worth the drive. It was family owned and operated for fifty years. There were several dining rooms. Some were small for little gatherings and there was a larger private banquet room. We asked for a booth in one of the nooks. Again, Justin and I sat next to each other across from my parents. Justin reviewed the menu and was conflicted as to what to get. Except for eating out at Paco’s Tacos last month when he and I went out for the once-a-month Senior off campus lunch, he was a stranger Tex-Mex cuisine. He sought my advice and I asked if he wanted to share fajitas. He appeared to be relieved that he didn’t have the burden of choice anymore. Last month, he got a taco salad after taking too much time to decide. Luckily, we got back to school on time. “Sure.” Dad ordered the mole enchiladas while Mom selected the combination enchiladas. Dad commented how well Justin helped with the lawn. This was genuine praise. I felt his fingers touch my own as he thanked my dad. Mom suggested when Marc came in, their two families should get together and have dinner together. Justin and I looked at each other. Was she pulling our leg and somehow arrived at the truth or was she making a sincere offer? The food arrived and we became too engrossed to follow up. Justin and I ate well. Not one bit was left which met the approval of both my parents. Dad liked good eaters and Mom disliked picky eaters or those that wasted food. We were back home less than an hour later. Justin and I parted ways with the usual promise that we’d see each other on Monday. The rest of Saturday lazily passed until it was time for church and when we got back home, we had leftover shrimp jambalaya for a muted dinner since we were not that hungry. The evening winded down and I finished up the last bit of homework I had. I washed up and got ready for bed. As I lay my head against the pillow and snuggled against my blanket, I fell asleep with a smile. I woke up because my bladder was begging for release. I headed to the bathroom but didn’t bother closing the door much because my parents were asleep. I took care of my needs and washed my hands. I turned off the light and was heading back to my room when I heard sounds downstairs. Was the TV on? I thought it had been turned off when it was time to go to bed. I crept downstairs and saw a figure watching old home movies from ten years ago. There I was an eight-year-old boy giggling in youthful exuberance. I entered the living room and saw Dad’s eyes latched onto the screen, lost in a dejected trance. A tormented face. It was an emotion I had never seen before. I had seen him angry or jovial, but never ever distraught like this. He hadn’t noticed my presence until I stood in front of him with worried eyes, “Dad?” Dad’s body shook from being startled, “Jaime. I didn’t see you there.” His eyes were misty which he wiped. I asked, “Are you okay Dad?” I was not prepared for what he did next. He stood up and hugged me. I could feel his wavering voice, “My boy. My only son. I don’t want to lose you.” I was caught off guard, “Lose me. I’m not going anywhere.” He let go and asked me to sit down next to him. He was in one red recliner chair, and I was seating in its twin. My heart was thumping and thumping. He knows. He knows. He somehow knows. I clenched the seat cushion and listened to him say, “This isn’t an easy for me to say. Your mother and I are starting to notice the way you look at Justin. We weren’t sure how we should discuss this with you or even should and let you speak with us when you are ready. I am sorry if this comes out wrong or I am doing this the wrong way but know that I love you regardless.” He paused and gently asked, “Are you attracted to other men? Do you have feelings for Justin?” I didn’t want to lie and so looked him in the eye, “Yes. Dad. I’m gay. I am gay.” He rested his chin on clenched hands, elbows resting on knees. He looked into my eyes and nodded, “Do you want to tell me about these feelings you have for him?” I don’t know which was more surreal: Dad wanting to know more about my attraction to men or me wanted to share without reluctance. “I’ve liked guys for a few years now. I like muscular guys the most, men like me and Justin. I enjoy going to see the Defenders play Friday night football. I am just as enthusiastic as anyone else. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy football, but there’s a bonus for me. I get to watch guys in their football pants go back and forth across the gridiron. The way I feel about him is different from the way I feel when I look at other guys. I was fine with being best buddies with him if that was going to be the most we would be. Hanging out, going to the gym. Things changed last weekend when he invited me to his house for dinner. He told me that he had noticed the way I look at him and he liked to look at me in the same way. We were just shy about telling how we feel because we didn’t want to ruin what we had. We’ve kissed a few times and cuddled a couple times. That night, we touched each other’s bare chests and felt each other’s arms.” Dad