Chris 6


Chris 6DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW!’Oh fuck I wanna suck it… oh please, push it in my mouth.. my cocksucking mouth… pretty please baby!’ I thought to myself while I whacked off. I was imagining i was in front of an older guy who was jerking off, on my panty and stocking’d knees, begging him to let me suck his cock for him. And, in my fantasy, just as he shoved his cock in my mouth and I sucked on it lovingly while he shot load after load of hot cum in my mouth, my own cock erupted just like a geyser, shooting cum high in the air, all over my pink panties! Ahhhhh… another good climax that, of course, I’d never tell my non-cocksucking frigid cunt-whore wife about. All she fucking knew how to do was to blow my money, not my cock…I put away my cum-soaked panties until I could wash and dry them, put them in a zippy bag to hold the fresh cum smell that I so enjoyed later!………………………………………………………One thing I loved to do was to go to the mall while my wife would shop. Not that I shopped with her. I would sit on a bench and ‘observe’ the people as they walked by, both the men and the women, and create ‘quickie’ fantasies about them in my pervy mind…..I’d see young and old. Loved to think about the ‘old’ hobbling by, in their modest coats and clothes…. I’d imagine an older, pot-bellied guy in an entirely different situation, with stockings and garterbelt and panties on, giving him a blowjob while his wife was getting eaten out by a young woman in her 20’s, her slippery cunt just dripping between her spread legs lapping at the old woman’s now-juicy pussy…. (my cock getting hard in my jeans, rubbing it under my coat…) the old guy filling my mouth with his salty-sweet hot cum, spurt after spurt! Then pissing all over me. Hot, wet piss! Then me working my cock in the 20-something-year-old’s snatch, fucking her doggy-style while she and the old woman made out passionately sharing the old woman’s cunt-juices! Oh you fucking sick pervert! MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!Then I look over and notice a young hunk in a t-shirt, leather jacket and tight jeans and see a prominent bulge with the outline of a nice cock. I imagine him going into the restroom and me following kocaeli escort him. He stands at the mirror, combing his black hair, John Travolta-style while I encircle him, pressing my cock squarely on his ass. He smiles and flexes his cheeks, massaging my cock while I slide my hands down, unbuckling his jeans and taking out his cock… ohhh fucking wow! Thick, hung, big fucking balls… I’m stroking his cock and cupping his balls while he undulates his ass on my rigid cock now out of my panties! I turn him around and sink ot my cocksucking knees, pulling his cock in my mouth, slowly, lovingly sucking on it, his pelvis humping my face soooo deliciously slowly and intently. He picks up speed and I just let him fuck my face like a hot, squeezing cunt, drawing his precum to my lips, fucking my face harder and faster, cupping his balls which draw up into his sac, ready to shoot hot cum down my throat…. and he does, spurt after hot spurt! Then I stand up and he bends forward, ready to accept my cock up his throbbing asshole, penetrating him deeply and swiftly, the feelings of hot lust consuming me… I pump my semen deep up his bowels, slowly pulling out and replacing my cock with my tongue, lapping and licking my own fucking cum from his asshole and stroking his cock furiously until he shoots again all over my hand and I bring it to my lips, re-tasting his nectar once more. Then we make out in hot abandon, swapping mouthfuls of hot cum and swallowing it! We hear the door starting to open and adjust our clothes, stepping away from each other just in the nick of time……….I see a pair of twin girls, barely out of high school, tagging along with their mom, in her young forties. The girls are being goofy while the mom watches, amused. I’m fantasizing them at home, both girls kissing mom, their clothes falling off to sexy lingerie, one girl pushing mom’s head to her swollen breast, the other spreading mom’s legs fondling her wet pussy, making her wetter, rubbing stockings on each other, stretching like cats, entwining, loving each other, inserting dildos in each other’s pussies and assholes, going down on each other, licking and tonguing each other’s pussies, daisy-chaining, ohhhhh fuccckkkk I’m cumming…………………………………………………………Memories izmit escort of past experiences come to mind too… going into the adult book store, nervous yet excited, wandering back to the booths, casually looking at which ones