Chris and Kim pt 02

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Chris and Kim pt 02Friday:When Kim got up it was already late, but his head was pounding, and as much as he wanted to get back to sleep, he had to deal with that first. Throwing on a silk robe he headed out to the kitchen to get some juice. It wasn’t until he got to the kitchen that he remembered that Chris had passed out on the couch the night before. He quickly belted up his robe to hide his nudity.”Hey is that you? I’m dead, don’t mind me” Chris croaked from the living room.Giggling and pouring a glass of juice for Chris as well, Kim headed in to the other room.”Wow someone is fancy.” Chris teased as he checked out Kim’s silk robe while taking his glass from his friend.”Oh. Um. I.” Kim stumbled over his words.”Don’t worry about it man. I’m sure it is comfortable or whatever, it really is no big deal. Thanks for the juice by the way. I don’t know about you, but i’m feeling like hell after last night and some actual food would be amazing. Any chance I can get you to whip up some food for me? I would kill pendik escort for some breakfast right now. I will even try and help, I wont burn or break too much!”They both headed to the kitchen and started prepping. After plenty of laughing and jokes, breakfast was ready, and Kim was laying out two plates of delicious food on the table.”I wish Kelly made me a breakfast like this. Ever.” Chris grinned as his eyes feasted on the pile of bacon “I would be happy with just the bacon! She wont even make that for me.””And I also made you eggs, pancakes AND hash browns!” Kim giggled with a wink “You deserve a good breakfast! and if she won’t take care of you, i guess I will have to.”They talked and laughed more as they ate, and Kim was sure he caught Chris looking a little differently at him a few times. After they finished, he took the dishes back to clean up, giggling to himself at how he was being just like a housewife, but Chris seemed to appreciate it.As Kim was finishing the dishes, Chris came into the kitchen.”Hey escort pendik I have some stuff to deal with, so I better take off, thanks again for last night, this morning, everything. I really appreciate it.” He said as he stepped up, arms out for a hug.Kim wrapped around him, squeezing tight.”Of course, I am always here for you. Anything, anytime. You know that.”Chris’ hands ran across Kim’s back, half wondering if he was wearing a bra again. He felt nothing so his hands u*********sly slid slower until he caught himself. by then his hand were just above Kim’s ass though, and he still hadn’t felt anything under the robe. Kim was probably totally naked under that robe he realized.”Ok I should go, I need to get moving.” Chris half whispered as he kept holding onto Kim’s lean silk wrapped body. His body was starting to respond, and he was not sure what exactly he should do about these feelings.Kim was lost in being wrapped up in Chris’ arms. All he could feel was those arms and those hands, and he pendik escort bayan was realizing how he really wanted to feel more. A lot more. It wasn’t until Chris’ phone began to buzz and he let go, that Kim snapped back to reality.”That felt nice”‘ Kim whispered as he slid from his friends arms”Yeah, it did.” Chris mumbled half dreamily “Shit” he looked at his phone “It is Kelly. Ok I have to go, I will give you a call though, we should hang out tomorrow. Sound good?””Of course!” Kim smiled “I doubt I can drink that much again though”” he laughed.”That sounds like a challenge! Ok I will talk to you later”Kim leaned up against the counter as he thought about what just happened. And realized he was rock hard. Had Chris felt that?? Oh god. And yet all he could think about was the feel of those hands on his back, and how close they came to his ass. He didn’t know for sure how much he wanted it, but the closer those hands came to his ass, the more he wanted to feel them there. Before he realized it he was on his knees, one hand kneading his ass, the other stroking his hard cock as it poured cum all over the floor. He couldn’t get the image of Chris’ cock out of his mind, but it wasn’t in Kelly’s mouth anymore. It was in his!

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