appeared to be trying to translate my words and the tone behind those words into concepts he understood as a straight man. Physical attraction towards other men was unknown to him and no gay man had ever shared his desires. Maybe I said too much and put too much zeal behind my words, but he allowed it. He asked, “Touching him made you feel good?” I couldn’t deny it. I felt the tingles badly. “Yes, but it’s more than physical pleasure. I enjoy his company and I believe he’s likes mine.” He reflected and told me, “I’m glad. Your mother and I like him. He clean cut and respectful to his elders and he’s into physical fitness which is always a plus in my book. Do you consider yourselves to be boyfriends?” I wanted to be boyfriends with him. After seeing many of my peers get together and being left behind in single town, I wanted teenage companionship of my own. “I want to.” A hopeful smile, “I couldn’t imagine anyone better for you Jaime. Your mom and I talked, and we feel you shouldn’t have to hide your relationship anymore from us if you and Justin want to be boyfriends. I’m glad that we spoke with each other. Time for bed.” He stood up and turned off the DVD player and the TV. One last hug and it was back to bed. Sunday was just like any other day. Nothing too special, nothing was incased in ice and pigs weren’t flying outside. There wasn’t much mention of my outness except a chuckle between my parents that they had participated in a couple’s night, and they didn’t even know it. They turned as I entered the kitchen. I was wearing my pajama shorts and tank which clung to my muscular chest. I sat down and Mom kissed my forehead, “Sleep well?” I nodded, “Yes even though I woke up in the middle of the night.” Dad took a swig of coffee and said, “Baseball season’s over and we didn’t get a chance to invite Justin to a baseball game.” Mom said, “First set of tickets I can get, the four of us will go. Maybe just you two and Justin and his Dad to make it a guys day out.” Mom was the Executive Vice President of Human Resources with the Delaney Corporation, a moderately sized engineering firm. The owner participated in a program with the owner of another company. It involved a set of eight Diamond Club level tickets for each home game. Half went to Delaney and the other half went to the other company. Tickets were distributed among executives and other members of management. She could put in a request for a set so we could go during a weekend came, but that would be several months from now. “Thank you Mom.” We didn’t do much for the rest of the day or in the days thereafter. Justin and I started to see more of each other outside of school, gym, and gymnastics. We were hidden boyfriend, a secret only known to my parents and his brother soon thereafter. There was no pressure to out himself to his parents or us outing ourselves to anyone else. Marc was eagerly excited for his younger brother although Justin admitted, “I’m having to clean up some of the words he said though. He was wanting to know if we’ve fooled around. I told him that we haven’t done anything yet except kiss and cuddled. Nothing below the belt. I don’t think he believed me. Two hot studs not wanting to get it on? Those were his exact words.” The third Monday of the month is different from all other Mondays. We headed to a local church’s school, not one I attended or even the same denomination, to have our monthly meeting in their library. Years ago, when I was younger, one of my parents would go to the meeting while the other stayed behind to watch me. Once I got to high school though, that changed. My parents said that I wasn’t a little kid anymore and it was time that I attended. Justin’s parents were of the same mind and there they were when we got there. They must have been saving seats for us because there were three empty spots next to them. I sat next to Justin and my parents were next to me, a mirror to the placement of his parents. Today’s meeting was about the upcoming Halloween party at the end of the month and next month’s local elections. Usual business includes the Treasurer goes over the financials and the security officer providing the crime report. Another customary event is the Club President asking if anyone is here for the first time, stand up and introduce themselves. Almost always, no one stands. Tonight is different. Jiesheng Zhang, Justin’s Dad, stands up along with his wife Suyin and my boyfriend. “Hi there. My name is Jay and Sue Zhang. This is our son Justin. We are originally from Sausalito and we moved here to Appleseed izmit kendi evi olan escort Park about seven weeks ago. We’ve already made friends. Nice to meet you all.” They sat back down, and the Club President thanked them and said that she looks forward to seeing them again in future meetings. The meeting ends with refreshments: tea and punch or lemonade and cookies or donuts or some other goodie. Justin got a cup of tea, but he avoided the desserts as if they were radioactive. I did likewise and Justin said his brother also did not indulge. At our house, we get one quart