featured gay/dressed porno, looking at who is going in and out of each booth, selecting one next to someone I’d love to hook up with and entering. Once inside, you are on display and realize you are lustfully showing off, pulling your pants down, showing off your latest panty selection, listening intently to others beating their cocks and ouuu’ing and ahhh’ing, sucking in their breath over your ‘show’, then seeing the telltale finger wriggle at you through the glory hole. You bend down and look through it and see someone with their pants down, his cock out of his panties, stroking it, then see his mouth waiting and you rise up and insert your cock through the hole to suddenly get engulfed in warm, wet, cocksucking pleasure! OH MY FUCKING GAWD it feels so fucking wonderful! You press against the wall, enthralled by his cocksucking mouth, feeling his lips and teeth and tongue consuming you, going soooo slowly up and down your cock, him loving your cock up and you loving him doing it, your balls tightening, you trembling, clutching at the wall, pressing your hips as much as possible so he can get to every inch of your cock, feeling his fingers touching your balls and drawing you to him, then you tremble and realize the moment is near, it is now.. you’re cumming, ooohhhh fuck you’re cumming and cumming and cumming and you feel his cocksucking mouth gulping it all down. Your cockhead is suddenly overly sensitive, he kisses it and you withdraw, stumbling to pull up your pants and zipping up, push the door open to see your cocksucking benefactor also leave. You make eye contact and he blows you a kiss and disappears into the crowd, only to be replaced next time by another……………………………………………………………….Do you get the idea that EVERYTHING reminds me of hot sex? LOL! Sometimes, all it takes is a ‘look’. You catch a glimmer, a wanton secretive lust in someone’s eyes, and if you chase after it you may well get it, or at least fantasize about it….I was at a birthday party and even though i was with my wife, bodrum escort a much older woman, married, gave me ‘that look’ with just the slightest twist of a wry smile before taking a sip of her drink and waltzing away to join another group of women. I stood there, mesmerized, when she came up behind me and blew a puff of air in my ear… ohhh fuck….’Cum…’ she beckoned. I looked around to see my wife in a discussion with others, animated and not paying attention, her back squarely to me, so we slipped off and turned a corner where ‘Sylvia’, her name, suddenly turned, opened her mouth and glued it to mine, her tongue snaking into it fiercely. I returned the hot kiss just as intently and we pressed our bodies together in a hot embrace. Her fingers went right for my crotch and she discovered a pleasant surprise… and gripped and caressed my hard, throbbing cock. I slid my hand up her side and cupped her tit with no abash, centering my attention on her hard nipple, flicking at it while our tongues snaked back and forth. Suddenly she pulled me into a vacant bedroom, locked the door, slid down her dress freeing her big tits and slid down me, dragging them deliciously down me as my pants slid down, exposing my frilly little panties!’Your wife know you wear these?’ she cooed, fondling my aching cock in them.I shook my head ‘no’ and she pulled them down and took my cock in her mouth, sucking it several times….’My husband says I suck cock almost as good as he does… he’d love you in your panties, he wears them all the time…’ and she stood up, unlocked the door and let him in. He was excitedly waiting at the door. He did a strip tease down to his panties, then rubbed them all over my cock and balls, making out with me too as his wife resumed her cocksucking duties on me. Her finger found it’s way up my asshole and she knew I was ready to explode…. he dropped to his knees and joined her..’Oh fuck I’m gonna cummm….’ and shot load after load in both their mouths and all over their faces. They giggled like little schoolgurls and licked it all up, making out and sharing it, then making out with me as a third interested party! He pushed my head down and I eagerly sucked his cock in my mouth just as she drove her hand up his ass and the other deep in her hot, dripping wet cunt, twerking his prostate and his cum just flowed out down my cocksucking throat….We hurriedly got everything together and re-emerged at the party, staying apart yet secretly touching. My wife finished her conversation and came over, asking me if I was enjoying myself………………………………………………………………….

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