Chris9DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.I’d love to write about what Chris really likes, but I can’t because of subject matter that is ‘not suitable’, which involves a lot that I can’t discuss. But…. suffice it to say, just let your mind wander into the most delicate and bad areas….BUT! The good news is that we can explore a lot of the things he does like, and respecting the laws and tenets of various forums that surround us!Like when he was laying in bed, next to his snoring wife, not able to go to sleep. Tossing and turning which was disturbing his wife, he lay flat on his back, one hand gently cupping his supple ass cheek, the other mindlessly stroking his cock… imagining…When he was younger, barely out of HS, he’d go into the corner grocery to pick up a few things. There was a magazine rack in there with a variety of porn mags, especially gay mags of all types – gay, leather, bikers, crossdressing, etc. He was particularly drawn to the crossdressing, having frequently dolling himself up too. But, they were a sealed in plastic so he couldn’t look through them. The owner watched him carefully looking at them many times. He’d always stop on his way by going up to the checkout.One afternoon Gary, the owner, went over to the magazine rack, grabbed the latest issue of ‘CD Magic’ and tossed it into his bag. Gary explained, ‘The price is $5.50, but my cost is only a buck. Enjoy!’ Chris couldn’t wait to get out to his truck and look at it!He tore off the plastic wrap and suddenly he saw guys, just like himself, transform into hot, sexy gurly-bois. Of course they couldn’t pass, but nonetheless, they were erotically amazing, plus the suck and fuck scenes were just as amazing, too! But, he wondered silently, why did old man Gumby (he had no teeth, that’s what everybody called him; he was in his mid-40’s) give him the mag? It puzzled him. He smuggled it into his apartment and quickly it became a mainstay of his secret porn collection, however, happily jerking off to the pictures on almost every occasion! A month later he was shopping there again when Gary grinned and asked how did he like the mag after the other customers in the store left and momentarily they were alone. Suddenly he undid his apron behind the counter, slid down his pants to reveal he was wearing skimpy baby blue bikini panties, his hard cock throbbing in them! He motioned for Chris to step behind the counter only to grab him tenderly and slide his hot tongue in his mouth, making out with him and pushed his hand inside his panties to m***** his cock and balls, which burdur escort Chris more-than-willingly did! ‘Cum back at closing, darling!’ Gary begged in his ‘little-gurl’ voice and quickly slid up his pants and redid his apron before the next customer could cum in…’Ohhhh fuckkk!’ Chris said after leaving the store! He was hard as a fucking rock! He put the truck in gear and sped away, intently concentrating on his driving so he wouldn’t cum in his panties! He reached home and got out of the truck, looking in his bags only to spy another new monthly edition of CD Magic inside! Fucking wow oh wow oh wow! He ripped it open and hid the wrapper so his mom wouldn’t find it in the bottom of the garbage can, thumbed through it and immediately cummed his panties looking at all the hot gurly-bois! He had to change and shower anyways, so he thoroughly washed off all the spent cum and applied after shave. After dinner, as he usually did, he took off, explaining as usual he had to meet friends to his parents, but sped to the corner grocery, barely making it just before it closed. Gary the Gummer gleamed seeing him and pulled down the shades, locking the door, then sauntered out back, dimming most of the store lights. He grabbed two beers out of the cooler, took off his apron, then slid out of his pants and tugged off his shirt to reveal his bra, panties, stockings, garterbelt and slipped into a pair of high heels…..’Do you like, darling?’ he moaned in his gurly voice.’Um… ouu fuck yesss… will you call me Chrissie? What can I call you?’ Chris moaned, removing his jeans and shirt. He had on a pair of little panties and some knee high’s he’d rescued from the trash of his mom’s….’Please, call me cocksucker, honey… or anything gurly you want, baby!’ he told him, sinking to his knees and nuzzling his super hard cock.’Oh fuckkk.. Darla… I’ll call you Darla, honey… oh oh oh.. that fee… OMG!’ Chrissie moaned, feeling Darla take his hard cock between his lips and suck the full length of it. He’d gotten blown before, but nothing as hot and as sensual like this! Not with soft, supple lips and no teeth! He was sexstactic!After a few moments Darla stretched out, and pulled Chrissie on top of him and Chrissie was enveloped in total lust, tugging down Darla’s panties and slowly sucking Darla’s cock all the way in his mouth too, both of them reaching a wonderful cocksucking rhythm. They both explored each others’ tightening balls and fingerfucking each other too, then both tensed and shot their cum loads down each others’ cocksucking throats! They relaxed, kissing and nibbling on each other’s limp members, then climbed off each çanakkale escort other, swigging their beers.’Oh fuck baby, that was wonderful!’ Chrissie moaned, making out with him passionately.’Mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssss, I love your hot fucking cum, darling!’ Darla moaned, feeling Chrissie’s cock and feel it already responding….’OUUuuuuuu honey… you’re making me hard again..’ Chrissie moaned.Darla turned around and wriggled his gurly ass on Chrissie’s cock.’Will you fuck me if I get you hard enough?’ Darla whispered.’Ohhhhh honey…. yesssss…… which way?’ Chrissie moaned.’Like this, baby doll…. like this…’ and laid down, raising and parting both legs, high in the air, pulling him down, rubbing Chrissie’s cockhead on his asshole. ‘Ouuuu fuck yessss…. you’re all lubed up!’ Chrissie giggled.’I own a store…. of course I am, sweetie… now push it in me… in my pussy.. my cunt.. fill me with your big fucking cock, baby!’ and Chrissie lunged forward, impaling Darla on his fuck wand….’Oouuuu yess!’ Darla groaned loudly. ‘Fuck me baby! Cum in my hot cunt!’………….Chris came in the towel on his belly, rolled over and went blissfully to sleep…… his wife never even knowing…………………………………………………………………..Chris was at his desk at work, dutifully working on a project when he remembered his fantasy about him and his boss and their wives meeting up for a dinner and sex session… he never got beyond a quick partial blowjob in the boss’s office….. his fingers worked their way into his right pocket, which he’d torn out the pocket itself so he could massage his hard cock in his panties while working….Cobb drove home to his wife Tina, excited but confused, not realizing she’d gone to Brian Dale and his wife Bess’s house to arrange a sexcapade!’Honey, I’m home!’ Cobb hollered and Tina came out, dressed for the party: she had on a low-cut top with her breasts jiggling in it, barely held in the thinnest of low-cut bras. She had on a mini micro skirt, white, with garterbelt and black seamed stockings, high heels, slutty makeup making her look like a whore, slut red lipstick and dark eyeshadow, mascara and fake eyelashes with plenty of rouge….’Well, am I trampy enough, darling?’ she dripped, giving a bump and grind. ‘I’ve laid out some clothes for you, too…. OH! Did I tell you it’s your boss and his wife we’re swinging with?”Um, I found out at work… he called me into his office to give me a sample blowjob in expectation for tonight!’ he grinned wickedly. ‘He said you came over the other night and ‘firmed-up’ the deal… did y’all have fun, too?’ Cobb moaned, çankırı escort playing the wanton cuck. He went into the bedroom to change…. On the bed was a black garterbelt with little red bows, red lacy panties, black sheer stockings, red underwire bra, high heels in his size, a tube of slut red lipstick, makeup and rouge, false eyelashes and fake nails….’Will you help me with my makeup?’ Cobb groaned, tearing off his suit, changing out of his cummed-in panties (jerked off in the car) and into the outfit on the bed quickly, it was only an hour before they were expected to arrive!’Of course, my slutty whore darling!’ Tina giggled. ‘My My My… ouuu baby, you’re so sexy!’ she moaned, giving him a hard slap on his jiggling fanny, which gave him thrills! ‘Yes, I went to their house and we all fucked and sucked, Brian had another swinger friend over and they both fucked me while Bess licked my toes and asshole out.. it was so enjoyable! The gurly-bois wore rubbers and came inside them, then we all emptied them into a glass and shared a cum cocktail! Hope you don’t mind me telling you now, I was too fucked out the other night… my little cocksucking cuck!’ ‘Un, no, I could get used to this, really! I’m getting hard just thinking about it!’‘Ouuuu, they’re here! Lead me by my cock to answer the door!’ Cobb groaned, hobbling a bit on his heels.’HI!’ Brian grinned, coming in, followed by Bess. ‘Ouuuu fucking yummy!’ he moaned, slipping off his coat, exposing his gurly-boi outfit, as Bess slipped off her’s, her big tits bouncing in her super thin bra, then embracing Tina.’MMmmmmmmmm shall we too?’ Brian moaned, embracing Cobb, the two making out hotly, tongues going crazy. They senuously rubbed against each other in a burning hot sexual dance, as did Beth and Tina….’Hor’s D’ouvres?’ Cobb goraned, trying to hospitable, passing some delicasies around. They’d munch, then they’d all kiss each other hotly licking up the creamy cannoli goodness from each other’s hot tongues and lips, going back for more and more!’Oh fuck darling, you are a hottie, baby!’ Brian groaned, sinking to his knees, resuming the cocksucking he’d given Cobb in his office.’OUuuuuu darling boss.. suck me baby!’ Cobb groaned, watching as his wife spread Bessie’s pussy lips, tonguing her swollen clitty…’All ready for you, honey!’ Tina moaned, Brian standing up so Cobb could get between her legs, Tina going around to her head, making out with her while playing with her swollen nipples. Cobb pushed his hard cock inside her churning pussy, then felt Brian holding Cobb’s asscheeks apart, pushing his cock up his employee’s asshole firmly!’Oh fuck… fuck me in my gurly asshole, baby!’ Cobb groaned while he fucked Brian’s hot wife in her cunt.Tina went behind Brian and fucked him in the ass with a double dildo, then impaled her asshole on it too and fingerfucked her hot, dripping cunt……………………………………………………………………………………

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