of ice cream or a cake or pie at the beginning of the month and that’s it. The monthly meeting is the only other time when we will indulge in sweets. I was going to get a donut when Justin shook his head as a stern warning. My body’s trajectory curved away and towards Justin. If I couldn’t get a sweet treat I could eat, I could get a sweet young man that I could be with. If my parents were the only ones here, I would have freely wrapped my fingers around Justin’s. As it was, we merely stood right next to each other. Our status as a couple flew under the radar because there were no people our own age. Most attendees were either young couples or seniors, but mostly seniors. The meeting eventually ended, and we parted ways. Each day passed and the weather forecast became increasingly grim. Supposition was becoming more definitive. After school, I helped my dad store away our lawn furniture and ornamentations while we prepped the rest of our house. Mr. Zhang sought out Dad’s advice and they went to the hardware store. We went along with them and spent the rest of the evening securing the Zhang house. Both households had sufficient supplies already. With preparations complete, now came the waiting. The next day, school let out school early. For the next few days, the hurricane was a constant and wretched guest. It got close and closer and then made landfall. We did not lose power which was not the first time that this had happened. Dad perceived that this was because there was a hospital about four blocks away and we were on the same power grid. The winds and the rains raged. Our streets would flood, and the waters would come up to the poles that held up our carport and then recede enough as the rains calmed down somewhat. The hurricane left the area Friday afternoon. We spent the weekend cleaning up and were told to report to school on Monday. We had been lucky. About a month later, we put school on pause again. This time for Thanksgiving break because we were off until the Monday after Thanksgiving. I asked Justin the Sunday before, “How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?” My boyfriend replied, “My parents and I would go over to my cousin Finn’s house. He’s my second cousin, but I thought of him more as an uncle. We’d all be there including my great uncle Jianyu. We do the turkey and ham bit, and we have a few sides that would be familiar, but the other sides are more traditional Chinese dishes. It’ll be just us three this year. We’ll have to think outside the box. Just a small turkey, a salad, and two sides: one American and one Chinese. That Monday and Tuesday were spent at the office with Dad because he didn’t want me to waste my time away at home. Wednesday was going to be different. “I’m going to hang out at Justin’s while his dad goes to pick up Marc. Once he gets here, we’re going to treat him to breakfast, then take him to the DMV, and show him around town. Mainly our school and gymnastics facility. Come back, get ready for the gym, and go work out. Back home again and maybe toss a football if we’re lucky. We’re going to have a full day.” Dad absorbed that, “Unless things change, both of our families will have dinner together later tonight. It was meant as a secret so act surprised tonight.” After breakfast, I walked over and rang the doorbell. Justin was there and took both my hands pulling me inside. His dad appeared and said, “Good morning, Jaime. I’m heading out. I’ll be back later. You two boys stay out of trouble. Okay?” We both nodded, and he headed out the door to head to the airport where he would wait for Marc who was due to arrive in about an hour. He would be taking the jeep so that Marc could drive his own vehicle on the way back. The door closes and the jeep departs.” Justin had no intent of staying out of trouble. He looks at me mischievously, “Let’s have an early Thanksgiving.” I sat up on the couch, “Thanksgiving? Huh? Didn’t we say we would take your brother out to lunch?” Justin said, “Yes, but I wasn’t talking about food. I was talking about something else to have. I’m talking about having some salami.” He leans against the entryway to the den and places a hand on his of his bulge. I was not expecting such a declaration, but I was up for a little fun. He took my hand, and we ascended the stairs to his bedroom. Straight ahead from the doorway was his side of the room and to the right was Marc’s which was untouched since they moved in. He puts his hands on me and gropes my body. I got goosebumps, his gentle fingers probing the flesh sensuously. I reached over and slid my fingers underneath his shirt. I gripped it and pulled over his head and threw it onto his neatly made bed. He reached for my own top and removed it also. Gone were our bottoms, then socks, then our briefs. We had seen each other naked many times before, but this was our first time as an intimate couple. Justin cupped his junk and motioned for me to do the same and repeat his words. He began fondling himself and he was already firming up, A bizarre benediction, “I give thanks for the dick that swings between my legs and for the nuts underneath which are chock full of tasty jizz.” His words inspired me to have a massive hardon. He licked his lips and gently pushed me on to his bed. We lay side to side, and I turned onto my side to feel his body. I touched his pecs and I used my index fingers to trace the rings of his areoles. His nipples reacted eagerly and become perky. He smiled as gleefully as the Cheshire Cat as he touched my own, “How about that salami? You’re the guest. Do you want me to go first or do you?” My answer was my mouth as I shifted my body around to get into the 69 position and opened wide. My head bobbed up and down. I played with his balls and explored his stringy pubic hairs with my fingers. My lips let go of his glans and I licked his shaft before I scarfed on his balls. Left one and then right one. For his part, Justin looked at me feasting briefly before he too dines on dick. He mimicked my actions. Words can not describe the sensations I felt by having a mouth engulfing my manhood or what it was like having a penis in my mouth for the first time. I continued sucking on his prong and his body shuddered. He let go to warn, “I’m about to cream. I…” Too late. Tangy Chinese sauce began gushing into in my mouth. I clamped my lips tightly around him so nothing would leak. That would be hard to explain if we couldn’t get out the stain in time. I sucked and squeezed every drop until I was confident that I could withdraw my lips. He asked, “How do I taste?” I sighed, “Muy delicioso.” With Justin’s answer given, I repositioned my body with my head next to his again. Not for long though as he resumed his mission as cocksucker. He lowered his head, and I instinctively placed my hand on his head. I didn’t last much longer, and my schlong throbbed. His lips tugged on my foreskin to make sure that he did a good a job collecting semen as I did. He let go and lay his body on top of mine, “That was awesome.” I kissed him, “Totally. We should do this again, but at my place next time.” We put our clothes back on and inspected his bed. It had gotten tousled a bit, so I helped him make the bed before we headed back downstairs to wait for Marc’s arrival. We had about ten normal minutes to ourselves when we heard a car horn. We looked out the window and Marc’s Blue Rubicon slow to a crawl. Mr. Zhang came out first and then the brother himself. We could hear his playlist even from this distance, “He’s a big fan of 60’s rock but especially Creedence Clearwater Revival.” Father and son exchange words before Mr. Zhang headed to his own vehicle and headed to work. Marc paused to behold his new home for the first time, and he slowly walked up the driveway. Pictures do no justice as I saw him in the flesh for the first time. He was tall and his musculature was on a higher level than ours. At school back in Sausalito, Marc was thought of as the physical incarnation of Moose Mason of the Archie comics because his torso and arms were thick. Just an incarnation who was Asian. He even had an animal-based nickname. Zhang the Mustang or Mustang Zhang despite knowing that his animal namesake was a small horse. Ding dong! Justin ran at the door, and he opened it. The two brothers hug and Marc’s welcomed inside. They run upstairs so he can check out their room and drop off his luggage. As they descend the stairs, I could hear them gabbing in Mandarin. Maybe I should learn. Justin said I didn’t have to feel obligated to learn, but I thought about it. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, more. If we are still together, it’d be nice to have a language we could use in private openly. Marc is tall and broad. 6’4″ and marvelously muscular. His was a suitable form for a man called The Great Wall. Marc offers his hand and I accept it, “Nice to meet you at last. Wei’s told me a lot about you.” He studies my physique from all angles and speaks in Mandarin with his brother. Words may be unknown, but his admiration was clear. I didn’t need to ask what he meant because he said, “What a bodacious body you got there. Check this out.” He pulls off his shirt and poses, “Let’s see what you two got.” Justin scoffed, “Always the exhibitionist.” The apple doesn’t fall from the tree as he takes off his shirt and poses also. Not wanting to feel left out, I pull off my shirt and pose like them. Marc spiritedly says, “Awesome.” He looks at his watch, “As much fun as it is to check out our half naked selves, it’s time we get going. Didn’t you say you were treating me to breakfast?” He gets his shirt and puts it back on. Me and my boyfriend look at the two remain tees to make sure that we put on the right ones. We leave the house and lock it. Justin’s car will be our ride. He drives and I will be tour guide. What awaits us today? ===== I would appreciate any comments you may have, but please keep insults or flames to a minimum. I’ll try to respond to everyone, but no promises. Please mention the title of the story so I know what you are referring to. You can email me at: hoo.

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